「それを言葉にするということ」 (Sore o Kotoba ni Suru toiu Koto)
“Putting Into Words”

I realize that this episode was meant to focus on Himeko and her own personal intentions in the future, but I can’t help but feel a much higher respect for Iori at the same time. Recent episodes have been pretty dry for all our characters (with all the angst and emo-mood), and I’m glad that with all the build-up and anticipation, everything is finally out in the open. It feels like a breath of fresh air – at least for Himeko who no longer has to hide her affections for Taichi. Aside from the predictability of this episode, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the end to Himeko’s arc.

Much of this episode dealt with Himeko and her (not so secret) feelings towards Taichi. Clearly she had no intentions of telling him (even though Heartseed heavily emphasized this fact last episode). I wasn’t surprised up until this point, but it did really bother me that she had this sour mood surrounding her that would impact the rest of the group. This is meant to be a picnic! You’re supposed to have fun with your classmates and not ruin the mood by being overly competitive and quiet. I can’t stand people who take a lot of burden onto themselves to try and save others… or hide something they believe will ruin the group dynamics. In this case, I feel like Himeko should trust her friends a little more especially when she’s having issues coming to terms with her feelings. This is what it means to have friends and to depend on people and I’m sure this is what Iori was getting to. I applaud her for smacking some sense into Himeko.

This is precisely the reason why I like (and emphasize with) Iori more. She’s has an outgoing spirit and she’s someone (like me) who tries to smile and puts up a front even when she’s hurting. I understand that’s not ideal and in a way, you can say that Iori also avoids the problem by putting on an act. My rebuttal to that would have to be a reminder of how Iori is the one who confronts Himeko this episode. Iori is the one who approaches Himeko asking about her feelings towards Taichi and not only does she chase after her, but she accepts her. Tell me that doesn’t demand some kind of respect? Not to say that Himeko is wrong, but I just agree with Iori’s way dealing with the situation. Whether or not her “desires were unleashed“, I still think that talking it out is far more conclusive than dragging it out.

And how about that kiss? Definitely saw it coming – especially after Himeko’s remarks in episode 5. I’m glad that the love triangle has finally surfaced but what’s going to happen to my Taichi/Iori pairing now? Oh no! I’m clearly a Taichi/Iori shipper so I’m not going to jump to conclusions yet. This episode seemed like an odd place to end the arc; syoboi has only 2 more episodes scheduled, so I’m anxious to see how they’re going to air the final 5 episodes. I spy a cliffhanger ending on the way and this is going to kill me since I already hate waiting a week for episodes to air (let alone a month or something!).

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  1. I very much enjoyed this episode and kudos to Himeko and Iori’s VAs for putting up such a stellar performance. They made that argument convincing more than the dialouge. Then there was Himeko at the end all embarassed with her squeaky voice. That really emphasized her change in character somewhat.

    I was wearing headphones when I watched this episode and when Himeko slammed Taichi in the guy I heard it break the sound barrier.

    I’m also interested to see what they’ll do with only 2 episodes left.

  2. I really love Iori now. I was really getting frustrated with Inaba getting all mopey and Iori pretty much said what I would have said: Enough with the mopey bullcrap and start acknowledging that other people care about you.

    On the other hand the conclusion of this arc was both ridiculous and anti-climatic. “We can fight over Taihi but will still be best friends!” What kind of cop-out is that? It doesn’t help that Taichi himself told Inaba that he doesn’t reciprocate Inaba’s feelings and loves Iori. I was really feeling sorry for Inaba and yet this entire scene is played like it was heartwarming. The f***!?

    1. I full-heartedly agree (considering I’m on the Iori boat… some people may disagree) and I thought it was a little anticlimatic as well given all the build up and tension. I don’t think it’s unrealistic though and since there is a lot more story to be told, I can see why everything can’t be resolved in a heartbeat. I don’t think any less of Himeko or anything, but I definitely give points to Iori now =)

  3. This was probably one of the best episodes out of the series so far.

    Everything was put out into the open, and Himeko (FINALLY) came forward and was honest in her feelings towards Taichi. All this took was Iori standing by her regardless if Himeko liked Taichi or not. That’s what I call a true friendship. Usually, I’d see two girls duke it out with cat fights or name calling, but this was handled very well.

    A large part of me now would really like to see Himeko end up with Taichi, and I’m going to cheer her on. I’d like to see if she can sway Taichi’s heart. There’s still a chance for her.

    Also, is this 12 episodes? Or, 15 episodes? You mentioned “5 final episodes.”

    1. 3 more episodes on TV scheduled, which covers the third LN. And then 4 more on BD perhaps streaming online that covers the 4th LN, which will be the convincing place a nice “conclusion” of the series.

  4. This is such a cathartic series to watch; everyone acts believably stupid and then there’s a lot of shouting to clumsily sort it out. It’s still leaning too much on the dialogue for my liking, but it sure is passionate dialogue.
    Oh, and kudos for that massive red-herring chasm. The foreshadowing there was so obvious I was wondering if they were actually going to do it and then it turned into a first-class troll by Heartseed.

    Bio D
  5. ss 08 uh-oh Inaban with a knife…
    ss 19 leave it to Iori to help Inaban sort things out
    ss 25 no cats nor knights in white armor were harmed
    ss 29 and onwards confession time!
    ss 33-34 DAT KISS!
    all right, the shipping war is officially on, even if the sides are still best friends somehow… the show has gotten even more interesting now since apart from whatever Heartseed can yet throw at us (and the club members) we have a love triangle to be resolved…

  6. I agree that Iori deserved the most respect this time. Himeko’s ‘sacrificing her love for the sake of the group’s friendship’ was noble as well, but Iori’s ‘you’re my friend no matter what, even we love the same guy’ is undoubtedly touching. She drew out her own rival but look at the smile on her face. I’ve always liked both Iori and Himeko but I’m a proud Taichi x Iori shipper.
    And also, I think we should give credit to Toyosaki Aki and Sawashiro Miyuki. They did a hell of a great job, and that confrontation scene was amazing.

  7. This episode is full of adorable Inaban cuteness. At the end of it, It seems like Inaban is the one w the issues albeit Iori has her personality issues to sort out.

    Crying Inaban makes me want to hug her and tell her everything’s all right

  8. Haven’t got the time to watch this yet, but it’s just painful to see Inaba suffering from her affection toward Taichi and her fear of breaking the group’s relationship if she confesses. Luckily, it seems that it’s resolved at the end of this episode, and I am just relieved to see that smile on her face.

    However, let’s not forget that Iori has her problems, too. Show Spoiler ▼

    Let’s just wait for her arc (which very likely will be on DVD/BD only) to come. Before the time comes, we shall see more about Yui and Aoki next.

  9. My goodness, you are a walking contradiction.

    “I can’t stand people who…hide something they believe will ruin the group dynamics”

    “She’s has an outgoing spirit…who tries to smile and puts up a front even when she’s hurting” …to preserve the group dynamic.

    What it basically boils down to is that you don’t like how two very different people go about fixing the same group dynamic. One recognizes that she is the cause of the problem and volunteers to sideline herself over making it worse, while the other sees the problem and attempts to fix it. It’s hard to say one is right over the other. (I mean Inaba had a serious problem; she was in love with one of her best friend’s man. What would you have done? I mean, to me, anything she could have done would have the potential to make the situation much worse).

    I also don’t really understand how you can say the recent episodes have been dry. This series is a drama, were you not expecting angst in a drama? I loved the emotional impact of this arc as it delved deeper into the notion of identity, whereas in the first arc, you can get away with disguising your true intentions if you hide it well enough.

    Or maybe it’s because you’re inclined to praise Iori and chastise Inaba. To me, Inaba hid her feelings with good intentions, while Iori hid her feelings for selfish reasons (I mean, if this episode was any indication, she can get pretty mean when she’s angry, with the whole “tell me or I’ll cut you off” episode)

    1. To each their own and I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I don’t try and hide the fact that I favor Iori but I did also say that I DON’T think Himeko is WRONG for doing what she did (I respect the fact that everyone handles their issues differently). I only stated that I AGREE with Iori and in (a similar) situation, I would probably do what she did. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I DON’T like how people fix their issues differently… if that was the case, then everyone should think the same and act the same and look the same too -__-‘

      Yes, recent episodes to me have been… dry. I don’t disagree that this is a drama and there is going to be angst but I would rather see more development and less status quo. If you appreciate the past few epiesodes and felt that they added value to Himeko, then I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the current arc. It’s fans like you who didn’t stop watching (after episode 5 which a lot of folks did *cough =P) which keep up discussions.

  10. This has got to be the BEST episode of Kokoro, EVER!

    Even though I’m cheering for TaiHime, I also hope that Iori get the much deserved and needed ending. TaiHiRI, maybe? (I’ll start punching some bricks now)

  11. Wohoo! I was very happy with this episode! Finally the Inaba x Taichi shipping has happened! THAT KISS wohoo! I can easily relate with Inaba! As someone who isn’t as outgoing with other people and don’t make a lot of friends I understand her situation very well. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of personality you can’t change who you are but I do agree that she should have put more trust with her friends and be open with her current situation at least. This is a good character development because she learned something out of this and it’s understandable since all characters in this series are young. You have to make mistakes first before wising up in life.

  12. Wow didn’t expect they resolve the mess so easily, not that i hate it or something.

    Himeko Inaba of this episode is too much…!

    *Abandon TachiXIori’s ship and jump aboard the cruise of TachiXInaba* <3

  13. Even thou I am a fan of TachiXInaba pairing I can’t help but get this feeling that this whole series is build on Taichi/Iori, just like how some anime are build on childhood friend pairing this series is Taichi/Iori, no matter how close they try to get TachiXInaba, but in the end Iori will win, just get this feeling.

  14. Maybe a lot people didn’t realize this, but I already knew that Inaba loves Taichi from episode one. Even though I didn’t read the novels. She is very good at hiding it, but I can read her mind like an open book!!

  15. Awww~! This episode was great, but sometimes, you can take a situation for a small amount of time.. sometimes I just wanted to punch the characters! LOL But I understand it’s a difficult situation for anyone to be in when everyone’s desires are exploding//orz

    I feel as if there’s not enough Himeko love! 🙁 I understand more of Himeko way of handling things (hiding feelings to retain the status quo). Because, in reality, when a friend reveals she’s crushing on someone else’s crush, it’s not very much of a “friendly” rivalry. It’s more of “GURRL I WILL CUT YOU” thing. So, I’m more of a Himeko fan than Iori, but I still love Iori also.

    Himeko/Taichi shipper, but it doesn’t really matter who ends up with who to me. :’D

    1. Wow I thought I’m the only one who marathoned it. I kept ignoring this series but a “friend” insisted I am missing something. He’s right!

      HimekoXTaichi shipper since ep 1. Iori is good but I just like my Inaban more.

      I am so in love with Sawashiro Miyuki. Who isn’t?

  16. This was the episode I was waiting for. Although Inaba being in love with Taichi was predictable, it was still good to see it all play out. I give mad respect to Iori for how she handled everything. Not many women would be able to keep their composure under those circumstances. A little unrealistic? Sure! But I would call it realistically unrealistic.

    From the very beginning I’ve been on the Taichi/Inaba boat. Don’t get me wrong, I love Iori, but I find Taich and Inaba’s relationship to be more natural. IMO the TaichixIori seems to be like puppy love, which is not built last. Inaba is the girl that will challenge Taichi mentally. She is fully aware of who Taichi is and is not just in love with the idea of what he represents(kind, caring, etc…). It’s hard to explain, but I just feel that TaichixInaba is a better match. Unfortunately, the odds of this not happening is very predictable.


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