Well, everything pretty much worked out as expected this episode… for the most part. First, we get Sasuke’s confirmation of his goal to destroy Konoha due to what they did to Itachi. This was called a long time ago, as there was no real other path for him to go at this point. I mean, If he suddenly decided to not go after Konoha, there’d be no point for everything he’s done for the last hundred chapters, and there’d be no way Kishimoto would put to waste all of that. Furthermore, this sets up the inevitable confrontation between him and Naruto too. Moving on, we also get Madara’s reveal of his Perfect Susanoo technique, which he proceeds to use in quite the show: chopping up mountains, calling it destruction incarnate, giving us spectacular quotes like “You’re lucky I’m the only one here, so you won’t have to redraw the maps too much”. But then comes the surprise no one really expected…

…the sudden deactivation of the Edo Tensei. I mean, we knew it was probably coming at some point in the next few chapters, but I think I speak for most people when I say that I expected the Kages vs. Madara fight to last much longer than the third of a chapter it got this time around. But at the same time, I can’t help but feel that the sudden clearing of Madara out of the picture was intentionally done to an intentional ploy to keep the Kages alive for their inevitable clash against Sasuke, who now gets center stage for the most part. And subsequently, with the Kages still alive, Kishimoto then gets to demonstrate just how powerful Sasuke has become, as he’ll probably be able to easily fight off and probably kill a Kage or two before all’s said and done. Subsequently it falls upon Naruto to be the last man standing between Sasuke and destroying the village. I mean, there seems to be no other reason possible for rushing and just tossing out Madara like that, especially with his new technique reveal. But still, even if my prediction is correct… I just can’t see why you wouldn’t spend at least one more chapter on the Kages Vs. Madara fight. I mean, every other fight up to now has been given quite a bit of time to develop, and many of those fights weren’t even anywhere near as epic as the fight could’ve been with the five Kages. Furthermore, even if he had spent a chapter or two more on that fight and/or killed off a Kage or two, Kishimoto would still be able to do the whole Sasuke arrives, trashes everything, and forces Naruto to return scenario…

As such, I have to say that I’m quite intrigued to see what Kishimoto’s plan of developing the story is from this point, because it just seems strange to deactivate the Edo Tensei so quickly. But well, I guess this is something we’ll see in the next few chapters. Speaking of which, there will be no Naruto Manga issue until next next Wednesday (20th). This also matches up with there being no Acchi Kocchi or Sankarea next week either.

Author’s Note: Just a quick thanks to the people that stopped by my blog last week! 😀


    1. Would be omg awsome if with that last poke he sealed some chakura in Sasuke, or did something similar just so that he could show his face 1 more time near the end. Not sure how much Iachi knows about seals, but he was able to hide a crow with a Sharingan in Naruto.

  1. Something makes me think Madara will *somehow* bypass the whole Edo Tensei release.. Call it a gut feeling if you will, but justlike you said it seemed a bit too convenient for him to go out with no Kage dead, though admittingly it does work with how he unleashed the perfect Susanoo..

    Just my 2 cents 😛

    1. Yeah, I’m wondering that… but it seems just too much for him to still be able to be there even without the Edo Tensei. Not to mention he’ll just trash everything to the point where even Sasuke probably can’t beat him so. -_-

      1. True, the whole way of getting rid of him seems just so anti-climactic… All we’ve seen is his power, we knew he was insanely powerful before, but literally nothing was explained with the relation of him and Tobi, which disappoints me.. I’d really love some sort of revealing between the two before one of them went out.. but, ehh, the hax susanoo did have to go.. I just wish there was either some sort of dialogue of explanation between Madara/Tobi 🙁

    2. I agree it does sound crazy, but everything Madara has done so far has sounded crazy. He was also not shown crumbling in a beam of light like all the others.
      He might hold out, probably weakened, but still in for a fight.
      We havn’t seen a death flag after all.

    3. Same sentiments here! I totally didn’t expect the Kages vs Madara fight to be over so soon. I mean, we haven’t even seen what Tsunade’s forbidden power really is yet. Also, I was preparing myself for at least Oonoki dying at the end of this battle. Somehow, I feel like Madara won’t be going down so easily. Still crossing my fingers for more actions between the Kages and Madara. >v<

    4. Eh, I think Madara will disappear just so he will remain unbeaten. I’d like to think that his role is akin to that of Meryem.He will be the ceiling to finally cap the power levels.

  2. Well, I’m can’t say I’m sad at Edo Tensei ending. It’s been a long run after all and I’d like to see things move forward. Having said that, I would have cut some chapters from Kabuto’s story, and added it to Madara vs Kages.

  3. Madara could possibly pull the Banbutsu Sōzō/The Creation of All Things a.k.a. the “Perfect” Izanagi Tobi was referring to with Konan.

    “The process he used is explained to have initially involved the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create shape and form from nothingness. Then, through the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, he would breathe life into the prior form.”

    …this also is possibly something he could’ve pulled and created Tobi just before his death perhaps (as he awoke the Rinnegan shortly before).

    I doubt Sasuke would really be able to take on a Kage even at this point without more biased haxing/power ups in his favor. The only improvements he has from before is a stronger Susano’o and a Mangekyo Sharingan that won’t make him go blind anymore. Otherwise, he’s still pretty much the same in terms of tactics (Amaterasu and Susano’o spamming) and such, which it will take more than that to take down people like the Kage. Chakra capacity is also an issue and there’s no doubt that such things still take their toll if used too much, which Sasuke tends to do.

    If he were to immediately go after them after the battle, he could win as they themselves are now completely exhausted from fighting Madara, but otherwise, as said, it would require convenient power-ups and such. Perhaps Itachi is suddenly gonna bestow another to Sasuke since his movements and his “I can make it” bit at the end is another forehead tap/transfer of power…

  4. Who would’ve thought the First Hokage was actually an equal monster fighting Madara in terms of power. Makes you wonder what happened to the Ninja World since the era of those two.

    1. Brief periods of peace make fighters weak. There was a major gap between this war and the previous war. Most the kages have been sitting around assigning missions,drinking, gambling, worried about not being married, and complaining about back pains. This war is the first real threat the ninjas have faced in a very long time. That’s why some of the younger ninjas seem to surpass their jounin mentors. They have something to prove and have been training since before the timeskip while the older ninjas were complacent. Naruto especially stays training and trying to improve himself which is why he’s so powerful now.

      then you have Sasuke who gets eye transplants and is suddenly stronger than everyone…tell me how is that fair

      zero hour
      1. That’s true for some, but we also can’t forget that even during peacetime, villages are constantly doing missions that do involve fighting various levels of missing-nin from various villages or even having encounters with ninja from other villages or other things that would constantly require them to keep up their skills; Jounin (even those stuck teaching at times), Hunter-nin, and ANBU being some of the most prevalent of them given they get the higher ranked missions.

        Of course, situations in the village itself may see changes too. Like after the Suna/Oto Invasion, Konoha needed every ninja available to do missions to recuperate losses of manpower and gain finances while they rebuild and get back on their feet (like Tsunade was going to give Kakashi, who was returning from a mission already, a S-Ranked mission before he ran off to find Naruto and Sasuke during their battle at the Valley of the End). If it weren’t for the war, they’d most likely be doing the same thing on an even larger scale after Pain’s invasion and destruction of most of the village itself.

        As we also see, some Kage also aren’t just sitting at a desk like A doesn’t seem like the type to while others can take time to train themselves too, so it’s not like, during peacetime, everyone is just loafing around on the couch unless they’re given a mission. If anything, that’s something the younger generation would do, lol. Heck, look at how powerful Hiruzen still was when fighting Orochimaru and the undead Hashirama and Tobirama during the Suna/Oto Invasion. In the end, it was primarily just his old age that kept him down. So it’s not entirely because of complacency of the older generation that the younger generation surpasses the old. Given the type of series this is, some of it is simply no more than haxing/convenient/etc power ups.

        I mean, look at how weak Naruto still was at the start of Shippuuden. Besides the basics, all he had compared to Part 1 was a bigger Rasengan and more of Kurama’s chakra to use (which, as Jiraiya found out the hard way, was a total failure overall). The HUGE leaps he got in power in such a short time since the start (mostly Sage Mode and all the sudden Kurama friendshipping to get his chakra) cannot simply be attributed to “wanting to prove themselves” or anything.

        At least Sasuke, despite the Sharingan helping, most likely had his ass worked off by Orochimaru during that 2 1/2 year period (given Orochimaru’s obsession with a powerful vessel), and even acquiring the Mangekyo Sharingan wasn’t that big a deal to me as it was understandable given how it’s awakened. I even see the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan as a smaller power-up given, as far as we know, is nothing more than a Mangekyo Sharingan that doesn’t make its user go blind at all in the standard ways (only Izanagi, which seems to sacrifice the eye entirely, and maybe Izanami, could possibly still affect it).

        These last couple chapters have really been Itachi pulling out stuff like Izanami, but despite the whole “Sharingan having endless convenient jutsus” mindset, he’s still also considered “the second coming of Madara” and a master of the Sharingan (and also privy to a bunch of the Uchiha Clan secrets), so such a thing is understandable at least for him. If it were Sasuke just pulling it out of nowhere, yeah, there’d be a problem, lol.

  5. I don’t really see the point of the mangaka showing us the rest of the 7 swordsman. Infact I don’t even see the point of mangaka showing us half of the dead characters in the manga.

    I’m happy that Edo Tensei will disappear — Finally the mangaka can finally show us something interesting — The mangaka sure bit off more than what he can handle. And the result is this -_-

      1. Yeah, Kubo is probably a much greater troll. And now I am reminded of Grail-kun from Carnival Phantasm.

        *drops knife on the floor*


        …if you kill him, there will be no more bad manga…

    1. Are you saying that the edo tensei should of all of been strangers? If this is the case then there would of been no drama. Also the seven swordmen are the only ones that can stop an army from moving forward without the help of a zetsu army and knowing how to fight within the fog.

  6. I wouldn’t change a thing in this chapter and find it pretty perfect, but I seem to be in the minority here. It’s a real shame for Madara especially since he’s on a roll but honestly I don’t see much else that can be done with his character (yes we find out he’s not Tobi, but really a lot of his development established his role more as a powerful entity than anything else.) I think it’s actually great to see the Kages so overpowered by him that they’d really need the deactivation of Edo Tensei just to stop him (unless he SOMEHOW survives). Besides, I think that Tobi really deserves his spotlight soon.

    Actually I’m glad we got that much screentime for Kabuto as opposed to Madara (so far anyway), because really I found his character more intriguing. Props to Kishimoto for stopping halfway in making his past a complete sob-story as it actually makes me respect his character even more than before.

  7. Did you notice that Madara was not shown when Edo Tensei was deactivated? Somehow I get the feeling that was on purpose perhaps the “special” edo tensei that Kabuto mentioned means Madara might just be able to leave on without his summoner’s technique. Cause like you mentioned this just doesn’t feel right…to introduce Madara in all of his glory only to have him go off the battlefield like this, it doesn’t feel right.

    Alternatively I still can go by the fact that Tobi is now aware of how Edo Tensei works, and might use it to return Madara given that just stopping the technique clearly doesn’t mean sealing the summons so they can’t be summoned again.

  8. Madara can’t disappear right after revealing a new awesome technique. He’s definitely going to stay. Plus this Madara has been suped up by Kabuto something most people fail to realize. He was given some of the first’s dna I think it was the reason Yamato(the first’s clone) was kidnapped or maybe Kabuto got the dna before hand.

    Tobi still seems calm so he must have something else ready to spring on Naruto and Bee. I’m concerned for Bee since he really isn’t a major character. It seems any ninja not in Naruto’s inner circle from Konoha is forefit i.e Neiji,Tenten,Lee,Hinata,Kiba,Shino.

    I also noticed Naruto was in his normal form when Edo Tensei was cancelled what happened to him using that awesome form used against the tail beast when he looked like the Sage of Six Paths. I hope he has some more Sage clones on standby.

    zero hour
  9. i thought madara is already hax, but now this.. i cant imagine hashirama in his peak. darn it, where is the old ninja battles fought with brains and tactics, this is just brute dbz fights.

    1. Well everything Itachi has tried to do for Sasuke pretty much has backfired on him so he probably thinks he’ll just make it worse. No one’s perfect – Sasuke seems to be the only thing that Itachi can’t figure out and fix.

  10. Wait Tsunade hasn’t met up with Dan, and Shikamaru didn’t see Asuna again yet. Too early.
    I liked that Itachi restored his “good guy” role by partially saving Konoha one more time.
    So Susanoo’s true form is only manifested with the Rinnegan?! Well, Sasuke can’t beat Madara now even if he wanted to. I believe Naruto will be the only one to stop the war now anyways.

    random viewer
    1. I’ll agree with the Dan statement; I’d like to have seen that encounter too. The guy was waiting inside the barrier the whole war, something *had* to go wrong over there and free Dan to duke it out.

      As regards to Shikamaru and Asuma…They already met, yo 😡

  11. Lol I know Madara’s just trying sound cool and all, but what reason would an adult have to fight a pebble? I dunno about you guys but I don’t really go around picking fights with inanimate objects.

  12. I think Kishimoto definitely has something up his sleeve, because this ending of the war just seems too easy, and he is known for adding in some amazing plot twists. I can’t wait to see what he does with it

  13. I believe that those reviews’ titles are not thought well enough. There should be more witiness, wordplay and references.
    It’s a shame how titles in general (most of anime/manga chapters and tv shows episodes) are poorly done and neglected.

    1. He could possibly use the Banbutsu Sōzō/The Creation of All Things with the Rinnegan to simply make a new body and jump into it perhaps. Only reason I’d guess he hasn’t already is because of the properties of Edo Tensei making him invulnerable pretty much. If he were to do such a thing, he’d be far more vulnerable compared to presently.

      Otherwise, perhaps he could use the Rinne Tensei no Jutsu since, if Edo Tensei craps out, couldn’t it be said that he “recently died” again? lol

  14. It’s not a matter of how epic the battle between the Kages and Madara would have been. It’s a matter of how much longer they were going to last. The line of suspense I’ve been following has been more about WHY Itachi took his SWEET, corpsy time with the Edo Tensei. In that margin of time between the 1 1/2 chapters when he already subdued Kabuto – the Kages could have died. And they surely will have, were it not for Edo Tensei deactivation FINALLY happening. It’s not even going to be a fight this time with Sasuke unless they can find time to recover. Plus we’ve already seen his powers exhausted across several chapters:
    – MULTIPLE Susanoos
    – Him almost killing Tsunade
    – His Rinnegan Techniques that Pain used against Kyuubi
    – and now recently this fusion into the Original Susanoo form, which is towering and terrifying to think if Sasuke can ever achieve this, then suddenly Naruto’s Full-powered Kyuubi mode (5 minute limit at the moment) is something he can stand a chance against.

    Up until now, he’s always had a lot of help – Naruto, in contrast – has been the one more lately to GIVE help rather than take it. Sasuke’s more the underdog recently and this trend has been slowly developing all throughout Shippuden which is why I like it more than Naruto – where he’s always this perfect step ahead of Naruto. This time, he’s Kyuubi food. But I think the Susanoo Perfect State is a red herring for what’s to come – I just hope it doesn’t become too large scale that it renders close hand-to-hand combat, at least aesthetically, unimportant.


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