Compared to the previous two chapters, there’s far less to mull over this week. That’s not to say that Wakaki hasn’t given us a more food for thought though – there are certainly quite a few of aspects of this latest arc which remain unclear. On the surface it would appear that by moving to different parts of the school, Keima is shifting between realities. Even his dreams seem to be affected while he’s still on the grounds. What’s interesting to note is that in each of these realities we see some form of trope that holds consistent to typical galge storylines, ranging from the all-girls school last chapter to the sudden complete and competitive affection of the previous conquest targets. Each of the heroines has, in a sense, embodied some archetype of traditional galge characters since their inception. In this case, however, they were pushed to further extremes in their displays of affection. As Elsie puts it – ‘It’s just like the games Nii-sama plays.’ I wonder if these different realities are influenced by Keima’s thoughts? There’s certainly appeal for him in most of the worlds we’ve seen so far (except maybe the all-male school… reverse trap Elsie ftw?).

It’s worth noting that the silhouette of the goddess bears something of a resemblance to Miyako, though whether or not this has any relevance is unclear (it probably doesn’t). Nora’s words also seem to imply that there may well have been a larger organisation behind Vintage who will be targeting the goddesses from now on. In fact, the entire setup with Vintage could have been done solely for the purpose of reviving the goddesses. While we’ve learned a fair bit about New Hell over the recent arc, maybe now, with the continued focus on the goddesses it will be time to learn about the other side of the spectrum?

Just a few final thoughts to leave off with – it would seem that it’s not just the goddesses who can see the miasma, which brings up the question as to why Keima and Elsie never noticed it while heading to school. I would guess that the moment Keima saw the first vision in chapter 191 he was trapped within the shifting dimensions and the miasma appeared at the same time. The key left behind by Dokurou Skull happens to look extremely similar to the round object being held by the mysterious girl (I’m still undecided on whether to assume she’s Demeter or not) during her first appearance sitting under the tree (which I thought was an apple at the time). I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure that’s no coincidence!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Elsie as a reverse trap, a key to ‘save the world’ and a 2D dimension. The mysteries continue to deepen! #TWGOK


  1. I didn’t think Ayumi would get any cuter than she is currently, but I was dead wrong!

    I lol’ed at Elsie being a reverse trap then Keima ‘conquering boys’ lol!

  2. I loved the first world, the second one was kind of cool, but that third one…capture all the boys? DO NOT WANT!!

    Though I did tell Moomba that there was a possibility that Elsie was genderbent instead of a reverse trap, and he totally freaked out. I enjoyed that ^^

  3. Actually, I think a Weiss has entered Keima. Remember that to obtain a Weiss, someone must have a hole in his/her heart. Remember what just happened to Keima at the end of the last arc? Good enough time for it to happen.

    Plus considering the school changes to whatever game he’s played (don’t forget, he’s also done the guyge games too), I think its the more likely. So the girl may not be Demeter, but in fact a Weiss.

    1. I’m definitely not going to disregard that possibility – I brought it up in my last couple of posts too. It would definitely make for a nice reversal, especially if it led to one of the former conquests (perhaps Chihiro) needing to capture Keima!

    2. The problem would be that Weiss only enters girls because they want to be reborn in the world through possessing the girl and the baby she’s gonna have in the future.


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