What? Another manga? Why, yes dear readers – another Shounen Jump series is getting coverage, and it’s Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I love this series, and it’s about time it made its debut on Random Curiosity alongside the other SJ comics! So without further ado, let’s Jump straight in (har, har) with our dying wills!


A little comment about the arc itself before I start delving into this chapter specifically – the Rainbow Representative Arc comes riding the coattails of the Daemon Spade Arc, which was pretty much an adrenaline rush all the way through. I’m not a huge fan of Daemon, but the storyline itself was fast-paced and had the typical high-stakes seen in most of KHR‘s arcs so far. This one is no different and it looks like it’ll challenge Tsuna in a different way: without Reborn, what is Sawada Tsunayoshi?

It’s an interesting question to pose; while the little guy has been growing on his own, Reborn has always been there to guide him and encourage him. For the first time ever though, his tutor seems to have lost faith in him, and the fact Reborn’s so accepting of his impending doom frustrates Tsuna all the more. This time, defeating the enemy won’t fix anything – no matter what the outcome, it’s the end for Reborn and the rest of the Arcobaleno. The chapter drives home all of Tsuna’s frustrations and gosh, you bet I’m looking forward to the emotional roller coaster that’s in store for the next few chapters. The moping around will totally be worth it too, because if there’s anything Tsuna does exceptionally well, it’s bouncing back with gusto. It’s always been his best trait, and one that has always accompanied him throughout all the hardships he’s faced. I’m not entirely convinced Reborn’s lost faith in his pupil, either. While Reborn has some pretty scary – and questionable – methods of training Tsuna, one thing has always been crystal clear: he cares for Tsuna. Hence it’s entirely possible the master assassin is doing this in order to protect him. Conversely, this could be another test; one never knows with Reborn, really… while being the world’s greatest hitman, he’s also the world’s greatest troll. In any case… ganbatte, Juudaime!

Let me know what you think guys – I’d love to hear your feedback on what I can do to improve!


  1. Why only SJ series? I mean, I realize this is an anime blog not a manga blog, but the selection of manga series seems very lacking in comparison to the diversity of anime genres that are covered here. Nothing against shounen manga but in my personal opinion when I visit a blog I want to be introduced to new material, not just read about the same old shounen series that everyone is already reading.

    But it’s good to see you pick up a new manga nonetheless, I don’t mean to discourage you from blogging this – I’m only giving my opinion regarding the selection of genre.

      1. I’m allowed to express my opinion and I believe I did so in a civil manner. That’s fine if you disagree but you don’t need to tell me to STFU.

        And as I said it’s good that he picked up another manga for RC. I was merely making some suggestions if the site were to continue to pursue the direction of blogging manga.

        Damrod also mentioned another good point that had been lingering in the back of my mind. One of the problems I find with picking up only famous SJ series, is that so many of them are already several hundred chapters in the works – making it difficult anyone who is new to the series to be introduced to it this way since it is being picked up here so far along without proper introduction.

        I just think fresher manga series would suit the RC format better than just never ending old shounen series.

      2. The reason why SJ series are blogged is because they are the ones that are almost guaranteed to have a weekly chapter to blog. Bi-weekly mangas and mangas with irregular release dates are kinda hard to blog.

        Suppa Tenko
      3. Hey guys – let’s all play nice! 🙂

        It didn’t cross my mind to have a sort of introductory section explaining the premise/characters and I’m really sorry about that – I’ll have something like that next week to help people who’re new to the franchise familiarize themselves with the material a little better!

    I love Reborn and I jump into the manga right after the anime ended.
    I look forward to more posts. And this arc is really some serious stuff.

    random viewer
  3. I don’t know if you’re male or female but I am officially declaring my love for you now. :3 Reborn! has become one of my favorite manga since it broke out of its wacky school life days so thanks for this.

    As for the chapter, I don’t think Reborn! has lost faith in him either. Reborn! has just always been “realistic” – as he’s mentioned, he’s always been confident that Tsuna could defeat the opponent so he pushes him; this time though he probably thinks that Tsuna’s just not up to par yet so he’s protecting him by pushing him away….for now maybe. I’m sure Reborn has something up his sleeve that’d give Tsuna some kind of power boost. Or since the series does seem to be heading toward its end, maybe this time around, Tsuna will be the one to give Reborn some kind of inspirational boost.

    1. Yeah… this arc really has the makings of a grand finale; I actually thought I saw somewhere that this was the final arc, but I can’t remember exactly (if I really did see it LOL). It’ll be sad to see it end though… the series really is charming.

      1. I find it really interesting that three of Jump’s Jewels are potentially on their last arcs. We have the final Bleach arc for certain, Naruto is looking to resolve all their plot lines with this one, though perhaps one final arc to subdue Tobi if that isn’t in this arc, and Reborn with this Rainbow Representatives arc which does look to be an arc to end all arcs.

        I wonder what they’re planning now that it seems like they’re going to be ending three of their most popular and long-running manga…

  4. OMG as I was typing in randomc.net after finishing the new chapter of reborn, I was thinking right at the moment how it should be blogged on randomc, then FWOOSH, THERE IT WAS! Tears :’) I LOVE YOOOUUUUU <3

  5. Maybe it is just me, but would it maybe be a possibility to introduce the characters and all a bit more for when people who haven’t yet read KHR or a better introduction to the series?

    Jumping straight in can be nice, when it is at the start of the story but when posting 100 chapters or more later without some kind of introduction can make it a bit hard to get what you are trying to convey to the readers with the blog-posts.

    1. Yeah you’re right… it totally didn’t occur to me though! x__x Silly me. Anyway, I’ll try to come up with a way to ease people in a little better as new characters are introduced since KHR! has an ensemble cast enough to rival Bleach lol

  6. Thought I had the wrong page when I saw Reborn! on the front ahaha. Thanks for blogging this, it’s such a wonderful surprise! Yeah, I can totally imagine Reborn being a no.1 troll xD;;; Looking forward to weekly updates and insights! 🙂

    1. One Piece, Toriko, HxH (Whenever it’s back), Berserk, and Shingeki no Kyojin need posts. (Maybe TWGOK and Claymore too.)

      If series like Reborn and Bleach had to stand on plot alone they’d collapse immediately. Fairy Tail is straight in the middle pack and is being propped up by its gratuitous fanservice. Naruto has heart but man has it been disappointing for a while. I mean in the latest chapter there was this character named Naruto in a panel or two, and he seems so much better than that Sasuke guy. Can’t the series be about him more?

      1. Agree with you, need more TWGOK here. But sadly there will be two weeks break before the start of new arc(since the goddes arc is already finish along with mai high fest).

        Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Its cool to see Reborn! gets some cover on the site, i was beginning to lose a little faith in the series but the last few chapters have revitalised it for me, should be good

    also cheers for covering it 😀

  8. I think it is nice that you are spending time to cover more manga, Mochi.

    Perhaps you can also give us some of your thoughts and impressions of Katekyo Hitman Reborn up until now, like in the past arcs too.

      1. It is really up to you, since this is your review. ^^

        I mentioned this because some of the older plot points are being brought up in the current arc, like the fights against Mukuro, Xanxus, Byakuran, and Daemon Spade.

  9. Manga is getting more blogs lately. Its cool and all but I can’t understand why One Piece isn’t back.

    Why not blog the manga of series previously blogged? like The World God Only Knows or Zettai Karen Children.

    1. The writers at least should give us a good reason why not blogging one piece. Receiving no response from the writers and this is not the 1st time someone brought out this issue/request.

      1. Um… I really do apologize, but me at least can’t give you an answer to that/is not the best person to ask. I know it’s highly unlikely that I’ll pick up One Piece since I don’t follow it… probably not really a good answer but it’s the best I can offer at the moment 🙁

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