Episode 24


One has to feel sorry for Amata. He finally speaks to his mother after so many years. They get to work out the psychological scars left by the past. I’m kind of disappointed by how fast he was able to forgive Alicia for what she did. There really wasn’t much of a reason to leave him behind. It makes sense time-wise for Amata to forgive her but by contrast, it took other character’s problems much longer to address.

He also finally learned that his biological father is Izumo (that makes him an alien!). I can see why Alicia liked him. He was one good looking guy back in the day. Unfortunately he loses both his parents to Kagura, Mykage, and Aquarion. They’re not really dead though because they have turned into projections. I feel like I’ve seen this before (Star Wars?).

While stumbling after his defeat to exactly one half of his son, Izumo and Amata run into a strange area that isn’t affected by Altair’s curse. It seems that Altair’s problem is caused by the way they harvest and use the planets energy. I guess this is just we can take this as an environmentalist message: Don’t mess with the planet or it will take all your women. That’s a scary thought.

All the mecha fighting has reached epic levels as of late. We have an ancient golden Aquarion that burns its enemies with its ffiery wings. It also has a ridiculous mugen punch that pierced Izumo’s mecha. Izumo also had a ridiculouscannon that channels Altair’s energy into a single beam enough to break up a the original Aquarion’s union.

Finally, I’m really glad that EVOL has put an equally large amount of emphasis on Andy’s and Mix’s relationship. I feel like it’s much better to focus on a happy couple than the gloomy triangle that is Amata, Mikono, and Zessica.

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Episode 25

「Pieces of Adam」

Andy being unable to form a union with Mix has got to be a running joke by now in this series. It has occurred on three separate occasions if I remember correctly and is still very funny. After that whole build-up between Mix and Andy (with Cayenne and Malloy feeling like third wheels), Yunoha just pops in to take their place. As they reappear back at headquarters, seeing everyone’s reactions was pretty funny in addition to Andy being blueballed once again.

Fudo is an interesting character. Mykage hints at Fudo being Apollonius’ true reincarnation. And for the most part, it kind of makes sense. Crea tries to appeal to Fudo to do something before the two worlds collide and Mykage becomes god-like. His words make it feel like he lied to our heroes when he said the pages are unwritten. He’s clearly singing a different tune this time around. That look in his eye makes it seem like he will do something to turn the tide. After all, if Fudo is Apollonius, he’s generally a good guy for letting his dog have his woman.

Mykage continues to enact his revenge for what occurred 12,000 years ago. In doing so he transforms our sweet Zessica’s hair color. It looks cool in an evil sort of way but man she is now one hell of a trap. Mykage uses some sort of conditioning or hypnosis to force Kagura into a gattai and uses his powers to get Mikono to join in as well. The resulting Aquarion is another cool one-off transformation. It gives off the aura of a real final boss.

Finally, I feel bad for Amata. He lost his parents last episode. We got a peak at a wonderful looking family if they had lived normal lives. Izumo looked like a stud in the previous episode. Now we got to see him in a fatherly role.

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    1. We have an ancient golden Aquarion that burns its enemies with its fiery wings. It also has a ridiculous mugen punch that pierced Izumo’s mecha. Izumo also had a ridiculous cannon that channels Altair’s energy into a single beam enough to break up the original Aquarion’s union.

      A few minor typos here and there. I put the corrections in bold.

  1. Zessica, no matter what happens I will be rooting for you! Her fate in the preview looks bad but I sure hope the anime team is just trolling us.

    I’m just glad Andy and Mix are back together. Doesn’t matter if Mix is the boy. Andy is happy!

  2. No matter the ending now, Zessica’s going to get the shit end of the stick for no reason, and our dog of a protagonist (see what I just did there?) gets with his whiny wench like everyone knew he would from the beginning.

    Screw you guys, I’m going home.

    At least Andy got a good end. A true man if there ever was one.

  3. After all, if Fudo is Apollonius, he’s generally a good guy for letting his dog have his woman.

    No he isnt. Fudo being Apollonius means he is a manipulative jackass who basically caused all the grief of Genesis and EVOL because he couldn’t just solve the problem by confronting Touma/Mykage himself. I didn’t think it was possible to make the great, wise and hammy Fudou unlikable but EVOL managed to pull it off. Once again, EVOL proceeds to makes me rage by taking a giant dump on the previous series. This show has has become a Guilty Crown since it provides wonderful visuals and battles just to hide its awful writing and characters.

    Amata once again preaches about fighting fate to justify his shallow crush and its incredibly frustrating. The writers are desperately trying to convince its audience that this romance is deep but I’m not buying it. It also doesn’t help the the whole “fight fate” theme has lost all meaning because the show itself has already contradicted it.

    Mikono’s character development has been completely thrown out the window and turned into completely useless damsel in distress. So much for having the power to connect with others, she’s been reduced to nothing more than a prize for Kagura and Amata to fight over.

    The worst part of course is Zessica, nobody cares about her. Despite being a comrade and a pilot, NOBODY acknowledges her existence. What is her point now if she’s just reduced to a victim?

    Just one more episode, and its impossible to wrap this up in any decent way.

      1. Funny thing is Kaji Yuki himself has expressed that he hates Amata and Mikono. That’s right, he HATES his own character and the girls he is being shipped with. He’s certainly earned much respect from me.

        He isn’t the only one though, Mikono is generally hated by the Japanese fanbase. So much that Kawamori himself had to defend Mikono. That has never happened in a Kawamori anime before even with Ranka or Minmay.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself about Mikono and Zessica.

      I’m just so annoyed that this anime praises a girl like Mikono, someone with no character development, get put into the best spotlight making her look like the most flawless character ever (having 2 guys fight over her, Kagura saying she is worth more than the whole world, Amata praising her good aspects and shouting he loves her etc.) while a strong, cheerful girl like Zessica is reduced down to her body getting taken over and moping over Amata.

      What’s more Zessica’s importance is getting reduced thanks to Amata only shouting out “Mikono-san” and him not even bothering to worry about her when she was under that rubble.

      This is really disappointing for a Sylvia fan like me. I will not accept Sylvia being reincarnated to Mikono. What the heck happened?

      The worst that can happen in the next episode IMO is Mikono saves Zessica and Kawamori being all smug going “See, she is not useless. If anything she saved Zessica”.

      1. Everyone’s reincarnations were pretty much spot on except for Celiane/Slvia/Mikono. Not that we know much about Celiane but she comes off as a very strong female character because she fought back against angels even though the odds were definitely against the human race. Silvia was also a strong and very hard headed female lead. Mikono is just very weak no matter how you look at it.

      2. With the confirmation that Fudo=Apollonius, remember that time in episode 14 (if I’m not mistaken) when he looks at Mikono and though to himself “you haven’t changed”? Well, he couldn’t be further from the truth.

    2. In regards to your first point: Yeah maybe. He is sort of manipulative and deceiving but Touma/Mykage is overly attached. His whole reason for messing everything up is rather shallow as well. Comes off as really a whiny character.

      1. Well obviously since he was Apollonius’ former lover. The problem here is the implications.

        Touma is obsessed with Apollonius of so much that he tormented Apollo and and his friends despite him (supposedley) not being Apollonius. Is EVOL saying that Fudo let it happen? And for that matter Touma had a final moment of redemption (Yet another great scene that EVOL took a giant dump on) and chose to die along with Apollo and Sirius to save the world. Is EVOL saying that Fudo let it happen?

        Fudo being Apollonius just opened a whole can of unfortunate implications of what he has been doing all along.

      2. The thing is that he has the power to clean up his own mess but chooses not to. The whole speech about the earth energy suggests he knew that Ianthe was responsible for what happened on Altair but choose not to do anything about it. Meaning he let the countless women who were kidnapped by Altair to die or be genderbent.

        He choose to let Touma think Apollo was him till the end and that resulted in Touma vomiting out Mykage. Even Crea had to tell him to start doing something instead of staying immovable because he refuses to help people and that results in countless deaths. Instead he mentors them with vague metaphors while people die.

      3. I’m with fragb85 on this after watching the 24th episode I was think (who the fuck is going to be Apollonius… oh screw you Fudo!!!) Having it confirm this weekend made sense with all the main character juggling they have done but that means Gen was a total lair and schemer about everything that happened in Genesis of Aquarion. Way to fuck with peoples heads there Fudo. >_<

        I'm wondering if Fudo implanted memories into Apollo because the beast should not have had Apollonius memories. O_o

      4. Reading that post, I can see that my meaning got a little muddled. I am thoroughly against Gen being Apollonius for the reasons discussed. Mykage SHOULD be dispicable and petty, Gen SHOULDN’T. Even something like the Training from the Grave, which seemed aweful at the beginning of the episode, became a good learning experience and an emotional moment, but this “twist” makes his actions inexcusable. That’s what I was trying to convey.

        Bio D
    3. Yeah, Japan doesn’t favor Mikono at all. She was in the 8th place of the poll “Top 10 Utterly Unforgiveable Anime Characters” along with characters like Albert Maverick (Tiger and Bunny) and who can blame them?

      She is the most undeveloped character in this series, yet she is treated as though society should look up to someone like her. From Zessica saying guys prefer girls like her to Amata praising her and declaring his love for her. It is frustrating to see an anime role model like this.

      1. it does. it’s an extravagant 26-episode-long metaphor for sex.

        or, if you want to go a step further, just mention how “EVOL” is really “LOVE” backwards. look at that. look at how ridiculously contrived that is. look at it.

  4. On top of what fragb85 has said, my thoughts on 25:

    I can almost respect the insane levels of trolling exhibited by Aquarion EVOL. Almost. It’s like it’s dead set on pissing people off as much as possible.

    After several lackluster to downright infuriating episodes it seems to pull a great one out of its ass (the same place it keeps its plot twists), finally generating some genuine and clever pathos for Kagura and Amata, brilliantly drawing Andy’s character arc to a close, letting Gen be awesome, giving us a cool Dark Aquarion design, and continuing to use its amazing Yoko Kanno soundtrack amazingly (First Love, Final Love at Mix’s embrace? Hell yes); only to screw with the audience even further by pulling another unnecessary plot twist out of nowhere (Gen being Apollonius), not letting Andy and Mix have their god damn Union to complete their arc fully, and throwing unneeded and unwanted rape metaphors at our heads.
    Also, [black pilot who’s name I can’t even remember properly] just proves how pointless he really is by not doing a damn thing other than keeping Andy’s purity from Yunoha.

    But, to keep me from going completely mad, lets focus on the good some more. First off, enraged Amata is best Amata. From the fully sympathetic fury at having not only his long missing family ripped from him by all he hates about himself -self-loathing being an integral part to his character from the beginning-, to proclaiming his love for Mikono passionately and concisely while still acknowledging the flaws that have bothered me (and I assume quite a few others) for most of the show, to actually using those emotions to transform into Mono-Aquarion and having an awesome laser-headbutt fight, this was by far his best episode. That little dream sequence was also well done and to the point.

    Andy, who joined the Aquarion program for the express purpose of meeting and Unioning with girls, forgoing that dream for his love was beautiful, as was his full delivery of the botched confession that started half this mess. It’s surprising even today to find a piece of fiction that proclaims romantic love to overstep even the boundaries of gender and then actually follows through on that.

    Even Mykage, while being responsible for those awful metaphors and originating from one of the dumbest retcons I can think of, is better here than he has been in a while. He has always wanted to hatefuck both Cellion and Apollonius, if you’ll pardon the expression, so Dark Aquarion, expected as it was, was not only awesome from a design perspective but from a storytelling perspective. I’m not sure where the sudden Godhood ambition comes from, but perhaps that’s the natural result of 24,000 years of bitterness and jealousy. Using the body of someone who has (unfortunately…) spent most the series being lovelorn to accomplish this, despite the creepiness, is just the kind of appropriately spiteful thing he would do. Huh, I guess I have to take back my hatred of the rape metaphors from an intellectual standpoint…

    Anyway, even though it’s massively flawed and I am very angry with it, I’m kind of glad Aquarion EVOL is what it is. It is uniquely insulting, and providing unique experiences is part of what fiction should do.

    Bio D
    1. frankly, i couldn’t really care about just how hopelessly flawed it is anymore, i stopped taking this show seriously quite a while ago. if anything, it’s been reduced to what i could call a comedy, with so many “twists” (deus ex machina) and ridiculous events that it’s really none of my concern what happens to everyone anymore (not that it isn’t already obvious). my only reason for watching this now is to just get it over with now that i’m so far in.

  5. I still don’t quite understand why people are so angry… I didn’t even take the horrible writing in the first series seriously, so I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about EVOL. The point of Aquarion was pretty much always just to be a fun super robot romp, and EVOL still succeeds in that category.

    1. The show presents itself much more seriously during the second cour, so I assumed I was also supposed to take a more serious approach towards it. A shame too, since all this romance, reincarnation and plot drama have pretty much ruined the characters that made this fun for me.

  6. yea really that onore DEMONYO basco-mykage really need to be stop at all cost.

    yea really like to see anyone would so send 2nd coming of basco ta jolokia http://henshinjustice.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/basco_lol.jpg aka ONORE MYKAGE must be EXTERMINATE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgZzCrpqT5E & when it happen “Hello. My name is Amata Sora. You killed my family. Prepare to die.”

    give why i gut feeling zess that is held hostage inside by now total evil white zess-kage will pull a heroic sacrifce or like if any good left kagura to used his power fix all of it.

  7. Two terrible episodes.

    Izumo and Alicia were clearly meant to be sympathetic, but they just came off as selfish and terrible parents who asked Amata to clean up their mess. Way to go staff, you just managed to piss people off like no other! The worst part is that Amata easily forgiving his mother just makes him look even more pitiful and sad.
    Oh yeah, Ianthe turning out to be the source of the Curse of Eve? You’re kidding right? No one could have seen that twist coming because it’s probably the worst way you could have gone about it – ruining Izumo who was a good villain (crappy dad, but still badass. He did go toe-to-toe with Solar Aquarion after all).

    Andy and MIX: They got their good ending! Unfortunately this plotline was dragged out and by the time it was over I was struggling to care since it could have been taken care of a while ago. I mean, everyone knew this was going to happen.

    Amata and Kagura: Oh boy. Their fight was great… until Mikono was brought up. Notice how Amata completely forgets about avenging his parents and all about MIKONO-SANNNNNNNNNNNN. He did this too back in episode 22 when Mikono was brought up and he forgot all about Zessica saving him with a kiss. Hell, even Kagura is ruined by Mikono because he’s just like Amata only more honest, with SYLVIE and KUSO-ONNA because that’s the only thing he’s been going for since episode 1. Oh, and Amata’s reasons why he loves Mikono? The negatives are exactly right (which is why many fans of the show dislike her), but her positives don’t work for him. Instead of taking on his pain, she causes it. It’s like, who are you talking about Amata? Because that’s not the Mikono I see when it comes to your relationship with her.

    Mikono: Ugh. Nothing in the show that she has done has been done on her own. The only thing that could have been done on her own was choice to take the journey in episode 19, but this was also infuriatingly set up (much like the rest of the second cour of this show) since she explicitly states she has had something to say to Amata…. and then doesn’t. I’ll be even more infuriated if it’s “I love you Amata!” because then there would have been no good reason to NOT say it in episode 19. She even states after she leaves that her inaction causes Amata and Zessica to suffer, so why the heck did she not say it? Also, that journey served as exposition and regression back to episode 1 characterization. Can she sacrifice herself for the world so she can finally be seen as not useless already?

    Zessica: While her presence in the show makes everything make no sense (as in her role ruins what Amata, Kagura and possibly Mikono’s stances on themes presented), she’s also FAR more sympathetic than any other of our three mains and yet gets shit on at every turn of the page. Mikono infuriates me from a writing issue, but Zessica not catching a break at all also infuriates me. They didn’t even give her the time of day these two episodes. Come on, this girl made your show as fun as it is, so you decide to break her through plot and romance drama?

    Mykage: I’m conflicted on him. He’s a complete monster, yet at this point is MORE sympathetic than Amata, Kagura and Mikono. Yet his plot powers can just remove everything else with “Go fight the bad robot that I just threw out!” A fantastic villain, but too damn good at it. I’m actually rooting for him to absolutely crush Evol next episode, at least in the first half of it.

    The directors say they’re going to make a satisfactory ending, but the only way I see it happening is if they flat out show that the characters that we’ve seen have been painted that way on purpose – Mykage will show them how stupid they’ve been and Fudo will show them how to not be stupid so they can save the world and end this reincarnation bullshit.

  8. Weell Andy for President!!!!!

    Well if not he sure won the confession of the year award to Mix. When he said: “I love you, don’t care waht you looks like…let’s gatai! They just needed the kiss to seal the deal.!!! Too bad they got ported out. I hope next episode they will finally consu,ate (kiss or gatia) thei love!!!!
    Andy really has balls and for me he is da MAN!

  9. I would like to share mine and Zephyr’s original reactions to episode 24. There’s a lot of feeling here:


    Also, Andy makes all other guys look like mewling children. Others might say it, but he’s really backing up his bullshit and proving that he’s worth the words coming out of his mouth…he loves Mix no matter what, even if he has to become bi to be with her him. Well done, sir. Well done.

    1. Andy is the real man of this series regardless of what he want to bang. 😉

      I do feel bad for Mix though that not something any girl want to deal with waking up from a trans/brainwash.

      “Oh by the way while you were gone we did a little biological work on you”
      Mix: “… pardon me while while I look for a machete to reciprocate the favor.”

  10. Uhm, could someone plz clarify something for me.
    Mikage loves/d Apollonius. Does that mean that the Mikage of 24,000 years ago was female or were they in a gay relationship? If it’s the former, why did was he/she reborn as a man?

    1. They’re angels.

      Angels are technically genderless.

      Touma wasn’t just raging at Apollonius for rejecting him (well, okay, mostly that), but for turning his back on his kind and siding with the “inferior” human race.

  11. the only peeve I had for ep 25 was how Amata was raging about the death of both his parents, fighting for their death and then all of a sudden that goes out the window and his purpose changed ._.

    Andy x Mix will prolly never union lol feel bad for them

    1. I don’t know why people are so worry by the parents of Amata, his mother abandoned him completely and his father never gave a damn about him. I’m glad that he decided to switch his purpose.

  12. who knows give all curveball twist etc on it hey i wonder if funi will do this series again give they did 1st version.

    now this funi might be going WHAT?!

  13. Zessica was a great character when she was not in love with Amata, the love transformed her into one of the most boring characters of EVOL, unfortunately. Mikono is a shoujo manga heroine… useless, but I don’t blame her for not declaring her love for Amata, after all the real triangle in EVOL was always Amata x Mikono x Kagura (Zessica never been in this triangle, Amata never showed any feelings for her, only friendship)… and after Kagura entered in the “battle” Mikono was undecided. Amata also never came close to her and said he loved her… then the fault is on both, Amata and Mikono. I even today don’t understand why Zessica fall in love with Amata, he never gave a damn about her, and don’t understand why the writers do it, they could have found another way to make it work without having to turn her into the depressive girl in love, and the two, Zessica and Amata have no chemistry together. If Zessica had never fallen in love she would have been a great character so far, but right now she is boring, who lives forever sighing and depressed for his unrequited love.

    The biggest problem in EVOL is the failure that exist in ALL characters, not only in Mikono, neither Amata, but all they have huge flaws. Even the most beloved couples, like Jin and Yunoha. Yunoha was not in love with Jin, she never saw him in a loving way (people fantasized about mutual love and it worked), only after his death she suddenly discovered she was completely in love with him and he was the man of her life. If you watch the anime again, she will see him as a dear friend, the only one who loved was the poor Jin, who died, after all, Kawamori likes to kill blond guys with complex personality, like Brera in Macross Frontier.

    Even with all faults, I want to see how this ends, there’s no happy ending, maybe everyone dies in the end or they will stay alone, after all, again, Kawamori doesn’t like to bring couples closer together in the end, the lucky ones are Hikaru and Misa, but Lynn Minmei (my diva) was still alone.

    1. Zessica would have been a cool “lighter lover” side of Mikage, but it was never explored… Her love for Amata would thus make perfect sense as Mikage is the reincarnation of Toma who thought he was dying for Apollo… like Sirius/Silvia where only one of them remembered their past life, Zessica would have been Touma’s reincarnation who was happy through forgetting, meanwhile Mikage would have been the angry wrathful reincarnation who remembered. Thus, it would have perfectly explained why Mikage would possess Zessica in order to have his reunited twin souls’ full powers. So many things are never fully explained however, Grr!! Also, Otoha loved Touma, so she should have returned and played a role… Why didn’t Apollonius properly converse with Touma? It’s just wierd!!!

    2. It is also good Yunoha didn’t love Jin, because she was a young child and shouldn’t really be in love anyway… She’s far to young to think of him as anything but a friend!! For Jin’s part he should just be seeing her as a friend as well… It’s just wierd for him to see her elsewise as she is so young…

  14. If there is some justice left, Zessica will break control on her, give Mykage a kick in the bollocks and destroy her connection to this whole reincarnation crap. They ruined a good female character, give her some love back.

  15. I don’t know if this series will be licensed like the original. The OVA/Movie was never brought over right? This whole retcon of history by EVOL is making the whole series into garage. First, Apollo was never Apollonius. He was his dog?! Then Apollonius is really Fudo?! Mykage has reason to be pissed. We just need both planets to crash and explode and everyone goes into Limbo. Fudo needs to step up and deal with Mykage instead of using Aquarion to fight his battles. I must saw though the dark Aquarion is pretty final boss material. I figure someone Zessica returns and sacrifices herself…again. Kagura will probably die or merge with Amata. Who knows what craziness the writes have in store for us next week.

    Winged One
  16. EVOL went from super awesome to disappointing trainwreck in the span of 2 episodes. Here’s why:

    EXPECTED: Mikono-Amata-Zessica love triange.
    GOT: “MIKONO-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN~!!!” “Amata-kun-!?” “Oh, Zessica, you’re still alive…”

    EXPECTED: Zessica to be a strong female lead that could easily get Mikono a run for her money.
    GOT: Zessica becomes a manic-depressant fuck-up who gets body-snatched and become irredeemable.

    EXPECTED: Izumo to be a well-intentioned extremist, has the best interest of Altair in mind and has an awesome hidden Elemental power.
    GOT: Hoes before bros… gets killed… still chose the hoe in the afterlife.

    EXPECTED: Alicia to be the savior of Altair. There’s a reason why she hasn’t died yet when the rest of Altair’s women have been “cursed.”
    GOT: Turns out she’s being kept alive by the very thing that’s “cursing” women in Altair. Resolves abso-fucking-lutely nothing in the plot. Dies like a bitch.

    EXPECTED: Everything is Mykage’s fault, from Altair’s curse to the abductions on Vega.
    GOT: A convoluted plot that involves Ianthe, two dogs, and an ex-lover trolling everybody for 24,000 years, making Touma/Mykage a pitiable and sympathetic character.

  17. The last episode is next week. ARE YOU GUYS READY
    Mykage is a true villain for trolling the fans and viewers alike. Yet Kawamori can be considered too. Kawarolling at its finest for killing off both Izumo and Alicia orz

    I’ve begun to like Zessica since she got possessed by Mykage. I sure hope she gets more screentime before something awfully bad happens to her. Well, judging from what’s happening here, the character that fans mostly adore will get cut off…maybe?

  18. Strange with all the Hate towards the writing of the series, although granted I just came back from rewatching the original Aquarion and the OAV’s. The reveals here seem to click and connect with most of the loose plot threads from the original series. The Hint that Fudo is Apolonius answers alot of the weird stuff that was building up from before.

    As for people hating the way Zessica’s character development. (I like Zessica alot by the way) It’s the central theme of both series Love can allow you to do great things and it can also make you do crazy things. (Take Apolonius for example)

    The Amata and Kagura Face-off also clicks because of what they represent and not the actual character themselves. The Way how Kagura keeps Calling Mikono as Silvie is already a big sign that Kagura believes in Pre-ordained Love and while as Amata (despite being a pussy in how he’s handling his relationship with Mikono) believes love is not Determined by Fate

    Also if people who had watched the original you should have expected out of the blue plot twists, these two episodes don’t pull that. There’s been ample for shadowing for the reveals already. (Cause of Eve Curse, who is Amata’s real father, Gen/Zen Fudo’s true identitiy, Reason for Mykage/touma going off the deep end)

    If I had any qualms in the writing was how they handled Alicia’s and Izumo’s deaths.

    1. Amata’s father was obvious enough, and we can tolerate the whole Apollonius-trolling-Touma-for-24,000-years, but the whole crisis on Altair being their own damn fault is just too retarded. And the consequence of that is turning Izumo and Alicia into horrible parents for abandoning Amata to solve a problem that should’ve been obvious from the start.

      Submitted for your approval, a proposal on how EVOL could’ve been better than it currently is:

      > Mykage gave Izumo’s mom the plans on developing Ianthe, making the whole crisis on Altair his fault
      > Mykage is also the one who orders the abductions on Vega, but in reality it’s just an excuse to search for Apollo and Silvia’s current incarnations
      > Once Apollo’s reincarnation is found, he orders Izumo to take in Alicia so he could have Amata all to himself
      > Izumo and Alicia realizes this and makes the hard decision to leave Amata, far away from Mykage

      Then the rest of the story can play out just the same as we have now, only this time we have more pitiable parents and more hate for Mykage.

      1. The part where Mykage gave Izumo’s mom the plans to Ianthe could turn out to be possible since the Brainwashing aspect of the curse is too mystical to be a natural occurrence. (Look at how Mix reacted when she regained her memories).

        Your story about Amata’s parents would be definitely better than the current way they presented it. Currently how they’re presented as horrible parents. Your way definitely makes them more sympathetic.

    2. I believe (or at least is how I think) that most of us complain about Zessica is not because she got screwed, what I can’t really stand is how she got that treatment when Mikono get the good parts and the only thing what she did is being bitchy and indecisive.

  19. I’ve watched this series from the beginning up till now, I had so much high expectation from this series with the mechs, super powers, beautiful women and all that junk, I thought it would be something like Code Geass.

    But no, lately the episodes have been hard to watch, even painful from sheer disappointments. I just hope the series ends without too much strife for us watching the anime.

  20. Amata’s growth is too shallow for me to feel any pity for him. Normally, you’d be able to sympathize with characters whenever they are going through hard times… but no. I don’t feel any sympathy for Amata. Nothng. He’s too shallow to be the main character and I can easily say that Ouma Shu of even had a better character growth than Amata. Yes, that Ouma Shu of Guilty Crown, the biggest disappointment last season. Sure the characters in GC were crappy(of course there are some exceptions) but it’s a lot easier to relate to Shu’s feelings than of Amata’s.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The Story You Don't Know
  21. I agree on Amamta’s Growth being shallow, but I always chalk it up to being only 1/2 of a complete person. Also given that at best his ELement Power is only a support power. I never really had much hope for him growing that much. What I am interested in is as I stated above is how his belief that Love is not Pre-ordained goes up against Kagura’s belief that Love is ruled by Fate.

    As for Apollo being a Pollon and not Apollonius I’m pretty neutral on it as as I said above it does answer alot the loose threads from the original. (Like who the Hell is Zen/Gen Fudo)

    1. Yeah, it makes sense in a way that Shadow Angels can’t be with humans, because on a reincarnation they change and they won’t ever be the one they loved ever again. They are immortal unchanging creatures that need another Shadow Angel who won’t ever change… It is just unfortunately a failing of Apollonius, that he will never love anyone the way he loved Celiane, even her own reincarnations… Also, there’s the obvious fact that they are just so far above humans, Rena has an IQ of like 300, wouldn’t Apollonius and Touma etc all be that far apart from humans as well? Being with a Shadow Angel Dog, is actually closer to a humans IQ level, even though it might seem insulting it isn’t, because Pollon is sweet, loyal, and always loving… he won’t ever leave her through any of her reincarnations just because she’s changed, he’s adaptable like Apollonius never will be… Lol, I love how his very name was a spoiler the entire time and none of us could tell unless we knew Japanese…

  22. Daga, otoko da..
    Andy, your bravery is unmatched.

    This series has become the equivalent of GC for me. I don’t care much for the plot or the main characters at all. Only Andy’s dilemma/ situation has kept my interest.

  23. Oh, and originally I thought Zessica was Celiane’s other half along with Mikono, because she would have been the open direct stronger Celiane that we know, what happened to her?? Mikono makes no sense and is clearly missing another quarter of Celiane’s soul or half of Silvia’s… She showed up so meek, and Zessica is so awesome and strong… Either way, being Touma’s soul would have made it very awesome as well… Then there’s the question of not exploring Sirius’ and Reika’s reincarnation’s enough for me, and their relationship, it should have been a lot different!! Why does Shushu in Mikono’s hair like Pollon (Kagura) but not the other Pollon (Amata)? They are the same ?? Cats aren’t supposed to like Dogs anyway, but Shushu likes the more beastial feral one instead of the other way around? You’d think it would like the more human Amata, instead of beastial Kagura, and Kagura / Zessica should totally be together in another series…


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