「Yo!それはYou!情!」 (Yo! Sore wa You! Jō!)
“Yo! It’s You-rs truly!”

I must admit, this episode wasn’t as amazing as the first two. That’s not to say it was bad, ind you, just that it wasn’t up to the same high level. I’m okay with this, though. The first two episodes left the bar very high, and this episode was still pretty hilarious. I think a lot of the deficiency came from the middle of the episode, where Haruna and Yuu were trying to fix Mystletainn. It just felt like there was way too much build-up for a joke that was only mid-level at best. It was still funny though, so oh well. Plus, I’m really glad they failed…I don’t want Ayumu’s hilarious popularity to end!

Then later on, we had the part where Yukinori was trying to become one of Serasvati’s backup dancers. That was very, very random. I assume the writers were just trying to get to their voodoo dance joke, but while that was pretty funny as well, it lacked oompfh. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it might have been because it was too random. Unlike the hilarity in the previous two episodes, which centered around well-established gags, the voodoo dance thing was so random I…couldn’t prepare myself for it? I’m not sure if that makes sense. Fresh gags should be funnier, right? But I just didn’t feel that.

Orito’s transformation, on the other hand, was a straight up comedy gold. Anderson going all yaoi on him had me cracking up, and I just know this is only setup for more awesome gags in the future. I think that’s why korezon is so funny, but also why the voodoo dance gag didn’t really work for me…the jokes are better when they’re set up ahead of time, and then, once they’re ripe, harvested relentlessly for laughs and guffaws. That’s what we’re getting right now with Sarasvati’s butt-love (did you catch that pun? Terrible!), which I’m enjoying as much as Sera is confused by it. More of that!

As for plot…well, there’s still not a lot of that. Yousei-san remains drunk and nameless, and as for Dai-sensei and Kyoko, well, that’s still building. One things for sure, though…I want to see a cute girl cosplaying that scene :3 Erh, wait, no! I-I’m not the ecchi writer, I swear!! *tsun tsun*

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Butt-love + broken chainsaw + vooodoo backup dancers + 3x mousou imouto waifu. #korezon synopses might be even better out of context…

Random thoughts:

  • I want to dance like Ayumu. Soooo much jealousy. I mean, you know he’s good because he sparkles almost as much as his johnson does. Oh my. Has Sera seen the light? Nishishi! >:3
  • Is it bad that I enjoyed the preview the most? The episode was great, but the more mousou Yuus we get…HNNNNGGG!! At this rate, I may not survive the season.

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  1. I loved how Mystletainn felt like he was being molested, with Haruna saying things like “Does it feel good here. I can see your cherished place!” It got me laughing so hard I snorted my lunch. Cold cuts do not mix well with nasal passages. I was in some pain for a time after that.

    I want a voodoo dancing Tomonori icon for the corner of my desktop. Too cute.

  2. Eh, the second and third episode don’t have the flair due to being overshadowed by the first episode. But I do find it disappointing that I didn’t laugh until the final curse dance and only for a short moment. I guess it’s time for the plot to move.

    Suppa Tenko
    1. Although I love the nurse outfit, I love the outfit where the delusion Eu said to Ayumu that he is only allowed to do pervy stuff with her, the one with simply her armor on without her clothes lol. Really I am glad that Ayumu still cannot use his masou shoujo powers, cuz it would be interesting to see him use his zombie powers more especially against Kyouko whom seems like she will be hopefully showing up next episode, man I really want this series to have a preview, but seeing the delusion Eu’s talk with the original Eu seems like a good alternative to it lol. Still loving that Sarasvati! So I guess Sera cant see the charm in Ayumu’s “hip”

  3. This episode pulls out like every type of joke in the joke book, I wanted to list them but then I realized that would be too many, the yaoi one was the best this time.

    Also…MOAR TOMONORI HNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHHHH, more mosou Eus would be good for my health too.

    1. Right there with you man, right there with you. If a girl like Hina erh, Ogura Yui said “Onii-chan” to me…

      *imagines it*

      *Stilts takes 10,000 damage*

      *Stilts has died*

      Continue Yes / No?

    2. Great choice of VA! And thanks for reminding me of this awesome scene lol! I actually also want her to voice the next delusion Eu, plus I want Kana Hanazawa, Satou Rina, Kugimiya Rie, Itou Shizuka, and Haruka Tomatsu.

  4. Failed Ayumu transform, failed dances, epic fail moments I already figured out to happen but gosh they’re still hilarious. And I forget Ayumu had awesome dance, so seeing him dances again is amusing. He should do it once in awhile when in Masou Shoujo form. lol

    This ep’s Mousou Yuu, DAT VOICE, nurse and twintails HHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHH…

  5. I dunno, I found the voodoo dance pretty funny. It was random as hell at first, then I LOL’d when they started doing it in the house, then I saw a GOOD dance reheasal right before the show, and I knew what was coming right after lol, VOODOO DANCE.

    1. It would be the greatest thing in the world if Seraphim would like Ayumo. The most comical to see Saras falls for the rear and the front Seraphim, XD. I guess that’s his character, she will be tsundere. While not as in other anime, would agree. But that is called only dream, she never fall in love.
      She sees him much like a piece of trash perverted, XD

      1. That would be very possible, especially since if you remember when the girls where putting Ayumu together back in season 1, she definitely was looking at it when Ayumu’s body was regenerating. Plus it’s also funny that despite Ayumu having lots of bruises all over his body, it’s suspicious that only his butt is left without a scrape.

  6. Oh btw Stilty, the link to a screencap is wrong in the main RC index.
    It’s this line : I want to dance like Ayumu.

    I-It’s not because I like Ayumu’s dance that I’m complaining okay…(*`Д´*)ゞ

  7. Stilts, just admit you’re Random Curiosity’s Ecchi AND Fantasy genre writer. The genres don’t have to be mutually exclusive you know. Nishishishi~ =)

    https://randomc.net/image/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka%20OF%20THE%20DEAD%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2035.jpg -> Kyoko still has a nice figure after being absent for a long time. Is she covered in some liquid metal?

    And why isn’t Sarasvati being mobbed by her fanboys during/after school? The public knows she’s an idol singer, right?

  8. Glad to see that I am not the only who didn’t really like this episode that much.
    Frankly, the curse dance was a horrible joke in my book and NOT funny at all. The more they they showed it, the more I rolled with my eyes.
    And anyways, why did we even NEED another Yukinori centric episode right after we had one last week?
    Not even the Mousou Yuus could save this episode. In fact they had too many mousou Yuus moments in this epise. I didn’t think that was possible, but I guess there’s a limit to everything and at some points it’s not funny anymore. /rant
    So yeah, hoping for less Haruna/Yukinori curse dances and more plot next episode.

    1. In the first series, Eu actually spoke in the last ep. It is possible that she will again this season, meaning there will only be 9 + the real Eu.

      I’m basing this theory completely on the Working!! setup that Maya only speaks in the last episode… and god bless them for it.

      1. Yes but isnt the original Eu talking in the delusion Eu vs original Eu sequence after the ending song? I swear at least this season she talks in every episode unlike the first where she only talked in the last episode and in the ova (her singing voice rocks!).

  9. not a fan of yaoi or cross dressing but since the main character dislikes it and repeatedly is forced to do so in order to save the day most of the time -its ok. Though i hope is life at least mellows out a bit. I did think this episode lacked a little -the old one bolt missing gag was kinda lame -seriously how many times has that been used.

    1. The show needs to move forward in history with Kyoko, and what appears to be the true “Lord of the Night”. In the latter, the other zombie was not the “Lord of the Night”? or is that Dai-sensei does not know he died?

    1. When you measure the three sizes, where do you measure the hips? It’s not across the hip bone. It’s actually across the widest part, which would include your cheeks.

  10. Actually, for me, this epidsode was way funnier than the last one. I was dying of laughter when everyone started doing the curse dance, and of course, New Orito was hilarious. Random just works for me.

    1. Me too! I always thought that it was THE BEST Boy X Girl meeting in the entire anime history! The most unique, funny, and even down right romantic in the end lol! Ayumu rocks and I was glad that his dancing is finally shown to the other haremettes, Haruna and Yuki (I guess Sarasvati too?). Now I really wanted him to show it off to the others as well, in particular Seraphim, just to see her reaction to it lol

  11. It had me at the Curse Dance…no joke the whole idea was brilliant I literally died laughing the WHOLE time. From when they started doing it till the whole crowd did it, absolute brilliance!

    Jason Isenberg
  12. Hegel must be rolling in his grave… but(t) Sarasvati opening interaction with Sera is simply golden. I can feel Sera will eventually go from megatsun to megadere (she doesnt hold back in anything she does…).


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