「ああ、マイダーリンはロクデナシ」 (Aa, Mai Dārin wa Rokudenashi)
“Ah, My Good-For-Nothing Darling”

This week, Ayumu meets a busty, red-headed doujinshi artist by the name of Naegleria Nebiros (Koshimizu Ami), or Nene for short. While I’m generally skeptical about adding characters this late in the season, I have only one thing to say about Nene-san: Ayumu, you had better add her to your harem. Do it, DO IT NOW!!

Ahem. So after a call with Dai-sensei (awww, she finally got out of the bath…though I’m okay with this too), Ayumu gets tipped off that there’s someone on Earth who is a match for Chris – the aforementioned Nene. What I found interesting here was the glimpse we received into the Underworld. Forgive me for having grown up in a very WASPy area (though that’s not going to last for long. Yay demographic shifts!), but when I heard “Underworld,” I assumed it was an unpleasant place to be, something that Sera’s cooking seemed to leed credence to. Yet, now we see it, and the Underworld is beautiful. This, combined with what we’ve seen of Virie – vast rooms with dark foreboding gothic architecture – and the fact that it was Virie that invaded the Underworld, would seem to call into question which side are the bad guys in this little confrontation.

Speaking of, I didn’t even realize there was a confrontation between Virie and the Underworld! Maybe Haruna and the other’s blasé attitude about living together made me forget, but I don’t remember that being mentioned before. Still, more interesting than that was Yuu’s passing mention of the “Megalo System.” This is highly intriguing to me. Masou shoujo fight the megalo, but so do the denizens of the Underworld, as we saw in season one with Yukinori’s tonkotsu ramen soup, and Sera’s & Saras’ violin playing. Yet the megalo pour from the underworld, as we saw at the end of season one. What am I missing here? Could it be that this disaster the King of the Night caused created the Megalo System, filling the Underworld with megalo and turning it into the dark place I had originally imagined? And to what purpose? Well, the two sides seem to be on relatively good terms now, at least from what we’ve seen. Hmmm…

Anyway, back to the episode at hand. One of the two other big things from this episode was the absolute onslaught of deredere Sarasvati was offering up. I had no idea that she could make faces like this, but oh Madoka-sama, I’m glad I found out. I’m not sure what triggered this change, but I can’t say it’s totally out of left field – she has been calling him “my darling” for a while now. Maybe how little she has been seeing him for a while just built up until she decided to do adorable stuff like taking that indirect kiss she wanted. My heart, it can’t take dere of this magnitude!

Then there was the whole doujinshi drawing thing with Nene. First of all, Nene being an big-breasted narcoleptic fujoshi was quite a treat to see, especially since it led to an epic tearful freakout from Haruna, and the obligatory bodily damage for Ayumu that such a thing can only result in. But while I originally thought that Nene was going to be silly and useless, it turns out that she’s quite the sweet girl. Drawing that manga about what would have happened had Seventh Abyss gotten the happy ending they so wanted…that’s a sweet tribute to her old friends.

Two last quick things. No, wait, actually three. One, it seems like Ayumu being late for Saras’ show was a self-inflicted problem. He could have easily asked Nene to go at any time, and he did promise Saras that he’d go to the concert first, so that should have taken precedence. Fortunately, this didn’t end up being a problem with Saras. Two, the thing at the end where Nene and Chris were suddenly out drinking together? O.O This is just further evidence for me Chris-isn’t-really-evil theory. Finally, the objective, analytical storyteller in me wants to say that this episode wasn’t particularly well constructed, with two unrelated storylines – one of them which emerged fairly abruptly just this episode – only clashing because the protagonist inflicted the difficulty on himself. That said, so many interesting things happened, and the feelings of all the characters involved were so earnest that I truly enjoyed this episode quite a lot. I feel like I shouldn’t let them off so easily, but…well, it’s alright. I’ll let it slide this time.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Virie is dark, the Underworld is bright, Saras is deredere, & Nene is busty as hell. Hey, I sorta rhymed! Almost. (sorta) #korezon

Random thoughts:

  • Wow, the King of the Knight used to cut quite the dashing, heroic figure. It’s interesting to see that, since we know exactly how far he fell. It also punctuates how hard it was for Yuu to do what she did at the end of Season one.
  • Wow, Anderson-kun really lost his cool when Ayumu asked about Nene. Though seeing how she is, I don’t blame him. Probably he was featured as a character in one of her BL doujinshi at some point. *shudder*
  • So Ayumu is the “Dark Lord of Lechery“? You haven’t watched enough anime, Haruna. Not by a long shot.
  • Ayumu’s tastes in delusions are starting to worry me. What’s with that backpack, Ayumu -_- On the upside, this week’s mousou Yuu was Hocchan! Always a good thing, at least if you’re trying to convince Divine to tune in :3
  • Nene said she was willing, Ayumu. GET HER INTO YOUR HAREM. DO IT. DO IT RIGHT NAO!!
  • Wait, Original Yuu draws BL doujinshi too? Do not want!!

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    1. This episode satisfied me of Sarasvati dere-side. Is everything I need for this season? Nooo, of course not!!! XD jajajajaja
      Nene was lethal, oh my god I think my dark side is getting worse, lol XD.

    2. Well I don’t really mind the lack of Yukinori, since she got a LOT of screen time in previous episodes. I’m really happy they focus on Saras (well kinda) in this episode since that’s my wish ever since she confess to Ayumu! I hope they will give us more Saras deredere moment in later episodes too XD

  1. Stilts, you can be forgiven for not noticing cold war between Virie and Underworld – after all Ayumu was surprised as well!
    Well endowned doujin artists FTW! especially when they land on your back1 (makes me remember one episode from my life… and NO I AM NOT TELLING WHAT IT WAS!)
    Ultra deredere Saras FTW! the scene where she steals indirect kiss was supremely adorable!
    Old enemies as drinking buddies FTW!

    1. OK it was few years ago when I was young and tended to hang out wit RL people more… anyway when a bunch of friends of mixed genders ended up in a swimming pool, somebody suggested underwater breathholding contest… and one of the girls laid down on my back pressing her assets against it “to help me stay under” – needless to say I won the competition in spades (I was too happy to remember about need for breathing…) – to the comments about illegal doping from my defeated rivals…

  2. I’m enjoying the anime as a guilty pleasure.
    I just don’t like the direction this anime took. The first half of the first season was really good ; it had substance and ambition. But the second half, with the introduction of the new girl, ruined it. When the second season was announced, I was really excited. I expected it to rebound from that terrible second half that almost didn’t have any substance, and continue to amaze us again. But it didnt — It pretty much just picked up where the terrible second half left off.

    This anime could’ve been more than just a romantic-harem-comedy anime — Or a guilty pleasure.
    This anime still makes me laugh. I just wish the creators put atleast some effort to make this series better -_-

  3. All the revelations this episode provided was interesting but got broadsided (to me) by Sarasvati not only being nice, forward and did not use ANY of her usual “harsh words of affection” OR made any references to Ayumu’s rear end and was not angry in the slightest when he was late to the concert even going so far as to be understanding and not afraid to tell him her feelings or her desire for a (indirect) kiss, just wow…

    Of all the girls she is the only one that seems open to “sharing” Ayumu and not involve herself in those petty jealousy/possession antics (I’m looking at you Haruna!)

    All I need to see is Saras bring her ‘A game’ and it’s all over for the “competition” beyond Sarasvati and Yukinori at least

    Yuu seem “neutral” I wonder if that will change? oh right the plot, wonderful! I cant hate Chris no matter how hard I tried, she haven’t done anything really evil…yet and where is Mr “my doctor told me not to over elaborate my comments” while spewing up a fountain of blood gone?

  4. Like Stilts, I found the Underworld vs Virie to be a bombshell. I’m only on the second light novel but some of those hints are in there as early as when Tomonori first shows up. Remember when Sera was ordered to assassinate Eu? The reason was that Eu was the cause of the increased Megalo attacks. There is a definite connection between the Underworld and the Megalos. We’ve just been missing some of the hints because of all the harem goodness. Clearly Virie, or at least some of the folks in it, are not very nice.

  5. Chris turned Ayumu into a lolicon and our poor Eu got sucked into his new delusional tastes. Bad, bad Ayumu. And damn you for eternity while I’m at it for having the best harem ever.

    Its hard for this show to do any wrong for me…even the “weaker” episodes are awesome. All the characters are so great that it doesn’t matter what ridiculous plot, or not plot, they get shoved into and they still make it hilarious and heartwarming in some way. Getting little sprinkles of plot the past couple eps. makes it even better.

    Oh yea, also disappoint with lack of any Yukinori!

  6. First of all, Nene being an big-breasted epileptic fujoshi was quite a treat to see…

    I think the adjective you’re looking for is narcoleptic xD

    But yeah, dere-overload from Saras. She just jumped up to the top of my rankings D: I wonder if Sera will ever display this much dere, too.

      1. Ninja on Stilts; as long as it’s not a certain Vampire Ninja, I guess o_-

        Also, rewatched this ep with my earphones, and just noticed that during that scene where Sera, Yuu, and Haruna confronted Ayumu, both Sera AND Yuu were glaring at him (based on the sound).

        Ohohohoho, Yuu, Yuu, Yuu~ 😀

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka%20OF%20THE%20DEAD%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2009.jpg


    It’s not just butt love anymore, it’s true love. The Ayumu x Sarasvati ship has sailed. *I’m such a sucker for indirect kissing scenes*

    In an alternate future where Sarasvati and Ayumu are marrried:

    Zombie-Vampire-Ninja!Daughter: ‘ka-san, how did you fall in love with ‘tou-san?

    Hot-Mom!Saras: at first we were (o)shiriai, but we eventually fell in love *smirks*

    Dad!Ayumu: *washing dishes* Saras, why are you groping and staring at my posterior?

    Hot-Mom!Saras: Just reminiscing the good old days, my Damn Darling!~ *red eyes flashing*

  8. Chris may not be evil. But evil or not, when someone puts you on a curse, and you’re finally able to breaks free from it, there’s really no other things to do than claim what is your right; It’s Payback Time!
    Of course vengeance and protagonist are two things rarely sit on the same bench.

    Chris is a high school teacher, Nene is a doujinshi artist. Two elite warriors from two nations yet they live a lowly life instead of a luxurious one. lol
    Life on earth is harsh indeed.

    1. I think you’ll find that’s what usually happens to elite warriors after the war is done.

      …shit, it just got too real up in here, didn’t it? Quick, look – the mousou Yuus are stripping! *scampers away*

  9. “Japanese publisher Fujimi Shobo’s official Twitter account for the comedy franchise Is This a Zombie? confirmed on Wednesday that next week’s episode of the television anime series Is This a Zombie? of the Dead is also the last episode. The account indicated that after the 10th and final episode airs, the anime’s official website will have a “super, super, super important announcement.””

    I got this straight from Animenewsnetwork. Though it ends last week, at least we may get a treat. Another season, or a movie? Though that would be kinda optimistic. Ah well, we’ll get something is all I know.

  10. On the upside, this week’s mousou Yuu was Hocchan! Always a good thing, at least if you’re trying to convince Divine to tune in :3

    Oh, so Divine is also a fan of Hocchan? ^^

    On another note, what character/series is our current banner from? She looks familiar, but I cannot identify her.

    1. Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. This is one of random curiousity’s original banner from way back in the day where there weren’t as many of us on RC. for nostalgic i guess.

    2. Divine wuvs Hocchan. You heard it here first!

      And yeah, I’m getting some heavy nostalgia from the Louise banner. KuguRie tsunderes were all the rage during my most formative years as an anime fan. And then came Taiga :3

      That reminds me, I need to finish off the last season of Shana…

  11. Saras is such girlfriend material. where can i meet a girl like her ;; i like that her love got more serious in this episode, but it felt so sudden. were earlier episodes just fillers or did the anime skip one or two things?

  12. Normally, I hate most of the vampires in the anime, are far from the original scheme of a vampire, but I still like some. In this series, I do not care at all the differences to the original scheme, all vampire-ninja are great. ¡¡¡I love Seraphim, Yuki and Sarasvati, a lot!!!, XD.
    Do you think I need to get out more? lol XD.
    unfortunately I think that if (: <)

    1. Agreed. I generally dislike vampires, largely due to what Twilight did to them (so sparkly, and so anti-feminist!), but here the whole vampire thing is largely incidental. I hardly remember it, and instead focus on how awesome as characters Yukinori, Sera, and Sarasvati are. And hoo-boy, they are great!

  13. Since the previous episode, now I see clearly the attacks of jealousy hidden behind the blows of Seraphim to Ayumo, to do perverted things.
    It’s great, but not for the sake of Ayumo, lol XD
    Seraphim do not fool me, this “https://randomc.net/image/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka%20OF%20THE%20DEAD%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2015.jpg”
    is what bothers you “https://randomc.net/image/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka%20OF%20THE%20DEAD%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2023.jpg”
    . XD

  14. Saras became soo cute in this episode (not that she already wasn’t but the dere-dere just came out directly). And I died laughing when Sera almost sliced Ayumu’s head clean through. Mainly because in moments like that the character always manages to catch it and hold on to it for their life….Ayumu completely missed XD

  15. This was probably one of their better episodes in the series. I loved how assertive Sarasvati is. I hate when people are too timid to express their true emotions in a series (of course I know that’s just character development, but it still drives me nuts >_<) so seeing her take the initiative and seeing Ayumu respond to it in the good-guy way he is made it enjoyable for me to watch. On top of that, the humor of meeting Nene was great and don't even get me started on the surprise we had at the end of the episode XD.

  16. Everytime it comes up that Yuu has such a sad history, or the part a few episodes back where she wondered if it were better if she weren’t born, or when she holds up super heartwarming notes, she totally wins me over. Haruna is crazy fun, and Tomonori is great… but man, Yuu has really pulled ahead. This episode even was more about Yuu and her hapiness than Saras’.

  17. If they can get Yui Horie, Ayako Kawasumi and Rie Kugimiya all voicing Eu in the same scene…. HNNGGGGGG!!

    Also, deredere Saras FTW! The only downside is there was no Yukinori for the second week. >.<

  18. Man this series and Infinite Stratos are the only ones whom I loved all the harem members and actually want the show to end with an epic harem ending and not the tragic pick one girl out of the awesome harem.

    I mean come on! You can say harem animes are common, but you really cant say that harem animes with harem endings are common as well, they are actually rare! Almost most of harem shows always ends with the guy picking only one girl in the end, booo! So I want this epic series to have a great harem end that would be a great happy ending! Besides this show is too light hearted to go into drama with the girls getting heartbroken and all, I do not want to see that! Instead we would all prefer to see the girls DERE side more!

    I love this episode with Saras showing her awesome dere side, finally! Plus the addition of Nene as a potential harem member (whom actually is part of the plot, o.o) makes it even more interesting to see IF just like Chris that Ayumu can make her like him. I love last episode showing a BIT (damn only a bit) about Sera’s dere side towards Ayumu, but I want MORE! Felt sad that Yuki and Taeko wasnt shown at all, but oh well at least we have always seen both their dere sides lol.

    1. On a side note, it would have been great if Saras seals the deal with a kiss and becomes another one of Ayumu’s wife, but I guess they want to keep her status as a “lover” in her mind for now huh. So how does the girl’s status look so far?:

      Eu – Little sister type
      Sera – Older sister type
      Haruna – Loli
      Yuki – Oyome-san (wife) type
      Saras – Lover type
      Kyouko – Yandere type
      Taeko – Classmate/Childhood friend(?)/Class president type
      Chris – Fairy! (drinking buddy type?)
      Nene – Mature woman type (with a dynamite body)

      Hmm am I missing someone?

  19. Defeating Chris, getting Haruna’s power back. Neither of those goals seem all that important to me. Chris is a girl. Her current form is her real form. She has been stuck in the body of that boring old man for decades. Decades. Was Ayumu not listening to her in episode 7? Haruna without power or Chris stuck in that body? Pretty easy to see which of them is the more sympathetic figure.

    What Ayumu should be doing is demanding an audience with the Queen of Virie. He should ask her to undo the curse she placed on Chris. And he along with his friends should get physical if she refuses to do so.

  20. I’m guessing that we’ll get a convoluted ending in which Ayumu sacrifices his powers to give Haruna hers back so that Chris can still have her stolen ones, which means Ayumu has only his zombie powers and then Queen of Villers will show up with her powers and that’ll be the end of our season.

    Then the announcement will be that we’re continuing next season from there.

  21. My impression of the King of Night sure changed after seeing him so heroic-like.
    I hope they shed some more light on that war subject, like which side was victorious or why there is no happy ending to that backstory?
    And finally some more screentime for Sera, it was about time. I was worried there weren’t going to be any decent interaction between her and Ayumu before the season ends.
    I can’t wait to see how powerful Nene will be when she fights Chris.

    random viewer
  22. Maybe Chris’s ‘rebellion’ was in fact protesting the invasion of the Underworld? Would certainly explain why she and Nene get along still.

    ps: so jelly of Aikawa.


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