「漂泊の行方」 (Hyouhaku no Namegata)
“Wandering Whereabouts”

Continuing off from last week, we get what must be an unprecedented feat by Total Eclipse: a second beach episode in a row. As per the norm though, there’s a gratuitous amount of fanservice… to say the least. A fan of Cryska? Covered here and here. A fan of Yui? Inia? A fan of Yuuya? Well… you get some pics of his abs. Suffice to say, if you came in expecting fanservice, you got what you wanted this time around.

But in the end, they managed to add a little bit of character development this time too, which is a slightly nice touch to what would otherwise have been a pretty filler-isque episode. For one, we get some more background on Cryska, who as predicted by myself and other viewers… is both scared of the water and scared because of the experiments performed on them by the Russian scientists. In addition, we also find out how Cryska has no parents of which to speak of, as well as her view regarding priorities: country, comrades, and the mission take priority over oneself. In turn, it’s a really notable contrast to Bridges’ outward view that one’s self takes priority over everything else. And well, it’s a notion that ties in quite a bit with his dislike of Japanese people due to his father abandoning his family before he was born, all of which are also revealed this episode.

Still, what I arguably found most interesting about these reveals though, were not the revelations themselves, but who revealed what to whom. Seeing how Yuuya and Cryska are pretty much opposites in a lot of ways and the fact that they both ended up exchanging stories about their past anyway… I just feel like it says a lot about how people can overcome preconceptions, as well as still get along with people with views on the other side of the spectrum. The other intriguing thing though, is how this aspect also hammers in how similar Yui and Yuuya are pretty much (as mentioned by Vincent last episode)… and this is something I feel references the other part of the motto “opposites attract”. And that is, “hatred of one self”, where one tends to hate people similar to ones self, especially if they possess the same qualities you despise in yourself. Though, in the end, I suppose I may be getting a bit too deep into this respect.

Moving along, the episode had some rather comedic moments, as well as fun quotes as well. I’ll mention a couple notable ones below:

  • Gotta love the “subtle” sickle and scythe on Cryska…
  • Yuuya’s quote about: “Did Stalin tell you its wrong to worry about a comrade’s safety? Or was it Lenin?” Lol, this guy.
  • Bridges just can’t get a break. First he has Yui kicking his butt verbally, next you got Cryska pretty much saying “I think he sucks” in her convo with Yui. Just seems like he attracts haters all around.
  • Yui’s awkward moment where she walks in on Bridges holding Cryska… “What the hell are you doing?” was just priceless.
  • “How long will it take for a rescue? At best, immediately. At worst? Oh only about a week.” Good game.
  • Yui: “I’m gonna crush your stick, Yuuya”.
  • And well, that’s about it. Looks like we’re finally moving on from beach episodes and getting into some real story next time, so I’ll catch ya guys next week. Until then, here are a dozen FL’s for ya’ all.

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      1. He now has a Tsundere, a Kuudere and a loli-jaibait in his harem. The best part is that there is another girl that hasn’t been introduced yet.

        Yuuya Bridges is now entrapped with the cliche Japanese-style harem…..IN AMERICA!

      1. Germanguy
    1. While I can understand how some would find the last scene of the episode chauvinistic and just shameless fanservice, I personally Yui being put into that situation and her ensuing attempts to get Yuuya to go away were priceless. I mean after all, the whole basis of this arc was to get morale up anyways! I confess though, I am a bit biased towards seeing Yui in a bikini 😉

      Though of course this episode wasn’t just all fanservice, with some development between both Yuuya and Yui, and Yuuya and Cryska. It’s also nice that Cryska is finally starting to get some development considering how much of an enigma she’s been in the past few episodes. I’m curious to see how she’ll treat Yuuya in the future.

      I love how Yuuya is able to counter Yui’s being a Tsundere just by calling her out. Considering Yui’s life and how she’s been raised, this is probably the first time she’s actually been attracted to a guy, in no small part due to the fact that he’s the only one who seems to be able to fluster her and push back when she pushes. I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops.

      In the end, I think it’s good to get most of the fanservice and lightheartedness out of the way in one go so the show can shift over to the more serious plot. Considering how dark Muv-Luv can get, and how dark Total Eclipse can be, I think we should appreciate the lightheartedness a little more since it will probably be fleeting from here on.

      Overall, a fun episode with the beginning of a Muv-Luv triangle and a calm before the storm of the BETA’S return.

      1. well, i dont really get what to feel with the order of these episodes coming out, i mean like first two eps was gruesome badass and i was like “woah! that dinoalien just killed a cute girl! WT”F””, now we get yumminess and im drooling with these mizugi all over the place YUITSUI!!!, i mean what’s next?

        PS: I hope inia’s fascination of yuuya and yui can be explained further…

        1. Well, most of that can be explained by the fact that most (if not all) first two eps were anime original to intro those who haven’t played the VN’s before to Muv-Luv. Also, there were director issues as well.

    2. Its definitely a Muv-Luv story now. Filled with harem cliche and fanservice up the wazoo. All we need now is some DEATH and DESPAIR to balance it out. Its a little too early for that though. So maybe there we be as much in the coming battle next episode. And I finally get to see the Type-94 Second in real battle.

    3. I wish this show would get moving already. After the promising intro episodes this has turned into the most boring show featuring man eating aliens and giant robots I have ever seen…

      1. Well, two things. The first thing is Muv-Luv in general relies on large contrast. You’ll get the harem element to lure you in and then get blasted away when they get serious. I haven’t read the source material, so I don’t know how great it’ll be compared to the awesomeness that was the original VN’s (Extra, Unlimited, Alt)… but that’s usually how it works with the series.

        Regardless, do take into account that this is a side story, so if you came in expecting awesomeness because you heard the parent story (original VN’s) were excellent… I’d temper those expectations a bit.

        And well… if you’re gonna drop anyway and haven’t played the original VN’s, I recommend playing them (Muv-Luv Extra, Unlimited, Alt). It’ll give you all the storytelling and suspense you want when you get to Alternative. More info here: https://randomc.net/2012/06/13/muv-luv-extra-unlimited-alternative-overview/

    4. I liked the character development we got with Yui last week, as it showed some more sides to her character. As for this week, not so much. They’re turned Yui into a stereotypical tsundere and I’m not liking it.

      And the bit at the end felt like shameless fan-service.

      As for the good, we got some interaction between Yuuya and Cryska. I like the developing we got with Cryska’s character.

      Looks like we’re getting back to the action next week.

      Mike F.
    5. I finally managed to finish the Muv Luv “triology” so I could start watching this series. I was fairly disappointed with the conclusion of Alternative though. It left me feeling nothing :S But other than that, the rest of the series was fairly enjoyable.

      Here’s hoping that Total Eclipse won’t let me down at the very end.

      1. Lol, I think you’re in like the small, small minority with that reaction.

        If you didn’t like the trilogy’s ending… I have to say… even though I didn’t read the source material, there’s no way TE will be better than ALT. =/

        1. Looking at Alternative’s fan score distribution on vndb, you’re most certainly right 😛

          Source material spoiler:
          Show Spoiler ▼

    6. well, nice ending for the beach/tropical island dual episode:
      Yui getting forced to defend Yuuya – priceless!
      It’s not like I enjoyed all her tsundere moments, I just happened to emit uncontrollable giggles randomly… Honest!
      To add to dishonesty theme, its obvious that despite her stated priorities Cryska is immensely protective of Inia…
      Everybody’s assumption that Yuuya was up to no good while alone with the girls was of course compounded when both he and Yui protested vigorously…
      Last but not least: its Hammer and Sickle, not Scythe and Sickle (and it was meant to symbolize alliance of workers and peasants in the Revolution)

    7. Tsundere is the solution to steady character development. Yes it is retarded but she is japanese so it’s only logical I guess. Now that we’re done can we go back to the BETA?

    8. From my understanding (only experienced the main trilogy) of Muv Luv’s world logic:

      1. Main protagonist being an ass . =/
      2. Girls go moe moe (-_-)
      3. Turn into harem show. (>.<)
      4. SHIT HIT THE FAN :O
      5. ????? :<
      6. True End (T_T)

      So…..am i wrong for expecting the story plot moving to point 4 soon?

      1. A typical Muv-Luv story structure would be

        1. Insert harem lead (being dense is quite likely)
        2. Introduce harem (The more stereotypical the harem members are the better)
        3. Cliche harem hijinks and unsubtle fanservice! (because its amusing and entertaining on its own)
        4. DIAL the S*** GOT REAL to the max.
        5. AWESOMNESS mixed w/ DESPAIR
        etc. etc.

        In the case of TE its still too early to hit Step 4. There will be battles but not on a scale of rage-worthy GAR and despair. Yet.

        1. Not really. I’m just basing it how the original and the other side stories progressed. TE doesn’t have an ending yet so I’m as much in the dark as you are about how the final act plays out. Its just that so far, TE has followed the structure perfectly.

        2. Eh, lotta peeps didn’t play the original games that are watching TE and I know peeps who have been impacted from enjoying the game fully from just hearing a little bit of what you said up there eh fragb85, so I’ve modded accordingly to keep most of your points intact without too much expectation spoiler.

    9. I chalk up Yui’s attitude change as a result of being placed outside her comfort zone, having to deal with what is most likely her first growing attraction to a guy, which also results in her both questioning and denying her own feelings, and the situation effectively dissolving any professionalism she would’ve had at the base.

    10. Yeah i know this is the 2nd part of the “Beach” Episode.

      But, let me go some “BS”…

      Producer: “Oh, well. What we use for the Next Episodes. We run out of Storyline…”
      Writer: “I Know, we can give them Fanservice and much Talk, and stretch it into 2 Episodes”
      Producer: “A Filler, with Boobies and Fanservice. And you can stretch it into 2 Episodes?”
      Writer: “Yeah, thats my Idea”
      Producer: “Okay, go for it!”


      Serious mode:
      Well, hope the “Action” (What we got at Episode 1-2) comes back again. It is really time for this. You catch the Fish with that many “Pif Paf, Explosions and Blood Gore everywhere!”. Hope you have some Food for us…

        1. Lol, that’s ironically an actual thing that happens irl. If you manage to get past the “hating on someone cause they’re similar” and all the arguments with a person, and they’re of the opposite sex, becoming kinda tsundere actually happens. At least, I’ve seen it happen. Haha.

      1. Disappointing LN adaptation. There’s a lot of cold war politics going on the background that escalated quite a bit for this arc but they left if out of from the anime.

        It seems that Yui’s yellow bikini was more important than UN soldiers being sent to kill both Yui and Yuuya in order to frame them as deserters by people who’s against the Prominence project. Inia saves them.

    11. Seeing how Yuuya and Cryska are pretty much opposites in a lot of ways and the fact that they both ended up exchanging stories about their past anyway… I just feel like it says a lot about how people can overcome preconceptions

      Well, both combined Cryska’s “little Sister”. In some lesser and firm way.

        1. ny the way you do know that it is actually a bit of beach and a lot of island 2 episodes.
          And a lot of interesting stuff can happen at a beach. Haganai, K-On, Hanasaku Iroha

    12. Am I the only one thinking that Cryska was looking disturbed and slightly frightened when talking about Inia being “delicate”? She was holding her head and was clearly in pain. Some results of evil experimenting? It’s hard to imagine that Inia could be the source of horror for Cryska but who knows …


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