Tsuna continues to keep his Boss-mode on, rallying his previous opponents to help him in his fight against Checkerface. This is a part of Tsuna’s character that has always impressed me – willingness to ask for help and receive it does not come easy, and his humbleness is a trait often overlooked in favor of overall growth as a character. The ability to depend on others has always been with Tsuna though, and I feel his maturity has honed that skill to a point where he can call a bunch of alpha dogs into one room, ask them to lend him their strength, and keep them in line all at the same time. Of course, the most interesting part will be how Tsuna puts his words into action – that will be the real test, to see how he can coordinate the clash of so many different personalities and strengths into a coherent strategy and mold them into a working team. It’s easy to keep Hibari or Xanxus in line now, but what happens on the battlefield? Both are wont to just go wild and kill everything on sight, rather than follow a given set of directions and play nice with the other teammates. There’s also the slight issue that people like Mukuro won’t just offer his help for free – there has a to be a concrete reward for him, a strong incentive to really convince him to join Tsuna. Maybe Chrome will finally become useful for this, but who knows?

Cooperation is going to be essential in the fight against Bermuda – while revenge might not be the best motive out there, it certainly gives the Vindice the strength and motivation they need to fight. They have a solid connection that ties them together, a common cause that overrides their individual selves. Without equal resolve and bonds on the Combined Representative’s part, it’s going to be difficult – if not nigh impossible – to defeat Bermuda and the Vindice. Hatred may be a powerful source of strength, but if Tsuna plays his cards right, his dying will may just be able to win this chess game once and for all.


  1. Since Checkerface just want the pacifiers to be protected, can someone just smash/destroy the pacifiers?
    I do not know if the pacifiers are destroyable or not, I do not remember anyone says it is. The Avco. just can not remove them.
    Also, although Tsuna did say to keep the meeting a secret from other Avco. especially Reborn, but w/this many people……….can he?

      1. I have to disagree on that one. The stop “re-casting of strong people to be Arcobaleno” is agree Bermuda, yes. However, Bermuda did say in Ch 387, “Defeat Checkerface means to fully destory the Arcobaleno and Pacifiers sys. the Arcobaleno themselves will vanish from this world…..I will die as well. But I don’t mind dying, if I CAN ACCOMPLISH MY REVENGE.” Thus, I think getting his revenge is his priority, and stop others become Arcobaleno is just the side goal.

        Also, In chapter 389 and 392, both Verd and Tsuna also mention that Bermuda is ok w/ others dying as long as he gets his grudge done. In chapter 389, Verd states, “Bermuda will be satisfied because he’s been holding a grudge for all this time, but it’s not funny to die because of someone else’s project”, which is why he did not agree w/ Reborn. In chapter 392, Tsuna said, “If Bermuda wins, he’ll destroy everything FOR THE SAKE OF REVENGE”.
        Sorry for keep ranting, I just think base on the evidences above Bermuda just want to kill Cherckerface/revenge, and that’s why for his main motive/goal, he does not care about others’ death, like Lal, and Uni, which really piss off Reborn and Tsuna.

        Thank you for your time and reading my ranting. Right now I am looking forward to find the chapter where it states, “the Pacifiers can not be destroyed” or something like that. If there is none of that, and Checkerface really want to protect them (states in chapter 392), I don’t see why we can’t just destroy the Pacifiers. ^_^

  2. Tsuna’s strength and motivation to fight will be his trust in his friends.
    I don’t think Tsuna can hide any secrets from Reborn, he probably already knows about that meeting.

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