「大人になるには」 (Otona Ninaruniha)
“To Become an Adult.”

So, I managed to release this before any subs came out… pulling out a bit of sorcery myself here: Estetica style! IMPRESSED!? No? Darn it. Crappy references aside…

Going into the third episode, I found myself doubting whether I was watching the right show for a bit there. I mean, wow, there was a grand total of ZERO scenes of fan service through the first half of the episode. It’s like someone heard my qualms about the fan service to plot ratio from last week and decided to edit all out, filling it with plot and character development just so I’ll continue covering it or something. Na, that can’t be it, can it? Heh. Anyway, enough about that, let’s get chattin’ about the episode itself… with a story! I call it:

A Tale in the Life of Akatsuki: It’s Not Easy Being a Hero!

Continuing straight off from the 2nd episode, our rogue hero Akatsuki finds himself dealing with the repercussions of his… urination inducing actions: getting ignored by Miu, as well as getting nothing but a cracker for breakfast. But it’s okay! Because Akatsuki’s a real maverick and he gets it, he gets your feelings, and he gets my feelings. So he’ll take that cracker with a smile and gulp it down, and like it. Yes, Akatsuki understands. He knows that because he’s so awesome, he has a responsibility to use his power for good! We’re looking at you, oh, red haired hooligan whose name is not worth mentioning. Is that you bullying my good friend to get to the front of the lunch line? You better not be… Oh wait, you say you’re not? That you’re just peeking and not getting anything for lunch? Good good, I’d hate to see what’d happen to you otherwise…

And oh wait, who’s that trying to run into the elevator, thinking she can avoid Akatsuki’s awesome ability to make girls feel better? Class Rep! PEEKABOO! What a coincidence! (Not). You seem a bit down! How about you and Akatsuki relax a bit in a nice room for two? Not interested? Ah well, too bad! The great rogue hero just paralyzed you… so well, you’ll just have to take it in stride eh? He’ll carry you inside now. Oh right, did I mention Miu and Izumi are busy getting it on next door too?

The next day…

Ah, what’s this? We’re having some sparring practice? Awesome, let me just pick up my handy weapon summoning wristband and let’s kick some ass. Oh, what’s this? Join together in your own preferred groups? Sure, I know who I’ll be with… but who will Akatsuki end up with? Of course he’ll end up with the red haired hooligan! Oh and down he goes! Wait, what’s going on in the other arena!? Someone sabotaged the simulation and maxed out the statistics of the monster involved, and it’s turning everyone into stone!? Miu, Class Rep, and Izumi are in trouble!? Quick, call the maverick! What, he’s already there? Wait, of course he’s already there. He’s gotta save them magical girls. Will he do it!? Will he succeed with the epic sword that’s twice his size!? It’s just not easy being a hero! To be continued next week…

And well, that pretty much summarizes the episode up nicely. We get some nice moments of Akatsuki getting what he deserves after last episode and some character development for the Kazuha as well. Considering how likable her character is from my standpoint, it was a welcome development to say the least. But not to be overshadowed, the episode soon throws back the focus on our rogue hero, who amazingly adds a grand total of zero piece of lingerie to his collection this episode. It was pretty strange seeing him NOT going through pervy antics, especially considering how the whole abduction and locking himself with the class rep portion seemed exceptionally ripe for such a moment… but it allowed for us to see another side to his personality, a part where he shows he really gives a darn about the people around him.

And well, it’s just interesting to see, because in this day and age, there are just few characters who start out the way Akatsuki starts out (with his level of powers) AND also have the characteristics he does. He’s not arrogant for no reason. He’s not just sitting by waiting things to happen. And he knows to help when he should, even when it’s not wanted/asked for. Typically, the average anime character takes a whole series to build up the power and the personality that Akatsuki already has. And while it’s only a result of how the plot foundation is, it’s still nice to see, because it tosses out a lot of the generic build-up for the main protagonist that doesn’t break much territory in terms of originality.

Moving on, I reckon if the red-haired hooligan’ll be a kind of Scarecrow (cue Jormungand reference), in that he’ll be a constant source of laughter throughout the series. I mean, every single cameo he makes ends up with him getting owned in someway, and at this point, it seems like it’s definitely intentional. Other things to ponder: Who’s the one sabotaging the session and for what reasons? Why is it that people can actually be turned to stone? I remember the first episode saying that students don’t actually die in sessions… but this seems to throw that explanation for a bit off a loop. I suppose though, in the end, we won’t actually see anyone die, because Akatsuki’s there wielding his spanking new sword of doom… but it’s something that’s bothering me a little bit.

Anyway, Estetica earns itself some continued coverage with this episode. I’m still not sure if I’ll cover the series for the rest of the season and I’m also a bit worried as to whether it’ll end up covering any major plot points in the source material before it’s all said and done, but we get some nice character development and some potential foundations for a plot this episode… which fulfilled what I wanted from the series as a condition for continued coverage last week. Guess I’ll catch ya guys next week.

Author’s Note: Keep an eye out for my Blast From The Past column on Eureka Seven (preview as first post on blog) and K-ON! movie post sometime in the coming week.

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  1. the preview from last week is totally misleading… What thought to be anime original episode actually turned out to be LN PLOT? nice 🙂 The second half of the episode followed the LN plot nicely, with the training incident and AD. Seems like the plot will continue next week to the end of vol.1 🙂 it is awesome to see it get animated, though the fight scene is a little short, and no fan service (well, I shouldn’t complain since there wasn’t too much fan service in LN for this chapter either)

    I will just add a little extra stuff from the LN here… The arms device is made of the magical technology from other worlds, which allows wielder to materialize weapon that best suits the user. Though because it slowly release its power (like how people use magic), Akatsuki is unable to summon his sword with one AD because the power level is too low… With total of 7 ADs, he is able to summon that sword of his. The anime didn’t show it, but the reason Akatsuki use that sword is because he can infuse his Chi tech on the sword for extra power (if he infuse Chi with other weapon, the weapon will likely to be broken after use since the Chi is too strong). More about the sword later as it is revealed in the LN…

    Now about our red hair whatever… I will say one thing, this will not be the last you see him… (meaning he is not just a push over character)

    thanks for the awesome plot summary, zephyr, and hope you continue cover the show since it is DOING PLOT xD

  2. Material LN + = GREAT original material.
    It’s the best of this season, great protagonist, fanservice in control, history until now in advance (please keep it that way with a few original chapters).
    One question: Izumi end in love with Akatsuki or / will remain lesbian/curious hands? not that it bothers me that she is Yuri, I hate the fanservice “yuri-harassing” repeatedly shown throughout the season.

    1. I hate the fanservice “yuri-harassing” repeatedly shown throughout the season.

      You must be the only yuri hater of this site. Why would anyone hate yuri? 🙁

      Anyway, great episode and great fanservice. Got to love that lesbian stalker.

      John Hayabusa
      1. Do not hate yuri, I barely care whether or not within the content of a series. But do not feel like or attraction to see scenes with yuri fanservice, as man is a part that gets to see, but then I feel empty. The yuri is not within my preferences simply. And it bothers me that focus more on fanservice too long and miss the advance of history.

      2. I respect your point but whether you like it or not, we may see more of that yuri stalker (and fanservice, definitely) in this anime. There is always yuri for every year or season.

        John Hayabusa
      3. Do not worry, Hagure Yuusha’s really cool to be complaining every episode for a few seconds of fanservice, this was only a small relief for now. My comet are only asking for explanations and spoilers ask, and say what I liked about the episode. Promise I will not be negative in most of my comments.

  3. this week ep

    onore Akatsuki get silent & cracker snack treatment by miu
    oh red hair bully as usual Akatsuki rid of the red bully.
    shorty class rep being hmm by big green do something about DECADE Akatsuki.
    give shorty being pressure a lot so Akatsuki doing his way help shorty.
    while miu & the lesbian sneak check while the lesbian want play miu.
    after some talk all good give Akatsuki & shorty go huh with miu & the lesbian.
    student council members meet with big green wonder to do?
    here class ice pres guy give he handle it all give big green all shock take it a yes.
    meanwhile bit “something hmm” & oh training time with 3 wet girls do own train.
    Akatsuki vs red hair bully equal Akatsuki with one band still own you.
    then here come wild out of control CHICKEN MONSTER.
    with attack make people goes “rocky” then 3 wet girls attack but nope.
    shorty & the lesbian block save for miu with got “rocky”.
    give miu know what happen if “rocky” breaks tried to defend.
    here come DECADE aka Akatsuki to rescue with his summon BIG SWORD.

    next ep yea everyone will fine & no longer “rocky” cause here come super Akatsuki.

  4. Whats wrong with you Zephyr? WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO TOY WITH OUR FEELINGS LIKE THIS!!! You say you enjoyed the plot development and you act like this episode hit all the right notes for you BUT you still say you’re not sure your gonna blog this… Do you enjoy this torture your doing to use. This is most likely THE BEST hero anime this season and your thinking about just shoving it to side while other more cliche anime get the full red carpet coverage on this site.

    Sorry i had to heckle you there just ignore it if you wish but i had to get my opinion out there that’s all.

    Also the episode was amazing but by my rantings you could already figure out i was thinking that anyway.

    Allen Walker
    1. I read Chinese translations… so far vol. 1-7 are translated. Vol.8 is out in Japan but haven’t been translated, and vol.9 is coming out in Japan soon…

      If you want translation or anything else regarding this series, just find me in the IRC channel 🙂

  5. This series really turn out better than i thought, so far been following LN nicely, Akatsuki may look strong but in reality hes pretty weak in the series or rather there are just so many ppl more powerful than him. But one thing I do notice is rather than his strength he is more of the intelligence type than physical, is like every action he takes has a deeper meaning. A lot of stuff we see from him might be perverted act and stuff but in fact he actually use his perverted act to cover up his deeper actions like placing a protection seal on someone. All I can say is you really have to pay more attention to his actions, it just might not always be what it seems.

    1. benz, how far are you into the LN? Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

  6. I lol’ed. This series is starting to surprise me, and I think I like it!

    But dammit, I need to hurry up and finish watching E7 (only on ep 29 right now) before your Blast from the past post! XD

  7. jrj can you please explain me in spoiler why this president hacked into the computer and make this monster so strong is he try to kill the main character or somthing?becouse he look evil guy

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  8. When I grow up, I want to have powers like Akatsuki has – I promise I’ll only use them
    for (my) good, and not evil… Please….

    I thought this episode flowed well with the 1st two. It gave the character some depth; rather
    than constant fan-service, we actually see consequences from his actions. He’s (basically) confident
    enough to make bold choices, while thinking of others, to support those who are close to him and that
    he treasures. He knows he’ll be misunderstood, but his actions are sincere, selfless, and long-term.

    This is a man's man, IMHO.

    I loved the way he handled the class rep – very touching. But most of all, I love that his amazing
    confidence bears no conceit – and that’s what makes this character work so well. He’ll meet any
    challenger, though he does not provoke them.

    I want this community to know that my praise and judgement of Akatsuki has nothing, absolutely
    nothing I say
    , to do with his ability to snatch girls under-garments at will. Now, about that
    bridge for sale…

    Zephyr, I hope you continue to blog Estetica as I truly believe your patience will not be without fruit – please….

  9. I’m not watching it for the boobs, and I don’t really care about the lack or presence of sexual fanservice. That episode sure was a blast. Your remark about Akatsuki having right from the start the personality that would take quite a while for another character in another show to build up to is very pertinent, I hope you’ll keep covering the show for more thoughts like that.

  10. Holy shit how can you watch this. Gave it the 3 episode test, thinking “No way this can be worse than the second”; closed the window as soon as things got even rapey-er. This is like

    And if people think they’re not watching for the boobies, they’re deluding themselves.

  11. Holy shit how can you watch this. Gave it the 3 episode test, thinking “No way this can be worse than the second”; closed the window as soon as things got even rapey-er. This is distilled anime creepy.

    And if people think they’re not watching for the boobies, they’re deluding themselves.


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