Episode 05

「ガレット剣風録!」 (Garetto Tsurugi Kaze Roku!)
“Galette Sword Style Record!”

I feel that something should be said about the developments in this episode. Something smart, about the clothes stealing ninja bunnies that made me go all eyes wide shut, or the setting shift from a light fantasy to a period Japanese theme, or even of the badass wandering samurai introduced here, Makishima Isuka (Katsu Anri). And yeah, maybe I’ll get to that analysis in a bit, but you know what? Forget about that. First things first. NEKOMIMI NANAMI. WITH LONG HAIR. IN A YUKATA. HNNGGGGGGG-

Ahem. Yea. Okay. So, surprisingly enough, I didn’t think I would’ve enjoyed the episode more so than I initially expected. The opening half of the show that followed the mudane activities of the Galette folks was painfully slow, almost as if the show was trying to force some primer of the “Country of the Week” down on me. There were some bandits mentioned, which meant that I’ll probably get to see a bit of action by the end, but asides from that shaky promise, nothing was really pulling me into the episode. The shift of setting to a period Japan town from the standard fantasy fare was intriguing, but Nanami and her team’s initial investigations proved to be equally unexciting, at least until the appearance of, yep, mysterious swordsman #10030. (To be fair, Isuka isn’t a bad character by any means, but his archtype isn’t particularly original either.)

Next thing you know, ninja demon bunnies. Honest to god ninja demon bunnies. From that point, my mind kept shuffling between “lolwut?” and “holycrapthisisawesome!” as the episode continued to get increasingly wacky. Truthfully though, it was a godsend, the zaniness of the developments breathing life into what was fast becoming a stale episode for me, giving back to the show some of its characteristic exuberance. There was also that over-the-top scene stealing debut of Leo and Millhi with backlights, smoke effects, fanfare and all, so gobsmackingly flamboyant in its execution and presentation it became far more entertaining than it honestly had any right to.

The surprise revelation of the episode was that Isuka turned out to be d’Arquiene Brioche’s (Hikasa Youko) sister, who herself was originally called Hina. (And it’s a name that is a hell lot easier to remember. I might just start calling her that from now on.) It’s interesting to see another demon hunter being thrown into the mix here, and with the existing cast also increasing their demon-combating capabilities, it seems as though Dog Days’ is trying to build up to something major. In any case, it was one heck of a sight to see the normally collected Brioche/Hina getting so easily flustered by Isuka’s teasing, and regardless of their relevance to future plotlines, I sure hope this won’t be the last time we’ll be seeing the duo as something more than mere passing cameos.

And before I forget to mention, don’t you find it pitiable that every single time Vert (Kotobuki Minako) and Juane (Nagata Yoriko) show up, they’re just there to be completely floored and stripped without fail? Not to mention, their short-lived glory was completely stolen from them by the sudden appearance of the rest of the cast. I say, give those girls a break and let them have their singular definitive moment just like with Noir. They deserve that much, at least.

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Episode 06

「パスティヤージュ英雄王伝説」 (Pasutiyaju Eiyu o Densetsu)
“Pastillage’s Hero King Legend”

“Become mine, Hero!”

Oh wait, wrong story. Props to you if you got the reference though. You Sir/Madam, deserve a cookie, if I could ever get one to you. (Sure hope you as hyped for the coming anime as me.)

Well this certainly was one heck of an interesting episode, and by interesting in Dog Days’ I really mean “WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY SMOKING”. For the first half of the episode, I honestly believed that we were finally going to get what would be the “serious” plot of Dog Days’ with the bit of exposition on the Hero King and Demon King. Dog Days’ strung me along and I bought it hook, line and sinker. There was even some kind of a connection going on with Pastillage’s royalty descending from the Hero King. With all that setup, Couver then decided it would be the greatest idea ever to try messing with the Hero King’s very obviously lampshaded momument, trying in turns with every single hero. I’ve gotta say here, the part where she and Cinque very conveniently undid the magic circuit seals on the Demon King ended up being pretty contrived, but with Dog Days’ I’ve learned to take most of its developments with a grain of salt. Thus, the Demon King Calvados Valerio (Toriumi Kousuke), is unleashed upon the world once again. With a suitably evil bright power absorption ability. And maniacal laughter. Can’t forget the maniacal laughter. Sigh. Well, it wasn’t a particularly great start to the “serious” part of Dog Days’, but I already expected worse.

By then, I resigned myself to just lay back and watch how it would disastrously unfold, and the next thing you know, telescope-focus on towel-wrapped ladies. I pretty much had my jaw on the floor at this point, and probably for the rest of an episode that couldn’t decide if it wanted to be serious or comedic. At one moment, we’ll see Valerio acting as the comic relief of the show, waltzing around the estate like a bawz and summoning the winds to sexually harass the maids, or fist-landing into the women’s bath and getting floored by the NanamiBecky combo. The next moment, we’ll see him absorbing everyone’s energy and menacing Couver like some proper Demon King. At some points the show even lapsed into sides-splitting unintentional comedy. Dirtying Millhi’s precious ribbon? NO. You Monster. That’s a crime against dogmanity, that be. IT’S A PUNCCHH!”. Honestly, it’s a mess of disjointed ideas that they have here, but Valerio’s character and the respective developments came so far out of the left field it became amusingly entertaining, especially when seen as some kind of self-aware clowning about by the show. (The part where Couver’s and Cinque’s eyes were hastily covered was a pretty nice touch in this regard as well!)

The kicker, of course, came with the epic summoning of the Hero King. And yes, it’s an amazingly contrived Deus Ex Machina to have Couver act so specifically to the conditions of summoning, but I was already laughing too much from the parodic nature of it all, so much so I couldn’t even bother at this point. Just another bit of wackiness to add to the list, amirite? With that magical girl-esque transformation and getup, her hilarious domination of Valerio, and that morbidly cutesy nature of hers as she smashes down that absurdly huge morning star, Hero King Grand Mariner Adelaide (Kitamura Eri) was a scene stealer from the moment she appeared. (Another big industry name! How in the world do they do it?)

It’s one hell of a heel face turn this episode pulled out. When they started mentioning Demon and Hero Kings, the last thing I would’ve thought of was a couple seemingly pulled out from some kind of romantic comedy. Yet, for all the confusing signals this episode puts out, it somehow works. The parodic personalities of Adelaide and Valerio meshes incredibly well with the fun-loving cast of Dog Days’, and with their cryo-sleep delayed for foreseeable future, I’m looking forward to the craziness they’ll pull out over the course of their stay.

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Episode 07

「封印洞窟戦!」 (Fuin Dokutsu Ikusa!)
“Battle at the Cave of Sealing!”





Oh boy, this episode was not for the faint of heart or mind. Masaki Tsuzuki (Scriptwriter of DD’), I tip my hat off to you. This was the single most absurdly entertaining episode of Dog Days’ thus far. To think the episode started off innocuously enough; after piling on the introductions over the last two episodes, we find Adelaide, Valerio, Isuka, Brioche, and the Bahamut-lookalike-Kratos reforming their old monster-hunting raid party to check on some demon seals. Hang on, question first: How old are the siblings to have known the Hero and Demon Kings? Weren’t they suppose to be the stuff of myths and legends? Oh yes, now I see what you did with that potential spin-off idea there, and let me just say that I’m not opposed to seeing some OVA about on their partying hijinks. Preferably with a young and naive Brioche/Hina!

Predictably, things goes south fast, but oh how gloriously wacky it does so. The show had me going again with its semi-serious tone, and after the heel face turn of episode 06 I honestly believed Dog Days’ was actually going to enter its “serious” arc proper this time. Then, cutesy de-aging demon mice. A Horde Of Cutesy De-aging Demon Mice. I’ll put this right up there with the ninja demon bunnies on the “lolwut?” scale, and I honestly had to wonder from what rainbow-dyed corner of the writer’s twisted mind this brilliantly bizarre idea spawned from. Watching Dog Days’ had always demanded a suspension of disbelief on some level, but this just takes the cake on anything the series has put out thus far. But once I got past that, the episode was a riot. Age regression is one of anime’s oldest gimmick in the playbook, but damn if it ain’t some good fun. Watching the characters flail around in their chibi forms just melts the heart, doesn’t it? And even after taking most of the incredibly adorable cast out of commission, it still just ain’t enough for the team behind Dog Days’. What else could they do? What else could possibly top the chibification of the cast?

“That’s right, BISHIES.” No really, this was your plan from the start right? Forget the inexplicably convenient Heroes Skype Group, or the unexplained age regression from life-stealing demons, or even the fact that the mice could mass into a giant furball. This episode was purely about chibis, bishies and giving the cast an excuse to kick some ass. I don’t know if that’s insanity or pure genius, (they often say a thin line is drawn between the two) but damn if it the end result isn’t one of the most hilarious of the summer season. Seeing the adult Gaul and Cinque kick all kinds of mega-furball ass while charming the chibis with the classic princely sparkles was epic, HNNGG-worthy and just incredibly funny all around. I’ve also got to mention, whoever came up with Becky’s jailbait line to bishie Cinque deserves an award.

The only regret coming from this whole debacle? Why, oh why, were Rico and Leo not here!? These two were sorely missed throughout the episode, and would’ve been the perfect characters on which to play this cliché. Come on, who’s with me in seeing an adult Rico? A chibi Leo? It’s not like precedence in plot or setting could stop the creators from doing whatever the hell they wanted with this show at this point.

Honestly though, the last 3 episodes make a good case for this new season of Dog Days. The creators seem to understand the appeal of Dog Days as a fluff piece, and are pulling out all the stops to play this aspect up with their gimmick of the week, all while naturally expanding the fun, even if somewhat clichéd, cast of characters. I sometimes think that it’s because the characters in the show are all so unanimously having super happy mega fun times regardless of what they are doing, that all the fun they have rubs off on the viewer. Really, who needs some badly enacted drama when I’m already having fun watching the characters having the time of their lives? I’ve said it time and again that Dog Day’ ain’t a particularly deep anime in any regards, but damn if it isn’t entertaining the heck out of me week by week. Flonyard might just make the perfect place for a vacation if it actually existed. Now what’s next for the show? Gender bending? Or how about some body swapping hijinks? Tried and tested too!

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No, I’m not dead! Triple post bonanza! This last two weeks have been some of the most ridiculously busy of mine as I came up against deadline after deadline, and I really feel like I’ve been slacking in this department. Future episodes should (hopefully) be much more timely as I get past the bulk of my workload.

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  1. With regards to Cinque’s reaction towards Millhi, it is important to note that he is not clueless about her feelings.

    When he is confused, he wonders what he did to make Millhi so happy. Cinque is very straightforward and honest, and when the demon king laughed at her, he responded naturally by punching him. To him, what he did was perfectly normal and did not deserve much recognition. So he was confused by the praise he received, not her affection.

    After that, he put such thoughts aside and just petted her like normal. He even thought how cute Millhi is.

  2. I dare say I like Episode 7. Why? Cinque adult version looks like Setsuna F.Seiei (Gundam 00). I kinda like ( ” W ” ) when he turn into Cinque adult version. Both Gaul and Cinque in adult version look so handsome though. Hahaha…

  3. The whole love confession at the end of season 1 seems to be have been forgot. The relationship between him and the Princess seems to have become more like a man and his pet dog more then anything.

    It’s interesting you like season 2 so much, I loved the first season but I’ve been pretty disappointed with this one.

    1. I always thought the man/pet relationship between the two of them was one thing that stuck throughout the entirety of both seasons, not just season two.

      It’s funny that you mention liking DD1 more as well, because I know quite a few people who feel similarly. Was it because the focus was more on Cinque’s personal relationships with the Biscotte folks? Because personally, I’ve been finding this far more exuberant and comical take on DD2 much more fun than what the first season had put out.

      1. I guess one of the main things is that they are just fooling around. Dog Days season 1 may not have been serious, but stuff happened. The plot went from A to B to C and etc. On the other hand nothing is happening in Dog Days season 2, just a bunch of random one-shot episodes.

        Another thing is the excessive ‘furryness’. In the first season, they were obviously all dog-people but there wasn’t all this pandering towards it. There tonnes and tonnes of petting and other stuff like that in this season.

        And I would disagree with the man/pet being the relationship in season 1. I felt it was a guy-girl relationship.

  4. Many I just HATE this series. How can such a series make me all giddy and hyperactive whenever I watch it. It always ooze of awesomeness to me. Perhaps some might not agree with me but so far I have enjoyed every stuff that Masaki Tsuzuki have worked on (Nanoha!!!). Hope we get more awesomeness!

    Exactly. He is fully aware about her feelings. It’s just during that scene, he did not expect some actions and praise from Milhi.

    Many the Hero King and the Demon King are such an awesome duo as well. They’re obviously for each other. Hina? HNNNNGGGG!!! I can’t believe she’s that cute in that loli form. Also she looks really good with her hair fully down and it’s also the first time we ever saw her clothing shred which is something many were hoping to see on the forums lol.

    Bishies?! Awesome! Man, when those two grow up for real, they’re going to be so hard to resist for the girls aren’t they? Look at Milhi who haven’t seen his bishie form yet. She looks like she’s having high expectations of seeing it one day after asking Beccy. Beccy’s comment was also just plain awesome.

    Anyways… I’m just loving this series too much. Uhh… I mean I hate it too much. Damn.

  5. “Hang on, question first: How old are the siblings to have known the Hero and Demon Kings? Weren’t they suppose to be the stuff of myths and legends?”
    Stuff of myths and legends? There’re demons in the world now, Cinque defeated one last season and there’re the ninja rabbits and life force sucking mice this season so I don’t know how you came to that conclusion.
    In the first season, episode 12, Yuki tells Cinque that she’s an Earth Spirit and started to follow and help d’Arque after her mother was killed over 150 years old. It showed a little flashback showing their meeting and d’Arque looked exactly the same as she does in the series, there’s no way to say how old she is so her taking part in the demon hunting group isn’t hard to believe.
    It may have been a slip up, it may have been intended, but Couverte has human ears aswell as her squirrel ones: http://twitpic.com/aixm18 This implies that the Hero King (Queen) was real and Couverte is her ancestor.

      1. Yes, I understand that demons are very much present, but from the way Couver made it out to be, the legend of Adelaide and Valerio seemed to date back eons ago, to the very formation of Pastillage itself. And since the show has never ever made clear the lifespans of the natives, I honestly had to wonder how old the siblings had to be to have partied with the figures of legend. It must’ve something like a couple of centuries ago.

        Also, I completely forgot that such a thing between Yuki and Brioche ever happened in season 1. Nice catch! Makes the whole “centuries old” thing much more believable if that’s the case.

    1. Hmm, if Adelaide really is Couvert’s ancestor by blood and not just heritage, it may mean that Valerio is also her ancestor, considering how lovey-dovey those two are.

      But more importantly, it would mean that humans and the natives of Flonyard are able to have children together. So Cinque x Millhi is indeed a real possibility!

  6. The best evidence is that there isn’t going to be anything serious this time. They’re carefully setting up plot threads for a serious denouement, but they’ll all come together in a third series.

    Brioche and Isuka are at least 150 years old. Why they don’t age is not yet revealed; Brioche was cagey about it in the first series, and no one is talking about it this time. Seems like Valerio and Adelaide did their legendary thing about a hundred years ago. They don’t have the “live forever” ability that Brioche and Isuka have got, so they went into cold sleep so that they would be available for a hypothetical grand reckoning some time in the future, alongside Brioche and Isuka. (And, presumably, our three monarchs and our three heroes and Rico and the Genoise.) We’ll see it in the third series.

    Rico and Nanami have the same seiyuu (Nana Mizuki), and they’re being careful to not have any scenes with both of them speaking, because it would be a headache to record the voices. That’s why Rico wasn’t in the cave along with everyone else.

  7. Heres a thought the girls cloth rip when they grow back up but while isn’t the guys cloths torn apart when they grow in the first place? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why?

    I love it when Adelaide went hero sticker pointed >o<

    1. Allow me to explain, It all comes down to the magic that was used to cause the effect.
      In the girls case the mice chibified them, but not their clothes it was Yuki who did that, so when the chibification ended they grew larger while their clothes remained small via magic that was not yet lifted/reversed. As for the boys, only one spell was cast on them which caused them to grow up clothes included.

      tl;dr: the girls had two seperate effects on them, the boys only had one.

  8. “Become mine, Hero!”

    Oh wait, wrong story. Props to you if you got the reference though. You Sir/Madam, deserve a cookie, if I could ever get one to you. (Sure hope you as hyped for the coming anime as me.)

    Give me a cookie then! And yeah, I eagerly wait for the anime to come out, probably this winter? (saw a trailer a while ago but don’t see it in autumn line-ups)

    On with the episodes, Chibified characters are cute but I think the grownup pairs are absolutely funny.

  9. Seriously, these last three episodes have reignited my enthusiasm for this series in a way I would never have imagine.

    In a show full of kids and lolis, it’s always good to have some adult perspective/supervision =D

  10. @asobi just wait until you will see last week episode 8 there will be relationship devlomenet between shinku and anoudher girl and somthing that never happend until episode 8 of this season will happen

  11. @asobi and can you do a review for episode 8 alone there was a great scence with shinku and eclair which never happend in dog days before but i wont tell you what just that you will be very suprised it happend this way


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