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Welcome, one and all! Thank you for joining me on this illustrious completely random and otherwise unimportant Tuesday evening. Today, I would like to announce the launch of something a little new here at Random Curiosity…and by new, I mean we’ve done it before, just not in a few years. Do you remember that crazy Jaalin guy who used to write one-off, editorial posts once in a while? Well, that’s all back with the launch of a brand new column, Stilts Out Loud, written by none other than yours truly! Please, feel free to applaud. I’ll wait.

Now, you might be wondering how this all came about. You see, ever since Jaalin got hired away by the Japanese government to design mini-skirts for the nation’s army of giant dreadnought defenders (note: I’m moderately sure that didn’t happen), Divine has been wanting to see more editorial posts. So, one day we’re sitting around talking, and he turns to me and says:

   “Stilts my friend, you’re a creative guy, right?”
   “The very most creativist in the world,” I replied modestly.
   “Also, you’re very intelligent,” Divine went on, “and handsome as well! Oh, and did I mention how kind you are? Why, just the other day1…”
   This went on for several minutes. Finally, I stopped him. “Did you have something you wanted to ask me, old friend?”
   “Oh, of course!” said Divine, remembering himself. “Here’s what I had in mind: have you ever thought about writing editorial posts for Random Curiosity? With your creativity and personality, I think it would be a smashing2 success!”
   “Hurm…” I said, scratching my manly stubble. “You know, perhaps there’s a thing or two I could say…”

What Divine is going to do with me when he reads this post.

And thus, Stilts Out Loud was born! By the way, I was originally going to call it “Onii-chan’s Corner,” but I thought I’d leave myself with some small semblance of respectability. I will still respond to onii-chan, though. Just throwing that out there.

So, what am I going to write about here? Whatever the hell I feel like, to be honest. Rather than the episodic blogging that Random Curiosity is known for, these posts will explore themes, trends, tropes, topics, and trivia that span across multiple series. I might even talk about anime/manga culture in general. But past that? The sky’s the limit! As long as it interests me and I think it will interest you, I’ll write about it.

Naturally, this means the format of these posts will be less screenshot heavy, with only a few larger ones to help break up the paragraphs. I’m also going to attempt to make these as free of spoilers as possible. When you come here expecting to read about Neo-Feminist Interpretations of Common Allegorical Mythical Creatures in Modern Mahou Shoujo Anime (Note: I will never write that post. Almost definitely probably never), and instead learn that soylent green was people all along (spoiler!), that’s going to ruin your day, so I’ll try to avoid doing that. Still, I’ll include tags for any shows I discuss on each post, so look up there if you’re worried.

So that’s the deal. I’m going to try to release at least one of these a week, though if I have more to say I’ll post more, and if I’m super busy I’ll post less. I’m also not going to keep a set release schedule, though I’ll probably try to release these on slower days so that I don’t steal the other writer’s thunder with my inane babbling. And, as luck would have it, I already wrote the first full post earlier today…is what I would like to say, but I slacked off and am only half done, Orz

Oh, one last thing – though I’m primarily going to write about whatever the hell comes to mind, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from YOU, our wonderful readers, about what you would like to see. Yes, I’m going to be accepting suggestions! I don’t promise to take them, but if they sound like fun then I will. Also, if I use one of your topic ideas, I’ll try to give you props in the post, though no promises there either…I have a pretty crappy memory. If you’d like to submit a topic idea, you can email me at, or message me on twitter at @StiltsOutLoud.

Your kind and reliable Onii-chan wants YOU…to send him ideas. Because he’s lazy.

That’s it for the grand announcement! For now, just sit back, relax, and wait for onii-chan to serenade you with sweet, sweet words. I think this is going to be really, really good, don’t you? Or, you know, a terrible failure. Either way, hopefully it’ll be fun!

  • A special thanks to Stereoman for helping out with the formatting for this post, as well as the little treat he prepared for the next post, ufufu~. Look forward to that in the next day or so!
  • To head off the inevitable questions, these posts will have no effect on my normal shows. Those will come out on schedule. All my fans out there, you can relax! All four of you, Orz


1 Disclaimer: this conversation may have not gone exactly as portrayed. It’s pretty close though, give or take almost all of it. [Back]
2 Apparently, Divine is an 18th century English big game hunter. The More You Know. [Back]


  1. Hmm, I thought I could rope you into something about Upotte!! (Wished I sent a submission to be a writer. Now that a show that caught my fancy had shown up. ~_~;; ) But uh, wanna start with Japan’s weird obsession with guns?

    I mean, the firearms nut I am goes crazy with the plethora of accurately drawn weaponry in anime. When I read stuff like Monster Hunter International (Larry Corriea) I always imagine an anime version would be awesome.

    I dunno, just throwing it out there.

    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)
  2. Heck yeah! It is always nice to see something fun and innovative in the RC community. Looking forward to your first post!

    Just a question, would you actually be comfortable if it’s a dude that calls you “onii-chan”? Assuming that the majority of RC readers would be male and college age.

    P.S. having an imouto is truly a bliss in life, except when she is a tomboy that tends to resolve conflict with you (in this case, me) with fists.

  3. Been really missing something like this since Jaalin left — and I think you’re the right man for the job, γŠε…„γ‘γ‚ƒγ€œγ‚“.
    Please, ruminate about the allure of ankles and other weird shit. Put the random back in RC.

    Cloud is Not Amused
    1. All in good time, my friend! I’m trying to keep some form of authorial integrity going for at least, I dunno…3-4 weeks before I devolve into completely random nonsense, nyahaha~!!

  4. A few topic recommendations:

    – Japan’s censorship laws.
    – Japan’s odd pornography business. Their h-manga can be quite frightening.
    – Rapid spread of Islam over Europe (doesn’t necessarily have to be negative).
    – Puppies.

  5. Haha, well, considering this entire post had me giggling the entire time, I’m sure this will turn out amazingly~ I look forward to reading it. Good luck!

    On another note, you are indeed very modest as well, “onii-chan”! ≧^β—‘^≦

  6. Not to say that a focus on episodic blogging is a bad thing at all, in fact RandomC does it better than most everyone else, but I do think it does limit the blogger in terms of what he/she gets to say about a show; personally he/she may feel strongly about certain aspect/s of a show and may want to focus more on them/it- but episodic posts don’t lend themselves well to this simply because they are by their very nature comprehensive and overarching, meant to mention and briefly explain a myriad of different points rather than focusing on an exhaustive explanation/analysis of one/several specific things that the author personally feels is/are important.

    I love this idea of weekly editorial posts about pretty much anything because it affords bloggers the opportunity to write about the things they feel strongly about without the aforementioned constraints inherent to episodic writing. Editorial posts are also extremely conducive to discussion because they comprehensively outline the opinions of the writer on certain matter/s, giving readers a detailed enough article on the spot regarding the issue at hand to provide ample information and create the requisite understanding for them to form their own opinions on the matter- enabling them to easily offer up their own opinions and thoughts on the matter, with little to no self-research or prior knowledge required.

    Finally, I don’t think I could think of a better person for the job besides Stilts. I have to say, Divine doe shave a keen eye. Being a writer himself, I’m sure Stilts is intimately familiar with just about everything that makes a good narrative- and his fun, energetic writing style/personality will ensure that things never get too dry (Dry like nigh everything I write around here…XP). It’s been awhile since anyone’s done this on a regular/semi-regular basis, but it’s clear to me that you’re the man for the job, Stilts and I wish you all the best… πŸ™‚

      1. I’m entirely disinterested in issues and components of issues that are readily apparent or well-documented; all of my writing here is instead devoted to things that are obscure, complex and/or nuanced; this exercise by its very nature requires prose that is analytical, specific and exhaustive; simplicity does not lend itself well to these things- cutting corners severely compromises the comprehensibility of novel new ideas because they are what they are- new, undocumented ideas and concepts for which there are no prior points of reference. Complex, detailed and often insufferably long posts documenting every precursor and every logical step are the inevitable consequence.

        I suppose it can’t be helped if it comes off to some as showboating, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who feels that way. That has never been my intention; I do not hope for massive numbers of people reading the things I write here; indeed I am humbled by that fact that anyone does at all. But I do hope that those who do decide to read my dry and drawn out comments are, through doing so, informed about aspects of the issue at hand that may not be immediately apparent, and/or gain a better understanding of its complexities and nuances. And by projection, my utmost hope is that they are encouraged to think about things in new and novel ways- to think outside the box. If these little excursions of mine could somehow manage to do that much, then I would be most honored…

  7. This is cool! And how about if you go with both titles?
    Like, umm…”Stilts Out Loud: Oniichan’s Corner” ? or S.O.L. or SOLOC or SOL/OC
    or…uhhm… nevermind. XD
    Anyway, looking forward to your posts. ^^,

  8. Onii-chan giving out ice-cream…..does that sound wrong on so many levels to anybody or have I watched too many wrong types of anime?

    Anyhow, I look forward to “onii-chan’s corner”; I’m sure it will be fun and entertaining in my otherwise boring and repetitive everyday life, but please, no ice-creams.

  9. Judging from the many replies here, I think you’re obliged to include Oniichan’s Corner as the formal column’s name. Be it the main title, a tagline, or else ^^

    but I thought I’d leave myself with some small semblance of respectability.

    Sorry Stilts, looks like that ship had already left port XD

    1. I know, right? I thought I’d get away with maybe a week or two before you all realized that I’m crazy…and then I remembered I’ve been writing here for months, Orz. I had no chance!

    1. Naw, FreezeFrame was Jaalin’s thing, and I’d rather keep it that way. Same general idea, but I’ve got a different style, so a different name makes sense. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy them, though!

  10. I’m sure this’ll be fun!

    Ok, my suggestions;

    1- Why Aroduc is so tsundere? Why is s/he bashing all the series even tho s/he is watching 5 times + more series than I watch? XD What series does Aroduc actually like?

    2- Anime ears… I’ve dated only once and the most thrilling thing I’ve learnt… I’ll reserve writing the rest and leave it to your imagination =)

    3- Why do Japanese not understand how dangerous a war can be? Why do little girls running thru the battlefield in anime? Why do they downgrade the seriousness of war by making mini-skirt super magic schoolgirls fighting against a bunch of yakuza, or by making toshokan sensou? Why? Ok, I know it somehow, but I would like to hear from someone else =P

    1. Aroduc isn’t really a tsundere though. A lot of times he genuinely hates a series, but he’s more skeptical than spiteful. He’ll pick a terrible show over a boring one because a terrible show may still be fun to write about (If it’s boring he doesn’t even bother picking it up). Half the other times he’s indifferent.

      He watches bad shows because he thinks reviewing is them fun. To him it’s entertaining to point out lazy or awkward animation/art, pointless and boring exposition, and bad writing in general. It’s sort of like the Angry Video Game Nerd or thatguywiththeglasses. (If you haven’t heard of these guys check out their videos! They’re great.)

      Someone asked him once what shows he liked but I can’t really find the list anymore. I do remember he said he liked Zettai Karen Children and Macademy Wasshoi. Basically he looks for shows that keep up their production values and avoid jaw-droppingly stupid/angsty/melodramatic characters.

      I don’t always agree with him but I think it’s nice to have varied reviewing styles. Awful shows exist and sometimes you need to just call them out on their bullshit.

    1. I mentioned it briefly in my intro post, but it’s is a nickname I got IRL because I’m 6’7″ and rather thin. I walked into the first day of a job, introduced myself and everything, and apparently when I walked off to take a tour of the place (or something) one of my coworkers turned to the others and said “Look at that guy! He looks like he’s walking around on stilts!” I just rolled with it ^^

  11. Clapping Out Loud. But I sure hope Onii-Chan ( <– by the way Onii-Chan is this your happy face?) isn't going to get hired away by the god of space and time continuum to fight, with twelve other Dairy holders that can predict the future, to the death as he is the most wonderfull, creative, handsome, strong, smart, kind and the best friend you could ever want to boot. Onii-Chan I really want you to win and for you to become some kind of hero of justice for us all. Thank you Onii-Chan for always being there for me and for the others (between you and me I’m much more interesting, Look I sparkle, than the rest)

  12. I think it would be fun to compare similar-themed animes and characters. You can go crazy with it actually like making situations such as: what if this character and this character ended up together or what if this character was thrown into this other anime world, etc! πŸ™‚

  13. You ask for suggestions. You should do sometime “Neo-Feminist Interpretations of Common Allegorical Mythical Creatures in Modern Mahou Shoujo Anime” just for the sake of seeing a post like that done (it’s high quality game), though it should be onee-chan’s corner then.
    I say this because there’s no ice-cream you liar!

  14. +4946 for the Super Dreadnought Girl reference. I didn’t know anyone else actually read that.

    I’ve always liked Stilts writing (‘always’ being limited to this past season, but I digress) and will be looking forward to these articles with his witty commentary.

  15. Stilts nii nii, this is going to really fun, even more so if the column was call Onii-chan Corner β˜†ο½žοΌˆγ‚γ€‚βˆ‚οΌ‰
    But don’t overwork yourself and try not to burn out okay. Your fans would like your stay at RC to be a VERY long and pleasant one πŸ˜‰

    Seishun Otoko
  16. Sounds like fun, so where’s my ice-cream, Onii-chan? Just imagine me to be my HomuHomu avatar so that you’ll not freak out too much by being called “Onii-chan” by all sorts of weird people from the unfairer sex. πŸ™‚

    I jest.

    So what’s your first feature article gonna be? The study of brother-sister relationships in anime?

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Naw, I’ll save that at least for week three. The first one is going to be something I actually wanted to do at the beginning of the season, but I just didn’t get around to due to all the laziness. I’ll devolve into sillier articles shortly thereafter, I’m sure πŸ˜€

      Look forward to it!

  17. If this corner ends up becoming a study in anime fetishes… I will visit RandomC and press F5 so often that there will be 100 million visits before summer arrives. I have your back, Aniki! Believe in the me who believe in you!

  18. You.. are awesome. Just sayin’.
    And it looks as if you could’ve written “You should read this post. We have boobs.” Only because the first thing I honestly noticed in the first picture was not the ice cream, but was the boob-shot of that other chick. And I’m a girl. XD
    You should have Seiyuu appreciation posts. Or your favourite seiyuu of the week. I’m currently in love with Miyuki Sawashiro; if I could marry a voice, it’d be hers. Or Shinichiro Miki’s. I’ll stop now.


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