「Amici d’infanzia」
“Childhood Friends”

Today’s episode continued where the last one left off so there is still an awkward atmosphere around Felicitá and Libertá. There wasn’t much more to that as the rest of the episode was dedicated to Nova! To me, Nova always seemed like a brat, and to be honest, I didn’t really like him very much at the beginning of this anime, but with this episode, I’ve changed my mind.

I admire Nova a lot now. It’s quite hard to make rational decisions like he did when you have to choose between justice and family. His cold attitude has finally gotten an explanation. Rivalry between the families caused the child to suffer. It’s a bit surprising that Nova who is so young managed to make this kind of decision – to put his parents to sleep using his Arcana power, the power of a Shinigami. Of course, doing such a thing at young age when you probably need a lot of support from your family has left its marks on him. He appears to be all dried up inside, but I think he still has a soft spot for Felicitá.

It’s quite interesting to compare Nova to Libertá. They’re both so similar yet different from each other. Libertá who got over his past is now stuck with his contradicting thoughts while Nova on the other hand can’t get past his contradicting background but doesn’t let that sink him in present time. They both lack what the other has. I assume whatever Felicitá has in mind will help them accept both their past and present and perhaps unite them a bit more. I really hope that happens because it’s a bit frustrating to watch these two guys all the time while the others who are equally interesting have so little screen time. I really want to see more of the others now, especially Luca and Jolly.

Speaking of Jolly, I didn’t think he could get any more mysterious but it turns out that I’m wrong. Using unauthorized methods to get his hands on an object in the lab, and on top of that, he changes the lock on the door from time to time – what could he be up to? The preview for next week’s episode implies that he might imprison Felicitá, Libertá, and Nova. I’m starting to doubt his loyalty to the family, but at the same time, I think he might just be the troll of the show, so I’m not really worried.

Well, whatever Jolly might be up to, I hope it helps our main trio overcome their issues so we can move on to other characters!





    1. Stupid show, why doesn’t it just go away from RC!! I hate this show!! I can’t believe a 2nd RC blogger brought this back from the dead; it was too good to be true 2 weeks ago when the 1st blogger dropped it.

      Everyone, keeps on bringing the hate! We need to protest against this injustice called “La storia della Arcana Famiglia”!! I’ve not seen this much hatred fully justified on episode comment section every week since Guilty Crown. I swear, go back each and every past week coverage of this show and you’ll see how much grief this sad little show is brining to RC community! It’s tearing us all part! ha ha ha!

      …Well, on the other hand, if this show is attempting to wean off too much anime watching from us anime watchers, it’s succeeding manifestly! In fact, it’s working so well that I’ve started to lose interests in anime ALL TOGETHER! LOL! So if you find yourself spending too much time watching anime in general and not getting work done, this show is for you! I fully recommend it as a shock therapy!!

      1. Just because you hate this show does not mean there aren’t others who like it. I, for one, am not watching this show, but these hate-filled and negative posts accumulating on every episode’s post for this show insults Stereoman’s efforts and everyone else who actually enjoys this show.

        The main thing that I enjoy at RC is that the bloggers blog diverse shows. If the bloggers only dedicated to blogging the most popular shows, we’d only have Sword Art Online (not putting this show down, for the record, I actually like SAO) here. You are welcome to hate this show, but please stop spreading the negativity on this blog. No one is forcing you to watch this show or read the posts. Just putting my two cents in, as this kind of attitude is starting to aggravate me.

      2. Wrtiers all have their own preferences. Respect the fact that Stereo wanted to pick this show up instead please. There are plenty of other great shows airing this season, losing ONE such as Binbougami ga isn’t going to kill everything ^^. There are other forums and blogs out there that are intently praising Binbougami if you really need the outlet.

        Please guys, refrain from expressing your hatred for this show with such raw and unbacked intensity. I’m all for disagreement, but only if it’s civil and researched, whilst also being respectable of differing opinions. Use that energy to support those posts that you really want to keep alive instead, ne?

    2. I still remembered back in 2004 or 2005, whatever show Omni or divine decided to blog, they got all the readers support. It is their blog and they have shows they want to blog. Now it’s 2012 and there are times I start to see more of the people who think they are entitled to have the authors blog shows they want. Random Curiosity is now a big blog but at its core, it is still a blog for authors who have shows that they want to watch but at the same time want to share their thoughts.

      What greatly confuses me about the haters is… why don’t you just skip the post? It’s not like you’re forced to read every article that is posted. Go read something else.

      Anyways. I’m really surprised at the development of Liberta and Nova. To be honest, I dislike them for the first few episodes although I did expect that they had their reasons. Now they actually do let us see their reasons why they are the way they are! Now I’m liking them a lot more.

    3. I appreciate the negativity to my post. Perhaps I should of put slightly more effort in to it… I thought the lack of effort would of been appreciated since it matches everything about this series. Lol Oh snap.

      But anyway…!

      Personally I’d rather see the opinions and feedback from respected bloggers about series that are actually worth watching than have their talents and writing skills wasted on a series like this. That’s the reason I come to RC over other places.
      For example, if I wanted to read a blog hating on every series produced after 1989 I’d go read Aroduc’s blog.

      If only there was a tickbox so you wouldn’t see blog entries from series you’re not interested.
      But eh! Each to their own I guess.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

      P Ko
      1. It goes back to the same issue as before. You are OBVIOUSLY not the intended audience. It’s simple really. The intended audience is for those who likes adaptions of otome games. If you are a lover of harem shows in which the main guy have the affections of many girls, would you go watch a show about a girl who have the affections of many guys? You won’t. Since you’re not the target audience, you can’t really say whether a show is worth it or not.

        This was the same issue with some freelancer who reviewed Atelier Meruru for the PS3 on gamespot. He completely wrote the review… bashing about the colorful, cutesy, style of the game. Hey dude, this game is not for you, why the hell are you playing it? It’s like telling a FPS fan to go play and review jRPGs which is a genre he/she hates.

        Arduoc… is a different case. I actually love his blog too although I don’t agree with him but I nonetheless enjoy the snarky comments he makes of every show.

  1. Good review, Stereoman. I share most of your thoughts. I first thought Nova would be a brat too, but he turned out to be quite respectable. Poor guy voided his engagement to Fel even though I think both get along really well.

    I’m also dying to know more about Luca and Jolly. Jolly is already suspicious, but Luca is the one with secrets and a double-faced personality.

  2. I like the characters and am having fun with the show. It’s based off an otome game, I never went into watching this show thinking it’s an action series. So I say keep up the good work~! BTW I love all the characters, but I really like Debito. He doesn’t seem to be getting enough love though…

    Maneki Neko
  3. I agree that this episode added a lot of depth to Nova’s character and made him much more likable. It was kind of disappointing though that finding out more about Nova’s back story meant Liberta not getting much character development this episode. Like you, I would also like to learn more about Luca and Jolly and I’m especially interested in finding out what Jolly is hiding in his lab. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  4. First of all to the haters above me, if you really hate the series so bad I fucking question WHY all of you are here spreading your hate when no one is forcing you to watch this anymore let alone come on the blog.

    I admit I was one of those people who thought about dropping it but things changed for the better.

    So long story short everyone. If you really hate Arcana Famiglia THAT much, heres a suggestion, DON’T COME ON THE FUCKING BLOG. Simple as that really :D.

    Anyway I agree with stereoman 100% Nova became a much more likable character to me. Now I can’t wait for episode 6.

    Looks like Liberta, Nova, and Felicita again same as it was on Ep 2. But I’m really interested in Jolly now. I want to see what he’s hiding. Why he’s so distant yet so manipulative. Knowing Felicita she would’ve read his mind right then and there but my guess is Jolly is just that level headed.

    Jolly may be some kinda antagonist here but he just keeps getting more badass by the episode

      1. Stereoman enjoys the series and was generous enough to continue to blog it for the REST of US that enjoy the series. Yes there may be better anime to blog more than Arcana, but that doesn’t give you the right to come on the blog and say stuff like “drop it already blog something else” or stuff like that. Be lucky he’s blogging something at all. And if the show you like isn’t being blogged (like Binbougami ga! I admit I wish it was being blogged cause it’s awesome) then wait. It MIGHT be blogged in the future if not then just enjoy the show and find another website that’s blogging it.

        But don’t stomp on stereoman’s hard work by telling him to blog something that in your opinion is worth blogging -__-.

        Just get off this damn blog already man if you don’t have anything to say about Arcana Famiglia. IDC if you wanna continue posting negativity anymore go ahead by all means. But as I said stereoman was nice enough to continue to blog a show that alot of people including himself likes.

        Quit bitchin and moanin cause anime like Binbougami ga! isn’t being blogged.

      2. It should be blogged am just saying. Arcana Famiglia just bombed it after episode 1. The show is like a reverse harem that go around doing odd jobs instead of cool stuff. and this Arcana Battle seems to be the only thing that everyone is looking forward too, but we all know they will ruin that too.

      3. Ok it should be blogged we get it. You want it to be blogged -_-. Guess what man, it’s not being blogged right now -_- get over it. No one is forcing you to watch it or come on the blogs. Gtfo of here if you don’t want this to be blogged. As a matter of fact just change websites if your that butthurt about it

      4. It’s a bit obvious that you came into this show expecting bam boom ass kicking Mafia style with bishoujos and stuff. Apparently you made a mistake and did not know that this is an adaption of an otome game. Now you saying it bombs because it did not fit your wrong expectations.

        It would be kind of funny if viewers expecting an otome adaptations and when watched MUV LUV TE and then started throwing a tantrum because they’re wondering where are the hot guys are at. Same problem. They’re not the target audience.

        Also, just to be clear, Zanibas stopped BLOGGING the show. However he is continuing to WATCH the show but with different expectations now since he understands it’s an otome game adaptation. That means the show is doing something right for what it is supposed to be.

  5. oh my though lol don’t know what others expectations was i like it
    come on ppl is an otome game adaptation and plus is decent
    i know many thought wil be some kind of HKR
    will is not not
    thanks STEREOMAN for blogging it
    are haters but are others which really enjoy it
    sometime random ep are good

  6. Nova and Libertá still makes the show better when APART and no ware in the same scene. The characterization for Nova on this episode makes all those jibes Libertá made at him in previous episodes even more shallow and its the lack of understanding of each other which I STILL can’t understand since almost everyone were around each other on that island in the same building for at LEAST 3 years, you’d think that they come to an understanding by now and the show made it feel that Nova and Libertá are complete strangers that just met yesterday (in Ep 1)

    Felicitá looks even more dull (if you count that blank look she she always have on her face) when seen with Nova and Libertá’s backstory revealed and Nova did make a valid point Felicitá gets pampered FAR too much and should get experience with interacting with people who wont walk on glass when talking to her.

    Another thing I find odd is that her dress sense totally CONFLICTS with her self conscious/innocent personality (her refusal to wear a dress in episode 1 was thought to be a act of defiance but that too was just for show!) the super short skirt that she wears while her attacks primarily rely on High Kicks which in previous episodes showed her embarrassed at the prospect of showing her panties. It makes her out to be a fan-service character with no emotional depth and Luca had a hand in making her that way…

    Jolly is by far the most annoying character to be seen, lets see:
    1) No interaction with other characters beyond Dante (if that much)
    2) We haven’t seen anything in the way of his purpose in the family
    3) Looking smug while wearing shades and always conveniently at the scene of something important while dropping (painfully) obvious hints that he’s up to something

    If something important happens concerning him I would not be surprised cause there was next to no suspense leading to his character being ‘Shady and Underhanded’ it just was put out there since Ep 1

    The whole show seem to be based on the Arcana but the actual DEEPER meaning and character development that reflect said Arcana are disappointingly ABSENT, I having played the persona games (all of them) and expected to see the Arcana playing a important role in the powers of its user and how the personality will reflect it, not just a name that a certain power is listed under just to sound cool.

    Speaking of those Arcana powers, are MOST of the characters unable to use theirs and all those years on the island was for naught? When is this so-called tournament going to start and WHY haven’t anyone even mentioned it more besides Nova, Felicitá and Libertá showing anyone else training to WIN? Everyone seemed interested in episode 1 so what the hell?

    I guess what’s turning most people off from watching this is that the presentation and initial impression of episode 1 that have left expectations of a more deeper plot driven action centric show that didn’t deliver even half of that and there is fear of this show story being rushed since this is ep 5 of 12 that’s right TWELVE episodes and the backstory is now being explained for TWO characters out of 8 (if you exclude Big Mamma and Pappa) who will probably have to share their backstory with three or more arcana users PER following episodes to not end up being pointless and fit the plot in the remaining episodes.

    I’m STILL feeling the sting of some certain shows that left me jilted last season and is reluctant to follow this show to the end with far better story pacing going on in other shows, I can dedicate only so much of my time to watch Anime and with me following 13 other shows this season I find it hard to not drop it but will continue to finish what I started (its not THAT bad…)

  7. Hmm this episode just solidified Nova into the friend-zone now. And most animes with previous engagement never work out to be finalized at the end. It’s was interesting to learn of the characters’ past and develop their characters at the same time. Familial bonds really start at a young age and grow through time. Also, I don’t think Nova is a brat when he’s so responsible and goal-oriented, and his loyalty to the family is reassuring with his sense of justice. He might just have boy-shyness to make people think he’s a bratty teen.

    random viewer
  8. I haven’t always been Nova’s biggest fan, but I do like him a lot more than I did before after this episode. Arcana Famiglia’s biggest strength is its interesting characters and because they’ve been highlighting on them in the past two episodes, the show has been improving. It’s only with their backstories that we can really get attached to them, and I was very happy to see that they continued the conflict between Liberta and Felicita from last episode instead of forgetting about it. I’m hoping they’ll highlight another character next week instead of this trio again, but I don’t know. With almost half the series over, they need to get on this!

    Either way, I’m really looking forward to how they handle the rest of the series! This may not be the best series, but as far as otome adaptations go, it’s still doing pretty well in my book.


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