「お兄ちゃんって呼んでいいですか?」 (Onii-chan tte Yonde ii desu ka?)
“Can I Call You Big Brother?”

I am home alone, watching the second last scene in my bed and I swear – I almost shat gold bricks because I scare that easily! This is the exact reason that I do not watch horror movies/anime or even read stories. I just can’t sleep afterwards! Especially with faces randomly popping up. All I have to say is – but why?! T_T

The episode started rather slowly with Aki’s interview and Subaru’s very abrupt entrance. Can’t say it went very well, especially when Aki needs the funding. Sad to say that Mitchie’s family isn’t doing much to help either. I find it more interesting that we get to see how Aki and Kai’s interests in the story beginning to diverge. We have Aki focused on building their robot, whereas Kai has this whole secret report being discovered. I hope it’s all going to come back together somehow, because I really want to see how they tie in the giant robot. Parts of it can be seen in our intro during the first episode.

More importantly was Kai’s little scavenger hunt to find this girl that he saw last week. I’m surprised that he scouted for Juuna’s help, I never expected her to be brought into the picture this way. We see them visiting a few places here and there, but nothing that helps solidify the connection between Kai’s PokeCon and JAXA. Overall, I think Kai’s a very warm person to be around and you can see how Juuna warms up to him much faster than she did with Aki. I always thought that Kai had a soft spot for Aki (which he might), but in general I believe he’s simply a very considerate person. Inviting Juuna to join the club and tossing her an extra drink, I think those are just ways to show how much he cares. You can really see it from his relationship with Frau last week and how well he treats her even though… he has no obligations to whatsoever.

So who is Airi or rather… what is she? Well according to her, she’s an artificial intelligence (AI) named Airi (Kugimiya Rie) who resides in an application on Kai’s PokeCon called Iru-O. Apparently she’s tried to make contact with him 29 times already in his lifetime (since 2008, now being 2019), with this being the first successful meeting. The reason for the AI’s attachment to Kai is apparently their closeness in age and his proximity to her in the park. Airi also has another split personality (or another interface) known as Sister Centipede. Sister Centipede is an information gathering engine that currently holds the Kimijima Kou reports which were locked away with a password. What’s the point of the password if it was just given to Kai in the first place? Beats me! Anyway… the report (Or as Juuna implies – reportS) reveals another conspiracy theory. NASA is hiding the fact that the sun is going to explode soon and there are going to be a series of solar flares that will pretty much turn the world upside down. Wow… this story suddenly took a robot-building series into a grand scheme that involves the entire planet! And where does that take us? Well the report seems to be telling the truth given the events of what’s happening around the globe. I’m excited to see how it’s all going to be resolved.

Rather than write up another massive paragraph about my theories – I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks (Please keep spoilers to a minimum!). Who is Kimijima Kou and where are the rest of his diary entries? How is this supposed to tie to Aki’s determination to build a giant robot? And where does Airi fit in to the picture? I always assumed that she was an actual living being but now that she isn’t, it totally changes the dynamics of the story. And who does Misa work for? Why are they so interested in Kai? So many questions indeed… and I’m sad that they never show previews!

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  1. Cherrie if you get scare by these thing ,you would piss your pant if you watch show like ju-on or ring. They mention something about NASA conspiracy. I wonder will it be like stein gate again. Instead of cern being the bad guy , it is NASA.

    1. Well, things really began stirring up.
      Kai evidently is the center person here, with him both being “chosen” by Airi/Sister Centipede and somehow of interest to the mysterious employers of Misa (NASA?). The report is obviously true, as the whales and other animals dying ominously show.
      I can see that the giant robot will probably be needed for solving the crisis in some way no other tech can… Prepare to be amazed!
      It seems Kai is typical subconscious harem builder, with acting nice to every girl he meets.
      It remains to show who will get eventually his full attention, but my bet is on Aki on the ground of “first girl wins” trope.
      Last but not least, is Juuna a “soul expy” of Cherrie, being scaredy cat as well?

      1. Actually… whales (or dead whales) get washed up on shore quite frequently. When the sea level lowers or they die close to shore, they just wash up on beaches and stuff rather than decaying in the ocean. I don’t know how often it happens, but it does. I guess it’s just more frequent in the show due to the sun and all that jazz.
        Yes, I scare easily =( Can’t do horror anything lol

    1. Based on the previous stories, I think the giant robot that’s being built will take the back seat and be forgotten about while the 5 people will embark on some grand journey to save the world and a couple people will die.

      Suppa Tenko
  2. This episode fixed what’s been wrong with the series so far!

    1. Kai was pretty cool and not a gigantic douche like usual

    Great episode.

    But if NASA succeeds, it’ll only be because it was the choice of Steins;Gate.

    1. What makes you think he’s a douche? The guy eats stuff just to get info for Aki. Unless Kai has other things to do he does usually hang around her, example is how he went to Aki’s house after checking out the ghost spots.

      The Moondoggie
      1. He only helps Aki when there’s absolutely nothing left for her to do and no hope. He’s extremely uncooperative. Why doesn’t he just help her when she asks? Why does he have to wait until she’s left with no options and is steps away from failing miserably and then not even tell her about it? Not to mention his treatment of Subaru.

        He’s got a good heart…it just shows up rarely.

  3. I like the solar flare concept, it’s recently been debated on channels like Discovery and NGC. Some people irl actually have 72-hour-backpacks in their cars just in case. I mean, think about it: You’re driving your car on some highway in the middle of nowhere when all electricity over the entire globe stops. Or at least the flare interferes with the functions of cars, so people would be stranded nevertheless. Now, I’m wondering if they’re actually gonna make the flare happen in this series, or that it will revolve around NASA…

      1. Even the Old ones, need the Batteries to ignition the Gasoline+Air Mix for the Motor. Well. As long this Cars drive with this “Explosion = Forward” function.

        Well, you can Build some “Sailing cars” just in Case 🙂

    1. Should we ask a request that the next one is a related to this story too and has something to do with HAARP trying to weaponize the Ionosphere and create a Weather Machine ala Red Alert 2?

      The Moondoggie
  4. Monopoles…seeing as events like that SS Anemone gave Kai & Aki their mouse + elephant syndrome, I wonder if the one in 2000 gave Kyouma his reader steiner…?(he’s definitely a kid around that time)

    The biggest question is definitely how they’re going to prevent the sun exploding. The world of R;N is fairly advanced. But it definitely doesn’t look advanced enough to prevent a sun from exploding soon. (however many years they have for that…)

  5. “Sister Centipede” it’s the first time in a while I see someone translating a character name by it’s meaning :|.

    I wonder if the “HiddenHand” password is a hint reference to the russian Dead Hand system.

  6. @Cherrie, nah this is nothing. Try Silent Hill Revelation. I shat several bricks throughout the movie.

    Interesting fact:

    Sister Centipede / Geiji-nee is mentioned in S;G o.O

    This time they uses this IRL conspiracy stuff.

    IMO the password is an attempt to only allow Kimijama Kou and Kaito to access the file as Airi/Sister Centipede only gave them the password. Judging by the expression of Shop Lady, he may be dead…. And she is now in my “conspiracy theory” zone….

    Wow watching documentry did help me come to predict the solar flare conclusion…. And wow, can solar flare causes so many global warming stuff to happen? Although I still don’t get why monopole = sun dying/going supernova… (Some help?)

    Well on why NASA decides to censor the info though….Is it just “avoid mass panic” or something else at play? And where does the Committee, Misa fits, Kaito ability and mecha building fits…. The mystery deepens.

    Never thought Junna was interested in occult/conspiracy theory xD And lol Akiho, fangirling wouldn’t help sponsorship….

    1. No, I never watched Silent Hill lol I think the last horror movie I did watch was SAW and that made me shit bricks… SO! let’s not talk about it…

      I always thought that the sun was going to explode one day… it’s because that’s just the natural life cycle of a star. I don’t really know how these “solar flares” are supposed to change the climate of the planet… but it does seem like global warming is turning Russia into a dessert and American into a snow storm. If you’ve seen The Day After Tomorrow, it reminds me of that =P Anyway… I guess it’ll all be answered soon.

      1. Stars don’t necessarily explode all the time. Some just eventually die out as large hunks of minerals while others are sometimes sucked up into other stars to further fuel their fusion reaction. Though technically speaking our sun is projected to grow into a red giant which implies that we will be seeing a super nova in the +6 billion years future.

      2. ^ Yes, I was referring to our sun when I said we’ll probably see a Supernova lol
        Don’t stars also turn into black holes? Or am I not remembering my grade 8 science very well? o_o
        Well my point is – I doubt our planet will survive long enough to see the sun explode (or rather, the human race may not survive that long on Earth).

      3. Eh, I thought from what I read, sun is going to just get bigger and bigger than shrunk back into a dwarf star? (I hope by then humanity already have the means to travel to other planet…)

  7. How is Stiens:Gate tied in with Robotics:Gate? Do they happen in the same universe? Or just few mentions of characters here and there?

    I’ve only watched the S;G anime so I’m clueless in this area

    1. Yes, its in the same universe as C;H and S;G as evidenced by the divergence ratio 1.048596% S;G also references Sister Centipede and it will have at least one character from S;G in R;N.

  8. well, that was certainly a spectacular episode…it’s starting to turn out to be more and more like Steins;Gate indeed (looking at all kinds of mystery flags that were thrown in, including the real-life mystery pertaining to the enigmatic sound in Siberia as well as all kinds of natural anomalies that happened in the series), i can see this being as glorious as Steins;Gate…

    i’m curious though as to where the time travel element will come into play in this (i’m sure it will…)

  9. I thought Airi was a living being too, an alien.
    What I think huh… The man that Aki’s sister is working for. I think he’s observing Kai and Aki in order to find a solution about the solar flare crisis. There might be a way on how to prevent them in the next reports of Kimijima Kou so they’re waiting for Kai to unlock them all.
    If Shop owner girl used to be Kimijima Kou’s lover and is sad now that he’s dead I wish I could comfort her.

    1. I never thought that Irei and Kimijima Kou were lovers! That’s a pretty good theory.
      And that would probably be how Kai gets his hands on the other “reports” if there are more. Oh! The story can’t get anymore twisted and interesting.

  10. The Sun won’t be exploding soon. The report only indicated that NASA censored the info about the discovery of monopole and there will be another waves of massive solar storm hitting Earth after the 2015 one. Hum monopole… How will a solar storm shake the world? Imagine if

    Show Spoiler ▼


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