「誰にでもこういうことするの?/勝手でなければ!!」 (Darenidemo Kouiu Koto suru no? / Katte Denakereba!!)
“Does She Do This to Everyone? / My own tune!!”

It looks like I may have a new favourite character after this week’s episode! For a bespectacled student council treasurer, Kikaijima is not what I would’ve expected and I really appreciate that deviation from the traditional archetype. She’s shy, she blushes easily, is easily pleased, and is completely, adorably socially inept!

The first half of this week’s episode was, in my view, probably the best part of the anime so far. I’m personally a huge fan of these awkward face-offs in which the internal monologues of the characters play a huge role. I don’t think I’m alone in this either – the Literary Girl segments of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou are often touted as the anime’s strongest skits. There’s something really entertaining about watching characters betray their outward appearance with their panicked thoughts – a glimpse behind the marble facade of all the ‘cool‘ characters out there, and the idea that they might not be quite as calm on the inside.

It’s hard not to feel some sort of affection for Kikaijima given how tough life has been for her so far and how badly she wants to make a single friend. I’m sure many people have been in the sort of situation where they don’t want to interrupt someone because they ‘look busy’ – I know I have. Damn those people who casually immerse themselves in reading something instead of making conversation, whether to hide their own awkwardness or because they’re cold, unfeeling bastards – it doesn’t help at all! But I’ve gone slightly off track, I was writing about Kikaijima. She really gels well with the so-called ‘introverted otaku’ archetype, not because of her purportedly ‘unhealthy’ interests (though she does have quite the obsession for money, so perhaps she could be considered one) but because of her afore mentioned shyness, excessive thought put into minor things, and possibly most of all, feeling that she needs to go through with something she quite probably hadn’t intended to say.

Our latest in a long line of new characters is Yubaru, an artist from ‘Team Special’ who acts just like a real artist! Yes, those of us who practice some form of art (hey, music is art!) can be selfish, excessively picky and often follow an illogical form of logic. An artist must do everything like an artist or s/he is no artist at all (disclaimer: much of what I’ve just said was done so jokingly; no offence is intended)! It would depend on which school of art you asked, but I would agree that art is a vessel for the transcendence of reality. Some might say that art once existed as a way to freeze a single moment in time and keep it for all eternity, but with the advent of photography, that became less true. I personally see art as a way to elaborate on reality (much as Yubaru does) and to give life to things which do not – or cannot – exist. It would be interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on the subject!

Based on the preview (and short epilogue) it seems like things will finally start to heat up next episode with the proper introduction of at least one member of the group of ‘villains’ from the OP. While I’ve enjoyed much of what we’ve seen so far, I can’t deny I’ve been looking forward to this arc since the very beginning of the series! Up to now we’ve only had rag-tag members who opposed the student council… an organised group could definitely add a whole new dynamic.

Random thoughts:

  • Zenkichi, I think you know why you’re the lowest ranking member of the student council.
  • Didn’t take long did it?
  • If there was ever any doubt (there wasn’t), it has been dispelled. Three hundred images of a split-second event, all taken from different angles? By a single photographer? Should she ever become a foe, Shiranui will be terrifying.
  • I’m once again pleased that some of the side-characters aren’t being neglected and I hope that continues as a trend for the rest of the series!
  • It seems perfection isn’t always… ideal! Poor Medaka.

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  1. And then, the real fun commences next episode. This episode was not as horrible as initially feared. It bodes well indeed, for the next arc that’s starting.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. …okay, Kikaijima trumps Akune as my all-time favorite character. I like her better as this slightly more innocent girl than she was as a stoic villain during the tournament. In fact, she’s almost a different person! Plus, that blue ribbon makes her %20 cuter!

    And being an artist, I look forward to the second part of this episode!

  3. The first part had quite the potential but the awkward music ruined it for me. The rest was good. I’m glad my favorite, Shiranui, saved the day. Though Kikaijima turned out to be quite an appealing character as well.

  4. Hmm so is it confirmed this anime will only have 12 episodes? Or will it be ongoing for a while like Beelzebub was? For a long running Shonen manga, it’d make more sense to have a long running season rather than 12 episodes.

    Looks like the Enforcers will appear next episode. Can’t say im really fond of them. This is also the part in the manga where it went from casual seinen comedy/school life to a typical battle manga. I guess its what Bakuman taught us. Battle mangs are mainstream and lots of authors have to convert to it at some point 🙁

    1. MAL seems to think that it only runs for 12 episodes, but they don’t cite a source for it nor have we been able to find anything that gives a concrete length outside of that.

  5. Ai Kayano and Yuuki Ono made a great job here, they’re by far the best seiyuus in this shows. Only Shiranui’s seiyuu can keep up with. It hurt my ears when, after minutes of them only, in the flashback I’ve heard the horribile voice Aki Toyosaki does for Medaka.. it felt worst than usual, compared to the great job and how perfectly the other fits. I will regret forever Gainax hadn’t kept Megumi Toyoguchi from the Vomic!

    1. I don’t have a problem with Medaka’s voice. In fact, I was rather surprised in how it has turned out since I had some rather serious misgivings over whether Toyosaki Aki was the correct choice due to her past roles. At this point, I would even say i’m rather enjoying how she’s voicing Medaka since it is quite refreshing hearing her do a voice that is very different from her usual roles.

      1. This is the first season for me to watch shows voiced by Aki Toyosaki. She’s perfect in both Natsuiro Kiseki and Accel World, but Medaka is a very different character. I think she does a too childish and sweet voice to her 🙁 Well than, maybe it’s just me that I don’t like that voice she does, matter of tastes..

      1. It’s the first season I watch shows with charas voiced by her, and in the other two she doesn’t not play mature or sexy characters (Natsuiro Kiseki and Accel World), so I don’t have material for comparision. But I don’t find her voice neither mature nor sexy, actually my issue with her it’s that her voice it’s not enough mature and too childish, and not enough charismatic.. also too nasal, she sounds like she’s drowning herself. >_>” I don’t mean to bash her because she is good in other shows, but for Medaka she’s totally out of character. Well, then that’s only my personal opinion..

      1. I am up-to-date with the manga so I know what you mean, but I think her voice is wrong for Medaka now and alway will be… Then, it’s not that a person changes voices because she changes life, so..

  6. I’ve just started reading the manga(thanks to the anime..) but from what I’ve read the next arc is pretty good so I’m hoping it’ll be the same for the anime! ^_^
    oh yea and could anyone further into the manga tell what Zenkichi’s role in the student counsel is?


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