「そんなもんじゃねえだろ」 (Sonna Mon Janeedarou)
“That’s Not It”

Da-yum, Midorima! You’re gonna give poor Hyuuga a heart attack if you keep up with those crazy shots – as if having his prized action figures broken weren’t punishment enough (subtle reference there, Production I.G.), he has to contend with shots like these?

Shuutoku vs. Seirin really got into full swing this week and it’s every bit as exciting and nail-biting as I thought it would be. Shuutoku isn’t crowned one of the three “Immobile Kings” without good reason, and the other players on the team swiftly showed their worth when the one weakness of Midorima’s shooting strategy became apparent. He may be the star of their team, but he’s not the only capable player, unlike Shinkyo where Dad was really the only player with any worth. The dynamics of the Shuutoku team continue to amuse me; the other players seem to actively despise Midorima’s “selfish actions” and the captain looks like he’s going to rip him a new hole should they lose the game. Not even the coach is up for catering to every single one of his whims, and I point these out as interesting since they’re a somewhat unexpected spin on the talented star player cliché. Often times a player like Midorima will get the golden treatment simply because of how talented he is (e.g. LeBron James), but that’s not the case here. It’s also a testament to his character – self-centered, aloof and calculating. It’s bound to cause friction within a team sport that has a clear hierarchy built into it: seniority, teamwork, etc.

Take Kise for example. He’s talented, but at the same time he’s also a very affable individual, and there’s no evidence of the same kind of animosity in Kaijou like there is in Shuutoku. Kagami and Kuroko are also very much team players; they’re certainly good, but they respect their seniors and know what they can ask of them and what they can’t. The difference in all of their personality is even clearer in the flashback and I like how it creates such a complex conflict in the present: it’s not just about which school wins and advances – it’s a match of game philosophy, about proving which ideology is right. Do you win as a team or as an individual? A classic dilemma in sports-related mediums, but there’s something about Kuroko no Basuke that brings a fresh spin to the old tale. Maybe it’s that nothing feels truly contrived? Sure, those magic passes are improbable and defies logic, but Seirin’s wins aren’t due to some sort of magic shounen power-up brought on BY THE POWER OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIPTM; it’s hard work and smart strategies that bring them the win, and even then, their opponents still give them a run for their money. That’s what makes it so exciting, to see the match vacillate between each team so often like in an actual match.

The extra layer of conflict certainly makes the Ono vs. Ono vs. Ono more exciting to watch. Speaking of the three, I have to say each of the seiyuu are doing a remarkable job of bringing out the characters’ personalities and marking the urgency and importance of each moment. Ono Daisuke (Midorima) has never not been good, but it’s my first time hearing Ono Yuuki (Kagami) and Ono Kenshou (Kuroko) – they’re pitch perfect for their roles though, and the fit really helps bring key scenes to life. There’s nothing more annoying than being distracted by the seiyuu’s performance during a critical moment… not necessarily because they’re bad, but maybe because there’s probably another seiyuu out there you could stick into the role.

As of the moment though, it looks like Ono Daisuke is the one winning the three-way tug-of-war; Midorima can shoot virtually from anywhere, Kuroko is shut down for the time being by Takao, and Kagami is having a difficult time keeping up with Shuutoku’s ace. Even if Seirin does score, it’s as Midorima pointed out – he’ll be shooting 3-pointers while they can only manage 2-pointers. Unless they figure out a way to get Kuroko back in the game and block Shuutoku’s shots, Seirin is going to have a tough time making it out of this one with a victory.

P.S.: I would die if I was forced to break my figurines. I totally feel your pain Hyuuga, even though I found your manly tears to be very funny.

Terminology of the Day:

  • Hang-time: How long a player stays in the air after jumping to make a shot, dunk, lay-up, etc. (Wikipedia)
  • Back-tip: A transition move that requires one defender to tip the ball from the dribbler to another defender ahead, allowing the switch to offensive plays. (BasketballCoach.com)

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ED1.10 Sequence

ED: 「Start it right away」 by (Hyadain)

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  1. At this point, one really needs to throw logic out the window and ignore all the ridiculousness in those shots and passes to enjoy it. Luckily I had mine thrown out long before as I’ve read the manga(and it gets even more ridiculous later on). I’m enjoying this show a lot.
    That said, Midorima is a freaking monster. The gap will clearly get wider if he goes with those long ass shots.
    Wonder why they won’t double team him, though it was probably because shooting in those distances doesn’t require much guard. But they now have to guard him and quick. Luckily, Kagami is on fire now and will show him that he can defeat those Hail Mary shots. How is something you have to wait and see(I only remember vaguely these parts so I’m not sure myself how he will do it though orz)

    Nice one on the Ono part 😉

    1. Yeah… although applying logic to anime is just a rage-inducing experience to begin with XD I mean like wow – 100% of his shots going in requires some serious divine intervention LOL

      As for Ono vs. Ono vs. Ono though, some of my best ideas do come from the comments =D

  2. Seriously!? a full court shot!!!?? If Midorima is already a monster, I don’t know what to call the remaining GoM members. Still, I enjoyed the ep. Hopefully Seirin would get them back..

  3. Prediction from someone who hasn’t read the manga: The way to stop Midorima’s shots, if you can’t preventing him from shooting, prevent him from scoring. Knock the ball away just before it enters the net.

      1. I just went to check to see if there was a rule against that… So apparently if the ball is on the decline, you can no longer stop the shot. (don’t nearly watch enough basketball)

    1. Like Kuroko said a couple of episodes ago, if Midorima maintains his form, he will not miss the basket. So, like how Kagami threw Dad off his game, maybe the same thing will work with Midorima?

  4. Did ANYONE else want to punch Midorima in the face? I have no idea why he was getting on my nerves so much, but he was.

    I’m looking forward to see if Kuroko will find a way to beat Takao, and the same for Kagami with Midorima.

    Poor, poor Hyuuga.

  5. Agreed with the voice acting! All the Onos’ are doing so well! My favorite is especially Kenshou Ono–did you know he did the Japanese dubbing for Harry in Harry Potter? lol
    Awesome episode, as usual~

  6. I laugh hard when Captain Hyuuga’s says “Masamune”, “Yukimura”, “Shingen”. I need to replay that for how many times. My favorite part of the episode.

    It just me or Midorima’s release of the ball is very slow? I don’t know if it’s slow motion or he really release the ball in such a slow manner that if your beside him and can jump higher you can block it.

    1. Production IG is doing good covering this series. First, they didn’t make Kuroko’s passes look like beams, as in the case in the manga). Now, they improved the background sound because the first few episodes were dry. Yeah, not really improved but added more tracks but that’s better.

      How can you stop those 3 points? Block it while it still hasn’t reached its peak or just after the ball was released. If you have been watching how Kagami defeats his opponents, you’ll have the idea how he’ll block it (tip: go back to Kaijo’s battle)

      1. I know production I. G. Is doing a great job in the anime version. That’s obvious. I don’t remember complaining about the anime.

        And as for how Kagami battle midorima i already know that. I have read the manga since last year and I know midorima’s weakness. But that’s something I cannot spoil for the sake of those who didn’t or have not yet read the manga. I’m only asking it it’s just me who notice some hint in Midorima’s weakness being highlighted as they focus on him as he makes his 3’s.

        Hmmm. I don’t know ifyour. Comment is really
        For me or for others cuz it’s not related at all. Sorry!


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