Props to the sharp commenters who guessed Bermuda’s involvement in the fight, and how that would potentially be considered illegal. While he certainly does remain a frightening force, the revelation does take most of Jager’s seemingly invincible aura away. I guess it doesn’t matter much what Jager does now though, since here’s something else standing in Tsuna’s way now: Bermuda. Unlike most of the other Arcobaleno’s – or maybe just Fong, Colonello, and Reborn – Bermuda doesn’t have that characteristic bishounen design, and in fact, looks more like a science experiment gone wrong. Although I didn’t have any preconceptions of what he would look like with his curse released, what this chapter revealed was definitely rather surprising. While Bermuda’s character design isn’t necessarily bad, it lacks the intimidating factor I thought he would’ve possessed, but instead there’s an air of childish creepiness. To compare, the rest of the Vindice are what one would see in horror houses – zombies that seem frightening at first glance, but reality reminds them they can’t be real. Bermuda on the other hand, is more like the monsters people concoct in nightmares, where reality and simple perception become blurred together. The dreadful feeling in this instance is much harder to shake off, which is why Bermuda’s design inspires a more dreary and uneasy feeling than the appearance of the Vindice. To be honest I found the Vindice’s designs to be a little lacking, so I’d say Bermuda is a step in the right direction.

Reborn will probably be releasing his curse fairly soon, and I’m sure a lot of people are dying to see the teacher-student pair in action. It will probably get a lot of attention given to it as well, since it involves the two main characters. At any rate, the Tsuna/Reborn match-up will be less disappointing than the previous mini-teams.


  1. Aha!! I was right about Bermuda’s trick last time. Yay go me!! I normally get those stuff wrong. I am glad I was right about Bermuda’s “physically” involvement in the fight too. I am a smart cooky for once. XD

    According to Ch 376, Bermuda has only 2:07 min of Present left. So I guess it is safe to assume that after 2:07 of his Present Release, this 90min battle, regardless it has been really a total of 90min or not, will end. Like BakaMochi, I also like to see Tsuna/Reborn match-up, but does anyone known how much time does Reborn’s Present have left?


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