This arc seems to be going to some strange and potentially dodgy places. I’m not even entirely sure what to expect anymore or why this is apparently essential to the rest of the arc, but apparently Wakaki felt it was. So far, in many ways, this arc has been quite the departure from the Kami nomi norm and this chapter only serves to emphasise that fact. We’ve had quite a few extended periods in which very little happens in each chapter despite the larger threats that are apparently looming, such as the hunt for the goddesses in the present and the entire situation with Dokurou. It’s definitely been a pretty unusual arc, and given how this chapter ended I can only imagine it’s going to get stranger.

It’s a little funny that Urara wants to be seen as an adult but is still both extremely naive and prone to using childish methods to try and get her own way. Somehow she succeeds in pressuring Keima (though things seem to have gone in a direction even he couldn’t have predicted). Additionally, he’s finally realised what I pointed out a few chapters ago – that he’s already come across mention of ‘Shiratori’ before, so hopefully we may begin to see some more light shed on that aspect. There’s also a nice panel during his recitation of the tenets of capturing targets – a pause which could well hint at certain residual feelings for Chihiro in the wake of the last arc.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Wakaki seems to be taking us down some pretty strange roads with this latest arc! #TWGOK


    1. I wouldn’t be so sure. He says that he only reads echi books in games and that nudity is no good. If I’m not mistaken ero games in Japan still censor the naughty bits in the echi scenes (the same on echi books) meaning that is not ‘actual’ nudity. It’s the foreign ones that are uncensored. So… take it as you like.

      One Reader
      1. But nevertheless eroge show nudity (except one special kind, i.e. details of the privates). But Keima basically says that nudity on a general level is no good and that he is a “wholesome gamer” which indeed would mean that he plays all-ages games.

      2. That and theres the difference between 2D and 3D. We saw that just going to pictures of real women already made him uncomfortable. Then Urara pushed him even further. We also have to remember dating-sims does not mean a focus on H. There are plenty of eroge’s where its just 97% story and 3% h-scenes. The genitals in eroge are hidden with mosaic, and I doubt Keima plays any of the hardcore stuff (*cough*Euphoria*cough*). General boob-shots are fanservice and I bet keima skips through the h-scenes anyways. (I do because its not that great anyways)

  1. I have watch Tenri OVA expecting at the end there is a news that season 3 will come, but while there is no news for season 3 at the end there is a good news that Tenri OVA will be a 2 parter and the second part will be on December 18.

  2. … Let me just express how so disturbed I am of this chapter. I mean WTF man, WTF ?!?! Ok, neither Keima and Urara is really at fault but what in the world is the mangaka thinking with this route?!?! This is wrong on so many levels – and they are very basic levels too. The sad part in all of this was that I actually found it funny and two powerful feelings within me becomes conflicted – between wanting to put things in their proper places and wanting a very good laugh. Urghhhhh…


    1. I think he did a pretty good job of showing how children don’t think and they imitate blindly. I remember as a kid playing the showing game. Nothing sexual about it, we just didn’t know what the hell we were doing. The only reason Keima realizes it is wrong is because he is a 17 year old in a 10 year old body.

      1. I have to agree on what the author was thinking. With this bad economy, he must’ve been desperate and tried to give fan service for lolican fans.

        Needless to say, this never happened to me in pre-school years. I am shocked that Keima supposedly did not recall such an event in his life. He forgot Tenri for a moment, but this????!!!

        In this arc, the author provided us with two service that would have interested some people. One was showing a young version of Keima’s mom, the other was showing this and now we have no idea what is next.

    1. Tenri had been known to pop bubble wrap whenever she’s nervous or whatsoever…as she’s kind of anti-social. You can watch the Tenri OVA as well…she’s still popping it there.

  3. It’ll be amusing if Keima was to say no, and that does a reset of everything.

    …Okay highly unlikely, but this chapter, Keima has suffered a lot through this friendquest.
    Boy is he going to loathe returning to the present. Both Yui & Urara are rich girls. They’ll probably propose to him in a manner where only money can compete. (or fame, so thrown in Apollo / Kanon combo lulz)

    Oh…and the other kids peeping. LOL WHAT, TELL THE TEACHER! Darn curiosity, that can sometimes corrupt poor kids.

  4. Typical kids, will be typical. This was anything but that. I couldn’t help but laugh so hard, because I totally could see this happening. Even more so because Uruha would want to prove to Keima that she’s an adult. I kinda had an inkling that this would occur… But even then I didn’t think it would. I bet Keima was just like that.

    When we get back to the present, Uruha and Dokuro are going to wreck havoc on Keima’s life. Uruha will bring the perverted acts, Dokuro will go “I’m the only girl who’s been kissed several times by Keima” which will drive everyone up the wall since most have only been kissed.

    So, very, dead. Nice knowing you Kami-sama.

  5. Tenri forever alone T.T

    I am feeling the same feeling as Keima here… Loli fanservice is too much for me….. Still, Urara action make sense as wht a kid would do. BUT STILL MY EYES O.O

    Also, kids get an adult here!! Things *might* go out of hand!

    Btw is any writer covering the OVA? Just curious. 😛


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