「偽りの…自由…」 (Itsuwari no… Jiyuu…)

After an entire episode devoted to Ranko, I was really beginning to miss Rea. Not that I don’t like Ranko (I understand her a lot better now), but even as another female, I simply love Rea’s character more. I think it has something to do with the innocent and carefree vibe that she gives off – even with all the issues around her undead body. Random thought: So how come nobody at the dining table noticed that she was only eating poisonous leaves? Not to mention… the same leaves that Baabu was eating…

This entire episode was pretty much devoted to Rea’s craving to visit a mall (and shop!). Where else do you go on a first date right? Even I pity Chihiro for following Rea around all day. Fun for the girl, but definitely not fun for the guy (when he’s just watching you go through piles of clothes). It would feel even worse if Rea came out of it buying nothing; but luckily she ends up getting a cute sundress! All in all, it was adorable watching them spend the day together. Chihiro is a pretty thoughtful guy after all. He even purchased a coat for her just to prevent her body from deteriorating under the sun. Compared to his insensitive 6-year-old self, I would say that he’s really taking his promise seriously when he said that he would take full responsibility of her. Rea better not be taking him for granted!

Rea’s father makes his reappearance this episode as well! For some reason, after his whole naked-bathroom scene, I can never take him seriously anymore. I realize that this is meant to be a semi-serious setup (by abducting your own daughter), but I found it more amusing how the execution never went according to plan. This goes from Yasutaka’s obnoxious appearance to Rea’s surprising ability to defend herself. Of course, no one would imagine that she can lift a bench by herself. I was just as shocked as Chihiro when Rea took out 3 grown men on her own and still panicked and cried (as if anyone could still stand up after that…). I guess she’s just used to being the damsel in distress. Unfortunately Chihiro has taken that role from her at the end of the episode. Instead of your typical kidnapped girl, we have the guy who needs saving. What a unique turn of events – this is something I was definitely not expecting.

I’m glad that Sankarea can keep me on my toes. I generally don’t like watching predictable romantic comedies (even though I still do since it’s my favorite genre), but even though this show follows the same guidelines of a typical rom-com, it still manages to stand out amongst the few that I’ve seen recently. I originally thought that the whole zombie aspect was just a ploy to bring a girl and guy together. Now, I can see that the show really does revolve around Rea and how she adjusts to being a zombie. More importantly, how Chihiro helps her (and in the meantime, probably falls in love with her).

Seriously, I am not disappointed thus far and better yet, next week is all about Mero! She gets her own episode (even in a one cour show?), and I can’t explain why, but I’m excited to see her background story. I’ve always been interested in the quiet side characters.

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    1. You’ve been watching too much anime if you think all 12 (possibly 11) year old girls should have breasts. Shinoda Ichie is a girl. She’s kind of into conspiracy theories. More will come clear next episode with the focus on Mero.

  1. The fact that Rea’s father actually KNOWS that what’s he’s doing is wrong and was the reason for Rea’s ‘death’ but still wants to capture her brings the Creep factor up to 12 (11 was passed a LONG time ago with that naked tub filled with Rea’s pictures scene)

    Yasutaka reminds me of another obnoxious, unreliable side character from Bleach and I hate him even more for making me remember (they look almost the same too) leave her alone and go molest your male friend!

    1. Wait I forgot something.

      How can it be that as a zombie Rea can’t produce tears, but still can blush?

      I let it slide earlier, but if they even go as far as not being able to cry, I just start wondering.

      1. @BioD Even if she has blood in her, her body is cold too. Why would the warm blood run through her cheeks in that case. I already wondered that since the beginning of the zombie thing, until I realized: It’s an anime, should I care? xD

    1. It’s me. The organization has caught on to us and is trying to sabotage our date. I must travel back in time and ensure that it proceeds as planned, or else it could influence the progression of the world line and alter the very timeline.

      Until my next message. El Psy Congroo!

  2. Rea’s father has turned into a figurative cartoon character as well as a literal one. I just had to laugh at that fencing scene.
    Also, Chihiro’s constant filming of Rea skeeves me the hell out, considering what her life was like before this.

    Bio D
  3. ok then well um

    cat hair boy still doing rea’s observe & protect while rea enjoy a normal life.
    babu unleash cat-leaf-ball while cat hair boy wonder rea do it as well?
    cat hair boy & rea goes mall fun time while wanko on the bath.
    wanko still hmm wonder to get cait hair boy here mero & pals to bath with them.
    while cat hair boy & rea mall wander there being watch mooks of rea’s father.
    cat hair boy is afraid of haunted house while rea enjoy more normal life.
    while her father want to “ruin her normal life” while fencing (yea WORST FATHER EVER).
    mooks ready to grab but that one of those two guys being blah blah.
    mooks just silent speak observe & yea let just grab rea but rea bench them all.
    next plan cat-nap the cat hair boy.
    now rea’s father plan some “spayed or neutered” etc ideas or worse to cat hair boy to ruin rea.

    but next ep is mero ep.

  4. Wanko get depressed because of Nekomimi being uncaring and selfish toward her yet he goes full deredere for Moezombieblob. Girl, open your eyes and forget him, he’s a dick, go grab ghostloli instead for some skinship.

    Right now I feel that the serie as grow stale, if it wasn’t for Rea’s current state as a zombie (wich as many people point out is treated in quite a superficial way) it would be beyond generic.

    1. There remains the somewhat flawed logic of kidnapping someone in the middle of broad daylight right outside a shopping center where there are dozens of witnesses.

      Of course there’s the ‘Bystander’ effect- but that’s hedging an awful lot of bets on it.

      Bench scene made up for it, though. I’m expecting to see a .gif of that sometime.

  5. random thoughts:
    Rea: the first vegetarian zombie (unless you count Baabu…)
    Ranko, I’d love to shar e bath with her. Ouch!
    Note to myself – DONT try to abduct zombies. Ever. Unless I get some sort of superpower or at least mecha capable of breaking houses with its fists…
    Mero getting her own episode? I guess it will be fun!


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