「猟場の人道主義者」 (Ryouba no Jindoushugisha)
“The Hunting Ground’s Humanitarians”


England’s Plan – The Six Duels to Challenging Toori

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Shakespeare-chan’s Barrier and Much Ado About Nothing

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The “Illusion” of Asama & Kimi Disappearing

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Adele and Suzu – Climbing Into Adele’s Armor

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The Ten Brave Amago Warriors

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Breaking Shakespeare-chan’s Barrier – Noriki Punch!

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Francis Drake and his Wife

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Drake’s Testament Arma – Brachium Justita Vetus

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Yokomichi Masamitsu

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Though I dearly love Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, it is undeniable that it sometimes suffers from the problem of too-much-to-say, too-little-time. I was able to marathon most of the first season, and I think it was better for it. This episode shows why. While not a bad episode, it is clearly a “middle” episode. There’s a lot going on, with a ton of introductions and lots of events happening, but very little in the way of resolutions. As a part of the larger whole, I think it will hold up much better – we would, as we wonder what happened to Masazumi and whether Gin will be able to overcome Drake’s justice, be able to go “Awww screw it, I’ll watch another one!” and pop in Episode 06. As I write this today? Not so much. Still, let’s tackle what happened.

As far as fights go, Masazumi vs Christopher Hatton was one of the more amusing ones. Christopher Hatton (Ookawa Tooru) is, first of all, hilarious! His exaggerated mannerisms, surprisingly good English (trope!) and “for the crime of acting erotic–!” earned most of the laughs I gave this episode. It was also the best cliffhanger of the bunch. As the only non-combatant engaged in a duel, I’m really curious how Masazumi will weasel her way out of messy impalement…assuming she has. Though I can’t imagine Kyoukaisen pulling a Kokoro Connect, so probably she got away. But how, guuuh!!

Kiyonari vs Nicholas Bacon was by far the most unsatisfying duel. It was basically just a lot of exposition strung together without much action. I also didn’t find Nicholas Bacon (Sanpei Yuuko) particularly interesting, though his weapon was pretty cool. Plus, it wasn’t even one of the people in the duel that ended it, but someone else entirely! Though more Noriki is never a bad thing. Overall, I feel that the only thing I’ll remember from their battle is Kiyonari’s declaration that Bacon is a sinner due to his lack of an older sister. Kiyonari, you’re going to be soooo pissed when you learn who Mary really is, aren’t you?

Neito vs F. Walshingham had some good action, but I feel like we’ve only just begun to see the beginning of that battle. It did a better job at balancing exposition and action, with a definite bias towards the action. We also got to see another kickass automated doll in F. Walshingham (Kuwatani Natsuko). I felt like I was watching Kazuno all over again, woo!

Margot vs Hawkins and Cavendish was interesting, if a bit bullshitty. The floating pool notwithstanding, Margot’s victory centered around her ability to consistently find ways to keep breathing despite being under water. They were clever – using the air coming off Hawkins’ (Susumu Chiba) jets and palming some air after she got hit by that obelisk. Still, I’m having trouble figuring out why Hawkins was of the opinion that she absolutely needed air to cast spells. Sure, she needed it to live, but you can still talk without exhaling – I just tried it myself. Plus, there was the fact that Cavendish (Yuzuki Ryouka) was helping him the whole time. Not so much of a duel when it’s 2-on-1! Still, I enjoyed seeing Margot come out on top, and do so while outnumbered and fighting on their field rather than just flying out of the pool and blasting them from afar. Impressive, if maybe not the quickest way to win.

Futayo vs Walter Raleigh was probably the best in pure combat, though I must admit to heavy bias here. Futayo’s fights are almost always my favorites. She only has a few tricks – speed, bind with Tonbokiri, extend said spear, stab – but she uses them in slightly unexpected ways to gain the upper hand in fights. This was again the case when she knocked Walter’s (Ookawa Tooru, again) gravty sword off target just enough to divert the blow and, apparently, drive him off. Also, though Walter’s departure seemed somewhat abrupt, unlike with Bacon it felt like he left because he wasn’t going to beat Futayo as quickly as England’s plans required, not just…because.

Finally, there was Malga vs Drake, which was simultaneously one of the most interesting and the most irksome duels. Faced with Drake’s (Takeuchi Ryouta) Testament Arma (which is, to be frank, pretty bullshit powerful) and without Zwei Fräulein, Malga seemed to be up a creek without a paddle. That said, her plan to buff Drake until his body couldn’t take it anymore was a smart one. Too bad he was even stronger – perhaps because of the overload, perhaps despite it – than her tactic could deal with. That wasn’t the irksome part, though. The irksome part was the dues ex machina of Gin’s arrival. It was just so convenient, and if there’s anything I hate in storytelling, it’s convenient plot events that happen “just because.” That said, I still look forward to seeing how Gin will get around Drake’s justice, but I’m not fond how we arrived at that battle.

Next week I imagine we’ll finish off a few more battles before pivoting to our two couples, Horizon and Toori and Mary and Tenzou. Maybe then this episode will stand up better, when the full story of these conflicts come to light.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – This was a middle episode, full of introductions but short on resolutions. Still, some good #Kyoukaisen combat is never amiss!

Random thoughts:

  • Remember that whole Joan of Arc thing that Drake talked about with Malga, in regards to Neito. I have a feeling that it’ll come up later on, perhaps in a big way. Still, if nothing else the fact that this Joan of Arc didn’t get burned at the stake is good news for Mary! You still have a chance Hocchan. Erh, I mean, Scarred-chan.
  • Oh Adele, you’re such a troll. Related: I still want to know what the two of them were doing in Adele’s armored shell at the end! A “rhythm game,” perhaps? >:3
  • Speaking of, MARY HNNNNG!! Though I’m confused…I thought it wasn’t okay for her to walk around without her cloak on? Though maybe that was only around Far Easterners, or when she’s tending the graves. Not sure.
  • Did you see the fish and chips she got? Coulda used some more chips, but oh man, that fish…SO HUGE!! Stilts is hungry now. Need to finish this so I can go eat
  • I like how Charles Howard’s way of helping is with tedious legal documents. Poor Heidi and Shirojiro. They have the worst battle of them all.
  • Can anyone a remember another show that used the buff-them-until-they-overload-and-hurt-themselves tactic? I feel like I’ve seen that before, but I can’t remember where. It’s bugging me!
  • Malga’s loss against Drake is going to play havoc with her self-esteem. She already wasn’t feeling good about her loss of Zwei Fräulein and needing to be saved from Dudley, and now this. Margot, talk to her. Your girlfriend is going to be really hurting, really soon.
  • Gin’s arrival and saving of Malga was annoyingly convenient, but she was totally right about what England is trying to do. They want to rough Musashi up a bit (for their own benefit) without either openly defying the Testament Union or getting sucked into the war against Musashi. They’re not on either side, and their actions show it, but they aren’t being overt enough to get burned for what they’re doing. Yet. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing. I wonder how much longer they can keep it up.

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  1. I’m mostly disappointed about Malga because I wanted Margot to come up and save her, but I’m guessing that will happen later on. I loved how the only thing on Margot’s mind, other than beating Hawkins, was her Gacchan. The show is really beating up on Malga this season, but I think she’ll come out stronger for it, and hopefully she gets a new Weiss Frauen and gets to kick some ass.

    I do love Gin though, so having her show up like that wasn’t exactly unappreciated, and of course left me an opening for a really (bad) joke

    1. Many people are afraid of failure, but that’s silly – it’s failure that makes you stronger. Sure, Malga is getting put through the ringer this time, but I have a feeling that she’ll only come out stronger for the experience.

      And yes, that was a really bad joke, lol. I laughed though. Maybe I should go to sleep >_<

  2. Well, I liked all those fights, but Drake seemed the most powerful opponent from all of those… Testament Arms are sure powerful – if not plain overpowered… While spanish inquisition , erm, Gin was unexpected, I am looking forward to her fighting Drake too!
    Also, I’ve found Drake’s remarks about chivalry, werewolves, and wife (deceased?) completely hilarious. Note to myself: Remember to watch for people drinking unprocessed milk…
    What picked my (random) curiosity the most, though is what Scarred-sama is intending to show Tenzo – and I have feeling its not about fanservice for him (and us!)…

    1. I cannot shake the feeling that Tenzo might be betrayed or something by Scarred. Maybe its just cynicism talking, something this good doesn’t stay good all the way like this.

  3. Did Gin intervene in the LN? If so, then I guess I cannot really stay angry when this turn of events is canon.

    If not, yeah I was really hoping Margot to jump into the rescue, then again, it would have hurt Malga’s self-esteem even more.

    1. Yes, she did the same in the novel.

      The only difference is that here was more unexpected because time restrictions. In the novel, there was a previous section with Gin and Velazquez trapped by the Shakespeare play (being an officer and all), so you kinda expected Gin getting in one of the fights.

      1. That’s more or less what I expected. Even with a little foreshadowing Gin’s arrival just in the nick of time would have been a bit convenient, but without it’s really irksome. Glad to hear that was just time constraints again.

      2. About Gin ex machina, I have no problem with it because I was to busy ‘Ooooh, Gin! Yay! Go Gin! Show your wife-love-power.” to care. Thinking about it now, they can prevent it from being a deus ex machina simply by including a short scene or two of her in earlier in this episode.

      3. Err, second sentence was typed before I read above comment and not supposed to also got cut+paste here. *hardly useflu notice because otherwise I feel it would made me sound like a repetitive idiot*

  4. In the old Batman cartoon, he defeated Bane by breaking Bane’s wrist controller and over-juicing the guy. Not sure if that’s what you were reminded of, but it’s similar.

  5. From my understanding of Drake’s spiel, he married a serial killer just so he can eat her (remember Neito, a half-werewolf, and her love for meat). Being a gentleman, he asked her first as this is only polite and according to Drake, she gave her consent to be eaten because ‘getting hurt makes her feel alive’ (my understanding of ‘getting hurt makes it permissible to reside with the living’). Drake also adds on that if he didn’t eat her, then she’d tear him apart because she was a serial killer.

    1. Just a quick addition:

      Malga’s loss against Drake is going to play havoc with her self-esteem. She already wasn’t feeling good about her loss of Zwei Fräulein and needing to be saved from Dudley, and now this. Margot, talk to her. Your girlfriend is going to be really hurting, really soon.

      Well, there has been all these talks about sex and how it solves disputes…

      …One can only hope, eh?

  6. judging by what drake says about his wife, im more than sure that she’s still alive. in what state? no clue, but still alive nonetheless. my reason for this is based on the translated version i watched the show in say that he has to continue eating her or else she’ll do the same to him eventually.

    even though its a new season and toori still hasn’t been shown to have any fighting abilities,i still wonder if he’s just playing the fool card or not

  7. Another angle on why Gin’s appearance may be less “convenient” is that most of the major players in Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon are really, really good at playing Xanatos Speed Chess. Considering the first season’s exchanges between Masazumi and the Pope, and other dialogues between by world leaders, these guys aren’t idiots. (Though the argument can be made that this makes trolling more effective. Adele, I’m looking at you.)

    Remember, Gin is officially attached to Tres Espana. Who is England’s opponent going to be when the Grand Armada comes calling? Tres Espana. It is in their favor for Musashi to not be indebted to England, because then Tres Espana could avoid dealing with England and Musashi at the same time. Maybe Gin was “just passing by” and decided to give Musashi a lift in the duel they needed the most help.

    1. True, though it’s how it was conveyed in the episode that made it irksome. Still, from the sound of it the reason for that was time constraints – they didn’t have enough airtime to show Gin getting trapped in the barrier and whatnot.

      That said, your reason for Gin interfering is almost certainly true. I don’t hate a calculating Gin…

      1. Could have sworn they did show her and her ship being drawn in last episode. Especially if randomc.net/image/Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon/Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II – 04 – Large 42.jpg is anything to go by.

  8. I loved those fights, but some were too fast moving(lacking in fps) and a bit annoying especially with that fairy shota (does it have to be nude?). Christopher Hatton has the best intro, it was really funny and unique (body switching bones? LOL).

    Oh, Many new BGMs were used in this episode and managed to fit nicely with the scenes.

  9. – Drake, the werewolf milk drinker (lol), since his strength until his interest in Joan of Arc Neito and I have only wishes to see him in action at full capacity.
    – Tenzou and Mary, only increases my desire for the arrival of the next episode to see what will happen,, besides the fight with Walter Raleigh, who will come according to the opening.
    – Masazumi in trouble, and I want to see how this ends. That skeleton is crazy
    – Adele is great, those fools soldiers fell by perverts, lol XD
    Nicholas Bacon is boy or girl? I guess girl by protests from Ohiroshiki to Kiyonari. And also for the fanservice, or is manservice? ° _ °, lol XD

      1. Yes, Bacon is a genderless fairy.

        As for Ohiroshiki, he reveries youth, not just female youth. Regardless of Bacon’s lack of a gender, (s)he still clearly qualifies, hence Ohiroshiki’s annoyance.

      1. Male, female, and Hideyoshi, the gender with something for everybody! O:


        Yes, Bacon is an it. Or a (s)he, as I prefer to use. So (s)he’s kind of like Zanibas! 😀

        Stilts note: I’ll probably still refer to Bacon as a shota though, just due to laziness. We’ll see how I feel.

  10. My two cents on the duels:

    Masazumi vs Christopher Hatton: hilarious that the hilarious characters are dukeing it out. Show Spoiler ▼

    Kiyonari vs Nicholas Bacon: A few things. A) since Kiyonari’s crotch attack detected nothing “manly” on the crotch area and Nicholas said “that’s rude while blushing”, it’s safe to assume that Nicholas is a she. B) on that same note, Ohiroshiki is a “Lolicon” not “Shota-con”, so argument that Nicholas is a she is further supported since Ohiroshiki was criticizing Kiyonari when the barrier for Kiyonari’s area broke thanks to Noriki. C) in relation to A and B, Noriki noticed that Ohiroshiki is cheering for Kiyonari despite seeing a buck naked loli. This gave Noriki a epiphany that something is weird affecting Ohiroshiki (since Ohiroshiki always rants about loli). My guess is that Nicholas is a smaller version of Elizabeth, or someone related to Elizabeth.

    Neito vs F. Walshingham: Is it just me or did F. Walshingham just impersonated Raging Heart? (someone confirm if Seiyuu or staff had a part in Nanoha) Show Spoiler ▼

    Margot vs Hawkins and Cavendish: if I recall my physics in anatomy, you need air to talk. So, since TechnoHexen seems to have vocal components in their spells (In the case of Margot), the bubble thing was genius. As for Cavendish, she was pretty much a bridge bunny (or mermaid in this case) on the ship atop the virtual pool. So while it did seem like a 2 v 1, it wasn’t really since Hawkins seems to have his battle strategy planned. Btw, I admire Hawkins’ pride in swimming and his battle despite finding him like a idiot for not thinking of the possibility that his obelisks CAN be used against him.

    Futayo vs Walter Raleigh: By far, one of the most epic battles Futayo has fought (ever since Kimi and Muneshige. Sorry Baseball guy, your not memorable enough). My curiosity is that he seemed to have unsheathed and disposed of one of his smaller swords in the initial attack that Futayo did. Are the smaller swords the Derringer in his arsenal?

    Malga vs Drake: of all people to match up Malga, it had to be Drake. Why does the back of my head tells me the question Drake had about Mito has something to do with her mom? Also, in regards to Testament Arma, while they do seem overpowered, I think the restriction of them only working on the ether vein of your home country is pretty restricting, making them only good for home defense (as if Excalibur Caliburn wasn’t enough?)

    Loved Adele and Suzu’s scenes (Dat maid dress!), way to troll the soldiers listening in. (And comes the Yuri coupling doujin of Suzu x Adele :P)

    I think Mary didn’t use her cloak at this point because it was the…oops, can’t say “that”. She probably didn’t feel the need to hide her identity as that part of town was empty. And where is Naomasa in all this?

    A few plot predictions (I haven’t read LN, only tidbits of info, so your guess is as good as mine):
    -Mary is related to Elizabeth (before they inherited their names.)
    -Gin will use Malga as hostage (if she beats Drake) to duel Futayo.
    -Raleigh will encounter Tenzo next episode
    -Muneshige will stop Gin’s duel with Futayo.
    -Futayo’s lack of knowledge of sex (and curiosity) will make her attempt to NTR a certain guy…(hilariously)
    -I sense a death flag…

    The pace of the episode was a bit scattered in my opinion, but considering the number of duels you had, it had to be like that. Just trying to figure out how will Toori deal with Horizon’s doubts and the remaining duels (including with the Treasurer Combi) will conclude.

    Arashi Yamato
      1. I don’t feel like I can respond well because I’m trying to stop clicking on spoilers. I’ve already caught a few major ones I’da preferred not knowing doing that before >< But I can comment on the predictions... - I can't see Gin using anyone as a hostage. - I think Muneshige will be out for most of this season, though I eagerly await his return. - I don't think Futayo will try to NTR anyone o.O - I'm not getting any death flags so far. that doesn't mean they're not coming, just that the flags haven't yet been raised. There you go, Arashi. I'm helping!! 😀

      2. Stilts, do you see what I see (both from the previous happenings, opening, and Much ado about nothing playtext):
        Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Damn, Malga was owned yet again but what can a little angel do against the big bad wolf with a Testament Arma T__T
    If there’s one thing KSnH excels in, it’s the battle scenes. Futayo and Margot were badass as usual, and it was nice to see Neito and Kiyonari getting some action too. I gotta say though, I was kinda disappointed Tomo chan and Kimi nee weren’t taking part in the duels. Who wouldn’t want to see another dance-offs? Oh and did I mention how gorgeous Asama looks in that dress? Maroon suits her very well =3

    Seishun Otoko
      1. @Stilts

        With how long the LN is running, I wish a season III would be made too. But this wish isn’t just for Kyoukaisen: I wish ALL LN-based anime would have a new season.

        The Moondoggie
    1. Because she’s poor as hell. The English make fun of her being poor in ep 1 of this season. It doesn’t help that her girlfriend fights by shooting money at her opponents.

      1. I can’t seem to recall the English making fun of Malga, and rewatching episode 1 didn’t show any indication of her being poor. Though, her being poor does explain why her weapon isn’t repaired yet, as well as why her and Margot were working as couriers.

      1. So, Britain lured them into a Trap, to use them against “tres Espania”?. But then, why still “trust” Britain. Musashi still has their “Food” that they want so Badly. So no Food to traitors?..

        But then Musashi was running from Tres Espania, and was hoping to get some Help from Britaina? Or do i understand all wrong?

      2. Yes, Musashi was looking for some help from England. Even if part of the Testament Union, England is still protestant and they’re pretty neutral, so logically they would be more open to make a deal with Musashi.

        Toori is very popular and liked by his classmates. But the why was adressed in S1, as the Testament Union choose him because he was incompetent so that way the Far East is under control… and at the end that backfired horribly.

  12. Ooh, awesome! This is feel like a kick-off of a great game! 😀 With the firs episode as the prelim/practice and the ep 2-4 as the build up. Now the fight has truly begin. I expect lots of awesomeness in the next episode.

  13. Isn’t Musashi’s and england suppose to be working together for this school event, I was so confuse with this turn of event duels, at first I thought it was just some side show england put to entertain their guest but now it seems the fight is for real.

    So wouldn’t this be count as England double cross Musashi.
    So if Musashi won will there be payback and revenge?

    1. Remember, this is politics, not war. In war, when shots start getting fired, you’re at war, so it’s time to kill the other bastards before they kill you. It’s a dirty business, but it can also be philosophically “clean” in that it’s simple; kill or be killed. Of course, that ignores a host of other problems, but at least in theory it’s simple enough.

      Politics, on the other hand, is never simple – not in theory, and certainly not in reality. Loyalty is not absolute even among allies, and Musashi and England are not even that; they’re just two sides that have come to a limited time agreement. Let me say that again – they are two sides. They are not on one another’s side, nor will they ever truly be. They are each on their own side.

      But I digress. England is sort of going against the whole cooperate-for-the-festival thing…but then again, they can play it all off like a little sport, a little entertainment for the festival goers, and besides, Musashi never truly expected them to play on the up-and-up the whole time.

      So no, there will not be revenge if Musashi wins…unless revenge would be beneficial to Musashi. We’re not in a realm of emotional actions, of doing what is “right” and what is “wrong;” we’re in the land of realpoltik, where countries do what will benefit them and nothing else. Politics, my friends…gotta love it!

  14. I can’t remember any fights where overbuffing the enemy led to defeat butShow Spoiler ▼

    1. I know one. Its from manga, though. In Ryuroden there is a character whose ability are healing. It can be used offensively by encouraging cell grwoth beyond healthy condition. Its effect is similir to what happen to drake.

  15. Gin vs. Drake: wasn’t Francis Drake the commander who defeated the Spanish Armada? Having Gin confront him is not any more deus-ex-machina than anything the Testament decrees.

    Much ado about nothing: I think may be an interesting play for them to use at this point in the story. I think a lot of the play is taken up by Beatrice and Benedick’s verbal sparring about love: not such a bad parallel to Horizon and Toori talking about Horizon’s emotions. Also: in “Much ado about nothing” the female character Hero feigns death. This brings about (or threatens to, I don’t really remember) a duel between Benedick and the Duke of Wherever. Well, I guess I’ve cast Toori in role of Benedick already, but Shakespeare-chan clearly thinks he’s the Duke of Wherever. I think — I’m planning on watching the play this weekend to check my memory.

    By the way, Beatrice is the original tsundere.

    1. Oooo, I think you may have stumbled across it, or at least gotten close enough for me to take it the rest of the way.

      Toori and Horizon are Benedick and Beatrice, who are known for exchanging witty insults (mainly from Horizon in their case, and mainly punches, but stay with me). They’re constantly arguing, but Benedick will prevail over Beatrice in the end; I’ll bet you that with Toori and Horizon, the same will come true.

      Tenzou and Mary are Claudio and Hero. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding between those two that leads to some strife, and to Hero hiding under the pretense that she’s dead. I can’t imagine the same kind of strife happening between Tenzou and Mary, but I can imagine her hiding away as if dead (likely against her will, in this case), only to return later on.

      As for the Duke, my memory is a bit fuzzy on there, but I feel like that might be a miscast on Shakespeare-chan’s part. After all, she summoned Much Ado About Nothing, but there aren’t any English couples deployed on the field. Who did she expect would take on the roles? I think they’ll slide on her, and it’ll be someone on the English side (likely Walter Raleigh, if the OP is any indication) who takes on the Duke’s role, if any dueling need be done.

      1. Injured, sleeping Malga may be Hero — I don’t think the mapping needs to be literal. Shakespeare-chan said that “one defeat gives us the chance to challenge your Chancellor in a duel”: whoever got defeated would be “Hero”, and the geas of the play’s plot would then draw Claudio/Toori into a duel (in the play, a defense of Hero’s besmirched honor).

        Also, watching Margot vs. Cavendish above London, I can’t help but wonder if they deliberately delayed this season so this part of the story — with all its athletic contest imagery — so it could be aired as the Olympics were going on in London.

  16. Well, according with Wikipedia, “Much Ado About Nothing” is a play about deception, about masks and mistaken identity, and interestingly enough there is a playword, “Noting”: “The title could also be understood as Much Ado About Noting. Much of the action is in interest in and critique of others, written messages, spying, and eavesdropping. This is mentioned several times, particularly concerning “seeming”, “fashion”, and outward impressions. Nothing is a double entendre, “an O-thing” (or “n othing” or “no thing”) was Elizabethan slang for “vagina”, evidently derived from the pun of a woman having “nothing” between her legs.”

    I pretty that last one has nothing to do with the episode.

  17. He’s doing fine as Noriki, but when Hirakawa Daisuke voices some random soldier pervert (that scene with Suzu and Adele), then he reminds me too much of School Days’ Makoto and that is not a pleasant feeling. 😀
    Considering that huge cast though, it’s not surprising that the seiyuu have to voice more than one character.

  18. I am a Chinese, so my English may not be very well. I have found this site weeks ago, and I love the reviews on Horizon. Great work!
    I would like to talk about the part on Joan of Arc. Because of the language similarity, there are much more spoilers in the Internet on Chinese websites. So, many of us know already that this part plays a significant role in the third volume of Horizon. Because of the appearance of this part in the episode, there are anticipations of a impending Season III. I have been forced to read the spoilers on some forums, and I am not going to talk much about that . The only thing I would like to say, is that there is a possibility of having a Season III, and, more importantly, Volume III of Horizon is the most EPIC volume ever in the whole process of the story. So, please enjoy~

  19. Double Bloody Mary would be ‘executed’ but actually kept alive and something else will be arranged for her. I think our dear Scarred is Double Bloody Mary and she will ‘die’ temporarily.


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