「信じてました」 (Shinjitemashita)
“I Believed in Him”

It’s a fake within a fake – I see Kuroko’s been watching some InceptionThose last few seconds of the game were certainly mind-blowing, and it took a couple seconds for it to register since it was a much more low-key than the end I expected to the tense Shuutoku vs. Seirin match. Kuroko’s move might seem like a deus ex machina, but I have to say I prefer this over some magical power-up on Kagami’s part – as good as he is, he’s no superhuman, and I appreciate that the show acknowledges he still has a ways to go in becoming the best player in Japan. On the other hand, if Kuroko’s maneuver in the final moments of the game are looked at more closely, it’s easy to see how much sense it makes. He’s played with Midorima through middle school so it’s no stretch to say Kuroko would know the ins and outs of how the shooter plays, just as Midorima knows how Kuroko operates (although probably not as well as Kuroko knows him); it becomes more of a mind-game then, to utilize the thought process of the other player against him. Not bad, to outwit brawn with brains.

Just like most other shounen series though, the point of KuroBasu is not the destination, but the journey and how it affects the characters. Personally, this is one of easiest shows to connect with, and this episode was no exception – both teams played a very impressive game, and while it was easy to cheer for Seirin and their win, it was just as easy to feel some sympathy for the Shuutoku players, especially after seeing the strain of having such a talented player on their team. Both Seirin and Shuutoku showcase their first-years, but the attitude towards it is quite different. We’ve already seen how flexible Seirin is – the team members respect one another and when push comes to shove, they put all their effort into the match as a team. Shuutoku however, is a completely different story. It was a little depressing to see the coach force the team around Midorima, regardless of how much practice the other members put in – it’s a strategy that’s perfectly understandable, especially if the team wants to win. But it doesn’t make it any less heart-breaking for the senior members to have their hard work wasted because of a punk that can shoot from anywhere in the court.

Ah, but I really like Midorima though, and in a moment of unprofessionalism I’ll say that angsting in the rain goes a looooooong way in garnering the sympathy of a girl. Poor Midorimacchi. Objectively though, the loss was harsh for him – like I’ve said before, this match was one of ideologies and proving oneself as worthy, which is why the defeat must have been doubly crushing for him.

That phone call he received sure was something though, and gives the introduction of two characters: Generation of Miracles member Aomine Daiki (Suwabe Junichi) and the as-of-yet-unnamed Momoi Satsuki (Orisaka Fumiko). She’s a stark contrast to Riko, and I’m pretty interested in seeing what kind of character she is. Aomine seems like another layered addition to the cast, and his laziness and lack of passion seem to represent another disturbing side of prodigies – ones who simply find no meaning in trying because nothing challenges them anymore. I can’t imagine what the team dynamics are like on that team…

I can see Aomine being a pretty good foil for Kagami though, so we’ll see how their rivalry pans out… at the swimming pool…? One thing for sure though: that chest. Finally, some fanservice-y shots to slap onto my excerpt next week!

tl;dr: @SaberMochi – Falcon Punch! Seirin takes the win, and it’s off to the pool(?!) for them in the next episode. Plus… doggy! #kurobas

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ED1.12 Sequence

ED: 「Start it right away」 by (hyadain)


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  1. Longest 3 seconds of a basketball game!
    How the hell did Midorima spout all that preaching about his shooting to Kagami? Brain Burst? Lol.
    But that 3 seconds was very intense. Kuroko believed that Midorima will do a fake because he believed that Kagami will still have one more jump in him. Who the hell do you think he is?! Kuroko rocks. Good game still Midorima(that scene of him in the rain is kinda cool, wanted to see that in the caps though :P)

    And finally, I’ve been waiting for Momoi all this time. Some true female appeal that is very lacking in this show. Not that I’m sick of the males but Riko just doesn’t cut it for the female side 😛 Though she’s the only female shown in the show so far but still…
    And a pool episode next. My body is so ready! Expect some jelly moments from Riko with them big bangs lol.

    Oh and freaking Aomine has appeared. The 3rd GoM. This will get even more intense with him around. This one’s a monster compared to the first two GoM. Looking forward to it.
    Expecting the new OP and ED next episode.

    1. Rule #1: DO NOT POST WHEN HALF-ASLEEP lolllllll. I somehow managed to cut the last 6 caps out of my post OTL. I was like, I swear I took that rain cap and even made a full-length out of it wherediditgo Q__Q.

      And yeah, welcome to the accelerated world! Maybe it was an inner monologue thing and they were all speaking telepathically?

      I <3 Riko, but another girl definitely wouldn’t hurt XD Plus she’s apparently in love with Kuroko?

  2. I don’t remember feeling this happy after a win in an anime, although I knew that they were going to to win. I was restless throughout the whole episode as well. It’s brilliantly done.

    Finally we see Aomine and Momoi. It’s great to see them making a full debut in the next episode. Although Aida is the best, I have a feeling that I’ll fall in love with Momoi.

    Not sure if they’ll ever animate it but I can’t wait to see Akashi who is voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi.

    Sinan Çevik
  3. And did Kuroko just drown Oh my god someone help him! i cant imagine him being hurt! When Kagami punched him on the previous chapter i was like “You bastard how could you!”

  4. It seems like they won’t incpude the hilariously funny post-match dinner scene with Kuroko, Kise, midorimacchi and Kagami sitting at the table over nabe. You seriously have to check it out in the manga (just this one scene).

  5. <—Yes! At last I'll be introduced in this show. Watch me next episode!

    That aside, that last 3 seconds is really wrong. But if we'll take it into perspective on how long this match aired, it's pretty much understandable. The match ran for about 80 minutes (3 episodes and a half). That's anime physics or time for you.

    Yes, more fan service for us boys! Satuskicchi suki desu! (Oh no, I'm starting to become Pollon… IYKWIM)

    1. really wrong -> really long

      Why do I always commit spelling errors? Now, I know why it’s wrong to be still awake at this time (3AM). Gotta get rid of this nocturnal me. But dogs can be nocturnal to, right? hahaha

      1. Where have you been?! I’ve been waiting for 13 episodes for you LOL

        Yeah I think Satsuki will bring plenty of fanservice next week… And I hope that just because the Shuutoku match is over they don’t just randomly kick Midorima off the cast lol. They didn’t do that with Kise so maybe they’ll make a cameo or something. At the pool.

      2. Did I make you wait for a very long time? Don’t appear every now and then.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Oh God! Made another mistake again. There must be an edit button.

        Don’t appear every now and then. -> I’ll appear …

        And the second spoiler is not really one. I just forgot to add a forward slash to the second tag.

  6. I have an emotional rollercoaster feelings all through out the episode. How Seirin reacted after they won was priceless. (^0^)

    Awesome episode even though there are some mistake in the animation, still can take it hopefully those won’t happen again. LOL

    Looking forward to the 2nd opening and ending. 🙂

  7. I’m really impressed with Hyuuga; he pulled off a Midorima move in his last score breaker shot. Good thing Kagami didn’t save his last jump for the last block otherwise it would have been for naught. I really enjoy how Kuroko just amazes me with his gameplay moves of turning the tides. Surprise…team work is the key to winning in basketball. Just two more characters from GOM yet to show up.

    random viewer
  8. Yeah. This is late. But I just watched this episode and I was really disappointed with the new female coming in. I mean, I LOVE this show. But I really hate that kind of fanservice. The whole big breasts shoved in peoples faces and all that stuff. I like Riko. She’s awesome and not a slut.
    I mean maybe it’s because I’m a girl and and don’t like having to watch stupid giant breasts in the faces of my favorite characters but I think it’s mostly because I liked the way the show was- without all that stupid typical fanservice. You don’t NEED a skinny stupid girl to make people enjoy the story. We already do love the story. I know it’s not I.G’s fault, but the mangaka should know better.

    Well whatever, I’m still gonna watch the show because I love it. I’m just a little dissapointed, that’s all. Ranting complete.


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