「広間の語り部」 (Hiroma no Kataribu)
“Storyteller in the Hall”


Why won’t England let Musashi leave port?

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How did Adele and Suzu know that Mary was going to be executed?

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Why can’t Neito use her Silver Chains without her nails?

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Half-Elven Maturity Levels

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Why did everyone run from the big bowl of seaweed Horizon pulled out in the changing room?

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Elizabeth vs Masazumi – The Debate

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Who is the man at the very end? How about this “Macchan” he mentioned?

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As normal, there was a lot going on this episode, but I’m actually going to keep this one pretty short for once, because those explanations took up a long time and onii-chan can’t stay up for hours spewing impressions tonight. What a shame! Hopefully next week. Here we go.

Mary, Her Twin, Her Execution, and Tenzou (again)

Ahhh, so Mary and Elizabeth were twins after all! I suppose that’s why she was “spirited away by fairies”…to obscure the fact that she was born only a few minutes before Elizabeth. Perhaps? Regardless, Mary’s goodbye to Tenzou, if you took the she’s-not-actually-going-to-be-executed thing at face value, was quite odd. Why the attempted goodbye kiss if she was going to return to being Scarred-chan afterwards? Luckily, Suzu, Adele, and Futayo figured out that this was all a load of bullshit, and then everything made sense again. Self-sacrificing Mary is going to accept her death, for the good of England. Alright! The damsel in distress is officially setup! Now all that remains is for Tenzou to–oh, wait. Nevermind. Well, I’m certain we’ll be seeing more of him soon, so no worries.

The Silly Parts

Kyoukaisen is already great about mixing some wholeheartedly slapstick (and possibly ecchi) humour amidst all the serious battles and politicking. This episode my by far favorite one was the whole Neito scene. Look at that blush, HNNNNGGG!! Nothing like Kimi-nee faking seriousness (the OST gave you away, Kimi-nee…though that just made it funnier ^^), and then Toori and Horizon giving their approval before the slapstick commences. I also like that there was a sly hint (which I didn’t catch at the time – Horizon pulling the apple and knife out of nowhere) towards the next silly part in this whole thing – Horizon’s newly installed hammerspace (trope!). So that’s where Lype Katarripsi went. Trope justified.

Okay, so the hammerspace thing wasn’t so much silly as has the potential for a lot of silly stuff in the future. It did immediately feed into something that was, though – trap Toori! I hope I wasn’t the only one who realized the second that “new character” appeared on screen that it was Toori, because if so that probably says something strange about me. Either way, in this case knowing what was coming made it all the more funny! I know how you feel, Asama. I guess it’s time for – yup, Toori is naked again. More skinny guy butt/bondage fanservice for the ladies, I suppose.

The Debate

I go over this in ridiculous detail in the explanation section above – though I fear it’s not as clear as normal. I’m sorry; it’s been a bit of a crazy day – so I’ll be brief here. One of the thing I’ve always enjoyed about Kyoukaisen is that they have fights that don’t actually involve fists, which is great for having some variety. Also, they’re kind of hard to understand, which is nice because it’s actually a bit of a challenge! But mostly, I’d have to say I’m a little surprised; I never would have imagined that debates would be so interesting to me, but I always find myself enjoying them here, even when I spend an hour or more figuring out exactly what they said (hopefully) so I can tell you guys.

One other thing – in most Kyoukaisen debates so far, I’ve found that there is one identifiable moment where the tides turn for whoever is going to win, and for some reason that’s just a treat to experience. I remember the moment clearly in Masazumi vs Toori in Season One, and it was one of my favorite moments in a strong episode during the Horizon vs Toori debate shortly thereafter. Here, it was when Masazumi broke out the “sure, you could get other countries to sink us – but you can’t do it yourself” card on Elizabeth, and I just smiled. Perhaps it’s because they still had a while to make it to the end, so I could savor the impending victory a little more, but either way I always love those moments. More, more!

Next Week

Next week I look forward to seeing how Gin and Velazquez think they can stop the Musashi/England alliance, and who this new guy at the very end that looks like he’s about to join the debate at Oxford. Hopefully we’ll see a little more of Felipe as well – despite him being the leader of who are sort of the enemy (at least for the moment), I can’t help but feel for the guy. A man who has lost everything, yet still cares for those who are downtrodden…is it okay if everyone has a happy ending? Except maybe Innocentius. He’s sort of a dick.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The truth about Mary, naked Neito, crossplaying Toori, & an epic debate between Seijun & Elizabeth. Things are really heating up! #Kyoukaisen

Random thoughts:

  • So Hocchan and Yukarin are playing twins again. Anyone else have a sudden urge to watch Ben-to? Mmmm, delicious twin thigh meat…
  • No Asama, Tenzou could never have boring death. He still has a damsel to rescue! And besides, he…wait. Was that a death flag…? Ohhh it better fuckin’ not be. If so, Stilts is gunna be pissed.
  • Apparently for Drake, that whole losing-his-arms thing really was just a flesh wound. Apparently he got better.
  • Neito HNNNNNNNNGG!!!
  • If you’ll allow me, I need to indulge my girly side – oh my gods, their outfits are just sooooo cute!! Like seriously, where can I get one of these red number? That would look totally bitchin’ for my date next– *is struck by lightning* Ow. That might have been too much.
  • I am fascinated by their communication system. At first I thought it was just a chat room, and I was right – save that it’s a chat room which everyone in their whole country can listen in on. So like IRC with a dash of Twitter? And some cute chibis? Sign me up! Where can we get one of those for RandomC…
  • By the way, it amused me who realized that Toori was crossplaying. Kimi-nee? Obviously. Asama. No surprise. Me? Worrisome, but no leap there. But Adele? Did not see that one coming! Our adorable flat retainer is quite the perceptive one, ne? Yes, that’s her chat screen name, “Flat Retainer.” Masochist much, Adele?
  • Forget the Toori service. For the ladies, this episode was all about Seijun going super hardcore bifauxnen (trope!) all over the place. It just goes to show you – in anime, the best men are the women, Orz.
  • Even when I try to be quick, I still end up writing a ton about this show. Damn you, Kyoukaisen! Now somebody stop me, because I’m clearly out of control T__T

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  1. “Why did everyone run from the big bowl of seaweed Horizon pulled out in the changing room?”

    I believe it was because they’re scared of her cooking. In the 4koma manga she uses cyanide for added flavor…

    “He doesn’t reveal why, and I’m frankly too tired to think of reasons myself at the moment (though knowing Innocentius, it’s probably because he thinks he can garner more power by doing this)”

    Exactly, after hearing about the trade agreement and realizing how much he could benefit from it he’s instantly all ‘let’s go ally with them’. Hell, Galileo even comments on how could they ally with Musashi after all the things they’ve put them through. The Pope is just a shameless opportunist.

    “Okay, so the hammerspace thing wasn’t so much silly as has the potential for a lot of silly stuff in the future”

    According to some novel reader they skipped a part in this episode where Horizon’s DSA accidentally drops from her bag of holding in front of the Queen and Tomo has to try to distract everyone from it.

  2. Oh my, poor Mary… I hope Tenzo will stage brave rescue, or else we’re gonna get MANY angry fans…
    The debate was fun, but I think there is not enough carrot to the Musashi’s offer. After all, it is better to sink enemy with borrowed fleet at some loss of face, than let him walk away with much more power than before.
    I might be presuming things, but it seems that Excalibur Caliburn needs some maintenance to accept its new “energy source”. So it would be out of commission for some time around execution.
    Anyway, Tres Espana’s representatives arriving gave entirely new twist to the debate (making it sort of “debate-a-trois”). I am (randomly) curious where things will go from here!

    1. Perhaps it’s better to lose face and have someone else sink the enemy to an individual, but nations don’t think that way. Besides, if England sinks Musashi, there’s no chance they can enlist their help in the upcoming Battle of the Gravelines, so there’s another benefit to not calling for their demise.

      1. Hmmm one thing has dawned to me – if England gives the Excalibur Caliburn over to the Musashi, there will be no need anymore to sacrifice Mary! And they wont have to worry about TU reaction anymore because they are basically severing the links anyway. Or am I wrong?

      2. @ ewok40k

        The thought is moot because England would never do that. Why would they give such a powerful weapon away for, uhm, no reason? I mean the Armaments are one thing because they “belong” to Horizon (sort of) and Musashi wants them enough to start a war with every country on the planet if need be, but they have no designs on Excalibur Caliburn. Besides, give up a ridiculously powerful weapon for the life of a single woman? No, no country on the planet, whether theirs or ours, would make that choice. As far as England is concerned, Mary gunna die

  3. I think the reason why everyone runs away from he big bowl of seaweed Horizon pulled out in the changing room because that’s the same seaweed that was covering Aoi’s crotch in episode 3 of season 2.

  4. I am more than 100% sure that the seaweed was the one Toori used as clothing. Firstly, Horizon’s new ability is a storage space meaning she needs to be in possession of the item in order store it (redundantly obvious) so unless she went for a swim beforehand, where else could she have gotten that seaweed? (maybe the festival but thinking realistic here)

    Anyway, funniest part would have to be when Innocentius said that he was going to ally with Musashi. Italy, you have not changed one bit from World War I and World War II. Always making allies with the enemy.

    Goodwill Wright
  5. – No problems with your explanation of the debate for me. And like you, I also don’t know what to make of Innocentius who not too long ago was bullying Musashi and now says just like that he wants to be allies with them.
    – Ben-To FTW! Will watch for the twins, Brunette, and Shaga, especially Shaga. It’s funny how Yukarin’s character just time just had a Hentai tied up and thrown out instead of running away from a Hentai wrapped in bandages, wearing a nurse’s outfit, and shouting “HENTAI DESU WA!” (One of my many favorite scenes from Ben-To)
    – So apparently, from the soldiers’ reaction to Toori, Honda’s well known in England for her flat chest. Compliment or insult, I guess that depends on Honda.
    – I’m gonna guess that aside from Horizon’s notorious cooking skills, to make things simpler the girls just got grossed out by the seaweed.
    – Adele should keep her hair like that more.
    – Pardon the lateness, but I just gotta confirm if Suzu is really blind. The way she conducted herself since season one didn’t make her look blind to me. I thought I just misread her character profiles that described her as a blind girl.
    – Can’t forget to mention the awesomeness that is Tenzou. Get up!

    1. Agreed on Adele.

      Yes, Suzu is blind. However, her other sense (especially her hearing) are very, very good. Those earrings she wears (and the sensors on her side, I believe) allow her to hear/sense things a lot farther away than other people can. She definitely can’t see, but at least in Horizon’s verse, there are certain strong mitigating factors to this, apparently. Plus, she’s super sweet, super badass, and super cute ^^

      1. That makes me wonder how Suzu played the rythm game in episode 6.
        Not to mention she apparently managed to get a perfect score.
        Is her sense of hearing so perfect that she managed to hit the right spots at the right time simply by relying on the rythm and pitch?

    2. @Zannafar – My good fellow, that is exactly what threw me off. When I read about Suzu being blind, I instantly remembered that rhythm game scene. Also recall season 1 episode 4, when that Musashi King intimidated Suzu so much that she broke down and cried. Both of these really made me question if she couldn’t see. The scene with the king I have no idea, but as for the rhythm game I can only guess Adele must have been a really good teacher that Suzu understood the game.

      @Stilts – “…Plus, she’s super sweet, super badass, and super cute.” Well said. Recalling her crying scene in season 1 episode 4 really makes you wanna go d’awww and act so protective. Toori should be also QFT “cutest bangs in all of Musashi” indeed. Oh yeah I’m totally Suzu fan now. Ponytail hairstyle is a big plus too.

  6. The seaweed is cooked with the onsen water ? ^^;

    Maybe Velazques want to join the talk about trading, after all Japan traded with the Spaniards earlier than their first contact with the Britons.

    Totally agree with what you said about the debate being the great thing about Horizon. In the age when peoples are apathetic against politicians, this series showed that great things can came from political negotiation where everyone is trying to convince each others with an offer the other can’t refuse (while trying to get the best for their own interest).
    Of the two Honda in Musashi, despite Futayo having more fighting power as the leader of the military force, Masazumi is the one who bear the whole country’s direction in their war by facing the opposing country in negotiations like this.

  7. Hey Stilts:

    About point 10 – the LN (ch 44 if memory serves [need to reread it – haven’t read it in a while cause my japs is really rusty]) goes deeper with regards to this:
    Key reason was why it can’t be used is cause (an unknown amount of) modification was made to Excalibur Caliburn in order for it to become the execution grounds for Mary (this was also know by other countries just that England is doing the usual “deny everything till after it happens” tactic) – so if its used to strike at Musashi – any sort of malfunction that occurs to the Excalibur during that period may affect the replication of history (ie: the execution of Mary)

    Hope it helps =]

  8. Random awesome stuff:

    Neito HNGH
    Horizon pulling stuff out of her ass, well at least it seemed like it
    Asama’s reaction lol -> -_-
    Walter said something! -> …
    Queen Elizabeth giving Asama and Kimi-nee a run for their money in terms of size..Played by Yukarin no less argh.

  9. Well, Stilts, you’ve successfully convinced me to watch this after the pair of epic Season 1 recaps, thus making me marathon the entire first series.

    And now you want us to stop you from being corrupted by Kyoukai!? Resistance is futile, my friend, just give in and have Neito take you away.

    1. B-but what about Seijun and Adele and Suzu and Neito and trap-Toori? They’re are plenty of girls (and trap-Toori) who have realistically sized breasts!

      Tbh, I can kind of understand that being distracting for some people (especially women, who see Kimi-nee and go “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT MUST DO TO HER SHOULDERS!?”), but Kyoukaisen is a truly unique show among anime airing today. We don’t see many true epics anymore, and we certainly don’t see shows that spin on politics and debate and commerce (in addition to the fighting). It’s worth it even if the giant breasts / ridiculously huge hair take some getting used to.

    2. Man, I think it took me almost 40 mins to watch this episode, since I paused it so many times to read and understand what exactly they were talking about. 😀
      It might look like fluff, but in contrasts to other “big breast shows” this one is really worth it.
      Though if someone catches you watching, I don’t think they’ll believe you that you’re watching it for the story. 😀

      While I am talking about “big breast shows”, Adele’s smile, see https://randomc.net/image/Kyoukai%20Senjou%20no%20Horizon/Kyoukai%20Senjou%20no%20Horizon%20II%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2041.jpg reminds me of a certain Angeloid, see http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/anime/6/23341l.jpg
      Some of the same staff working on both shows? Anyone knows?

  10. @ Stilts: the new guy seems walking towards the hall where every body currently is
    not the Tres España’s academy hallway

    Edit: confirmed after watching next week preview that he’s indeed in the same hall with everybody

  11. Don’t worry about it Stilts, in the novel is more clear, but it’s just that Tenzou is the official buttmonkey of Class 3-Plum, so his classmates are joking about and bullying him all the time.

  12. So like IRC with a dash of Twitter? And some cute chibis? Sign me up! Where can we get one of those for RandomC…

    There was a shoutbox with an gravatar on the side but everything was messed up due to people(including me T_T) uncontrollably putting spoilers and spams. Hence #Randomc IRC was born.

  13. Anyone knows why Ulquiaga’s Sign Frame has curifixes design like the British ones instead of torii? (I understand Margot being different since she’s a witch, but Ulquiaga? Musashi sure has many people from different countries, like Adele or Naomasa)
    Look here:
    I wonder if Ulquiaga came from England…

    1. Given how it’s selling, BD/DVD-wise, a Season III is very likely. Can’t count on it until it happens, of course, but…well, it would make a lot of financial sense for Sunrise to make a third season, so we’ll leave it at that for now ^^


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