Episode 7

「いかせてあげたい」 (Ikasete Agetai)
“I Want to Let You”

Whatever you do, don’t read the wikis! While blogging, I had to get the name right and saw a major spoiler. Thankfully it didn’t ruin the show for me since it didn’t accompany any further information. I’m sort of glad I’ve put off reading the manga until the end since it seems like something that might be revealed while reading.

Tuleslay (“tool slay”?) reminds me of the movie Monsters Inc. where they also use power captured from humans and convert it to energy. It’s a little darker in Boku H since they have to die to transfer that power. The monsters in Monster’s Inc. only have to scare little children at night.

I like the fact that Ryosuke got knocked down a few notches. Serves him right for being a cocky pervert. Our protagonist wouldn’t be a very good one if he steam rolled through every problem he faced. His perverted justice is funny but he has to face hardship sometime.

We get introduced to Almeia Restall (Hisakawa Aya) and her the two maids of the house Hild (Udagawa Shiena) and Urus (Uchida Aya). What they did next really caught me off guard even though I knew I was watching an ecchi show. Obviously these people should have powers but I didn’t think they would be licking Ryosuke to heal his wounds. Unfortunately all that licking didn’t fix his crushed ego even though what they did is probably one of his dream scenarios.

I was pretty surprised that Quele tried to help Ryosuke get his pervy-ness back by offering herself to him. We know she does in fact like him a lot now but that doesn’t make it any better since she’s supposed to be in middle school. They sure do start young these days…

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Episode 8

「好敵胸(ライバル)、揺れる」 (Raibaru, Yureru)
“The Rivals Falter”

The House of Restall is a pretty crazy place. It almost seems more like a brothel than the house of a very powerful family. It looks more like a place where people can fulfill certain fetishes like having maids lick you from head to toe. Even your potential mother-in-law (too early?) is trying to seduce you.

I feel bad for Mina since Ryosuke didn’t understand what she meant when she tried to confess her true feelings to him but it is sort of her own fault for not pursuing the issue more aggressively. Furthermore, the way she promised Quele that she would help her made her an even worse pick for the main heroine in my mind. Lisara is definitely a better model for a heroine since she’s much more confident about herself in some ways. She’s obviously not perfect since she does have insecurities but who doesn’t?

The whole situation involving Mina is peculiar though. Could it be that Mina was actually the person they have been looking for all along and that this trauma is what unlocked her true potential? It just feels like they tried to throw use another curve ball to keep the story interesting.

Iria has been playing the double agent the whole time and seems uncertain about whether to stay loyal to her friend or to her employer. Even though Iria led Lisara into a trap, it always felt obvious and predictable that she would return to help her out. After all that praising Lisara did of Iria, it would be unbelievable if she didn’t cave from the guilt of having been trusted as something like a best friend. Yeah Iria says that Lisara deserves it but that is just her way of trying to make herself feel better. She’s better as a happy, jolly character rather than a dark villian. Iria would definitely want defeat her rival fair and square without help to prove that she is actually better than Lisara.

* I have been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 lately which contributed to my regular slowness this week. I’ll hopefully have a short post about it this week if I get permission.
* Won’t be covering the recap that aired. There’s no point since the show is not 2-cour.
* Apparently Boku H will now air on Tuesday instead of Thursday for the remainder of the season.
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  1. Quote: “Could it be that Mina was actually the person they have been looking for all along and that this trauma is what unlocked her true potential? ”
    I think this is definitely the case, Mina’s feelings are powerful indeed… It takes a lot of pure love to love such pervert purely…


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