「鴨川ボーソービーチ」 (Kamogawa Bousou Biichi)
“Mayhem on Kamogawa Beach”

Rinne no Lagrange constantly exceeds my expectations. No matter how much I enjoyed the previous episode and come in expecting the next one to be great, every episode exceeds what I thought it could be in a way I never imagined. I heard some major hype about this episode, so I went in expecting the world. I got it, and more.

The first half of the episode was full of Rinne no Lagrange’s signature mix of innocent comedy, fluid action, and heartfelt emotions from likeable characters. I liked seeing Lan and Muginami fight about as much as Madoka did, but it was when Madoka started hearing their feelings through the Voces – something not without precedent, I might add – that heartstrings were tugged upon. I especially liked how Tadokoro transmitted his warning about the incoming Le Garite forces on an open channel to give Muginami a chance to escape, and how Madoka kept having trouble controlling Midori. A bit rusty, aren’t ya Madoka-chan?

Exposition-wise, we finally got an answer as to why Le Garite and De Metrio are so intractably opposed. With their respective star systems set to collide sooner rather than later, it’s hard to think of a way for these two parties to come to any sort of agreement. I can’t think of a conventional solution to their problem other than evacuating and destroying one of the planets, but then again I suspect that I would think of too many plot holes if I started applying proper physics to the question, so I’m going to avoid doing so. If the planets are set to collide, it stands to reason that one needs to get out of the way or they will all be destroyed – and if you know anything about how humans work, you know that neither planet is going to want to relocate their entire civilization, or at least not willingly.

Then there’s Villagulio. Compared to Dizelmine, who it is apparently well known is willing to destroy De Metrio to save his own people, Villagulio certainly comes out looking like the better of the two when he’s unwilling to order Muginami to kill Madoka and laughes at Madoka’s silly antics. Part of me wants to say that he’s hoping for a third option (trope!), that Madoka will be able to do something that will get them all out of this mess. Still, don’t count on him being a “good guy” quite yet. After all, we still don’t know what his end game is in all of this. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if they build him up to be the better of the two, only for him to try to do “what he has to do” at the very end. Doubt everyone. Everyone but Madoka, that is.

Speaking of, enough delay! There was a lot to enjoy about this episode, but it was the scene at the school that made it truly glorious. From her call with Villagulio and Tadokoro (Yasumura Makoto) to her swimming across the bay to reach her friends, Madoka was frantic to find Lan and Muginami now that she had seen them again. This built up the tension until the point where Lan and Muginami met in the school and argued over the courses they were taking. In their arguments, they revealed that they were each doing what they felt was best, and in my not-so-humble opinion neither of them were truly wrong. Muginami wanted Madoka out of the fight, both for her sake and that of her planet, whereas Lan felt that Madoka would be forced to help Le Garite, so she would prefer it happen on her [Lan’s] terms. The problem is that both of them were working within the systems that are their respective planet’s governments, when what they really needed was a third option.

Enter Madoka. It may not be logical, it may not be smart, and it may not be what they should do, but compared to Lan and Muginami fighting each other so that only one of their planets had to die, Madoka choose to do what she felt was right and bring them together in the hopes that the three of them would be able to figure something out. No plan, no idea what to do, but she believes in her friends…I don’t hate honest idiots like that. But really, my words can’t do this scene justice. Hearing Muginami slip back into her old cheerful voice, seeing clumsy Lan mess up what the other two did, seeing the girls laughing together once again…ohhh man, that was so d’aaawww! My heart almost can’t take it!

Ohandbytheway, there was that one other thing: Those. Yuri. Kisses. O.O *Stilts breaks* My heart! My heart can’t take the HNNNNNNNNNNG!!! I know it was at least partly fanservice, and that some executive somewhere probably wanted to move some more BDs, but the three girls’ emotions were just so earnest – Muginami saying that she loves Madoka, Lan saying that she’ll protect her, Madoka tackle-hugging them both – that it fit the scene perfectly. I mean, Madoka had to do something drastic to get them to listen to her, right? And Muginami (when she’s in genki mode) is exactly the kind of girl to follow suit when Madoka has a good (silly) idea. As for Lan…it was a nice touch to subvert our expectations of the Madoka x Muginami kiss by getting some heartwarming Lan clumsiness in there. I just, I just… *clutches chest* Oh man. I’m gunna be alright. Probably.

Now all that’s left is to find that third way, and from the looks of it, Youko-nee and Asteria are already hard at work on just that. It has always been rather odd that a bunch of mecha with strong flower motifs were assumed to be a weapons of mass destruction, and now it’s looking like they might be more than just that. From the looks of it, we could even be finding out what that third option is really soon. If so, then all Madoka and her waifus need to do is make Le Garite and De Metrio accept their method to save their plants. I’m sure that’ll be no problem at all. They seem like reasonable folks.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – No matter what the obstacles, Madoka will always fight for her waifus. Never forget that. Also, THOSE YURI KISSES HNNNNG!! #lagrange #lagrin

Random thoughts:

  • By the way, halfway through this episode I couldn’t see how it could possibly live up to the hype I had heard, until Tadokoro and Watabe Eri (Tanaka Rie) mentioned that Lan and Muginami were still on Earth. “Yay!” I exclaimed. “There’s still a chance!” Ohhh yes, yes there was.
  • Never doubt what Madoka will do for her waifus. Swim across the ocean? No problem. Where’s the coast.
  • Madoka said she will make Lan and Muginami’s brothers become friends again, like she just did. Fear not, fujoushis! Madoka has promised hot Villagulio on Dizelmine action! Look forward to it.
  • It looks like the ED is going to be a rotating affair, with this week’s being the Lan version. I have to say, I liked this one a lot more than the previous one. Seto Asami’s sultry (and slightly auto-tuned) voice sounded a lot better than Ishihara Kaori did, at least when she’s in super-genki, slightly tone deaf Madoka mode. Now I just can’t wait to hear Kayano Ai’s version!
  • Lan kissed Madoka, whereas Muginami did not. That settles it – Lan is the waifu and Muginami is the mistress. Now let’s finish up this whole universe saving thing so they can have their wedding!

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ED2 Sequence

ED: 「ジャージ部魂!」 (Jersey-Bu Tamashi!) by 石原夏織, 瀬戸麻沙美, 茅野愛衣 (Ishihara Kaori, Seto Asami, Kayano Ai)
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    1. A litter kiss and make up. Muginami wanted a full maru but Lan’s lack of coordination won out again made me laugh. Know to all the Yuri honds was the wait worth it. I bet none of you saw this scene coming. lol

    2. Dear lord! The yuri within this episode is so overwhelming, my goggles almost put me into a coma. Lan/Madoka/Muginami is the greatest yuri OT3 ever (since Akane/Nao/Reika)!

      Since we have Madoka/Lan and Muginami/Lan kissu, how about we have a Madoka/Muginami kissu too?

      John Hayabusa
  1. Madoka has just fulfilled the deepest, darkest wishes of many of her fanboys. “Two Kisses and a Headbutt” is apparently her solution when there’s a disagreement. I was actually thinking she’d beat both Lan and Muginami in their Voxes into submission, then ask them what was going on. Never expected her to lose control of Vox Aura, though.


    I can’t imagine Madoka getting Villaguilo and Dizelmine to make up the way she made Lan and Muginami to. It’s like the Stifler-Jim kiss in American Pie 2. XD

    Now imagine if Madoka asked the two princes to make up at the intergalactic conference

    Now, if the third option is to use the Vox(es) to create new planets for both De Metrio and Le Garite – I’m willing to bet the storywriters have watched Titan A.E.

  2. I was like:
    (Muginami x Lan): Yay, they kissed !
    (Madoka x Lan): Yay, they FINALLY kissed !
    (Muginami x Madoka): Oh, they’re gonna ki-Ow, that’s gotta hurt…

    And what’s with the first preview pic anyway O_o ???

    1. I don’t know, but I want to find out so, sooooo bad. Maybe they’re using Madoka’s yuri feelings for Lan and Muginami (or her embarrassment at the kisses) to trigger instrumentality the Blossoming of Rin’ne? Or maybe there’s more making out in the next episode. I like that idea :3

  3. ~w~ *dies happy*. WELP. I guess I know what I’m setting as my desktop background for a week o3o… Man, I love the pastels every time the HNNG factor gets turned past 10 XD. Makes it that much more awesome :D.

    To next week! >D!

  4. “There are no more operating shuttles to take her back to shore.”

    Next scene, Madoka gets out of the water after having swum I don’t know how many miles/kilometers to reach the shore. Badass. 😀

      1. Very true! That one was set up really well, so that there was absolutely no time to think “well, this is Madoka we are thinking of, who always has a swimsuit on, so obviously she will…” It was just comment, sudden cut, and the scene that says absolutely everything about what was going on. Masterful!

  5. This is by far, the best episode yet. Screw all the male harem leads, they will never be as awesome as Madoka. Madoka can reach first base this easily and casually. Not to mention, get her harem to kiss and make up. Madoka’s swag wins again.

    As expected Madoka stops the fight with an awesome robo-clothesline. I really like that despite the political agendas, the fight between Lan and Muginami all boil down to how much they care about Madoka. And of course Madoka won’t have any of that political BS and take the third option. The power of Yuri shall broker galactic peace!

  6. …If Madoka plans on having Le Garite and De Metrio kiss, War is Declared.

    I really loved the kisses – I didn’t see them coming at all – which made them all the better.

    I think what appeals about this series, the most to me, is that even the minor characters seem
    to have a solid piece to the story. We learn (or I missed it earlier) that the 3 guys (names!!!)
    were actually working for Asteria to keep an eye on Madoka.

    Man, that ending theme really sticks – very catchy rhythm.

  7. One more thing: Madoka had Lan and Muginami kiss each other but got all embarrassed when she got locked with Lan… kinda weird from someone who just screwed up her two best friends.

  8. Lan kissed Madoka, whereas Muginami did not. That settles it – Lan is the waifu and Muginami is the mistress.

    OT3! OT3! No one gets left out. The threesome is essential!

    Never doubt what Madoka will do for her waifus. Swim across the ocean? No problem. Where’s the coast.

    I loved that. “There aren’t any shuttles left. She has no way to leave Pharos.” *cut to Madoka climbing out of the water* Sorry, Tadokoro, but Madoka is FAR more stubborn than you. She may not be the brightest bulb in the set, but once she decides she’s going to do something you either help, get out of her way, or get trampled, because she’s not stopping.

  9. I see, so that is what “kiss and make up” actually mean. I learnt something new today! \o/

    Madoka such a baws, swimming from Pharos; calling Guvi-nii and asking the trio guys where Lan and Muginami lived when they obviously had no idea..LOL

    1. No, it’s not. That was just an “Inside Joke” for the Fans from Season 1. But, you can say that Madoka is the Girl with the Pants on…

      Btw, Moretsu Pirates has a Kiss, too. But well hidden. And only 1 time…

    If anyone had shadow of doubt in regards to the Yuri nature of the show – and the equal-sided triangle – well, there is your final proof. No need for any goggles anymore.
    Well, I was LOL when Tadokoro was like “last train erm, shuttle is gone, no need to worry” – cue Madoka emerging from the ocean on the Kamogawa beach. To stop her from getting to her girlfriends (I guess we can say this openly now) you’d have to kill her!
    Ah and Asteria is a true BOSS. By getting Lan and Muginami to apply for asylum, she did in one masterstroke change the balance of galactic power in Earth’s favor.
    Villagiulio seemed more like good person this ep, and I guess he will be easier to convert to any peacemaking scheme Asteria will produce…

    1. That’s how a true boss does it. Some of your subordinates throw a wrench in your plans? Screw it, change the balance of galactic power on a whim. Gotta go with the flow and keep being awesome, that’s the yellow loli way!

  11. Sonar officer: Sir! Yuri sonar’s detecting 2 massive contacts bearing 000

    XO: What?! Any idea what’s it?

    Sonar officer: No sir. We won’t know till we ping sir.

    XO: Very well. 2 Pings to confirm contact

    Sonar officer: Aye sir.

    Sonar officer: Sir… 1st ping shows >> https://randomc.net/image/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange%202%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2028.jpg

    XO: …

    Sonar officer: Sir… Second ping shows…. *BOOM!* (Sonar device explodes from yuri overload)

    XO: (On the floor in a pool of blood from massive nosebleed)


    And yes, this episode MOST certainly sets up the relationship among the 3. Madoka wears the pants. Lan’s the wife. Muginami’s the affair

  12. Haha, I love how this show gets to the good parts right away! This second season has the real potential to be better than the first; with all the characters and their relations already introduced we can get right into the action and plot without the need to set things up, so I’m really looking forward to seeing where this is going.

    This episode also showed off the best sides of each characters; Madoka was her lovable idiot yet admirable self, Lan and Mugi admitting their motivations were always driven by their love for Madoka, Asteria was a total boss (and possible future magnificent bastard) once again and Villagiulio showed off that he is a far more benevolent evil overlord than Lan’s asshole brother. Oh, and yuri kisses. Must not forget that. Best scène of the season so far right there.


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