I’ve grown quite fond of Cana.


The chapter starts where the last one ended. The crouds are cheering and crying of joy for Erza and FAIRY TAIL‘s victory. Her friends run out to her and congratulate her. Most of the other guilds are impressed, and happy for her, however, there are some people who don’t like this. Erza’s victory stirs some feelings in Minerva and Kagura.

Erza’s victory earned FAIRY TAIL team A 10 points. But the remaining seven teams must finish establishing a rank order, so a new game is introduced – Magic Power Finder – MPF. This “game” is all about a device. When this device is struck with magical power, that power is represented numerically – and those values will be used to establish a ranking – in other words, this device will compare their powers.

Hibiki from Blue Pegasus is seen flirting with Cana who appears to be drunk – a clear disadvantage, considering that she is still in the game.

Millianna goes first and hits the device with her “Kitten Blast” which results in 365 MPF points. According to Lahar, that number is so high that it’s sufficient to become a squad captain.

Novally from Quatro Puppy is up next and earns 124 MPF points. Hibiki goes next and earns an even lower score of 95 MPF points. To comfort himself, he hugs Cana and asks her to baby him.

Next up is Obra from Raven Tail, he throws what seems to be an Exceed towards the MPF device and earns the low score of 4 MPF points. Flare from the same guild (in the audience) questions Obra’s actions but is soon silenced by her team members who remind her that Obra’s magic can’t be shown in front of people. Obra is a guy that has to be forced to get serious.

Leaving that, it’s now Orga’s turn (Sabertooth), and he blasts the device with his “120 mm Black Lightning Cannon”, earning 3825 MPF points and taking the lead. This surprises everyone in the audience, especially Millianna because that score is approximately 10 times her score. Laxus on the other hand is smirking at this.

Orga doesn’t get much time in the glory because when Jura steps up and hits the device with his “Meidou Fugaku – Rumbling Mt. Fuji”, he earns 8544 MPF points. But this was expected because Jura carries the title of one of the 10 wizard saints. Makarov points out that this result makes him a good match for Gildarts.

Last up is Cana. Everyone expects her to perform poorly considering that she’s drunk. Cana throws off her jacket and flashes her Fairy Glitter mark, something that Mavis let her use in order to win. Cana hits the device with so much power, it breaks – she earns 9999 MPF points, shocking the audience. She yells that FAIRY TAIL is unstoppable while receiving cheers from the audience.

In another corner of the arena, it looks like Raven’s Fangs of Raven Tail are up to no good. It looks like they have a special objective in mind, and that is all we get to know because the chapter ends with that cliffhanger.

It’s too bad Erza’s battle was only worth 10 points, but rules are rules. At least, she brought back the glory to her guild, and I guess Cana did too. Cana is a character that I’ve come to like very much. She has gone from being a side character to someone quite important. I really like her character, and it was nice to see her win this separate MPF game, even though it could’ve been considered as “cheating”. Mavis is so sneaky…

Sabertooth didn’t do much this week, or, left no impact on me. I’m more interested in Raven Tail now. It looks like the villains are finally going to step forward and do something. I’ve been waiting for this so long. But I fear we might not get any information next week. According to the chapter title, it looks like the upcoming chapter will focus on Laxus.

Going back to Cana, it seems to me that she might be one of Raven Tail’s targets now. While Cana did use Fairy Glitter in this challenge, I remember she couldn’t use it a lot – limited magic, no? So I fear that she might get captured by mistake! Gildarts, hurry up and save your daughter!

I feel like I didn’t have much to write about this chapter. It was really good and funny, but also pretty simple so I don’t think I have anything I’d like to add. Having that said, I’m looking forward to Laxus’ battle and I hope we get to see some villains in action!

Moete kitazou!


    1. >implying you weren’t fapping to her before
      ( ¬‿¬)

      Anyway, Makarov’s reaction to what Mavis did was pure win.
      Cana must have powered up significantly to be able to use Fairy Glitter now. Odds are she might get targeted but odds of Gildartz appearing might be a bit slim but this is FT after all. It’s predictable and unpredictable at times.
      Looking forward to Laxus fighting next chapter.

      inb4 Cana’s powerlevel is over 9000

    2. Cana’s really faperrific. Fanservice was great this chapter. Given how sexy FT women are though, I don’t understand how there’s so few doujins out there for FT. There are a lot more for Naruto and Bleach.

      1. Supply and demand. Naruto does not provide boobies so people make their own and sell them as dojinshi. Fairy tail has great boobies and high fan service so fans dont really need dojinshi. Thus there are fewer dojinshi. Thats my take on it anyway.

  1. Well, the benefit of this “Duels” Chapters, you dont need a big Storyline and give you time to taking a breath and think of the Future Storyline. Like we saw it in Naruto Anime. When they done the “First Mission” they came up with the Duel. Enough time to create a good “Storyline” after wards. Hope here is the same.

  2. You said it’s too bad Erza’s battle was only worth 10 points. What’s so bad about that? That’s the highest possible score you can get in the contest portion of the games! She got first place! Hence, she earned 10 points for her team.

    Erza – 1st place – 10p

    The strength of the other seven’s power only established ranks for the others’ teams:

    Cana – 2nd place – 8p
    Jura – 3rd place – 6p
    Orga – 4th place – 4p
    Millianna – 5th place – 3p
    Novally – 6th place – 2p
    Hibiki – 7th place – 1p
    Obra – 8th place – 0p

    1. Sorry for being confusing, that was more of a figurative speech. I didn’t mean it was “bad”. It’s just that IMO, her performance was the best one in the game so far, so personally, I think this deserved more points. But rules are rules so there will be restrictions.
      I’m still very happy for her and her team! :]

    1. Ten points go to the one in first place. But because Erza’s already secured first place in “Pandemonium”, “MPF” was meant to determine who would be ranked second, third, etc., meaning the highest they could get in this contest was second place. For future reference, the point distribution for each contest goes as such:

      1st place – 10p
      2nd place – 8p
      3rd place – 6p
      4th place – 4p
      5th place – 3p
      6th place – 2p
      7th place – 1p
      8th place – 0p

  3. Full of fanservice and here’s happy me. Laxus fans will be happy next chapter since it has been ages since he’s been a focus in a chapter. Just hoping that Fairy Tail-A’s participant wouldn’t be Erza because that would be cruel!

      1. I’m not stating that Erza will be faced off against Laxus. What I mean is that I wish that the participant of Fairy Tail A mustn’t be Erza because the girl is very exhausted. And I know that Alexei is Laxus’ opponent. Sorry for being vague.

  4. Sneaky Mavis…well that sneaky was cute so it’s OK xD as for Alexei vs Laxus I somehow get the feel Laxus is going to lose most obviously by a cheat of some sorts.

  5. Lol this chapter reminded me of that DBZ tournament after the Cell arc where participants had to hit that thing to measure their power, and Canna pulled a Vegeta lol.

  6. I love Fairy Tail, seriously. The whole time skip got my kind of awry though, didn’t like it but the story is picking up the pace. I would have liked the author to stop hopping around so much, too many loose ends and abrupt arc shifts. We need some resolution first before moving on.

    I have to love the girls in this serious though. Beautiful, strong, and not taking any BS either.

    1. Honestly, I wouldn’t say that story is Fairy Tail’s strength, since personally, I don’t find Hiro Mashima that great of a story teller, despite being great mangaka. I find him much more suited to multiple, shorter arcs, even if they throw off the focus. Rather than plot, his style is more focused on pure, honest, Shounen fun, which really comes out in a series Fairy Tail, and I think that’s what makes this manga so great.

  7. Based on Laharl’s words, the Rune Knights aren’t really very strong it would seem.

    Love Jura’s look after Cana’s attack.

    So, current point totals now should be:
    Raven Tail —– 36+0=36
    Lamia Scale —- 20+6=26
    Sabertooth —– 20+4=24
    Mermaid Heel — 19+3=22
    Fairy Tail A — 12+10=22
    Fairy Tail B — 12+8=20
    Blue Pegasus — 17+1=18
    Quattro Puppy — 12+2=14

    I’m rather thinking that Raven Tail will have to lose, or at least draw, in this battle coming up. Otherwise they’ll be far ahead.

    Wonder what the other match-ups will be. Hoping to see Gray, the rabbit from BP, Rufus, and Lyon in the battles. Maybe even a Gray vs Lyon match.

    By the way, someone on Mangahelpers noticed this: Makarov, Ivan, and Alexei all have Russian names. There’s some wondering now if Alexei and Laxus might not be brothers. We were never told that Laxus was an only child after all.

    1. How about Gray vs Juvia? Now THAT would be something to see. I imagine it would also be a good opportunity for Gray to finally let it be known how he feels (or doesn’t feel) towards her. Awesome? Yes. Probable? No.

  8. You have to love the way Cana strips.

    I salute you Steroman for getting a good image of only Cana and her lovely boobs. A low tech person like me has some issues and has no idea how to cut and edit images like that.

  9. Cana, strip for every battle you partcipate in. Yes, and thank you. 😀 She has the ‘Biggest Bust’ and ‘Best Ass’ vote from me any day. Jura is awesome though, but we all know Jura is awesome-ness. And Mavis… BEST. LOLI. EVAH.

  10. Laxus is the one of the five strongest member of the fairy tail except for Makarov

    if i would rank them it will probably like this

    Gildarts or Jellal
    Jellal or Gildarts

    *Jellal isnt an official member, so it officially goes to Mira.

    Cana is unknown since we only saw her fought once
    Natsu’s power level is unstable and dependent on his emotion.

    Laxus is a psuedo lightning dragon slayer, but still a dragon slayer. He is already on par with the previous grand master seven years ago and could had won if his enemy had no ‘generator’.

    1. I think it goes more like this:


      The top 2 should be obvious – except that maybe due to Makarov’s age Gildartz might actually be FT’s top dog, but until proven otherwise, Makarov stays on top.

      The next three are pretty vague, since we do not have much direct evidence. We know Mirajane considers Erza her rival which means at her top form they are about equal. Laxus is also on the same level, although it’s hard to say. The only evidence is he fought with Erza to a draw very briefly and their fight was interrupted.

      Jellal, on the other hand is definitely below those three. During the ToP arc he was easily handled by Erza and had to resort to a sneak attack to take her out. He also lost very easily against Midnight, an opponent Erza defeated pretty easily. So far he has been a lot of talk and little action.

      Mystogan is an enigma still. He did fight Laxus to a draw, yes, but after his revelation it feels like his power is limited to the use of his magic staffs and normally he has no magic power what-so-ever. Just for that I would put him slightly below.

      Cana is pretty much a deus-ex-machina at this point – generally weaker than those mentioned but as the time demands it, she has access to pretty much unlimited power.

      Natsu is as strong or as weak as the plot demands it, so it’s hard to judge him objectively.

  11. confused. Is it Juvia or is it lluvia ?
    I think it is lluvia (Spanish) since that equals “rain”. But it sounds much cooler the Komerica pronunciation with a J for Juvia. If in doubt watch Zettai Karen Children to listen to cool Komerica English and Japanese.


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