「白の鴨川」 (Shiro no Kamogawa)
“A White Kamogawa”

I thought this was going to be a pretty light-hearted episode, something the chair imagery seemed to back up. Yet, between departure of Array and Kirius and the situation involving Moid – not to mention that nice Le Garite attack at the end there – it was anything but. Indecision, sad partings, and serious problems were the order of the day, as we quickly ramp up to the conflict that will end this series…with a bang, by the looks of it.

As far as indecision goes, that was all Madoka’s territory. While Lan and Muginami know what they want to do – Lan to help her onii-sama, and Muginami to do something for her home planet of U-Go – Madoka appears to have no idea…or is just putting off the decision. First of all, I was so sad at the news that Lan and Muginami would be leaving that I couldn’t properly indulge in yuri shipping, nor make comments about Lan’s “We’re one now” comment. Noes, don’t go! Fortunately, Madoka hinted at the end that there might be another path. If not employment and not higher education, then what does she, the girl who put the rings around the planet, have in mind for the future? I don’t know for sure, but I’d warrant that it doesn’t involve staying on Earth, at least not full-time.

Sad partings was the realm of Array and Kirius, and everyone who came to see them off. After hearing last episode that Array would be leaving, I wasn’t in the least surprised to hear that Kirius was going as well, nor that Izo would be staying. If anyone was going to stay, Izo would be the one to hang around for a fleeting chance at seeing Yurikano again, or maybe just to ride things out until the whole situation feels well and truly over. And their parting…well, it was obvious to me as soon as Madoka said it that they would all cry at the same time, but I didn’t see Hiroshi-ojisan being one step ahead of them. Partings can be said, but there were such good feelings here, of relationships that changed each other’s lives and of friendships that will endure even across the stars. I loved it.

My only concern with the KISS boy is that Array and Kirius’ departure + what we saw in the preview has my internal “Death Flag” alarm going off in regards to Izo. I could be wrong, of course – LagRin hasn’t shown a tendency to kill off characters – but if it is ever going to happen, here at the end of the series would be the place to do it. We got a scare last season with Youko-nee, but I hope they’re not going to go all the way with Izo…even if it might immortalize him in a way survival never could. Madoka doesn’t like seeing those close to her die, after all. Still…fly safe, man.

Of course, the most important parts of the episode, as they so often does, pivoted around Moid. Villagulio spoke of the betrayal that Dizelmine once suspected of him – and exiled him for – along with how Moid has served Dizelmine’s family for a long time. Hearing that, as soon as I saw Dizelmine’s pain, the memoria appearing on his body, and the distrust reborn in his eyes, I knew what would happen. “I can see the ending!” as a certain otomega gamer would say, except not really. I only see one point. I see the poison words of Moid, as they dig into Dizelmine and drive him unerringly down the wrong path. Dizelmine once thought that Villagulio had betrayed him, and gone to the opposition’s side…and now that Moid is back, Dizelmine is convinced of Villagulio’s betrayal once again. There’s believing in your friend, Villagulio, and then there’s stupidity. Wake up and smell the betrayal. It’s not coming from you this time…as if it ever did.

So the stage is set for the final confrontation. Barring something totally unforseen – I wouldn’t put that past this show, though the signs are pretty clear at this point – Moid is indeed the end baddie that Madoka and her waifus will have to beat to make way for peace across the galaxy. Yet they vowed never to fight again. This lull after the Yurikano arc has put the action on the backburner, but now it’s coming roaring back for the grand finish. Now we will see whether Rinne no Lagrange will finish strong, or disappoint us and fall down to hell. Or, just possibly, do something fantastic, something totally amazing…and earn its place, in my mind at least, among the top anime of the year.

I can’t wait to find out.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Indecision, sad partings, & the poison words of Moid drive #LagRin towards it’s final conclusion. Cannot. Wait. #Kamojo #Lagrange

Random thoughts:

  • Tadokoro and co are great. Even when Asteria was hiding things from them – big things, terribly important things – they forgave her like it was nothing. She had her reasons, and they respected that. Good, good people. You picked well, Asteria-chan.
  • Poor Machiko-sensei, she has no one to go to that hotel with but Youko. C’mon, invite Tadokoro! You know you want to :3
  • Yuri. More yuri. Even more yuri (maybe). You’re welcome.
  • Holy shi…oji-san is awesome.
  • That’s some distribution they’ve got on that Kamogawa Energy.
  • Michi x Izo. Do this Xebec. Do it for me.
  • Just to be clear, that ship that exploded definitely wasn’t Array and Kirius’. I was worried because that’s plainly a De Metrio ship, but I compared the designs, and Array and Kirius’ ship was different.
  • Finally, on the bridge that triggered Asteria’s memory – my guess is that whoever is the bridge is the one who dictates what kind of reaction the Voces give off, i.e. whether they make a planet bloom, or destroy it utterly. That might be why Asteria and Yurikano’s experiences with the Voces ended so badly – Yurikano had no bridge to stablize the reaction, and Asteria probably had one (Moid) who was working against her. Now Moid has transferred the bridge memoria to an angry Dizelmine, perhaps so he doesn’t have to wait 20,000 years if things go bad? I don’t know. Now that I say it, I’m not so sure. I really ought to stop trying to predict this show. Still, feel free to give it a shot in the comments below!

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    1. Amazing episode. The yuri is back again! Love how Madoka was taken care of by her waifus. Got to love the Lan/Madoka/Muginami OT3! By the way, I just found out that yuri can cure fever in just a few hours.

      Looks like we are getting more yuri vibes from Machiko-sensei. It is becoming apparent that she has a crush on Youko. I am so going to support her to go with Youko. Sadly for her, Youko is busy working with Asteria. If the reward was a room for three, I bet she would have invited Asteria. And if that happened, we would have an older version of this anime’s OT3.

      What is up with Dizelmine? Why is he letting Moid manipulate him? He even gets the same treatment he gave his sister while he had a fallout with Villagulio some time ago. Moid is getting more sinister.

      No sights of that stalker background girl Reiko Miki. I am sure the creators have no plans of putting her on a bus for the rest of this season.

      Next week, we get some war and probably some betrayal. Seems like the Jersey Club has to break their vow of never using the Voxes for war again.

      On another note: the Jersey Club in Christmas outfits and dat Mugi end card? ABSOLUTELY HOT!!!

      1. Oh my God~ I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about Machiko having a very obvious crush on Youko xD Last episodes was a clear dead-away of their sexual orientation (we’re on the same boat’), this one definitely pushes the yuriship together since she wants to invite her to the hotel! <:

        If we have an older version of OT3 here, Asteria somehow looks like a Sadist to me out of the trio, and would certainly not be a bottom regardless of her Loliness. o wo;

  1. Obligatory, GODDAMMIT Moid! Its clear Dizelmine is being manipulated, and it doesn’t help that it looks like Moid mind raped him.

    Its a little sad to see that Lan and Muginami plan to leave but such is part of growing up. Hopefully, Madoka will learn and take their departure much better than before. Hopefully with a love confession promise to see each other again. For now she can indulge in her waifu’s company.

    1. Baka Dizelmine… to prevent Villagiulio from”betraying” him again he walks blindly into Moid’s betrayal… speaking of which:
      Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal!
      Regarding girls, I believe the power of Yuri will save them! But their plans for the future will have to wait as their pacifism pledge will be tested right now!
      Last but not least I am afraid Kirius and Array were purposefully sent out to keep them alive as people (and I dont mean redshirts) might start dying fast…

  2. I got this feeling Madoka will somehow stop the impending doom and the prize she pays to stop it is to be trapped in the Rinne, together with Yurikano.

    There are 3 voces, we know that 1 vox caused the tragedy, Muginami and Lan is leaving, could separating the pilots/voces actually cause the voces to be unstable, especially Midori?

  3. Hey Stilts, shouldn’t you be happy Machiko-sensei wanted to go to the hotel with Youko-nee? That’s another yuri pairing, now from the old members of the Jersey/Sweats Club. Too bad Youko-nee had to go to Kirius and Array’s farewell party and couldn’t join Machiko-sensei at the hotel for Christmas Eve. 😀

    And lol at Hiroshi being the first one to bawl out in front of everyone. At the sight of their Master shedding some manly tears, our favorite trio of De Metrio ace pilots finally opened the floodgates themselves, and joined their Master for a tearful group hug.

    And last, but certainly not least, is Moid. He’s back to his scheming shenanigans, egging Dizelmine towards reigniting the war by giving him some new powers. I’m really looking forward to his explanation for his actions, and woe betide if it doesn’t satisfy Madoka, cause I’ll bet Kirius’s barnacle-encrusted Ovid that he’ll receive a Kamogawa Dynamite Bomber in the gut if he doesn’t. I’m hoping Izo or Giuvi-nii aren’t gonna kick the bucket any time soon, because judging by the preview and some of the flags they’ve raised, it seems to be turning into a distinct possibility.

    1. That’s what got my attention actually when I first started to read this review. I figure Stilts to have a more obvious stronger ship here would be more like SUPER EPIC worthy enough to be mention let alone also have one cap maybe? The fact that it isn’t made me raise any eyebrow.
      Especially after reading ‘C’mon, invite Tadokoro! You know you want to :3’ I was like ‘Wait. WHAT?’

      About that Christmas party that Youko was at (even if she arrived late) I LIKE to believe Machiko will have her pay for it somehow later on, or that she was so busy with Machiko that that was the reason she was late. O////O;;

      Internet. Give me this now. D<

  4. Dat End card XD

    Tons of feelings this episode: sad ones, gut wrenching ones and yuri ones….

    Also, LOL. The club is in X-mas suits! Perfect since we’re now in the “-ber” months: the start of the holiday season.

    The Moondoggie
  5. I’ve been saying it…I’ve been saying it all this time…if a guy is squinting and smiling all the time, HE IS (most likely) THE BAD GUY! lol

    Seriously, how many times does a “side character” who is squinting and smiling all the time NOT turn out to be the big bad (of the season)? lol

  6. I really can’t figure out what Moid is planning. I think it’s not just about the Voces but it has something to do with Earth itself. Asteria was the pilot of one of the Voces (probably Midori) but who were the other pilots? Was one of them Moid or was he something else? Could he somehow externally control the Voces to let them go beserk? What does his multiple Memoria do? Gah! So many question! I love this show!

  7. This series has a way of developing the story with a great mix of humour and sediment
    that fits perfectly with the tension that is building in the main plot. Great writing!

    And I love that I can’t figure out Moid. It’s disappointing when a series reveals the
    bad guy’s motives too soon, so you end up finishing the series kinda knowing what’s going
    to happen. But it’s not clear how all of the pieces/people will ultimately fit, even Asteria
    is a mystery (but she looks real good for her age 🙂 – sayin’ too much?).

    I noticed the placements of Kamogawa Energy seems too obvious – a key to helping Asteria restore
    her memories? A stretch, perhaps?

    Thanks Stilts for covering!!!

  8. Wait, all of those ‘yuri’ caps and nothing on my Youko/Machiko? D:
    Why would Machiko invite Tadokoro when she made it clear perviously that
    she and Youko are in the same boat? P: This is a yuriship indeed!

    This couple needs more love. Seriously. Between the 3 main characters and uncertainty
    of their future together at least my Youko/Machiko seems more ‘stable’ by comparison.
    I’m a little thankful that the series drops some subtle hints here and there that
    proves a yuri ship stronger than just trolling or teasing.

    From ‘we’re in the same boat’ to ‘I’m inviting Yoko of course!’ makes me pretty happy with joy. To make the series for me complete, a nice ending for the 3 main characters and some major trolling from Asteria towards Yoko and Machiko would be priceless.

    Having her say “OMG. I really am surrounded by lesbians” would be truly epic. One can hope. though. =3=; Looking forward to next week!

    1. @CarlosV

      I won’t say that outloud if I were you. I don’t want to get lynched by the forces of Yuri. Anyway, I sense that the Yuri side of the Force is strong in her. If she switches side, than she’d been seduced by the Dark Side of the Force.

      A Yuri grandmaster once said “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate… Leads to straightness…”

  9. Great prelude to the beginning of the end. Guess sending Array and Kirisu was a wise move by the producers. It’ll let the Yuri Trio shine. I’m TRULY surprised that they did not pair the Yuri Trio and the Space Bishies. Kudos to that.

  10. Hmn, I’d been mentioning the past two weeks that maybe we could see a third season, with the way how docile everything had been. NOT ANYMORE. .. ok, there’s still a slim chance, but now that there’s a clear villain. There’s a pretty clear opportunity for full resolution, too.

    Comon Lagrange >D! To a magnificent conclusion we go >D!!!

  11. Moid is the dangerous man! trust me, people! He was actually who behind all of this madness! I mean he was tried to ‘trolled’ Dizelmine & vilagulio all along!

    That conniving prick!


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