OP2.1 Sequence


「笑わせんなよ」 (Warawasen na yo)
“Don’t Make Me Laugh”

There’s no easy way to describe Aomine, that’s for sure… He’s certainly an ass, but at the same time it’s difficult to leave it at that. He does inspire the same sort of murderous animosity Midorima inspires in his teammates, but the Touou Academy team is more relenting of him. Well at the very least, they’re more than willing to admit Aomine is the key to their victory. The ace’s attitude is still extremely self-centered though, even though his reasons are fairly well explored and given legitimate background. I touched on this briefly before – prodigies who become jaded because there’s nothing to challenge them anymore. On one hand, the arrogance they exude is off-putting – it’s tantamount to declaring they’re the best in the field, which is a pretty lofty thing to say. Being good at something and acknowledging it is one thing, but thinking there is no one else good enough to challenge them is a dangerous trap to fall into.

At the same time though, the situation is somewhat bittersweet. Part of what makes hobbies – and life, in general – so interesting is knowing there’s so much more to learn and to improve upon. This comes from either a constantly-changing source of knowledge, or a rival one can immediately compare oneself to. It’s much easier to see how to improve when there is someone else of equal skill or better. Imagine then, when someone becomes so good at something that there’s just no one willing to put up a fight. Not only is it mentally draining on those around the genius, there’s also some despair on the prodigy’s part when they realize they’re running a one-man show. To put it simply, things you love are way better when you see other people enjoying it as much as you do. In Aomine’s case, he lost the basketball he loved so much because he realized that no matter what he did, it would result in a victory. It sounds like first world problems, but anyone who’s ever truly loved doing something can probably sympathize with Aomine’s plight – it’s always better when there are others to enjoy it with. This doesn’t excuse Aomine’s crap behavior, but I almost find it difficult to blame him for it. No anime will ever go into amazing psychological depth in a character’s backstory, and most of the sympathy the audience feels for the character will be derived from the inferences made from the little bits and pieces shown on screen. And like any anime that can do characterization properly, KuroBasu offers enough of Aomine’s reasoning for the audience to make conjectures and sympathize (or not) with him however they will.

Of course, the million dollar question on everyone’s mind after this episode is: will Kagami and Kuroko be able to beat him? Bakagami is certainly an idiot of mass of proportions, but it’s his straightforward nature and unshakeable resolve that make him an admirable character. He’s really growing on me with his laughably stupid but honest and almost naive nature. Who actually does a handstand to walk to the nurse’s office? Simplistic knuckleheads like him often derive the most enjoyment out of things because they know how to simply enjoy something rather than complicating matters by adding in unnecessary factors. There are disadvantages to being so simple-minded, but that’s Bakagami’s biggest strength – the ability to just do something. I’m not entirely convinced it’s enough to beat Aomine, but the blood, sweat, and tears that will result from the confrontation will definitely be worth the watch.

One aspect of KuroBasu I haven’t really touched on much is the soundtrack – it’s pretty damn good. I don’t know who the composer is, and the technical aspects of each track is completely lost on me, but I have to say I’m loving the vibe the OST is giving off. There’s a slightly western (as in American, not cowboy) feel to some tracks, but the one I have to give the limelight to this episode is the piece that plays as Seirin and Touou enter the stadium – that fanfare is reminiscent of marching bands playing for a packed stadium, so it’s pretty apt to use it here.

One last thing before I end this drivel: KuroBasu really knows how to leave the best parts to the imagination. And what can I say? The best kind of fanservice is the kind that makes you wonder…

Random Corner:

  • Guess I shouldn’t have complained about the lazy OP since I found myself capping it again this week.
  • Bakagami is Bakagami! I still can’t believe he actually walked on his hands. Oh, you idiot, you.
  • I’m starting to wonder what the OTP is: Kagami/Kuroko or Aomine/Kuroko? Although really… Hyuuga/Riko‘s where it’s at… or possibly even Satsuki/Aomine? Ah well, we’ll never know.

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ED2.1 Sequence

ED2.1: 「カタルリズム」 (Kataru Rizumu) by OLDCODEX


End Card


  1. Aomine’s story is pretty sad, even though he turned out to be such a cocky guy. Can’t wait for the next episode!

    By the way, is Aomine a foreigner? I’m a little curious haha;;

    1. If you’re referring to his skin color, I don’t think so. Animes tend to stress the “foreigner” thing so if they haven’t brought it up by now, he’s probably Japanese born and raised.

      If you were referring to his hair color…well I don’t think you were but if you were, then nobody is japanese haha

      1. It could just be an aesthetic decision to give him darker skin.

        It’s kinda bad the way I say it, but he is portrayed as a “dark” character (although no less cocky than the likes of midorima), and the dark skin might be to reinforce that image into our heads as viewers

        Anyways, not all japanese people are pale…so there’s that haha

      2. Some Japanese people have darker skin, but because the ideal of beauty is pale – and it’s probably a bitch to shade in manga form – you don’t see it as much. Another character like Aomine is Heiji from Detective Conan.

    2. As far as I know, there’s no information yet if Aomine has a foreign blood.

      The same question was ask in the KuroBasu wiki page and honestly we editiors of the page don’t know how to answer that. (=_=)

      anyway, I sent a question in the Q&A section of the manga. Hopefully Fujimaki-sensei pick it up and answer it. I’ll let you know in-case.

  2. such a great episode to build up seirin vs touou!
    and more background on the generation of miracle’s middle school days. jeez, i live for those little flashbacks in this series.

    aomine seriously has one of the best smiles i’ve seen in anime.

  3. it was more sadder and angst-y(?) in the manga with Kuroko and Aomine bromance but they did well in the anime.

    I prefer the first OP though but this time around, I can’t seem to get Fuwa-fuwa Time out my head when I watch Kurobas. It makes my heart go DOKIDOKI. kekeke

    *I love you endcards!*

  4. That end card. Umph. <3 And that knuckle bump.

    Aomine definitely is an interesting character. He certainly is an ass, but he's got a story behind it all, and it's a pretty sad one. I started to feel some sympathy for him, but then that went away fairly soon after he didn't show up to his game.

    He looks so much better back when he smiled. Now, he just looks… creepy.

    Kise! You beautiful person, you. You made it into the episode! =3

  5. i love the soundtrack for kurobasu too. it’s really amazing how much you’re sucked into each scene and each game with each different heart-pumping tune.

    i wonder how long the Touou match will take. all the adrenaline rushes is not going to be very good for my heart.

    ps. when they were showing the scene with the huge family eating breakfast, i thought for sure it would be Koganei’s instead of Mitobe. HA!

  6. even though this wasn’t a super exciting episode, i think it did a good job of showing some background on aomine and how he was part of the generation of miracles. i’m excited to see what will happen in the next episode!

  7. I realize it’s for story purposes that they don’t do this, but you would think that the generation of miracle members would’ve duked it out by now. Atm it seems that Seirin gets to play them all without them having to face each other in the tournament. It makes sense since we’re based around Seirin though.

    But if Kise or Midorima had played Aomine before Seirin, I wonder if they could’ve put up the fight Aomine’s looking for. Ah well, watching Kuroko with his OD passes and Kagami with his hax jumping ability is gonna be much more interesting.

    1. Thats mainly due to the different territories they are in. The only 2 that are in the same prefecture is Midorima and Aomine and they would’ve faced each other now if Seirin didn’t win. There is going to be a duke out between 2 of them later but for spoiler purposes, I won’t say anymore =)

      1. Yeah – I think Aomine and Midorima are the only ones in the same region. Kise’s team is in a different region, I believe. Judging by the ED though, there’s a really high chance he and Aomine might face off! 😀

  8. I know this is out of place but is there any romance between the blue haired guy and the pink haired chick. I only ask because im interested in watching this. But im not totally sure yet.

    Allen Walker
    1. Not sure if you’re referring to oamine or Kuroko.

      Anyway it goes like this.

      Aomine (The dark skin guy with dark blue hair) – Momoi childhood friend (Momoi the pink haired girl).

      Kuroko (the guy with sky blue hair) – Momoi claim that he is her boyfriend, Kuroko look at her only as a friend.

  9. The reason behind the great OST of KuroBasu is because the people in-charge in the music are the following:

    1. RON (Known as one of the best compuser/musician in Japan now a days, also the guitarist of OLDCODEX band).
    2. Nakanishi Ryuusuke (I only know him a bit about him but he is known for compossing anime OST).

    KuroBasu is one of the anime with great cast line-up to be honest. 🙂

  10. To answer that OTP thing, there might be a chance for KuroGami shippers since Kagami said, “Stable gir……person……” on the question ‘what is the type of girl they like.’ Bakamochi, are you a fujoshi?

    1. Lolllll nice answer Bakagami XDDD

      And to answer your question, I don’t really identify myself as a “fujoshi” – certainly not a hardcore one, at least. I don’t mind BL and I do watch yaoi series, but I don’t go out of my way to make BL pairings 😛 I mean I can see why they would work, but if a show is not meant to be/marketed as yaoi, I don’t consider it as one 🙂 Hope that answers your question!

  11. I was hoping for a bit more Riko and Satsuki fanservice to make up for several episodes of basketball (not that that is a bad thing, being a basketball player myself), but I’m happy with Riko in her PJs and Satsuki in a towel. <3

    And give that we've been given very subtle hints and merest glimpses of Daiki's capabilities on the court the past two episodes, it's pretty safe to say that this can't possibly end well for Seirin. The way it pans out should be very very watchable, though.

  12. I take speed over anything. But it seems to me that Aomine can only make close shots(lay ups and dunks). His parameter shooting is still questionable. Anyway, I can’t wait until next episode!


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