Well now, this was a somewhat surprising chapter. Last week, I speculated that mysterious girl we saw could potentially be a goddess within Keima – what’s to say that his experiences with Chihiro and the obvious pain it caused him didn’t leave him open to possession? That could potentially have led to some interesting antics involving reverse captures as one of the many female members of the cast attempts to capture Keima. However, this now seems exceedingly unlikely in face of the events that occurred. For some reason, entering the school grounds seems to send Keima to some form of alternative reality – nobody he encounters has any memory of him and, more importantly, Maijima High has become an all-girls school. While there could be a huge variety of explanations for this, the most plausible (and the current popular theory) involves alternate timelines/dimensions. After all, we’re already aware that at some point in the past Maijima High was an all-girls school, so it’s not that much of a stretch to conceive that it could remain so in another reality. This would mean that Keima never attended and none of the girls would recognise him. Makes sense huh?

Of course, the most important questions are ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ How is Keima being transported to this other dimension? And for what purpose? As Keima flees the legions of angry girls in fear of his life (all-girls schools are scary places, seriously!) the dimension appears to collapse around him and we catch another glimpse of the girl whose identity remains shrouded in mystery before he’s sent back to the ‘real world’ and faceplants into the pavement (oh god I hope the PFP is okay). It seems pretty obvious that she’s heavily tied in with whatever is going on (though that was relatively clear from last week’s chapter), and whether she’s directly responsible for the ‘demonic miasma’ Diana observes (why can’t Keima and Elsie see it? This makes it seem more likely that it’s a goddess-related thing) above the school is anyone’s guess right now. Personally I see two options – either she is the source of miasma and the reason Keima keeps getting thrown into this alternative dimension, or she’s unrelated to the miasma and only involved in helping Keima return to the real world. For now, I’m leaning far more towards the former of the two options. I would hedge a guess at her being Demeter as many others have, especially given that this is related to Maijima High and she was originally the patron, but the whole ‘demonic miasma’ thing doesn’t quite resonate right with me… unless that turns out to be an entirely unrelated plot element. For now, I still consider her identity to be up in the air.

This wasn’t the only ‘revelation’ this week either. The ominous triggering of Haqua’s sensor was not a runaway spirit in the end, but an urgent transmission from New Hell revealing that Dokurou Skull was discharged (and disposed of) for treason. I’m positive I won’t be the only one seeing this as a scapegoat – an easy and convenient way to pin all the Vintage-related issues on a single person and ‘tidy’ it up without any problems. I highly doubt that Dokurou Skull was the leader of Vintage, especially given how she helped Haqua during the previous arc. The entire ‘disposed of after resisting’ thing seems like an elaborate cover-up – a way to ensure that she can’t tell anyone what she knows of Vintage now that her betrayal of them has become known. I doubt that we’ve seen the last of Vintage and wouldn’t be surprised to find that some of the higher-ups who passed this judgement could number amongst their allies.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Alternate dimensions, legions of angry girls, dark miasma, Tenri, and Haqua. What more could you want? #TWGOK


  1. >Small Note: No chapter again next week.

    Ummm no, the chapter you read today is actually the chapter to be released on July 4th. RHS actually gets their RAWs very early and we get to read the chapters in english 5 days before it even goes on sale in japan. So the “next chapter july 11th” message means that we will be getting the chapter on July 6th at the earliest. So there will be a chapter next week.

    1. You know… Now that I know that I kinda feel like this isn’t a good idea… I mean getting it for free is already pretty bad but getting it almost a full week ahead of the Japanese themselves is kinda bullshit…

  2. Wakaki-sensei doesn’t disappoint. This is getting more interesting.

    According to some people Vintage were actually the good guys while New Hell are the bad guys. Do you think is that true?

    1. I suppose it is possible that Vintage could turn out to be the good guys but it would mean there was a lot of deception involved. Almost everything we’ve been told about them (and about the goddesses) would have to be untrue – releasing the Weiss, trying to kill the goddesses, and planning to take over the human realm (also attacking Haqua ;_;). These would all have to have been falsely attributed to Vintage or twisted to seem like evil deeds.

      For now, it seems more likely to me that any corruption in New Hell is likely the work of specially placed Vintage members, but I can’t deny the possibility that Vintage could turn out to be the good guys.

  3. holy,, This should be more frequent,, honesty, I really didn’t expect to see it here. but thanks,, I don’t have to jump from one website to another to see a review or a discussion

  4. Oky…..my reaction–> HUH!?

    I still think Dokuro is being framed. So wht the deal w/h the kid!? GAH its too confusing!
    And yea KamiNomi S3 PLZ!! Diana and Nora needs to be animated….

  5. I am late to the party, somehow I didn’t realized that TWGOK is already covered in RC! And just in time when the new arc arrived!

    Well, it’s somehow flowed very fast, but I guess it’s made to quicken the pace after the long hiatus. Also, this particular chapter is very interesting! I am optimistic that Wakaki sensei could at least maintain the epicness of Goddess arc, or even more! Finger crossed!

  6. New Hell did this simply to make sure that everything is all roses. Its like a government that has a lot of dark secrets to hide that doesn’t want to be known. I’m beginning to think we’ll find out that New Hell is just as bad as Old Hell, maybe even worse.

    I’m also wondering if we’re about to find out that Maijima High was never meant to be a mixed school. That whoever this girl is, be it Goddess or Demon, is about to show Keima that the world has been screwed with from its proper destiny. After all, Keima said that he found it too good for all the Goddess’ to be under his nose.

    Can’t wait to find out!

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