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The most anticipated battle is finally here. Both teams have strong supporters. Everyone has high expecations for this spectacular showdown between four Dragon Slayers.

As soon as the sound of a gong rings, the battle is on. Natsu doesn’t hesitate, he goes straight for Sting who is a bit surprised by Natsu’s sudden approach. Same goes for Rogue who is up against Gajeel. Both Sabertooth’s Dragon Slayer end up getting punched in their faces by the ones from FAIRY TAIL.

Natsu doesn’t stop, he keeps landing hits on Sting; Gajeel does the same on his opponent. After a while, Sting is the first one to use magic in the battle. He uses his “White Dragon’s Roar” – an attack that seems like a laser beam. Natsu dodges the attack by ducking; the beam nearly hits Gajeel instead (this laser isn’t straight) who is busy countering Rogue’s “Shadow Dragon’s Slash” with an “Iron Dragon’s Sword”.

The counter is successful and sends Rogue flying towards Natsu who grabs the guy and runs towards Sting, sending them both flying with his “Flame Dragon’s Wing Attack”.

Everyone but FAIRY TAIL is surprised as they find it quite odd that the twin dragons of Fiore’s strongest guild are being pressured.

Sting tells his opponents that they are strong as expected. Natsu questions their strength by asking if they really beat dragons with that level of power and Sting replies by saying that he killed them – his own parents.

The dragons of Sabertooth are going to show FAIRY TAIL the power that kills dragons. Both of them uses their “Drive” power, allowing themselves to be surrounded by an aura of their magic.

Sting lands a hit on Natsu – “The Judgement of Holy White” while Gajeel is hit by Rogue who says that shadows cannot be captured (his entire form looks a bit like a shadow). Gajeel tries to punch Rogue but his fists only passes through Rogue’s shadowy body.

Sabertooth has completely turned the tables with their amplification magic. Sting tells Natsu that he always looked up to him and his goal was to surpass him – now is that time. Sting marks Natsu’s torso with a “White Dragon’s Claw” – a holy attack that takes the freedom away from the person being marked by the stigmata of it. Rogue tells Gajeel that the dragon that becomes a shadow hides itself while hunting its prey.

Both Gajeel and Natsu counters the very powerful attacks Sabertooth’s dragons were approaching them with. It turns out Natsu burned away the mark from his body. Gajeel elbows Rogue’s chin and reminds Sabertooth to not look down on FAIRY TAIL.

Sting has to use the best of his best now. He tells Natsu that his fists will turn flames to ash. He uses a secret Dragon Slayer art – “Holy Nova” but Natsu grabs Sting’s fist in his own. Rogue heads for Gajeel only to be punched away.

FAIRY TAIL surprises everyone as they’ve only had three months of training. The levels are far too different. Sabertooth’s dragons are worn out but they won’t give up yet. Lector is crying for Sting who assures his Exceed comrade that he won’t lose. It seems that the two of them share a strong childhood. Rogue and String rise again. They unleash their final form of Dragon Slayer magic – “Dragon Force”.

Before I unleash my thoughts on this chapter, I’d like to apologize for the delay. So, now, let’s move on to the chapter itself.

Wow, just wow. This chapter, I don’t know how to describe it – fantastic? I think everyone was anticipating this battle more than anything in this arc. For me, this truly lived up to my expectations, even surpassing them. I haven’t been so impressed as I am now since Erza won her battle. This chapter was simply remarkable!

While we knew that Natsu and Gajeel had gone through some training, we hadn’t really been given any chance to see them use their strength in a battle (the Chariot event wasn’t a “battle”) so it was really nice to see them fight after such a long time and I must say that I’m amazed by how far they’ve come in such short time. Just that itself, to me, is enough to mark their guild as the strongest one! I doubt Sting and Rogue would be able to achieve the same kind of results if they were in Natsu and Gajeel’s situation.

The first few attacks on the dragons of Sabertooth made me really happy as I’ve been wanting to see them being taught a lesson for what they’ve done and their attitude in general, but as usual, there are two sides to every coin. I still want Sabertooth to lose this battle, but Sting and Lector’s unknown promise made me sympathize a bit with them. I don’t know anything about Sting or Rogue. There could be something deep behind their nasty attitudes, and knowing the character patterns the author of this manga likes to use, I assume Sting and Rogue might be good guys in the future, I mean, just look at Gajeel! But as I said, I want Sabertooth to lose, especially Minerva, however, she’s not up for this round so I’ll leave it at that.

Sting and Rogue both have very interesting kinds of magic. I wasn’t very impressed with Sting’s Dragon Slayer art, but Rogue on the other hand – shadows are very handy. How Natsu overpowered Sting was explained, but the same can’t be said about Gajeel being able to land a hit on Rogue’s shadow form. I assume Rogue must be solid while attacking so Gajeel took his chance when he was about to be punched. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

The battle was very intense throughout the entire chapter. It was a bit fun to see Sting and Rogue amplify themselves and “upgrade” their magic so much while Natsu and Gajeel did nothing but fight as they usually do without enhancing their abilities. To be honest, when the chapter ended with the dragons of Sabertooth unleashing “Dragon Force”, I wasn’t as shocked as the audience was. Natsu and Gajeel haven’t used very advanced magic yet so they’ve probably got an ace up their sleeves that might help them surpass their opponents despite the difference in magic. Let’s see if my assumption is correct next week when the battle will continue.

Moete kitazou!

Note: Mashima Hiro is releasing an art book called “Fantasia” containing FAIRY TAIL illustrations on Aug 17!


  1. If both Sabertooth dragon slayers had to resort to the “ultimate form” of Dragon Force just to get on even footing with Natsu and Gajeel, then I’m not very impressed either. Natsu and Gajeel has yet to eat anything either, or activate their own Dragon Force, so once they do this match will return to being one-sided.

      1. Perhaps not before, but who knows what they can do now after obtaining the second origin (for Natsu) and three months worth of training (for Gajeel).

        Remember before, Gajeel did not have the same motion sickness weakness, but now that he does it may mean he has reached another level in the dragon slayer magic.

      2. really though, if nothing else, narratively it would be idiotic if Sting and Rogue’s dragon force was so powerful as to beat Natsu and Gajeel when they have yet to use any particularly advanced magic and Sting/Rogue have been driven into a corner.

        that would just be a nonsensical level of final move power escalation.

  2. FT OWNING ST not surprising but the fight WAS FREAKING AWESOME EPIC INCREDIBLE .. etc !! seriously this is the best fight i’ve seen in mangas for a fucking loooooooooong time .. even if they activated dragon force, Natsu didn’t activate “lightning fire mode” same with Gajeel didnt use his metal Scales or activate his new secret ability SO LEts move on for orge and laxus fight !

  3. For me, white dragon slayer magic is somewhat vague. It could have been better if it’s light but that would be a tad vague. So far, it has elements of light with it, e.g. laser-like beams and marking/stigmata. On the other hand, Rogue is very different from the persona he exudes. I thought he is calm and collected guy but he is more agitated than Sting.

    Natsu and Gajeel still hasn’t used second origin power/magic, only 2nd generation enhanced skills. Maybe, because of 2nd origin, they can also unleash dragon force at will.

    This fight is worthy of hype. Like you, I’m also interested in the upcoming match between Erza and Minerva. That would also be epic. Unfortunately, we might not see it soon because I think this fight would last 3 chapters or more. But, I’m not upset about that since we’re getting 4 dragon slayers goodness.

  4. Thanks for the cliffhangers… I certainly enjoy Sabertooth ass getting kick and their pride being slowly burned and “insert metal ability”( I cannot think of anything metal can do unlike fire burned, water drown/washed) by Natsu and Gajeel… Sabertooth really felt useless here… And they dun know the rule of engagement: once the bell ring for start, immediately beat your opponent and dun stop until the bell ring for stop… Still, I like Laxus more…

  5. “I still want Sabertooth to lose this battle, but Sting and Lector’s unknown promise made me sympathize a bit with them. I don’t know anything about Sting or Rogue. There could be something deep behind their nasty attitudes, and knowing the character patterns the author of this manga likes to use, I assume Sting and Rogue might be good guys in the future, I mean, just look at Gajeel! But as I said, I want Sabertooth to lose, especially Minerva, however, she’s not up for this round so I’ll leave it at that.”

    Oh, no no no no no. I will never sympathize with Sting. I despised his faggotty stalkery ass from the minute I saw him and it just escalated. I really wanted Natsu to punch the hell out of him black and blue till he died and never see his faggotty face ever again! He looks stupid and he looks like a prostitute! I do not care for him whatsoever and I do not want to see his PAST!

    On the other hand, Rogue and the rest of Sabertooth I don’t mind seeing. Sure what Minerva did was very underhanded but that’s the perfect kind of evil! Sting is just a plain wannabe asshole! I mean, every panel his face is in, doesn’t he irritate you? Everytime with his smug face and prostitute like clothes. (I mean, wtf kind of clothes is that. Feathers and showing of his abs. A PROSTITUTE I TELL YA!)

    Alright, enough about that faggot and more on the chapter itself. Other than the fact that I love how Natsu and Gajeel beat the crap out of whatshisface and Rogue, the fight itself was wonderful but it’s kinda predictable. Natsu’s fight is always kinda predictable. (Last fights it would be Natsu losing then getting a power up and winning), but on this chapter it was the opposite. It would have been more unpredictable if Natsu and Gajeel WERE doing a curb-sided battle with their opponents despairing.

    Well, Mashima’s strong point isn’t storyline but the awesomeness of the execution. I can’t wait for more Natsu beating the pulp out of Sting.

    1. Remember the fact that Natsu and Gajeel’s physical skills are enhanced by second origin, and that Rogue and Sting only used their 2nd Gen. abilities, dragon slayer magic + amplifying magic or lacrima. They haven’t used 3rd Gen. abilities in this chapter.

  6. OK man unlike you that “for the sake of Lector” speech Sting gave made me want Natsu kick his ass even more, how conceited can someone be? If you have enough morals to be able to fight for someone else’s sake then why do you laugh at other people’s misery? Why do you laugh when a weak person is bullied? Sting deserve a hard hitting lesson in the idea of fighting for someone’s sake, and realize that other people matter too.

    Note: We have had so far two powerups from the two Sabertooth dragon slayers while Natsu and Gajeel don’t even look like they’re being serious >> Conclusion if Natsu and Gajeel somehow end up in Dragon Force mode too then Sting and Rogue are royally screwed. What would be even more humiliating is if Natsu and Gajeel emerge victorious without using Dragon Force. That can only be described in one word: “Ouch.”

  7. I have a feeling that the original dragons have something to do with why the FT dragon slayers are so powerful, since it’s stated that the Sabertooth ones killed their own parent ones… This arc seems to be revolving around the dragons, after all, judging from the past chapter.

    1. I really doubt that Sting and Rouge were able to kill their dragon parents. Most likely, the dragons allowed themselves to be killed, in order to allow them to become third generation dragon slayers.

      My theory is that Sting and Rouge were unable to truly master the dragon slayer magic (hence why they admired Natsu and Gajeel, who could). For the sake of their children, the dragons sacrificed themselves and became the dragon lacrima that are now implanted in them, to act as a substitute power.

  8. After eating Lacrima from the fight with Jellal and absorbing thunder magic from Laxus, I think Natsu might count as a third generation but this is just a guess. I’m hoping of course but still a guess.

  9. Amazing chapter !, i was very surprised of the strong opening of FT ! as we know mashima he always start wuth our main guys being in a disadvantage then powering up from god knows where then beating their foe, he really changed that fast ^^ but that is kinda understandablle since this is happening right after what happened with Lucy -_-

    lol a lot of Sting hatters ! I don’t have any feelings for the guy but I think he is a SHOWOFF,

    guys start loving sting and rougu , because they are going to join FT for sure ^^ << i remember Makarov SAYING ONCE THAT NOW THERE ARE 3 DRAGON SLAYERS IN FT , JUST AS THE PROPHICY SAID ??

  10. Why do I suddenly feel this is going to be one of those curb-stomp battles? I mean sure Sting and Rogue will put up a fight, but nobody and I mean nobody messes with Fairy Tail. After what they did to Lucy, be afraid Sabertooth be very afraid.

    I’m waiting for Erza vs. Minerva battle, it’s gonna be EPIC!!

  11. This has to be my favorite beginning of a fight that I have seen of Fairy Tail in a long time if not of the whole series. I wasn’t a too big of a fan of this arc for a while but it has really gotten amazing in the past couple months. I am stoked for the rest of this arc between this fight, the rest of the fights with Sabertooth along with the overall plot of the arc that still hasn’t been explained. All I can say is that Fairy Tail already has 3 Dragon Slayers so after this arc why not 5.

  12. It was a pretty interesting chapter, but theres something that really bothers me that kind of kept me from enjoying it like I should have, since it was an epic start to a fight.

    How the hell did Natsu get so powerful? I know that he activated his second origin like Gajeel, but I recall that Natsu and the others went to the spirit world and 3 months time passed in the span of one day, and that they hardly had any time to train. I can understand and appreciate Gajeel’s strength, but Natsu and the others didn’t really have that much time yet they improved so much. Am I missing something here?

    1. Gajeel didn’t release the second origin as he was not with Natsu and the others when second origin was released. He had 3 months of training while to make up for the lost time Natsu got deus ex machina in the form of Ultear hence his new power. Also it shows how even Lucy should have beat her Sabertooth opponent.

  13. 3rd gen means dragon training and lacrima right? The second gen slayers needed to be in dragon force to use their abilities at all.

    SO I’d say sting and rogue just use the lacrima to push them into dragon force and there’s really no 3rd generation power up coming in the future.

  14. The reason why Natsu and Gajeel plus the rest of Fairy Tail is, they are use to fighting guys stronger than them and win against them. I doubt that the Sabretooth has experience fighting stronger than themselves and win, and if they did it’s not as much as Fairy Tail.

    Like this:

    Fairy Tail vs. Stronger Guild


    Sabretooth vs. Weaker Guild


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