「Invisible Dictionary」

Funny glasses…Funny glasses everywhere! Quele whips out some funny glasses reminiscent of the ones found in Persona 4. These ones perform similarly allowing spectators to see through the skil nil capsules that prevent people from seeing what is really occurring. It’s hard to take fighting scenes (where our main characters are supposed to be in danger) seriously when this occurs. Was the nose bit really necessary? (LOL)

Half of the episode was dedicated to Ryosuke’s training. He really wants to become someone who isn’t a burden which seems noble until you think about where his power comes from. I don’t know what studying the dictionary does to his pervertedness but having to make connections between words rather than thinking of what gets his kingdom rising is much more indirect and complicated. I guess our male lead can’t just be perverted. He has to make it an art form in order for it to be a unique power. I do admit that linking women to summer is slightly clever. Summers do bring some nice things (especially in Japan). Unfortunately, this special training causes him to ignore Lisara which ultimately leads her to believe that he doesn’t care. I’d take it the wrong way too if I didn’t know what he was doing.

I’m really surprised by how Quele’s crush is progressing. She has turned into a stalker who spies on him every chance she gets. This also reminded me of when the P4 cast was stalking Kanji. It’s kinda creepy she let herself into his house while he was asleep. What did she want to happen while she was there? It all seems very unorthodox since she doesn’t really get much personal time with him. What she gets every night is Mina boasting about his good points while she recharges. I guess harems can be built this way too.

The vastly different visions Mina and Quele had of Ryosuke were pretty funny. Mina envisioned him as an angel while Quele saw a centaur. I don’t know how you could get excited over an angel with pink wings. Mina was even more excited. No little lady, that’s really a horn…Let’s not turn this M rated ecchi show into an AO anime. Ryosuke actually makes for a great centaur though since he appeared mighty and regal.

The boss monsters that Lisara have been fighting up till now have been boring me visually. This week’s monster had an interesting ability though and having mismatches in powers isn’t seen very often. I just wish there was some slight variation in their forms. Pulling out the sword implanted within his chest was very unexpected. We’re finally seeing something more than perversion.

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  1. we need a sister website, called maybe random ecchiness, to cover fully and without NSFW warnings such shows (and another that fits perfectly is Hagure Yuusha)
    Quele getting a crush on our “hero” was a bit of surprise to me… now we have a harem creation in full swing! Deredere Mina, Tsundere Lisara and Yandere Quele?

  2. Talk about imagination, they just brought it to a totally different level that I bet no one on Earth can rival them… A centaur and a angel, how imaginative can you get??

  3. What is this show about anymore, am I the only one who has loose all hope for this series now, sad sad since I was a good fan before this being anime. The LN, manga, even the side story manga about his dog seem so much more enjoyable then this anime.

    1. This anime is a complete rip-off of Shakugan no Shana anyway. But im still wondering what are these monsters they keep fighting and why do even appear anyway? The monsters just seem to be something throwin in there just for action and for the girls to transform into skimpy outfits. At no point are monsters even needed when all their doing is finding talented people for energy.

      Allen Walker
      1. Hmmm… red-headed action girl supported by average-looking male highschooler? wait, I think pre-season 3 Yuji doesnt even compare to our horny magnificent bastard… and Lisara has much better body than Shana (unless youre complete lolicon).
        My take is , if youre into ecchi, this is much better than Shana, if youre more into serious fighting and detailed background story, (oh and lolis!) Shana wins…

      2. Here’s the comparison to Shana.>

        -That skill Nil thing they use is exactly the same as the Fuzetsu that the flame hazes from shana use. It even fixes damaged areas after its taken down, plus they both are sphere shaped and require the male main characters energy to fix things.

        -Both chicks have red hair and control fire.
        -Both main male characters are a power source for the chicks.(For this guy its libido, for Yuji is Reji Mago)
        -Both chicks are technically in the same business of dealing with the dead.
        -Both have child hood friends who have big tits.(And are romantic interests)
        -Both chicks have anger issues.

        -Both Yuji and Ryosuke do nothing to help their female counter parts in battle in the beginning of the series and were often support until they used a weapon(which happens to be a sword in both cases). For Yuji its that sword he got from a denzin and for Ryosuke he just used his sword to fire a beam from his chest.

        Allen Walker
      3. The problem is no matter what hair color/powers/plot/characters you make these days, it’s impossible not to compare it to any existing one. These days, originality is something you don’t find easily. Heck, even if this doesn’t get compared to an anime, it’s gonna be compared to some other LN/manga.

        Long story short, your argument is invalid.

        The Story You Don't Know
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  5. The more this show goes on the more I think Ryousuke is autistic. While I doubt Ryousuke is written this way on purpose but there are enough signs that make me think he is suffering from Autism.

    It’s a pity that harem shows get written so sucky since it would have been an interesting plot point. Why am I even watchig this crap…oh yeah titties.

    1. I don’t think autistic is the word you’re looking for… maybe savant? Or if you meant more derogatorily, an idiot-savant.

      Autistic people CAN be savants, but not all autistic people are, and not all savants are autistic.

      For those of you who aren’t sure what a savant is, it’s a person who appears to have a super-human mental ability like the ability to recall all the information from a phone book, or being able to completely recreate a song on a piano after only hearing it once. Often (but not always) this is paired with some sort of mental disability, like being unable to grasp social subtleties (non-verbal ques such as body language, or even things like sarcasm), or being unable to dress themselves… The scientific term for them are “idiot-savants”.

      The most well known example would be the rain man… Yes yes, done praddling now. whooosh.


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