「止まらない止まらない止まらない」 (Tomaranai Tomaranai Tomaranai)
“Can’t Stop, Can’t Stop, Can’t Stop”

I always enjoy an episode more when there’s progress and shit happens. I was surprised by the amount of focus on
Yui this episode; judging from last week’s preview, it seemed more like a Heartseed/Himeko focused week. However, that is not to say that it was wasted, I was quite satisified with her resolution. It was quirky, yet funny and lighthearted while doing what it was supposed to do; that is, return Yui to school.

The scene with Taichi and Iori was adorable. That gave me butterflies because we almost never really see these two interact as a “couple” or even as two individuals who like each other. I try and savor each moment that they’re given together. When Taichi and Aoki had their sunset-talk-by-the-river, I thought that was a great way to bring in Aoki’s more thoughtful side. I never imagined that he’d be the one to save Yui this time (given his little argument with Taichi last week), but in a “second-confession” type of way, it was adorable. Seeing Yui blush gave me a new girl-crush… and that almost never happens to me.

Food! It unleashes all my desires all the time! Trust me; I have no self control when it comes to desserts – especially ice cream and cake! I can completely see why everyone’s going crazy. And while everyone else is screaming for ice cream – Himeko is still isolated in her room. Heartseed continues to scare me, whether it be the crazy eyes or the monotone voice or even the background music. I could’ve guessed more so or less his purpose for visiting Himeko. The show is gradually getting more predictable and going into the typical love triangle zone. Compared to its initial premise, this is when the show starts being less unique and more average. Whether or not next episode pulls it off, we will see.

If there’s one thing that bothers me about KC, it’s how they settle and resolve their issues. People often describe me as a problem-solver (especially around work related issues). I don’t like seeing situations unresolved or sitting there waiting to be fixed. Most of the time, I don’t procrastinate on things that need to be addressed (immediately). So when I watch a show like KC, I almost feel like the underlying internal conflicts for our characters, are never really truly looked at (completely). It’s hinted at, or we see the surface, but when they’re “resolved”, that’s barely scratching the surface. People are complex and obviously nothing is going to be fixed right off the bat. So if KC is going for the realistic approach, that’s fine too – but as someone who likes to see proper endings to their anime, I doubt I’m going to get that here (at least in this season).

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  1. Yeah, the love triangle is nice..but Himeko turning out to actually be a boy(she already talks like one) or a hermaphrodite would be a total game changer. We need another “OMG” moment like “Iori” jumping off the bridge. We will see next week!

  2. I do agree that they never truly resolve everyone’s issues, they just scratch the surface, but i think that is the approach they are going for. No issues have actually been solved, they have just been addressed, and brought to light. Once they admit what their issues are, they can actually address them. Every arc feels like baby steps towards each character addressing their the overlaying issues that define their lives.
    This arc feels like its showing people who they are, while the last arc was showing them what they feared. Its possible that i am looking too much into the show, i tend to do that.

  3. sure, they never do truly resolve anybody’s issues, and there’s still a lot left underneath the skin. but really, isn’t that how all human relationships work?

    no matter what, people can never truly change to fit in. even among the best of friends and intimate of lovers there are compromises to be made, in terms of personal values, pet peeves, all that sort of thing. good relationships aren’t determined by the qualities of the individual, but the sum of all parts.

    in that sense i think Kokoro Connect was never about “people switching bodies” or other weird stuff, but rather an exploration of human relationships, the whole bodyswap/unleashed desire thing simply being a plot device/catalyst to set things off and explore things on a deeper level. kinda like last season’s Nazo no Kanojo X and all that drool.

  4. This is a series that always leaves me exhausted but begging for more. I wish it didn’t need dialogue to convey characterization or move the plot so much, but that’s kind of an anime quirk for series such as this.
    Still, wth was that food scene there for?

    Bio D
  5. I just caught up on the last five episodes and I am really impressed in the direction KC is taking. The body swapping was resolved very dramatically with Lori in the hospital. And with the desires unleashed arc, everyone’s characteristics are clearly defined and Taichi commands every episode as his selflessness both helps and hurt those around him. I am glad internal issues are not easily “cured” in typical anime form but ascends to reach resolution through understanding and trust. I think this series succeeds in the character development of each member of the SCS as it gives light hearted but realistic reasons why everyone do what they do, as their personalities were explained in the beginning episodes. Good stuff.

  6. Heartseed – The most creepy stalker ever that can screw your life up every time.
    How amusing to see everyone unleash their desire…on food.

    I need to eat Barbecue Cajun Chicken Meal NOW!

  7. This show is fascinating. Its approach is unique and I like it. One thing that bothers me though is the pacing – sometimes its too fast, sometimes too slow. The suddenness of the pacing feels like going at mach speed one moment and snail pace at another. This in turn lead to the OST not being able to synchronize – so yeah, Kokoro has its shares of problem. I hope they fix it.


  8. Fascinating, I understand the solving of problems from a business perspective. You have an issue and work until completed. Sadly human emotions/relationships/habits don’t follow the business model. People work their issues and say “finally” is solved just to find them repeating the same behavior again over and over and wonder why they can’t break the cycle. For example quitting something, people replace the “bad habit” with something else just to find that they got addicted to something else. Classic: stop smoking some people end overeating. A relationship sample is the woman that gets beat up by her husband; but won’t testify against him in court because she loves him. So is not that easy as: “yes! the solution is this”; let’s move to next issue. [Congratulations to the people able to break of vicious cycles!!]

    My impression is that KC is using this “human nature” approach to their problems. The food scene was classic. We need food to survive, in a “normal” environment everyone will be so polite: “oh please have the last piece of food from the tray” while inside they will are “I want it” When they all went berserk for everything was great.
    Finally this is a gripe of mine, no one is allowed into my house bedrooms if they don’t live there. I find amusing how in almost all anime anyone will let a visitor inside their bedrooms. I will never let that “sensei” into my Inaba’s room possessed or not.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. yes! the Aoki scene was great! love the way he tries to help Yui with her problem 🙂 “love hotel” line is the best 🙂 (although it probably would never work in real life xD)

    can’t wait for next episode for Himeko alone!!!! Iori is also someone to watch for 🙂 finally the depressing part of vol.2 material is over 🙂

    1. I also loved the scene of Yui and Aoki. One has to be bold and very determined to confess that way, besides being always an honest man and persistent, are skills that must be evaluated.

  10. Oh well, I bet myself on Inaba going full confession towards Taichi, and possibly going into full ecchi mode again, even in the full view of Iori (and possibly triggering HER inner desires…)
    Anyway I am hoping it will be great epiosde, maybe rivalling the magnificent 5th!

  11. Considering where the arc is heading and considering the previews, next week will be the episode that breaks Inaba like it did for Iori in episode 5 when she reached that A-ha moment. Hopefully, it will be just as great. I have faith in you, writers. Let’s make it happen!

  12. Aww, I was hoping for a screenshot of Aoki in his adorably dorky “prince charming” pose. Ah well.

    Loved this episode for what it did with our two resident “not-couples,” particularly Aoki and Yui whom I feel have been underdeveloped a bit – especially Aoki. The resolution to Yui’s isolation was sweet, fun, and embarrassing.

    Taichi making up with Iori was heartwarming as well.

    Even as Himeko’s “other precious something” is rather obvious with a bit of retrospect, I’m still hoping for this series to do what it’s arguably done best: Exceed the normal expectations just a tad and pull off something just a little bit special.

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