And with that, the student becomes the master.

Congrats to the people who guessed it right last week! The mystery visitee was Talbot, and Tsuna’s surprise plan was to refill the empty pacifiers with their respective flames; this probably starts another round of guessing game as to who the possible candidates will be. Not every boss has a different flame, and Enma doesn’t even have one of the Flames of the Sky to begin with; maybe Tsuna’s visits to the bosses were to form an alliance and the actual candidates will be someone else? The entire cast of KHR! is eligible, but I have a feeling Amano Akira will be grounding the story to the 10th generation Vongola. It would make sense – the series started with them, after all.

Talbot’s line throws a bit of ominous foreshadowing in it though, and I do suspect the matter isn’t so simple; it all comes down to what a “flame” actually is – is it something equivalent to a person’s life? Or is it simply the actualization of someone’s will? How complicated the process is really depends on the answer to those questions.

Aside from the plot, I’m really impressed at how mature Tsuna has become over the series! It’s amazing how much he’s changed from the whiny little kid from the start of KHR! to someone who fully deserves to headline a series. He’s showing more and more of what makes him the future Vongola Decimo that everyone respects and I absolutely love the road he takes to get there. He’s still a kid in some respects, but every ordeal helps him grow little by little; that all culminates in the final scene of the chapter that just blew me away. It’s always significant when students become the master, because there’s just something so satisfying about teachers being able to learn something from their apprentices, and seeing how they’ve matured due to the lessons taught to them. It’s the same for Tsuna and Reborn, as the future don aims to teach his mentor the will to live, so to speak. Such an awesome reversal – I knew it had to come at some point, but I can’t express my satisfaction in words my enjoyment of the scene. All I can say is: next Wednesday where are you?!


  1. Yay, I was right about Tsuna planning to fill the up empty pacifiers. ^^

    Anyway, here is my next theory. Right now, the people Tsuna assembled are not for that plan, but rather for the defeat of Bermuda and the Vindice. The leader of the Vindice is out of Tsuna’s league right now, and even the lesser members managed to easily defeat Gokudera and Yamamoto. In order to beat Bermuda, he needs an even more powerful team, one consisting of the bosses from other teams. Currently, he has five battler watches (minus the one Ryuhei had that was broken). Tsuna will form a combined team out of the remaining representatives, who may decide to lend him a hand after hearing the true purpose of the representative war.

    Boss Watch: Tsuna
    Battler Watches x 5: Mukuro, Xanxus, Byakuran, Enma, and one more (possibly Hibari, if he could somehow be convinced to fight in a team).

    As for the plan itself, perhaps one person may not be sufficient to fill the pacifier, so they will gather as many people of the correct flames as possible, from every team. For example, Yamamoto + Squalo + Bluebell for the Rain element.

    1. Oh – I like your theory of using more than one people to fill up the pacifier! It makes a lot of sense, too, and it’d be a nice way to get all the cast involved (any and all excuse for more Varia!).

      I think convincing Hibari will be easier than expected ;D Throw in some promises to let him bite Tsuna/Xanxus/Dino/Mukuro to death after the whole thing and presto! You have a Hibari that will at least cooperate with you.

      1. If you think Reborn! is the most detailed/complicated in the jump line-up, then clearly you haven’t seen Nurarihyon no Mago.

        Nura ends at the latest issue though.

      1. I mean his growth will make his biological dad, Iemitsu, and his tutor, Reborn, who is considered as a 2nd dad according to Colonnello in chapter 378—–proud.
        How did my meaning twisted into something/anything else???

  2. in fairness was prob one of the best chaps for character devolpment in awhile for the series,its really cool watching tsuna go from the kid that can’t swim to gathering all the other major leaders and even inspire reborn


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