Episode 3

OP1.5 Sequence

OP: 「Reason why xxx」 by Sayaka Sasaki
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「危険なアイドル」 (Kiken na Aidoru)
“Dangerous Idol”

The most interesting part about this episode was that it got a proper OP and ED. The OP had all the rehashed scenes replaced with some new scenes now that the three main girls were introduced. The most interesting part of the OP is where they showcase all the “special” people at their school. We’ve already seen a few of them (like the guy who eats while doing a handstand) but we’re guaranteed to be introduced to some more.

The also ED got some proper ecchi material. As a replacement for DxD though, the ED definitely isn’t as good visually. Nothing beats something as ridiculous as DxD’s ED which was extremely gif-able. The ED showed Ryosuke putting the moves on Lisara where he ends up kissing her. I think the manga and light novel are still publishing so it would probably mean this is anime original. Despite the harem aspect of the show it gives off a one-true-pair feeling. It would probably be better if he ended up with Mina though since she’s normal, knows, appreciates, and cares for him a great deal according to Quele.

I was surprised at the way Lisara handled how she first saw Iria (Fukuen Misato). While they were checking her out in a room on the projector with Mushiyori Muneyo (one of the students that supposedly has a unique “power”). She did give off the slightest hint of knowing her until the very end which I find odd behavior for someone who is their rival. I guess all their past history is something she would rather not revisit.

Muneyo’s unique gift is being able to size someone’s breast just by looking at them. I have to admit it’s an amazing yet utterly uselessly power. I don’t understand how that would translate to having high spiritual energy. In Ryosuke’s case I can understand that it’s like getting aroused. In this case I don’t see how it would translate unless being able to guess someone’s size correctly gave her some kind of thrill. That would just make her a weirdo.

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EDED2.5 Sequence

ED: 「Platinum 17」 by yozuca*
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Episode 4

「胸囲の格差社会」 (Kyōi no Kakusa Shaka)
“Bust Circumference Disparate Society”

While he watches Iria in a Merlot Insurance commercial, he forgot that she previously tried to take out himself and Lisara. Ryosuke is really a man who doesn’t think…Or at least he thinks with his genitals at the helm. This isn’t limited to only him since I’ve seen some people act super irrational when it comes to women. I guess when you’re a perverted guy it can’t be helped.

Iria’s explanation of Lisara’s sword coupled with the scenes of some unknown person seems to imply that the clan that has the other half of the sword will at some point make an appearance. Another piece of interesting information seems to be that someone at Merlot wants to ruin Lisara’s chance at finding the person she needs to form a real contract with. Of course in my mind, Ryosuke is already that dude since he has a weird power as it is.

It’s poetic justice that Iria’s boobs turned out to be fake. All she ever did was make Lisara overly self-conscious about the size of her breasts. Even it feels like karma prevailed, I’m kind of bummed out by the fact that the show loses out on its only big-breasted character. Almost every anime has some character with gigantic breasts. Who is going to fill that role in Boku H now?

There are a couple different reasons why Ryosuke’s energy level did rise as much as Iria anticipated. The first reason could have been that since Iria’s boobs where fake, Ryosuke couldn’t get super aroused by them. Another reason could have been that he truly does like Lisara so feeling the woman’s boobs that you like would be far better than touching some random person’s lady lumps. I’d like to think it’s the latter rather than the former. We already know that Ryosuke thinks every woman has things about her that make her special.

* Biggest WTF moment was when Ryosuke put his kingdom into Lisara’s face with impunity.
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  1. the 4th episode reinforces Ryosuke x Lisara vibes much… it takes HER assets to bring out his energy…
    for the series blatantly relying on ecchiness and fanservice its actually getting quite emotional… who would think?

  2. So the ‘special specimen’ trail let to Ryosuke at the end of the episode. He is also able to replenish his energy in a short time (from epi 1)… Wonder if they will pull some hidden potenial reveal with him near the end.

  3. Ryosuke couldn’t get super aroused by them.

    You’re missing the point of this fine series, IMHO. Our hero, Ryosuke, time and again, has
    stated that size doesn’t matter, but each girl has her own unique treasure; that girls
    even exist is his treasure.

    I’m actually beginning to believe this series is a sweet and clever parody <sic> on a guy’s size
    (not that it matters as it’s what’s inside that counts, right girls? ☺).

    Definitely Ryosuke × Lisara as others have noted. Just a great, fun series, so far.
    But, the danger of this series is if Ryosuke does not grow beyond thinking with his lesser head,
    then we will be overcome with monotony and cliché. He’s definitely showing signs that he
    thinks of her a little more special than just a boob rack, so I’m hoping…

    Anyone notice there’s a lot of boobs in this season’s Anime… (I’d never complain about that!)

    Thanks for covering Unlisted, hope you continue to do so!

  4. Quote “* Biggest WTF moment was when Ryosuke put his kingdom into Lisara’s face with impunity.”

    I thought she is gonna kill him for doing that, but turn out, she didn’t…

  5. Am i the only one who thinks this is just a straight rip-off of Shakugan no Shana?

    -That skill Nil thing they use is exactly the same as the Fuzetsu that the flame hazes from shana use. It even fixes damaged areas after its taken down, plus they both are sphere shaped and require the male main characters energy to fix things.
    -Both chicks have red hair and control fire.
    -Both main male characters are a power source for the chicks.(For this guy its libido, for Yuji is Reji Mago)
    -Both chicks are technically in the same business of dealing with the dead.
    -Both have child hood friends who have big tits.(And are romance characters)
    -Both chicks have anger issues.

    The only thing that’s different is that Shakugan no Shana is WAY better. Yuji is a total BOSS compared to this guy who’s the typical harem weakling who gets bullied by the female protagonist. The only 1 up thing he can do is get a few ero moments.

    Allen Walker
  6. Yuji was a total boss in the third season INDEED, but in the first and second seasons, i can’t say he was much diferente than our heroic harem hero in this anime is ‘-‘, can’t say i agree with your theory Allen Walker
    And, if the opening is true on the anime, our harem protagonist isn’t that weak if he can shoot gundam beams out of his chest lol


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