「『勝利』ってなんですか」 (Shouritte Nan Desu Ka)
“What is ‘Victory’?”

I. Love. This. Show.

There are actually so many great elements to KuroBasu; tropes aren’t magically reinvented or anything, but they’re certainly used and incorporated in such a way none of it feels too overdone. I also have to point out that the humor in the show is seriously done well. It’s just there, worked into the dialogue and the appropriate moments – it feels reminiscent of the seamless executions in some of the more lauded shows like Rinne no Lagrange, where something was just funny in one moment and serious the next in the same scene. One prime example of the humor in the Shuutoku arc is Midorima’s obsession with superstition – he’s such a straight-laced guy but when you see him with that ridiculous raccoon, calling it his “lucky item” in that deadpan voice nonetheless, I certainly can’t help bursting out in laughter. Of course, what’s funnier is his team’s reaction to it: “Let’s break it”. Very subtle hatred in this team.

Even though the show veers off into comedy territory once in a while, the laughs don’t diminish the tension in any way, and the sheer intensity on the court was more evident than ever. Both teams are right on each other’s heels in terms of being able to adapt to each situation: Seirin may be able to exploit Midorima’s weakness, but they have to keep in mind that he’s not the sole player on the Shuutoku team. Their captain Ootsubo (Satou Kensuke) is just as intense as Midorima, and it continues to keep Seirin on their toes as the match wears on. It’s a great game of tug-of-war and what’s even greater is seeing how each player reacts to it. Midorima obviously isn’t used to having his shots countered and while I love the guy, it’s going to be freaking awesome to see him fall a few pegs.

The biggest surprise for me though was Kagami’s reaction to the match – it’s a great call-back to Kuroko’s conversation with Kise, where the latter warned Kuroko about the possible shift in Kagami’s ideals in the future: what then? It’s a valid question to ask and while I thought it was a point that would be examined in upcoming episodes, I had no idea the show would address it so soon and in such an intense manner. You can’t fault Kagami for wanting to win, but damn if he didn’t seem like an ass for it. It’s doubly disappointing since the reason Kuroko left his old team was in search for a victory that included a sense of satisfaction and achievement for everyone on the team. But the Kagami of this episode is one that would’ve traded teamwork for absolute victory, and if that was the philosophy of all the Generation of Miracles members, it’s easy to understand why Kuroko derived no joy in playing with them. Kise is probably one of the more milder members, and I feel even Midorima doesn’t come close to exuding the kind of cold self-centeredness the rest of the Generation of Miracles are probably capable of giving off. With Kise and Midorima (particularly with Kise) it was more about wondering why Kuroko left; victory is still a factor, but the root of the problem is centered more around Kuroko – winning just naturally came hand-in-hand with proving themselves as the teammates he should be playing with.

Seirin’s team is more lax when it comes to victory – there’s still a desire to win, but they obviously are of the mentality that it’s better to do it as a team than as a one-man show. I’m impressed they handled Kagami’s outburst so level-headedly, since it probably isn’t the easiest to hear your junior tell you that you’re basically useless; it’s a show of maturity and sensibility that really mark them as proper seniors. The best part about Kagami’s frustration though, is probably Kuroko’s punch – I didn’t know he had it in him! It’s rare to see Kuroko express any emotion at all, least of all anger, so imagine my pleasant surprise when Kuroko brought out his game face in preparation for the last quarter! I’m definitely stoked for whatever he has in store for his opponents, and hopefully we’ll be back to seeing those crazy magical passes between him and Kagami – Angry!Kagami is awesome, but I much prefer Bromance!Kagami.

tl;dr: @SaberMochi – Funny, but intense as always; let’s see you bring your A-game Kuroko! #kurobas (I probably messed this up somewhere… but I promise to get the hang of it soon!)

P.S.: An iPhone, Kise? Really? Don’t you know Androids are the way to go?

P.P.S.: What’s your sign, baby? Lol. I love the unintentional fujoshi baits in this show.

Terminology of the Day:

  • Box-and-one: A mix between zone defense and man-to-man defense, the strategy is often used against teams with a dominant scorer where the idea is to force that player to score against their marker while all the other offensive players are checked by the defense (Wikipedia)
  • Screen: Also known as a pick, it involves an offensive player blocking a defender in order to free a teammate (Wikipedia)
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    ED1.11 Sequence

    ED: 「Start it right away」 by (hyadain)


    End Card


  1. I have a lot of love for this show too. I also have a huge amount of love for Hyuuga. He’s one of my favourites in the series.

    I’m glad we finally get to see Kagami’s skill. And hopefully, we’ll get to see Kuroko find a way to beat Takao. I was kind of happy to see Midorima get bested by Kagami a few times.

    On a side note, every single time I see Kise, I can’t help but notice how pretty he is. He’s so damn beautiful.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! I’m always sad whenever I have to throw out a Kise cap *sadface*

      Hyuuga is such a boss captain. No joke. Actually, all the characters are pretty boss XD Although if I was forced to play favorites, I’d most definitely pick Kise <3

      1. It also helps that he’s voiced by Ryohei Kimura. I love that man’s voice.

        Hyuuga’s a good guy. I love him. Again, also helps that HE’S voiced by one of my favourite seiyuu, Yoshimasa Hosoya. If I was forced to play favourites, I think mine would actually be Kuroko. He’s just… epic. But Kise definitely wins for most gorgeous. 😛

  2. Great review! You really touched on all the reasons I love this show and then some.

    And Kuroko’s dissatisfaction with the Generation of Miracles wasn’t as simple as the members being self-centered dicks – as far as I know Midorima was the only one he didn’t actually get along with – so expect some really fantastic character development from him. And from everyone else, I gave in and read the manga after last week’s episode, and boy was it worth it.

    1. I’m really excited to see the rest of the Generation of Miracles – I do think it’s not as simple as them wanting to just win, and I can’t wait till the show introduces them and gives them the same wonderful/complex development they gave Kise and are giving Midorima. 😀

  3. Awesome episode as always!! XD can’t wait for next week’s episode. The humor used really is just awesome. Can’t wait to see what Kuroko does next week, it better be something amazing! Go Kuroko and Kagami!!! Go Seiren!!!On another note loved the review. Thanx 🙂

  4. I thought the bandages on Midorima is to keep his hand in good conditions, not nails! XDDD
    Damn! this anime never disappoint me! Still!!!Wtf!?!?!? Cliffhanger!?!? just when Kuroko was about to reveal more of his unbelievable plays of basketball. >.<
    Kagami is a friggin monster, badass, and all that makes one epic in one whole package ^-^
    I still have to wait for another damn week. XD
    Also w/Kuroko's "step up", I wonder if we are going to have a new OP/ED?

    1. I think it’s both his hands and nails? Keeping them bandaged up generally prevents any unnecessary injuries (at least I’m assuming that XP). But lol when he pulled out that nail filer…

      As for the new OP/ED I would think it’ll show up around next week or so since we’re at the halfway mark. Official details have been released though, so it definitely won’t be long! 😀

  5. Great post!
    I also really love this show -.-
    Though, with all the other shows airing now, I can’t believe that actually this show might be my favorite one. Go kuroko~ looking forward to next week.

  6. I lmaoed when Kagami’s 2nd time tipping Midorima’s shot was all climactic and then all of a sudden Shuutoku dunks in the shot. I was like, “Damn, get that $h*t outta my court!” haha

  7. Great review as always. Now I love you for this. (^_^)

    Back to KuroBasu, when Kuroko punch Kagami… I was like “Way to go baby, nice job”. But when Kagami punch Kuroko, I was like “Damn, why????”. LOL

    Honestly, that Tanuki lucky item frightens me for some reason!

      1. Well I don’t mind putting that in my garden as long as it will scare theft, why not?

        I will just avoid going to the garden at night.

        Anyway, what frightens me is the eyes but its way of holding a ball is kind amusing. 🙂

  8. What a passionate post lol.
    Yeah I really like this show. It really gets your blood pumping with every scene. And of course the deadpan humor is great as well.
    Kagami’s jumping and speed is incredible but it still needs more room for improvement.
    If anyone has noticed, Show Spoiler ▼

    This is important for later on.
    And Kuroko now has one more trick up his sleeve with the last quarter going in. With how surprised the others are in the preview and that last pic with stealing from Midorima, it’s sure to be something worth waiting.

    Is it weird that I think naughty thoughts when Riko was thinking about giving more than a kiss? OTL
    Damn you internet :3

    1. Lolll thank you >_< I actually hadn't noticed that, but you're right - it sounds like it might potentially become a problem. They touched upon it briefly in the episode itself too, I think. And oh yeah. The H-doujins are coming up... I can just see it: Onegai, Kantoku!

      1. Well not that important as I make it I think but from a basketball player standpoint, it would be weird. In truth, I also play like that :3
        I still can’t fix that part in me you know orz. Makes it weird to watch games in NBA and I notice that when they shoot OTL

        And I wish we could have some…if the BL ones don’t come out first.
        Oh God, I’m getting hopeless here. HELP!!

  9. One thing I’d like to point about Kuroko’s punch in this episode is the way he speaks to Kagami here. He usually uses polite speech when he talks but in that scene, he started talking in plain form. I wish the subs had a way of conveying that, maybe by making him say “Damn” or something. Either way, that was a really awesome moment. I replayed it at least seven times after the episode was finished ^^

  10. this show leaves me with an adrenaline rush every single episode. it’s almost impossible to do that but that’s what kuroko has done up to now.

    and yes, the bishies definitely makes it all that much more enjoyable to watch. HA!

    go Seirin! go Hyuuga!!

  11. Kagami finally had a first hand experience of Kuroko’s “gun” XD. I think I liked Kuroko’s punch a bit too much especially since it seems that slapping is all that recent male anime characters can do.


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