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OP: 「徒然モノクローム」 (Tsurezure Monochrome) by フジファブリック (FUJIFABRIC)
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「悔しくてユニノット」 (Kuyashikute Yuninotto)
“The Frustrating Uni Knot”

Fishing. *Puts on sunglasses* Its serious business.

Anime has documented almost every other sports with professional precision, and with Tsuritama’s fishing, I’d say they’re one step closer to the their secret goal of covering every sports under the sun. The art of fishing has never been quite so closely captured in animated form before, but with Tsuritama delving into little details like the tying of a Uni Knot and the situations in which lures should be used, we’ve finally got an anime which you fishers can be proud of. Now, where’s that cricket anime?

While episode 2 does drops us a few tidbits with regards to the overarching plot (that I’ll get to in abit), the bulk of the episode largely served as a continuation to the introduction that was the first episode. Specifically, this episode gave us an insight into Natsuki’s character and his relationship with his family. We’re introduced to Natsuki’s younger sister, Sakura (Ogura Yui) for whom he shows a warm affection for that is unlike his typical cold personality. We also learn where this unfriendly behavior of his might have been borne from; a likely result of his mother’s death two years prior to the story, and his resentment towards his father for dating a new woman. Admittedly, this situation isn’t exact unique to anime, but Tsuritama has been handling its characters with a certain degree of subtlety and respect, so I’m looking forward to how they put a spin on the development of this tired setup.

Yuki, who is arguably the central character in this whimsical tale, also gets expanded on in ways I have not come to expect of anime storytelling. Perhaps the years of watching countless clones have me jaded, but to see a social misfit taking steps out of his reclusive shell so quickly honestly surprised me. Furthermore, the anime has deliberately shown us that this side of his so prevalent in the first two episodes is not the only facet of his personality; indeed, the scene with him earnestly trying to tie the Uni Knot gives us a glimpse at a boy with an unnatural perseverance. Another example is his reliance on his phone and the internet, a more than subtle reflection of the technological dependence that pervades the youths of today. It all makes a strong case for Yuki’s likability, to see a character with such depth from the outset, and I can only wonder how they plan to develop his character from here on out.

It’s to the credit of the director Nakamura and his team that the Tsuritama’s world continues to be filled with various details that adds to the watching experience and gives fleeting hints as to the direction of the plot. As frequently noted by Natsuki, Yuki has rarely spoken to another person directly besides his grandmother, which really added to the scene where Yuki confronted him. During the tense exchange between Natsuki and his father, cues were taken both visually and by the voice actor to show his father’s hesitation during the whole situation. I could go on, but I think you probably get the idea.

We did also get some clues concerning about the overarching plot, but with those revelations came more questions. Haru’s sister Coco (Kato Emiri) gives us a slightly better, if still vague explanation about how fishing something special would lead to them to “saving the world”, along with giving the alien siblings a ticket home. And in an unexpected twist that feels completely at home with the wacky Tsuritama, the duck-loving Indian Akira is revealed to apparently be 25-years old. On a darker note, the scene with Kate’s coughing seems to hints towards a more serious plot point, but all things considered, I doubt it would take the same train Mawaru Penguindrum eventually took.

With the conclusion of this episode and the introduction to Tsuritama, the gang has finally assembled, and it seems that developments will be kicking off from next episode onwards. Tsuritama has established itself as one to watch out for this spring, so here’s to hoping Nakamura and his team can pull off a strong and compelling story that lives up to the potential set by this first 2 episodes.




  1. I loved the OP. It’s just so wacky like the show. I can’t watch this anime in one shot. The awkwardness is killing me. I liked the ending though. I’m more surprised that Akira was 25-years old rather than him having an affection with a duck. Also, I thought he was Arab. Oops.

  2. I have high hopes for Tsuritama, especially since there seems to be some quality, heavy themes later on, but for me at least, this episode was huge step back, mostly due two characters who annoyed to no end: Haru and Sanada.

    Incoming text wall of hate:

    Sanada and his oddball disorder first. The concept of other stares creating a drowning feeling inside him is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous, and it grinds at me. Why is he still in school? Why isn’t he seeing a psychiatrist, a counselor, or anything? He’s not nearly as bad as Haru when it comes to overall annoyance in general, nor is it nearly as awful as it could be, but he’s the protagonist, so his personality is a lot less forgivable. At most though, Sanada just rubbed me the wrong way this episode. He could definitely be worse.

    Haru is terrible. I hate Haru. What kind of “friend” is he? The brainwashing water gun is terrible (and not because it sounds ridiculous, as anime always requires a suspension of disbelief and, for the record, I think the concept is quirky and cool). Do “friends” brainwash each other? Plus, he’s a pussy and complete moron, and not the lovable kind in the slightest. Fish bend to his whim, but he doesn’t know how to fish for them? And worst of all, he’s ruining Sanada’s life. What the hell is friendship to him? I enjoyed Sanada claiming that Haru isn’t his friend, but -big shocker- he goes back to his side. Why?

    I like the other characters, and really, really like the build up and future possibilities for this show. But hate two of the main characters. So I’m kind of at an impasse. I seriously doubt that I’m going to drop this, especially it’s definitely an interesting show, but the two leads piss me off, one not nearly as much as the other, but still.

    1. Well the anime premise itself is ridiculous.
      But there’s the good ridiculous and the bad ridiculous. And to me, this anime is leaning on the former.

      I dislike the alien dude though. Hearing his voice distracts me. That’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve put Kimi to Boku on hold for now

    2. It’s obvious why Sanada (Yuki) doesn’t seek a psychiatrist. If he can’t even bear to talk to his fellow classmates about day-to-day stuff, what makes you think that he can actually sit down and talk with a psychiatrist? He just can’t. And, Yuki is actually steps ahead of a lot of people who actually have that “oddball” disorder. He managed to overcome his frustration and fears and actually talk to Natsuki. That’s a BIG step in the right direction.

      Also, yes, Haru grinds on my nerves too, but he serves a great purpose. For people with Yuki’s disorder, it takes another person with a huge forthcoming personality to bring them out of their shell and force them to confront other people. I find Haru extremely necessary toward Yuki’s character development.

      1. Since I can’t reply to Click…

        Sorry if I came across as frustrated. I forget sometimes that the first thought that goes through anyone’s mind when they hear or see someone with visible disorder is to suggest psychotherapy. It’s natural, after all, if they have the means to do so. I guess you can’t really get to the conclusion of psychotherapy being a very big hurdle for people suffering with social anxiety unless you’ve walked a mile or two in their shoes.

        We’re already seeing some major character development with Haru and Yuki, what with Haru knowing when to back off and Yuki taking the big step. So maybe as the anime progresses, their eccentricities won’t stand out as much to the point of being obnoxious.

    3. Haru’s an alien and his sister is a talking fish. With his fear of cats and the fact that his sister is a talking fish, he’s probably a fish himself. Are you actually expecting an alien with no real concept of human interaction to conform to your sets of morals? His oddness and otherness has been consistent for 2 episodes, an oddness and otherness shared by his sister from what this episode showed, and he obviously didn’t even understand how sketchy his mind control powers were until Yuki brought it up. If Yuki’s protagonist status excuses him from certain annoyances (and his anxiety isn’t that uncommon, nor is his the lack of psychotherapy; not everyone lives in Western countries/culture where that’s the norm), then Haru’s alien status should excuse him from the fact that he uses questionable methods. On account of him being an alien and all.

  3. Haru is afraid of Tapioca the goose at the end makes me laugh for some reason. Also are they alien sibling actually fish? If I’m not mistaken the fish in the bowl the first episode was the sister.

  4. This show is just amazing and without a doubt, my favorite this season. What sets Tsuritama apart from the likes of Penguindrum is that it doesn’t go overboard with surrealism and gives us a healthy dose of character development that’s very easy to relate to. Yuki’s great but Haru brings the best out of him and Irino Miyu’s in full genki mode is nothing short of fantastic!
    Oh and I just love love love the animation, the show gives me more than twenty new wallpapers to choose from every week. Any chance we’ll be getting some full lengths screen caps for Tsuritama too? =3

    Seishun Otoko
    1. I totally feel the same way, Tsuritama’s artistic direction is amazing, which makes for great wallpapers 😀
      About the full length images, Tsuritama usage of panning shots is minimal, and as of yet I have’t noticed any point where a full-length image is possible.

  5. “Anime has documented almost every other sports with professional precision, and with Tsuritama’s fishing, I’d say they’re one step closer to the their secret goal of covering every sports under the sun.”
    Am I the only one waiting for a good volleyball anime?

    This whole show is very confusing so far, but it’s still definitely entertaining. I hope we get into the plot next week.

    Incidentally, I’m going fishing next week. 😛

    1. Actually there is a great, older Volleyball anime called Attack no.1. It was pretty well known in Italy and Germany during the 80s/90s and for me it’s still one of the few sports anime I actually like (the other ones being the original Captain Tsubasa series and Hajime no Ippo). The only problem is that, probably due to it’s age, there literally aren’t any subs of this show (only 1 episode was ever subbed into english).

    1. Tsuritama is more lighthearted and perhaps more straightforward compared to Penguindrum.
      Aliens came to catch a fish that may blow up the Earth.

      Humans and aliens fishing reminds me of humans and alien making a movie 😛

      I guess the show is about friendship and youth.
      Weekly adventures of the 4P fishing group 😛

      1. Humans and aliens fishing reminds me of humans and alien making a movie 😛
        Made tht human and alien cooperating to buy a Gundam model XD!!

        Weekly adventures of the 4P fishing group 😛
        Wacky adventures of the 1A3P fishing group XD

  6. Awesome soundtrack
    That dance in the OP
    Indian guy appeared out of nowhere
    Haru become less annoying (maybe)
    Yuki leaning towards better
    Natsuki is such a caring brother
    Art and animation are still awesome

    Loved it

  7. Where did Katou Emiri learn that Kansai dialect from (or at least that’s what I heard Coco speak) ? According to her bios, she’s from Tokyo. Normally you would expect them to hire an actress from Kansai to do the Kansai-speaking roles. So kudos to Katou for making the effort to try something different.

    BTW, wonder if the cell-phone model Yuki uses is a Japan-only model or the more common smartphone (iPhone or Android) found everywhere else.

    Kinny Riddle
  8. “Social misfit”? That’s a bit harsh. As someone pointed out last week, he likely has social anxiety. His obsession with getting the right words across, the inability to say what he’s feeling at times, how he always flashes back to the day’s events later and analyzes them, and his struggles to cope with tense situations and how he comes across as looking angry to everyone. I think that the writers nailed social anxiety to a tee. I wouldn’t obsess over this, but I for one have social anxiety, and I personally would hate to be labeled as a social misfit. I’m slowly overcoming it on my own, so that’s why I’m able to post a comment. But, I know exactly how Yuki feels, and this makes this anime more awesome in my eyes. I feel like I’m able to relate to Yuki, and I am definitely rooting for him to succeed and persevere.

    On a general note, this anime may not be as eccentric as Mawaru Penguindrum was, but sometimes subtlety is nice. I like how we’re already getting hints of almost everyone’s family, and I can’t wait to see the adventures that these four have, with Tapioca the goose at the helm! I originally strayed away from this anime because I find fishing boring, but this anime makes it look exciting. It’s doing a great job so far, and the opening is just great.

    1. Social misfit can also be used to describe a person who is awkward in social situations much like Yuki, but on hindsight, I agree that perhaps the word gives too strong of an impression. You raised some great points, Isabel!

  9. So much fun for only 2 episodes. I love the colors, I love the atmosphere!

    All but dropped Anime last season out of disinterest. Looks like I have to start watching again. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  10. Also plain fishing is fun. I used to live alongside a river, where retired folks go fishing regularly. They used to give me all sorts of things they fished, from eels to frogs.

    You can go take a grab in the water, and come up with all sorts of fish and other animals. There were also a fish farm and a lotus farm in it.

    Then the whole river polluted and killed everything in it.

    I think I liked this show so immediately because it made me recall all the good childhood memories.

  11. I think it’s too early to judge Tsuritama will take a similar path to Penguindrum… Penguindrum is a unique case (if anything, it’s more comparable to Utena… obviously because they share the same director) with it’s multilayered story-telling, taboo subjects, symbolism, etc.

    Tsuritama, on the other hand, seems to be more crack-filled and light-hearted. I don’t expect the show will touch subjects such as human psychology here. Though, of course, there will definitely be some drama (from hints such as the Grandmother’s coughing and Natsuki’s tense situation at home).

  12. This anime is amazing! It’s unique, funny and soooo many lovable characters everywhere!
    I have a feeling it’s going to be my fav anime this season.

    And the OP is cute! The song is addictive and I’ve been curious about it since 1st ep so it’s nice to see it finally animated.

    Thank you for blogging this 🙂

    1. I suppose so as the fish calls Haru “Nii-chan” in episode 1 and it sounds like Coco as well.

      So I suppose the fair skin and light hair beings are aquatic aliens?
      Or is Coco just somewhat possessing a fish?

      Then is the dark skin and dark hair Akira some land based alien?

      I still don’t get the link to the five-headed dragon story though.

  13. I’m willing to give this show the 3-episode trial, but so far it’s a little off-putting to me for some reason. Myabe it’s Haru’s character – which can come off as annoying and pushy (I know he’s childlike and only ever means well, but you get the idea), and so far I’m not invested in anything that heppens, really.

    The scenes I liked in this episode were Yuki’s earnest efforts to properly tie a uni knot, and later his confrontation with Natsuki. As someone who’s struggled with shyness issues, I really found those scenes heartwarming. Only time will tell if that feeling can extend to the series as a whole, I guess.

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