「ゾンビって…コトは…」 (Zonbi-tte… Koto wa…)
“About… Zombies…”

Rigor mortis doesn’t last very long does it? In less than 24 hours, Rea is already up and licking people. I wonder how she overcame that, although it’s probably her survival instincts kicking in. I thought zombies wanted to devour brains and turn people into more zombies… but after this episode, I guess zombie-on-human action can be pretty hot too.

The first half of this episode was slow and focused mainly on the conversations between characters. Then the mood suddenly changed and I was actually really spooked by the dead look on Rea’s face. I realize this isn’t a horror anime, but the music and aura of the final five minutes was actually terribly hard for me to grasp. I would probably label it as an impactful and distributing final scene. For example, why is Rea licking cleavages?! How is this even a turn-on?! I suppose if necrophilia is really your thing, then it doesn’t hurt to see some action here. I’m usually immune to these types of scenes, however this is pretty much rape and molestation; why is it necessary?! I seriously did not know what to make of all the redundant removal of clothing… perhaps this isn’t my area of expertise, but I feel like this wouldn’t apply to the typical zombie image.

I wasn’t feeling the kiss much after that scene either. It felt more forced and irrelevant rather than romantic and emotional. I like seeing build up for “first-kisses“, but that last scene was definitely not arousing in any way for me! The blood didn’t help either…

In all honesty, I never thought of Ranko as much of a contender for Chihiro’s affections until this episode. I thought she was thrown in for fan service and probably some minor plot line twice, but this week, it seemed like she was genuinely jealous for Chihiro’s interactions with Rea. If not jealous, definitely intrigued enough to go snooping around for details. Shin Houkoi (Mikami Shiori), who is Ranko’s junior, also happens to be great friends with Rea so I’m interested to see what role she’ll play; other than the catalyst for information leaked to Ranko.

So it turns out that Jogorou is indeed somehow related to zombies and the creation formula. He made a slight slip up halfway through his conversation with Chihiro and it was too obvious to be missed. At the same time though, I feel like Jogorou is too absent minded (or he could be faking it…) to be taken seriously and I’m contemplating his actual involvement in future episode. Is he a zombie? Or did he merely create the formula to keep the dead, undead? And who is Sada? (I presume she was an old girlfriend of his whom is supposedly not Chihiro’s grandmother)

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Note: The week’s been busy for me and I’ll probably continue to be busy for the next two weeks. I apologize in advance for any late posts. With that said though, huge thank you to Divine for doing my doing my screen caps and full-length images!




  1. I checked the manga to see if this was just added here but it seems that it did happen kinda like this too but they really played up the licking rape here whereas in the manga it’s not this explicit so I guess I had forgotten about it.

    1. Yeah, that why it worked better in the manga. Just a short period of time as the zombie instincts of Rea took over and she starts preying on Wanko somewhat like a wild animal. Prolong that moment for fan service and it just feels… odd.

  2. Friend: ‘Red eyes, pale skin, big bust, long black hair… Rea reminds me of someone from another zombie anime…’

    Me: ‘Yep, just she’s just a Vampire Ninja who somehow went to the wrong anime.’

    Friend: ‘What anime is that from?’

    Me: ‘Bro… That anime is in the same season as Sankarea… And you follow it…’

    Mixed Milkshake
  3. Ohh, don’t worry, the zombies in this series really zombielike, just not yet.
    I figured a lot of people would start thinking after this episode that instead of brain-eating, zombies in Sankarea get horny.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I also hope that part of history, this will be scary.
      But come this far?, This anime is 12 to 13 episodes right?
      How far will come this season?, How do they do this?. By the way are the episodes that’s what I asked.
      Rays, leave me wanting more. So far I can only say it’s great anime.

  4. Normally the first thing you would smell is the blood.
    But noooo she spots the near invisible strand of hair.

    Zombierotism. Part Zombie, part ero, 120% Awesome.

      1. give unless compare to cannan’s part of hakko “doing” on santana’s corpse?!

        compare from that to sankarea if pull that “doing” zombie version yea cue whole GOD MY OH!!!

  5. well look yep indeed could be the cat is out of the bag?

    yea give cat hair boy best tried to hid & also ideas keep rea safe, moving, etc.

    oops look like bag was open by wanko she got lick by zombi-rea.

    oh cat hair boy get zombie kiss & hug.

    what next?

  6. Channelling Barbossa: “You better start believe in the zombie stories, miss Ranko… Your in a middle of one!”
    Hmmm… what next, Zombie Pirates vs Vampire Ninjas? 😛
    Omake-preview made me lol Ro-Mero 😛

  7. I’m not a fan of Wanko to be honest (actually I really hate her for some reason). Nothing personal, I guess I just naturally dislike the ‘rival’ in a love triangle.

    1. I’m pretty sure you mean ‘hate’ as a hyperbole, because feeling more then irritated for a fictional character you dislike is something I can’t really understand. ^^;

      But it’s fun, I personaly tend to like the ‘rivals’ more most at the time. That made my friends joke I should just start to cheer for the main heroines because the girls I cheer for tend to loose. xD

    2. Wanko is not really a love rival and there is not even a lovetriangle going on in the first place. Chihiro clearly knows who he wants and he is not wishy-washy about it.

    3. I think she has a likable personality and is a good character in general, but I do always hate love triangles. I wish authors would stop using them, they are dumb and annoying. Hate the triangle not the ones in them (unless they actually are evil and conniving).

      Show Spoiler ▼

    4. I am on the opposite side, I usually dislike the main heroine because a lot of thing around her happen “as expected” (well Rea turning into a zombie is NOT one of those, in fact it’s the only thing…) leaving little to no room for surprise, she almost follow the same archetype, long hair and damsel-in-distress type needs (as if those girls are design to have that kind of appeal rather than taking risks, again no room for surprise).

      For sure when you have the heroine name in the title that is to be expected but then why do those authors throw a third wheel that is only here to writhe in a long agony? People will either hate her for her existence and wish to have solely main heroine screentime while those who happen to like her will simply feel bad for her.

  8. Loving this series but just like Accel world. I’m saddened that there may be an anime original ending as the manga isn’t finished as far as I know.

    Kurisu Vi Britannia
  9. The last 5 minutes remind me of a zombie hentai I saw once where by being raped you were infected and went off to rape others. Made me laugh because I figured the male characters in the show would all instantly be turned by the hot female zombies running around. But they kept a decent male female survivor ratio.

  10. Not sure what I think about this ep. The last scene was quite suspenseful until Ranko discovered Rea. What followed was really… strange. It’s not stereotypical zombie behaviour and it doesn’t really work as fanservice either. So basically I agree, Cherrie. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, at least it’s inventive. This series continues to be interesting.

    As a sidenote, I liked Houkoi’s outfit! Looking forward to seeing more of her.

  11. So far I like the anime, it’s just a little slow for my taste. I’m curious as to where this series will end. At the rate the anime is going they will barely touch on where the manga gets pretty good.

  12. But wasnt Rea just licking Ranko because she is in desperate need of hydrangea? And we saw Ranko standing almost in den middle of these flowers in front of Reas house, so my guess was, that Ranko smelled of hydrangea, which drove Rea mad …
    So the “rape” and licking acutally makes a lot of sense to me.

  13. I thought this episode was a complete letdown as well… It turned into Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (which is good … I think, but I didn’t expect so much cleavage!) The next episode was much better and I’m hoping that was only a quick fanservice experiment or something, I literally was like yes, yes, yes, yes! … no (back down to zero) … yes! (starting over again)


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