「傷が、ある」 (Kizu ga, aru)
“They Have Scars”

While Mei and Yamato’s relationship is the main subject of this series, it’s also nice to see how Mei slowly handles her new social situation. You’re probably tired of me praising Mei all the time, but it’s hard to avoid doing that. She is so admirable, inspiring, and to me, she is the ideal girl in so many ways. It’s quite obvious why Yamato took interest in her. She is straightforward, honest, and sincere – all these traits are what the girls around Yamato have been lacking. He who has been used for pleasing others – something he felt obligated to do because he just wanted to “help” – has finally met someone who doesn’t take him for granted; a girl who isn’t using him. He can be his true self around her. Mei who is very anti-social doesn’t know how to act in various situations, therefore she can’t do anything but being honest, and that’s what really touches me. She won’t tell lies, or hurt someone – she is the best friend someone can have in a school like hers where most students we’ve been shown appear to be very attached to ideals and media. No wonder there is so much bullying going on and rumors spreading everywhere, but sadly, this isn’t something unique for this show because this is reality for many of us. The honest and more relatable portrayal of high school in this series is just one of the many great things about Sukitte Ii na yo. – It’s so realistic!

Aside from the praise for the show in general, today’s episode brought us the end of the Aiko arc. Most of the characters in this series are pitiful and sad. We have Yamato who does everything to protect others which leads to him being seen as a comforter. Then there is Aiko who changed herself for the person she had a one-sided crush on. And now we have Hayakawa Kakeru (Kaji Yuuki), a guy who aspires to be popular like Yamato by sleeping around with girls. It’s sad to see so many misunderstandings between everyone in this show. Hayakawa doesn’t understand Yamato’s “kindness”; he simply feels jealous because of how popular his friend is. The girls around Hayakawa aren’t changing the situation for the better. They, like the girls around Yamato, take Hayakawa for granted and do whatever they want with him. The naïve guy can’t see that he is being used and thinks he is gaining popularity from this.

Watching Mei deleting Hayakawa’s phone number made me smile. She doesn’t want artificial relationships, and seeing her confront him probably made Aiko realize what Yamato saw in her. It pleases me to see that Hayakawa can’t affect Mei. Even though he felt upset because his pride was hurt, a part of me thinks that he will change. He has realized now that some people want true friends; so hopefully he’ll find himself one who won’t take him for granted? And I certainly hope that Aiko will look at the man next to her now that there is peace between her and Mei. Hopefully Aiko will see Mei as a friend now that she has been protected by her. The two of them are very alike after all. But when it comes to Yamato and Hayakawa’s relation – it’s hard to say what will happen between them but I don’t think Yamato will talk to him again for a while, not after that punch.

Speaking of punches, not only is Mei courageous when it comes to being honest – she is also very determined. Hitting a teacher and making a run for it to protect a bracelet is a brave thing to do, but I’d expect nothing less from a Mei who is in love. Mei who has been protecting and “saving” everyone around her has a protector herself now. Watching her kiss Yamato’s injured hand really touched me. That scene was so artistic in every aspect. Sukitte Ii na yo. is truly beautiful and it has the ability to bring out emotions in me by showing something simple such as a kiss. I’m being completely earnest when I say that I love this show.

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  1. the kiss from the last 3 episodes is gone 🙁 but I like how Mei kissed Yamato’s hand… it is so romantic yet so pure xD Yamato is sure a lucky guy!

    I can see why Aiko is so bitter about things, but she is just as much a victim… I seriously hope she will find her peace and a nice guy for her! and I want to see the return of Asami…

    thanks for the coverage, Stereoman xD

  2. I must say that I wasn’t too into this series after the first episode as the Yamato kiss scene was quite out of the blue before there was really any relationship between the two main characters (contrast to Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun’s Mitty and Haru relationship in the first episode). I understand that it was to ward off the stalker…but I’m sure there were other ways of doing that. Anyway, with each episode that passes however, Mei is slowly growing on me.

    Now, we all have that one scene in an anime which makes you think “okay, no matter what happens from here I am definitely watching this!” (i.e. Mami’s scene in Madoka, lamp-post scene in Toradora, flying panties in Sora no Otoshimono to name a few of mine). The scene where Mei whips out her phone and deletes Hayakawa’s number and tells him straight in his face that she does not want friends like him is exactly one of those types of scenes for me 🙂 I’m hooked and I’m coming along for the ride!

    Anyone else loving the fact that we actually have 2 Romcoms this season where the feelings of the main characters are already known by each other? It is a nice change from the usual formula of working through a whole series to reach that point.

    1. I have to agree! I wasn’t too big of a fan from the first episode for various reasons, but now…I am indeed hooked. This is a glorious season for comedies, with Sukitte presenting the more down-to-earth elements of a rom.

      For me, the “hook” moment of this episode that sealed the deal for me was the final scene and the mini-monologue concerning scars. It hit a home run in my books so much that I shed a tear the 2nd time I watched it. I was afraid that the episode would end on a sour note and leave a bad cliffhanger feeling…but I was thoroughly surprised and touched. The two of them feel so human to me it’s almost scary, especially in this high school setting of smoke and mirrors.

      The characters have so far developed nicely, and have made me appreciate the art of character development even more. Three cheers for great romances this season!

  3. I think Hayakawa see himself as the user rather than being used. God knows how many guys I’ve know who think that sweet talking girls into bed makes them more of a man. He was after Mei just because he wanted to show he could manipulate her and get her away from Yamato.

    Toradora, for me, got me from the very opening. After the voice over by Ryujii and Taiga I was hooked. A very unusual circumstance. Here it was the overall tenor of the episode from Mei getting the bracelet, bopping the teacher, deleting Hayakawa’s number, her scenes with Aiko to the kissing of Yamato’s hand. It really rounded out Mei’s personality.

  4. It’s really quite wonderful to see this anime continue to be such a fantastic testament to Hazuki Kanae’s work. The honesty and ability in which the studio approaches the sensitive issues – and from there, animates them – that it does really allows a viewer to sympathize and connect with the characters and in the end, it is marvelously done and a strong reason why this anime is as great as it is.

  5. The series so far is good. The pacing/narration is a lot better than the manga. However, seems like the anime skips/leaves out a lot of the racier aspects which can be found in the manga…

    1. I, for one, like the manga better. Not sure if I have a preference for the manga or anime Yamato, but Mei in the manga is a shy but very tough cookie (in a good way) — I find her a little too mellow here… then again, this is really not to start an argument on which is the best, I swear !
      disclaimer: it’s an adaptation and adaptations have a right to make changes to fit their format

      1. Completely agree with you in the manga its like mei knows she has put her self in that predicament so a s not to get her that she can only depend on herself but then as she reaches out a girly side comes out but still sticks to her guns shes more realistic rather than being cutesy in the manga i also do like the double sided complexity of yamato in the manga as well but the anime is pleasant none the less

      2. I completely agree that Mei seems way stronger in the manga than the sappy anime version. I blame the voice actress for This actually. Id prefer her to speak in a low and serious voice over a weak and meek voice. Yamato also seems a lot more sincere in the manga. In the manga, I saw him as an assertive and forthright guy. The anime version seems like a flirty guy that is used to getting his way. His sincere feelings for Mei comes off more like Mei is his charity project. I also kind of cringed at her kissing his hand. It was just So Sappy. I don’t remember what happened in the manga but I certainly don’t remember cringing. I really hope it gets better because I am this close to dropping this.

  6. This series reminds me alot of Kimi Ni Todoke (which I really liked). The characters even look to be by the same artist. Its nice to see a series thats mostly serious with believable characters.

    1. The difference being that they’ve accomplished in just a few episodes what it took multiple cours to do in Kimi ni Todoke. The mains are turning out to be more similar to Kimi than I originally expected in terms of background and personality. Suitte is probably much more realistic from a sexual point of view. It’s taken 73 chapters of the manga for anything to really happen in Kimi.

      1. ah, Bear ! I see you understand my frustration with Kimi ni Todoke!!! While I simply LOVE that manga, the pacing these past 2 VOLUMES has been … *sigh* (words fail me). I am very pleased with chapter 72 though <3<3<3

  7. the more whole mei-yamato doing indeed expect some people getting jealous about so now meet hayakawa who tried to ruin it.

    but get let see grit those teeth punch by yamato cause of insulting mei then give each them own probs like aiko’s “dieting” issues wanting yamato give mei feel sorry for her.

    yet mei checking on yamato see his hand cause defend for mei.

    4eps of this with drama, emotion, etc wonder degrassi route keep going?

  8. I really liked that Yamato and Mei not only stood up for each other but for themselves in this episode. And I loved how Mei handled Hayakawa. Mei might be lacking in the friend department, but she still knows that it’s quality over quantity. I think that aspect came into play for Yamato in this episode as well. It’s not the number of girls you have, it’s the quality of one that really means something. Another beautiful episode. I was really moved by the ending when Mei was talking about scars. That kiss on Yamato’s hand said more than any words could have.

  9. This anime gets better and better each episode.
    I like how Mei is honest and seems to understand people better than those who seemingly are more socially competent than her- I can definetly learn a lot from her!!
    Oh , and that kitten in the box is kawaii!

  10. The first paragraph I agree completely with on why I’m in love with this show and the main character herself. Sad to say Hayakawa as pathetic as he may be, I see the likes of him in where I live all the time.

  11. I love love love the manga and I must say that the anime so far has been everything I could have hoped and more.
    As someone said it leaves out some of the racier parts of the manga, but echi scenes always make me feel uncomfortable when it’s animated so it’s all good 😀

  12. Ahhh. This anime. Ahhhh. That handkiss at the end. Ahhh. My feels! Ahhhhhh. This series really makes me smile weekly. <:

    Despite the countless fanservice many anime titles have this season, it's really refreshing to watch something really pure and innocent blossom between the two. I actually like the fact that it's not rash like the first few episodes with the kissing, instead they really focus on their character development as a couple. Tachibana's character is really something.

  13. I’m super happy Mei wasn’t taken advantage over from that creep Hayakawa and they preserved her character. Saying, “I don’t need friends like you” made me go OHHHHHHHHH damn right! The ending of this episode was great, it was like a transition point of making physical contact and being more intimate ^_^

  14. Really didn’t expect to feel for Aiko after how horribly she treated Mei in her introduction, but with the curtail call on this episode I can absolutely say I agree with you, Stereoman. And I wish her the best in the future. Pain can bring out many things in different people; in Mei it brought out emotional and social walls, in Aiko it brought out bitterness and hostility mirroring her own issues.

    I suppose I can see even Hayakawa in a sympathetic light after reading your analysis, but again I agree that it’ll be a longer time before he can make a genuine change of himself.

    Lastly, Mei kissing Yamato’s hand may not have come off (to some) as being as big a deal compared to the latter’s “different types of kisses” a few episodes back, but to me it signified a lot. This time it was Mei who initiated an act of intimacy which to me shows a lot of growth and trust earned, coming from someone as shy and self-isolated as our heroine.

    Love this show so far. I see no reason for that to change. <3

  15. I do like the anime more than the manga in the sense that they made the other characters (aiko) seem more real. i mean i don’t think girls in school are 100% filled with sex drive, like what the manga somewhat hints at at times.
    BUT BUT BUT like most others, i hate how Mei’s strong self is played down. she is shy yes, but she don’t need Yamato to talk about her in front of her (the lunch with Hayakawa). I’m pretty sure she speaks up for herself well.
    And why does Yamato speak like Mei needs him to be able to make friends? Okay, i know Mei changed because of him. but, she made her own friends. It may be Yamato’s influence, but she does it through her own effort. Now, the anime makes her seem so… i don’t know.

  16. another thing, why is Nakanishi so innocent? He’s supposed to be the complete opposite.
    i really do hope Mei is shown as more aloof and strong-willed (than just lovey dovey).
    AND what happened to the sweet friendship scenes between Mei and Asami? BUILD ON THOSE ZEXCS, this isn’t just a romance show we have here!
    i may seem to have many complaints for the show >< but it only goes to show how much i love it and expect from it! thumbs down if you wish i wont mind

  17. My god, I was so close to take my eyeballs out. Can’t stand this Mei, the problem is that they portrait her in a very simple way, her shy personality. She does not have a weak voice. At all. She doesn’t know how to interact with others, but She is giving a fuck while She learns. I hate this anime Mei, She is badass, She has the guts to say whatever with whoever crosses her past, not a flich on her face, not a care in the world.If you like this story, go And read the manga. Learn about the complex Mei, the real depths of her caracter. This is just a sappy version.


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