The loli battle has finally come to an end!


The battle between the girls is still going on. Chelia is surprised that Wendy isn’t giving up even though she is worn out while Chelia is completely recovered. Jellal is wondering whether he should interrupt the game or keep watching because Wendy is in danger. Doranbolt who noticed “Mystogan” last week knows that something is wrong because Mystogan isn’t supposed to be in Earth Land.

Chelia isn’t enjoying the battle. She doesn’t mind a good fight but one-sided violence when the victor is clear isn’t something she likes. She wants Wendy to give up. At the same time, it seems that Jellal has noticed that the council is there.

Wendy tells Chelia she can’t give up. She is fighting on behalf of the guild and doesn’t need any pity. She tells Chelia to come at her with full strength until she is unable to move. Chelia accepts this and says that she’ll put Wendy to rest with her upcoming strike – “Ki Metsujin Ougi – God slayer secrets”, an attack her guild members don’t want her to use because it can kill Wendy.

Chelia strikes with “Anatsu no Murakumo – Heavenly gathering of clouds” but misses Wendy. It seems like Chelia’s magic and injuries were recovered but not the fatigue. Chelia was probably aware of this but she didn’t know that Wendy had revived her physical strength – something that caused the momentum of Chelia’s magic to overshoot.

Wendy launches an attack – “Tenryuu no Saiga – Sky dragon’s fang”, which causes injuries to Chelia’s arms that end up being regenerated. They both keep attacking each other on equal terms. The commentator says that this is a clash of tiny fists (chapter title). Both of them can’t be stopped – though their fists are small, their hearts are vast. In the end it comes down to a draw as the time has run out.

Both teams receive 5 points each and there are no hard feelings between the guilds. Everyone is amazed at how well Wendy has developed and how much she has grown, some people are even crying for her.

Chelia heals Wendy and asks her to be her friend. They shake hands and become friends, Doranbolt is happy over this. Jellal notices that the sinister magic he felt all the time is still lingering so it wasn’t really from Chelia. He runs off to find the source only to be stopped by Doranbolt who wants to know who this imposter is. Jellal can’t do anything to Doranbolt because he is currently a FAIRY TAIL member. When it seems that things can’t get worse, Lahar shows up with his squad.

Wow, what a great chapter! I enjoyed every single page throughout this adorable chapter. While the battle is over, I certainly hope we get to see Chelia more often in the future. I’ve grown very fond of her.

The battle itself was intense and exciting. Even though it was a very extreme battle between two very adorable girls, I felt like the commentator. It was heartwarming to see Wendy and Chelia go all out for their guilds.

I expected Chelia to win, but this result works too. After all Wendy has done and been through, it’s nice to see her earn some points. It was also pleasing to see that a dragon slayer could be on par with a god slayer for so long. I wonder, if there would be no time limit, would Chelia win? Anyway, this battle was a good read and definitely very touching.

Poor Jellal, wherever he goes there is a council member waiting for him. I wonder how he will get out of the sticky situation he has ended up in. I somehow think Doranbolt might let him go for FAIRY TAIL‘s sake but I’m not too sure about Lahar. And on top of that, there are some girls out there who want to kill Jellal…

While I think that Jellal’s face has been used a bit too much, I still like the character and I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. He has already been through too much (although it’s reasonable). But most of all, I don’t want him to be hurt for Erza’s sake.

So it turns out that Chelia wasn’t related to Zeref – good for Wendy I guess, but that means that there is someone out there who could bring harm upon everyone. The silhouette near the end wasn’t recognizable to me so I can’t guess who it is. It could be a completely new character too. I wonder if this is related to “Eclipse”…

Anyway, the next chapter will probably be very emotional. I guess it will center on Jellal and all the characters he is involved with. I hope nothing bad happens. I don’t like seeing Erza sad… But whatever happens, I’m ready for it!

Moete kitazou!

Note: Sorry for the delay, I was visiting a friend living in another city.


  1. I retract my statement from last week, guess she wasn’t psycho ahaha but while the suspense of the cliff hanger was good it kinda made me hate Doranbolt for being too damn nosy.


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