「超音速!スレイプニル」 (Chouonsoku! Sureipuniru)
“Supersonic! Sleipnir”

With the Summit Meeting starting, so does a new arc. And with it comes the inevitable test day, where everything goes as expected: Class Rep finishing way before the end, Izumi and Miu suffering massive difficulties, and Akatsuki falling asleep because of how easy it was. I did half expect Akatsuki just to not care in general, but yet again, he continues to show how he’s just not one of those cliche characters by not only sleeping, but getting every single question right while he’s at it. Gotta show off em’ brains too ya know?

Moving onward, we get the reappearance of Motoharu (the self labeled clown of class A) shortly afterwards, getting a pretty comedic segment where Akatsuki doesn’t even remember who he is. But alas, he remembers eventually and gets dragged off to the workshop we saw at the end of the last episode. I had the feeling that some fight or what not would come from this, but apparently not. If anything, by offering Akatsuki the chance at acquiring Slepinir, the supersonic bike… it seems like the guys at the workshop are anything but enemies per se. It’s been hinted at that Motoharu might actually be a member of the Scarlet Ducks Dusk though… and it makes me wonder if he’s not secretly planning to opposite/topple/reform Babel in some shape or form. And would be quite interesting if it were the case though, considering his “boss” at the workshop seems to be quite important to Babel…

Either way, the Slepinir ends up choosing Akatsuki as its rider, which is notable considering the brief mention of Akatsuki’s father as the previous rider… and the fact it shows he’s stronger than he was. But in the end, it was definitely to be expected that he’d be able to control the bike though. Still, it’s nice to see some subtle mentions of Akatsuki’s family/past from time to time, as it not only lets us know more about him as a person, but gives a nice contrast between his normal easygoing ways and the darker, more angry persona he turns into whenever his past is mentioned. Oh yes, you can’t go talking about the bike without mentioning the stripping scene that happens when Haruka touches it and the subsequent show of manliness from Akatsuki for lending her his jacket for the time being. I’ve heard of sound blowing off clothing… but electricity doing the same… I don’t know about that, haha.

Going into the second main part of the episode, things change tones drastically as a group of terrorists end up taking a bunch of people hostage in the middle of the city. Calling themselves Scarlet Dusk, it’s interesting to note how Haruka says the group usually has people with special powers… but no such people are present. Combined with Motoharu’s quotes and actions at the end of the episode… it makes me think that they weren’t actually members, but posing as such… I can’t quite tell what for or if it’s even a correct assumption, but it’s definitely something to ponder. Notably, the terrorists get trashed pretty easily via the powers and MGS sneaking techniques of the Student Council (Yes, Haruka’s still only wearing the jacket) and Akatsuki’s timely arrival… it’s interesting to note how the events seem to further point to this situation being a key plot point though, as they otherwise wouldn’t have been dispatched so easily. Hmmm… definitely some additional layers hidden in this episode.

And last but not least, some quick remaining points about the episode:

  • Akatsuki has to stop hacking. A huge ass sword AND a supersonic, gal stripping, electricity loaded bike? HAX.
  • Pretty clear now Haruka’s starting to become the newest member of Akatsuki’s slowly building up harem… even got a kid to join too.
  • Gotta love the President’s definition of going to the bathroom… though I guess it fits cause he’s “taking care of waste”.
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    1. I liked the episode but I wish they would do more to advance the main story. They just had a ‘shopping for underwear’ episode and now it looks like the requisite beach episode is next. Is it a law that every anime series must have one beach episode and one hot springs episode?

      1. just to the series’s defense, that shopping episode was actually taken directly out of the LN (a whole chapter of LN in vol.2 is dedicated to it after all)

        but I do agree with you otherwise… we need more plot (since the exam and later events are quite fun)

    2. Akatsuki has a bike that strips women now and it looked like from the previews that the princess girl is going to get more screen time instead of the narration of previews.

    3. I have to admit, I got trolled again by the preview from last week, thought it was all plot this week, but turned out to be half original episode. Nonetheless though, it is pretty awesome!

      the parts up to the bike was LN material, and I will provide some extra details just as I normally do. As the boss explained, the bike choose his own master, only people who are strong enough can ride it… Akatsuki, in the LN, failed actually twice or three times before he succeeded… and it is not without his huge sword’s help (ie, he summoned his sword and use it to power up for the bike). And it is revealed later, but the technician guy seems to knows a bit more about Akatsuki’s father than he has let out so far.

      the second half of the episode is anime original, but still pretty solid as far as making Haruka the new harem mate… and fan service (Haruka, at least know to cover up when you are flying… that shirt has no anti air/gravity functionality xD)

      next week seems to be beach episode (YAY!!), but unfortunately seems to be original material again (I will give it one more chance, if preview is again wrong, I am not counting on them anymore)… though for those of you who wants the Queen back in episode 1 (she also voice the preview), next time is your chance 🙂

    4. As a LN reader I always feel Akatsuki is actually way more brains than brawn, hmm the next ep seems to be an original beach ep that all anime must have, cause I really don’t remember a beach arc in LN thou, guess is never bad to have a beach ep.

    5. While I do like that Akatsuki isn’t your typical “loser” (yet still bishi) male harem lead, I do have to admit that being so Gary Stu so far also risks taking it too far to the opposite end of the spectrum and can also end up becoming a bit boring.

      I thought that Akatsuki, based on his reaction the mention of his father and how they tend to go about the whole “surpassing the previous generation” bit, would actually face a real challenge with Sleipnir in getting it to acknowledge him as its master, but nope, he’s riding it like a pro the very next scene and magically appears to save the day somehow on that rooftop…

      Of course, not saying the series itself is bad or that I’m dropping it or anything. Just that I hope that it doesn’t remain so “perfect” with Akatsuki for the entirety of the series.

      1. What are you so surprised about how he end up on the rooftop when he already can stand on the sides of walls? He can do that because he’s just badass awesome.

        And take Rakan of Negima for an example. He can escaped from a pseudo space with just his willpower.

        All in all, it’s just that logic does not applied to these type/kind of people.

        1. Rakan can’t really be compared besides just generalizations. He’s really more like Seijiro Hiko of Rurouni Kenshin; an important (and extremely powerful) side character, BUT they keep them that way.

          In this case, Akatsuki is the MAIN main character, thus making him too Gary Stu, as said, can make the series boring because there’s little to no room for any actual character and plot development for himself. That would all fall onto the side characters and make people why the series isn’t about them instead.

          This is pretty much why a lot of male (semi-)harem anime leads are made into “losers” or the bottom of the food chain. It gives them plenty of room to develop themselves as a character and, along with the others, help move the plot along.

          So far, I haven’t really been getting that sort of feeling here. It’s like things are just…happening…with no input from the characters besides just existing.

    6. I don’t mind the series at all but I think Akatsuki really needs to start getting beaten up [And not just by his harem (Nevermind that can still happen)]. All we’ve really seen so far are six episodes of him pwning. This isn’t totally bad but I want to see at least one thing that he can struggle with.

    7. This was a real random episode first we we see the main character claim an unclaimable bike offscreen and then we get s random hostage situation with little to no build up…but atleast we get to see a naked girl who gets stripoed of everythin except her socks (even her shoes) and her cellphone…

    8. Motoharu is a real member of Ake no Tasogare/Dusk Otome. They made it fairly overly obvious. That’s what I was talking about in my Accel World comment .
      My point of view is that it’s done on purpose. I mean, the fact that the show tends to make things look like a huge deal (riding the bike) and then Akatsuki just seem to solve the problem (here it’s mastering the bike) like it’s nothing. Akatsuki simply hasn’t met someone/an obstacle he really does consider dangerous yet. This will probably happen when blond COCOON guy gets in the school or something. It’s very similar to Masoukishin 2 where the hero Masaki pretty much doesn’t take anyone he fights seriously except the ones he knows he should get serious with.

    9. A perverted bike for a perverted hero. Akki (lmao!) is such a lucky bastard!
      It seems like there’s more to Motoharu than meet the eye and I just hope the anime has enough time to explore the various conspiracies that it has so far hinted at. But before that, the quintessential beach episode!!! I’m pumped ufufu~ =3

      Seishun Otoko
    10. you can just write, NSFW screenshots, as usual!
      while girl-stripping bike was hilarious, I am more interested in the supposed (for now at least)antagonist group. Scarlet Dusk sounds both ominous but at the same time so pompous… I dont know what to make of the irritatingly dumb names such organizations take in anime. Evening Primrose, the Undertakers, only one that sounded really decent were the Black Knights.
      Anyway back to the Scarlet Dusk – what are their motivations and goals?
      It was nice to see Haruka being fully operational despite being clad only in borrowed jacket, and as nice to see her (and by extension the Council) cooperate with Akatsuki.

    11. Anime logic is very important here. A bike that fry you if you are not worthy of it and you touched it. Amazing how her uniformed got burned and she got shocked and her cellphone is not fried and still working fine…

    12. this week ep

      big security going on & Student Council’s President freeze bad guy in the rest room.
      school test going everyone bit hmm on test while Akatsuki nap & got all answers correct.
      here kaidou get Akatsuki to meet a mechanic person to show a bike.
      a bike that supersonic with level of 1677000 can break sound barrier.
      & bike also was ride by Akatsuki’s dad cue his mention of the dad yea Akatsuki it’s so on.
      vice pres Haruka sense something see Akatsuki conquer the bike.
      trying to take bike cue Haruka’s clothes to pieces!!!
      at least Akatsuki give Haruka his jacket now alert attack happen.
      hostage rescue mission sure but up bad guys.
      now kidnap a little girl & single girl tear cue Akatsuki to the rescue.
      baddie all beat while Akatsuki gave Haruka the glory.
      oh one more left here kaidou in tick-off attack.
      Akatsuki in victory bath here Haruka return the jacket in double wash being a tsundere.

      next ep oh blonde elf from 1st ep & YES YES YES it’s the beach ep as well nuff said.

      supreme boss Akatsuki

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