「さようならニャル子さん」 (Sayōnara Nyaruko-san)
“Goodbye, Nyaruko”

Where the hell do I start?! Nyaruko is all over the place! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anything this chaotic. It’s very easy to draw comparisons with another of my favorite franchises, Hayate no Gotoku S1, because of its liberal use of parodies. From what I saw, we get another helping of Gundam references as well as nods to Stars Wars and One Piece.

Mahiro suggests taking the fight to his pursuers so Nyaruko proceeds to take him to the R’lyeh. This might freak out anyone who is familiar with the Cthulhu Mythos since it is the island that imprisons Cthulhu. Of course, when we get there, the island is nothing but a theme park. Thank goodness everything is cute and seemingly harmless in this version of the Mythos.

We are finally introduced to Nodens (Shimada Bin) and Cthuko (a.k.a Kuuko voiced by Matsuki Miyu). Kuuko is a pretty funny character. While her race is mortal enemies with Nyarlotephians, she can’t help but love Nyaruko. Her character was pretty funny in the ONA and I have a feeling people are going to love her almost emotionless personality and what it will bring to the show. I sense Kuuko and Mahiro clashing a little bit in the future (hopefully for our enjoyment).

I pretty much fell over when I heard the reason why Nodens was after Mahiro. It was all just for him to play a role in a BL TV drama.

It’s funny how the Space CQC text pretty much spelled out that anything can be called close quarters. Ironically, Kuuko’s weapons are anything but close quarters. The whole battle reminded me of many past Gundam battles (without the suits of course!).

I definitely feel trolled after we started to get to what I thought was going to be plot. The whole “goodbye” part was really well done too but it’s pretty obvious that she wasn’t going anywhere. What makes the whole thing wackier is that Nyaruko was killing the Nightgaunts even though they were only trying to get Mahiro because of the TV show. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised since she’s a sadistic deity and the show is based on Lovecraft which is strange by itself.

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      1. Kamen Rider References! I laughed so hard when Nyarlko said, “ore sanjou!” Famous line from Kamen Rider Den-O. And her power up form is also a kamen rider reference. epic epic epic!

    1. @Cyber

      Didin’t Croos won the “10001st body inside the V0id” award already?


      Nice post. I kinda disagree about the freakout thing though: it’s very easy to see and play with the Cthulhu Mythos with comedy, done by writers in the past, like “The Shoggoth on the roof”.

      The Moondoggie
  1. Great episode. Nodens showing up as some manly powerful character and retreating as a shy, emotional hurt character was amusing.

    So as long as you think its CQC, its CQC. Great words from their textbook

    Zaku Fan
  2. If you are a fan of the Mythos, then Ry’lth takes on mythical proportions. Elvis fans have Graceland, Kids have Disneyland, and various and assorted have the biggest ball of twine in Iowa. Ry’lth. Fans put so much importance on it, it makes since that this show makes it a theme park.

    My goodness, that thirty second sequence alone packed more Mythos parody than I ever thought possible. And all through insane monologue. Innsmouth-kun is a Deep One, and in the next cut they had a Deep One wearing a freakin Innsmouth-kun mask.

    I nearly had a hernia from LOL.

    But that just wasn’t enough. They had to pack the yuri heat.

    The best anime this season?

  3. [T]he nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh […] was built in measureless eons behind history by the vast, loathsome shapes that seeped down from the dark stars. There lay great Cthulhu and his hordes, hidden in green slimy vaults […] until the end.
    —H. P. Lovecraft, “The Call of Cthulhu”

    You have this glorious text describing a city that will make Silent Hill look like a fairy land and what we get is a theme park, my jaw drop for 2 minutes before I could recover from the shock. Not that I´m complaining though.

  4. Btw, you are forgetting Macross Frontier references. “Do you remember our love?”, one of the songs’ name; and of course when she said “Ginga no hate made” in that context, that was just too hilarious.

    1. That is a Macross Ref not a Macross Frontier ref. Macross, Do You Remember Love, is the movie summary of the original Macross TV. 20+ yrs but the animation is still better 99% of todays anime.

  5. (」・ω・)」うー!(/・ω・)/にゃー!



    テテテロテン♪ \(・ω・)/Let’s にゃー!

    1. Since Kuku is seen holding one in both the OP and ED, I am assuming it’s connected to Cthugga somehow. It might be Fthugga, a high priest of Cthugga, or it could be one of the Fire Vampires. The little critter in the anime doesn’t look like either description, but then since when did the Crawling Chaos ever get described as moe?

  6. I love that her sentai-like armor had those bat wing-like ornaments and it looked like she had 3 eyes.
    Nyarl’s Haunter of the Dark form 😀

    Also… Dagon-kun and Hydra-chan xD

  7. This is more hardcore then Hayate no Gotoku 😛

    Nyaruko’s armored form remind me of the Space Sheriffs as Nyaruko is also some space enforcer.
    Of course she behaves like a Kamen Rider, lol 😀

  8. Everything about this show is ok a bit wild but I enjoy it, only only only thing I cannot stand is why the F#$$# is the MC carrying a fork with him all the time, who actually carrying a fork on them like that, that part annoy the hell out of me, I could understand if it were a pocket knife or something but a freaking fork man. If they didn’t have the annoying fork part then I would enjoy this show a whole lot more.

    1. CMIIW, that fork is Mahiro’s tsukkomi “standard tool”, in episode 1 he throws book to Nyarlko’s face when she suddenly transfer to his class. In Japanese comedy show, it is usual the 2nd comedian slap his partner when his partner acts /says something silly, by using a paper fan.


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