「あなたに…出会えたから」 (Anata ni… Deaeta kara)
“Because I… Met You”

That has got to be the most unromantic kissing scene I’ve seen in a while. I understand that it is Chihiro’s “dream” to be making out with a zombie, but I definitely didn’t expect it to turn out this way. Way too forceful and Rea’s not even consciously aware of what she’s doing! It doesn’t make for a very emotional scene for me. It seemed to be for more shock and awe…

Anyways, it turns out that Baabu is the one that introduces Rea to the field of hydrangea leaves (which she’ll be dependent on for the next while) instead of Jorogou. Jorogou shows up shortly afterwards though (harassing Ranko in the process) to explain the importance of keeping an eye on Rea’s behaviors. Although he admits to creating the formula for zombies, he doesn’t necessarily state that he IS a zombie himself. He also doesn’t answer who Sada is… which makes me even more curious what her relation is to Rea. Perhaps they looked alike and/or Jorogou actually fell in love with Rea’s grandmother? That would be interesting…

Oh Ranko… even though I know next week’s episode is completed devoted to the “childhood friend“, I still can’t help but sympathize with her situation this episode. I finally got a real sense of how much she likes Chihiro and regardless of whether or not this is simply affection as a cousin or because she “loves” him, I understand that she feels threatened by Rea. She’s uncomfortable with the idea of this new woman entering his life which has overshadowed her existence so quickly. Just because Rea’s a zombie? That seems like an unfair advantage that Ranko can’t exactly overcome. I thought this was especially evident when Ranko came over to give Rea a change of clothes. Chihiro felt a need to explain things even though it’s obvious there is nothing to explain. If I was Ranko, I would leave too. Nobody wants to be where they’re not wanted, even if Chihiro is in denial; Ranko’s a smart one, and she knows there is something going on even when “there is nothing going on“. At least we’ll see more of her story next week and I know I pointed out previously that I like Rea more (I still do!), but I feel like I really misjudged Ranko. She deserves an episode to herself.

Sankarea never ends the episode on a cliffhanger necessarily, but it always leaves me in the most uncomfortable mindset. When Rea tossed Chihiro and voluntarily licked his wounds, the music and buildup made me shudder and cringe. I was half-expecting her to suck on his arm too… but then the scene ended and I was reminded that she’s not a vampire – she’s a zombie. I’m not exactly sure if the scene was supposed to be sensual, but I’m guessing that it’s similar to how girls feel about vampires feeding. Except the genders are reversed in this case and… Rea’s a zombie! So we get kissing, licking and almost-nudity all in one episode… that’s nice =) I can’t say that I’m surprised by the turn of events, but this show definitely doesn’t follow any pre-written formula for romantic comedies. This is a good thing though; I never get bored.

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  1. This episode gave me one question: How is it possible that Rea can blush?

    She has all the sign of a dead person, so her blood should not be flowing. Especially not upwards to her head.

    I liked the episode, but this really caught my attention.

    1. as realistic as the writers are portraying her, Rea’s still a “plot zombie”
      i’m guessing she’ll become more of a “proper” zombie as the story unfolds, but so far she can blush, talk, think, breathe, etc…

      Helvetica Standard
    2. Yeah, I know Anime =/= reality.

      It’s just something I noticed because they went so realistic with the other stuff.
      You know, besides the whole walking and talking dead girl thing.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an anime couple so good so each other. And it’s surprising since this is by no means a normal relationship.

    I really fear what is going to happen to Ranko in the future. Part of the reason I don’t like the whole genki girl archetype is because they start out as the most charismatic and fun character, but then always start to become the most depressed character.

    1. I actually like the “genki girl” archetype who has buried issues… maybe because I can empathize with these characters. I like the character development that they usually go through.
      I completely agree with the fact that they get “depressed” though, but that’s also probably why I cheer for girls like Ranko who are the underdogs and deserve better =) We’ll see what results of this… even though it’s pretty much set that Chihiro and Ranko won’t end up together o_O

  3. I just absolutely adore the Shaun of the Dead reference. Makes an already amazing show into an amazing+1 show.

    Aside from that, I also feel like my opinion of Ranko suddenly changed. In this episode, she suddenly seems so very vulnerable, so hurt. I used to think of her as slightly annoying, but I just can’t bring myself to do that anymore.

    And that closing bit with the licking. They sure did a good job making it feel creepy and ominous. Not only did it look slightly out of place, but the background music almost made me shiver.

    1. At the heart can all be more vulnerable than we pretend.
      This episode shows a bit more of the main themes of the story. This can only be better, I hope, I believe that this anime will be great.
      p.s. Ranko is to eat, it’s beautiful. I like more Rea but with her eye color and skin in life, as I would like one in real life to get married.

  4. I love this show but i found it somewhat creepy that Chihiro started video taping Rea’s body… sounds awefully familiar to what her dad did D:
    Still a good episode >:D

    1. Kinda similar. Except for the small details that Chihiro isn’t 25 years older than her or a blood relative. So really not that similar at all, him doing it is WAY less creepy.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. And it piss me off! The animation is so good! I like the colors of the nature, I fill it – all the trees and flowers and breeze, sun shining, etc. I like main couple. But fan service… I hate it here! >_<"

      1. Sorry to hear that. Fanservice is one way studios can guarantee a return of investment, which often gets in the way of a good story like Sankarea. But I didn’t find the fanservice or more appropriately nudity/titillation too distracting from the story itself.

      2. I can understand your frustrations at fan service as many good animes have had too much to the detriment of the story. In defense of Sankarea, the fan service has been there in the manga. This is pretty faithful to the author’s vision of the story. I think it’s more distracting than the manga since it is a fluid medium. That said, it hasn’t been over the top with massive white lights or cropping or blocking objects. In fact the scene that was most heavily censored was when Rea died and her entrails were hanging out.

  5. Am I the only one who see Rea’s boob size changes constantly?? It goes from anywhere between B to D from episode to episode, sometimes even within an episode! When she’s showing major cleavage it’s usually C or D, but if not, it can be as modest as B. What the heck?

    On the other hand, Ranko or Wanko’s packages are constantly big. It never goes below D.

    …and I still eagerly wait for blondie Darin Kurumiya’s arrival, which should come about 2-3 episodes (even 4, if they really stretch this things out) out from here.

    some guy
  6. So interesting adaptation here. This is the first episode where it deviates from the source material. It looks like the next episode is also going to have more back story. We get to see more Ranko which is a plus IMHO. OTOH I’m curious to see where they are going to insert the event that didn’t happen this episode because it plays a crucial part in the future. It has to happen sometime or Chihiro is in serious trouble.

  7. so look like indeed cat out of bags for some of it.

    now cat hair boy got zombie kiss oh got catch rea & find those blue flowers leaves can help her.
    oh small grandpa give some advice while holding wanko (do we need that small guy grab wanko)?
    but nice going wanko boom head grandpa oops.
    now oh have rea stay in house the father-nun said yes,
    now cat hair boy need watch & observe keep rea all safe & well (give bit yikes that “car” was there yea hmm save for later eps).
    then oh get lick by rea while bleed (if realize blood & zombie taste means “yikes”).

    next ep it a wanko ep.

  8. The licking scene really made me feel uncomfortable… maybe it has to do with zombie spit in open wounds and what normally happens to the person on the retrieving end.

  9. It is ironic how an anime that I expected to have fanservice to the MAX like Haiyore Nyaruko-san actually has it at the bare minimum while a show that has some really great story to tell like Sankarea is using it quite a lot.

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