It took a while to get to this point, but the time’s finally here. We were wondering who would arrive to help Naruto and Co. with their fight, and this week gives us our answer: the entire ninja army. Granted, the Kages were notably missing from the picture, but it doesn’t change the fact that the last page of this chapter sent me a chill down my spine. There’s just nothing like an epic gathering of virtually every character we’ve gotten to known through over 600 chapters to make your day, and this definitely made my day. As such, I’ve taken the time to change the post format a bit, and add a large image of that scene above (you’ll find it by clicking it on the image). Would make quite a nice wallpaper…

Anyway, as you can see, I enjoyed this chapter pretty thoroughly. The whole pose by Naruto acting as if he used a technique to summon everyone was just a fantastic touch and a hugely symbolic one as well. Still, despite the massive gathering, it sure looks like it’ll be a tall task defeating the two Uchihas and the Ten Tails… though it’s definitely more doable now than ever before.

Suffice to say, we’re really getting into the ending portions of the series in general and it should be darn entertaining from now on despite whatever might happen. Of course, there are still quite a lot of chapters to go, but admittedly I’m starting to get a slight feeling of sadness from the prospect of seeing a series I’ve been following for so long begin its tread toward the end. At least though, we can really look back now and see just how much Naruto and Co. have come since the first few chapters… even though some developments may not have been as smooth or the same as what some viewers may have wanted/preferred. Either way, let’s see where this goes from here.


  1. TBH I don’t think this is too close to the end. I’m unsure of what has been said by the writer.

    I feel there’s still more after the Jyuubi and Madara. Sasuke and Orochimaru needs to be dealt with yet.

    Kurisu Vi Britannia
      1. I’m not so sure about that. He’s a criminal and so Konoha wont take him back that easily. It could also be that Sasuke will die a sacrificial death so that the Uchiha-clan vanishes.

      2. I still like to think Sasuke will live, but end up blind somehow (most likely getting slashed across the eyes, the eyes getting overloaded somehow, or something). It would be the ultimate, “true” punishment for him for what he’s done as Uchiha like him and Madara pride their eyes above everything else and to be without them would be a fate worse than death. It lead to Madara taking Izuna’s eyes after all, out of sheer desperation to get his sight back.

    1. Well, it was said by Kishimoto that the climax was approaching (in June), and considering how everyone’s assembled at this point, the end definitely does seem nearer than ever before. Like I said, it’ll still take a lot of chapters to flesh out everything and the fights, but the overall timeline and what not makes it look like the series is indeed nearing its end eh.

      At least, in my opinion.

      1. type o on my part, I meant I was wondering what that scroll Suigetsu found has the ability to “rule the world,” it has to do with the ten tails if the snake sanin put it away for so long.

        I am going to enjoy how Hinata is here. Obito notes how Naruto is like him, I wonder if Obito would kill Hinata to make Naruto understand how “the world is hell.” Or if there is going to be interesting love such as how Naruto would say to Hinata “I love you” in the same manner how Hinata said that infront of Naruto during his near death moments with Pain.

      2. Kishi lies.

        It’s all a Genjutsu to create a peaceful world for his fans where we believe he’ll end our suffering soon.

        We’re suffering because we want to know how this all ends and all our unanswered questions need to be answered. Just incase anyone gets the wrong idea XD

        Kurisu Vi Britannia
    1. Well the Jyuubi is quite big so it’s hard to miss/avoid it (from the Jyuubi perspective). Although, seeing how strong the Jyuubi is, he could just use a tailed beast ball which would probably absorb the jutsu (or maybe, it even slices through that? who knows…).

  2. FINALLY, after being introduced to so many new characters during the war arc and having the story focused on them for a while (e.g. Mifune the Samurai and Darui), I’m so glad that the original cast finally get some screen/page time! I honestly was bored at points during the war because it didn’t show any of the established characters. Kakashi got a lot of airtime, as did Sakura, Sai and Neji (or fake Neji) towards the beginning, and Shikamru’s team against Asuma, but aside from that, hot much has happened with the others. It must kill the artist’s hand to draw everyone though, and not sure that anyone has the strength needed to defeat the 10 tails at this point.

    Still, it’s nice to have everyone together…except Yamato.

    Also, I predicted a couple of weeks ago this might happen, and am so glad that it did! Can’t wait for next week!

  3. Madara : Foolish humans, die before me.

    Madara summons a giant meteor.

    Hachibi & Kyubi uses a combined biiju bomb technique and shoot it towards the meteor and destroyed it.

    Madara : ….

    Naruto : What now madara? We’re unbeatable if we stand together and work as an alliance !!

    Madara summons another giant meteor.

    Ninja Alliance : Are you fucking kidding me?

    1. lol More like
      Naruto : What now madara? We’re unbeatable if we stand together and work as an alliance !!
      *que sick full page spread of everyone in a pose*
      Madara:…. I see *smirks*
      Obito: should we tell em? *smirks*
      Madara: meh why not…
      Naruto: what are u two talkin about over there
      Mardara: soo um you know that ninja army behind you..
      Naruto: yea
      Madara its all part of my infinite tsukuyomi
      Naruto: (  ゚_ゝ゚)
      Madara and obito: *troll face*

      1. more like:
        Shinobi assemble
        *quick majestic shot of them in cool poses*
        Madara: hey, Naruto?
        Naruto: yees?
        Madara: remember what i told to you about numbers five minutes ago?
        Madara: JUUBI SMAAASH.
        Void ray hits the battlefield, juubi spins and clears the battlefield. Millions of dead.

  4. I think the Kazekiri no Jutsu was just to expel all the dust around them to reveal just how many people had really come to help him. Because he mentioned “Do you think you’re hiding well?” But when I first read it, I thought maybe he was talking about his Wind element Rasengan. We haven’t seen that in a while. Then I researched again and Kazekiri is something that Temari used once. I do believe that before the fight is over, we’ll be seeing that Rasengan shuriken again.

  5. This is just a thought, but, after witnessing how fearsome and strong Madara Uchiha is, as shown through the several chapters he has demonstrated his astonishing jutsu in, you have to wonder how strong the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju really was. I find it very amazing how the First Hokage was able to defeat Madara, even when Madara had the assistance of the Kyuubi.

    Now, upon Madara’s undead reincarnation and seemingly “from death to life again” feat, he easily defeats all five Kages formed in the shinobi alliance as seen thus far. Observing this, I guess that the five Kages defeat ultimately resulted from a “dwindling of shinobi prestige” or in other words, being brought up as Shinobi’s during times of fewer feuds between clans and villages with the increase of peace over time, ever since the founding of the Shinobi world, where you had for example, conflicts between Hashirama;Senju clan and Madara; Uchiha clan.

    Madara Uchiha being still, a fearsome and incredible shinobi in spite of how many generations has passed goes to show that the grade and level of Shinobi’s have indeed decreased as time went on. That’s why in this chapter it is literally almost every Shinobi versus two. Madara and Obito. Obito being an exception since he wastrained by Madara himself.

    1. In terms of Kurama, it was most likely a combination of the abilities we’ve seen Madara use with his DNA (like the Wood Dragon) and his own ability to tame Biju is what halted Kurama back then.

      But this is what I mean in my irk in that we’ve been given SO much Uchiha Clan info throughout the story, yet we still only have basic knowledge on the Senju and Uzumaki and, by comparison, the Rinnegan as opposed to the Sharingan despite the Rinnegan supposing to be the most powerful of itself, the Sharingan, and Byakugan, and we’ve also been demonstrated a lot more so as well. Even the Uzumaki we know that they were destroyed by others and the remains scattered as a result, but still no explanation on why the Senju all but disappeared while the Uchiha remained in such strength.

      And yes, the peace times are more than likely what caused the “degrading” of shinobi quality over time, coupled with arrogance and all (as we saw with the “present” Uchiha Clan) leading to a lack of hard training to keep up their abilities. During Hashirama and Madara’s time, it was all about the Clan Wars. Each clan looked out for themselves, fought eachother for territory, missions, bragging rights, etc. Intense combat was virtually an everyday thing for them, so they HAD to constantly train hard to keep up their abilities or be wiped out, and the Senju and Uchiha Clans were at the forefront of it, with Hashirama and Madara fighting eachother several times.

      After the villages were formed, the only times there were real conflicts outside of maybe encountering others on missions involving other villages was during the Shinobi Wars, of which there were only 3 before, and there tended to be a trend of them being won primarily because of a small handful of individuals rather than entire armies (like the 1st with ones like Hiruzen and Danzo, 2nd with the Sannin, and the 3rd with the likes of Minato and Kakashi, with a budding Itachi and such). As we could see, during those wartime periods, shinobi of higher quality than normal tended to emerge out of the thousands of others out there. During times of peace though, not many really stand out outside of some kind of hereditary quality (Kekkei Genkai and such) or more trivial things.

      It’s probably another reason why Danzo disagreed with Hiruzen’s (and others) thoughts on Konoha being a peaceful and not militant villages; the quality of shinobi drops because there’s not as much need to keep up your abilities since there are “no enemies” to worry about (and being hauled as “the strongest village” doesn’t help in making them think no one would mess with them), but by being a military village, they would be made to keep training and keep up their abilities, getting stronger and stronger and THEN they would have far less worry about other villages messing with them since they actually would have the power to back up their reputation.

      Not to praise enemies or bad times, but we already had a couple examples in the story itself with the Suna-Oto Invasion during the Chunin Exams and Nagato’s attack on the village. Sure, while Konoha managed to survive both times, they also took many casualties (including Hiruzen with the former, and Kakashi, Shizune, almost Tsunade, and 8/10 of the village itself with Nagato before the hax 180), so in ways, they were also disastrous for the village and much of it POSSIBLY could’ve been prevented had they not allowed themselves to grow lax during peacetime. With the Suna-Oto Invasion, it’s how pathetically easy it was for them to execute it. Sure, they had the likes of Orochimaru and Danzo with/providing inside knowledge on Konoha’s workings, but the fact that the invasion forces were able to set up SO much right under Konoha’s nose and nobody suspecting a thing coupled with such lax security (especially considering all the important people attending for the final round) was just sad.

      In terms of the modern Uchiha, it wasn’t solely because of Itachi being a “genius” that, even among the Uchiha, he was so powerful, but also due to the stagnation of the clan itself. The Clan, like many others, pretty much limited their training types to traditional ones of their Clan (or newer traditions that are made, if any) and sticking primarily ONLY to those types of training. Itachi worked hard, going above and beyond simply what the clan taught, thus greatly expanding his arsenal and abilities in many fields and not just “the Uchiha field”. This is probably also what he meant when he called the clan “weak” (besides their arrogance holding them back in thinking they were so much powerful than everyone else JUST by being Uchiha).

    2. Madara is way far more powerful than he was before. He has infinite chakra, immortality, rinnegan and DNA (of Harashima). He would still be able to defeat those Kages without all these powers but only on 1v1 or at best 2v1, but not on 1v5.

      Plus, it is said that Hiruzen (3rd Hokage) was the most powerful hokage during his prime time.

      1. It’s pretty debated on who the “strongest” Hokage was.

        From everything we’ve learned on Madara, Hashirama definitely comes off as the strongest if he was able to not only beat him (even before all these new abilities), but also deal with Kurama in the meantime during that battle.

        Tobirama is noted (out of what little we know) for his Suiton mastery (only Kisame was able to be almost comparable), possessing time-space ninjutsu, and being the creator of Edo Tensei.

        Hiruzen is known for having learned and mastered every non-Kekkei Genkai-based jutsu originating from Konoha, including those in the Forbidden Scroll, thus “The Professor” or “God of Shinobi”, as well as being the teacher of the Sannin.

        Minato is known for the Hiraishin + Rasengan, and for halting Kurama at the cost of his life.

        Tsunade is known for her very high chakra control and medic abilities, and her relation as Hashirama’s granddaughter/Tobirama’s grandniece.

  6. kakashi go take obito’s sharingan and start spamming susanoo! I swear, somehow itachi is gonna come back, he’s never dead. I don’t know, maybe he put some jutsu into sasuke AGAIN. LOL

  7. I have a feeling that this war is going to be a lot longer than any of us can imagine and while MK( the author ) keeps insisting that the war is coming to it’s climax, after this episode I don’t really see it coming close to it’s climax. Madara in edo tensei form with an undying body and limitless chakra, gigantic sussano,eternal mangekyou sharinghan and rinnegan as well as other terrifying jutsu not to mention the first Hokage’s jutsu which not only makes him immortal but also invincible, unless someone uses the shiki fuijin (the dead demon consuming seal) thus sacrificing his/her life for the sake of the shinobi world I don’t think the shinobi alliance stand a chance even if their numbers are equal to a trillion.

    K C M
  8. I don’t care if re-enforcements arrive, I’m not convinced that they can do anything to turn the tides of the war in their favour. Madara just kicked the asses of their five kages and it doesn’t matter if all their divisions are here He’ll crush them one after another, if anything is to be gained from their presence, that would be that they bought Naruto and Bee some time to figure out how to suppress the ten tails and also find a way to defeat Madara and Tobi.

    K C M
  9. on the shocking remark is how Kurama ran “out of charka.” Most people often see the Biju as monster’s with infinite source of energy as they are born by a bigger monster with infininte energy. Regardless, for a monster that big to refuel itself, it would be a LONG TIME

    1. Actually, I don’t believe they were said to be “infinite” at all. They’re just such massive hunks of chakra that, when compared to even some of the strongest shinobi alive, they SEEMED infinite because they have just that much more chakra than any normal human could without some kind of tool to assist them (like Kisame with Samehada).

  10. I just want to say how unbelievably convenient it is that EVERYONE would arrive not only in the nick of time, but all together as well, reagrdless of how far off some of them where, and also how two people with Sharingan, one with Rinnegan at that, and the 10 tails notice nearly every Naruto character coming in from miles off. Loving the logic here!

      1. Nah, I’m kidding about the timing really, I do read a lot of manga and have for years now. It was just an after though that occured once I’d read the chapter that made me laugh. Seriously, I think everyone arriving at once was really cool, should be a pretty busy final battle with every character on the scene.

  11. to see the other characters are back in the spotlight. Let’s just hope the Jyuubi doesn’t annhilate everyone with one stroke of his tails.

    if Juubi easily defeated by this ultimate rasen shuriken it would be more disappointmen

  12. The jutsu was already portrayed in a filler and THANK GOD!!
    Kishimoto finally stopped the whole oh-the-bijuus-suddenly-have-infinite-chakra with this chapter on the Naruto forums.
    Anyways, great chapter and 10/10.

  13. Even with everyone there, I doubt it will make any huge difference. Madara alone is already more than enough with how he is now (immortality, infinite chakra, and with the added power of Hashirama’s DNA and the Rinnegan), but add in Obito and an 8.5/10 Jubi, there’s just no way things can be ended without some kind of convenient hax of some kind, whether it be some new power pulled out of nowhere that magically helps them win or, as constantly speculated, some last minute 180 in Obito and him pulling something.

    The only excuse Madara has to not just end everyone else here and now is his cautiousness of setting up the Infinite Tsukuyomi properly, which will probably wind up biting him like a majority of villains do when it comes to giving their enemies time for whatever reason. And here he also has an opportunity with Gyuki and Kurama both out of juice for the moment.

  14. Such a great chapter. I absolutely can’t wait to see the entire Shinobi army vs. the Juubi. The next few chapters are gonna be completely amazing. On a side note, Bleach was really good this week too

    Zero Hour 17
  15. For me the biggest deal in this chapter was Kiba telling Naruto not to act like a tough guy in front of Hinata. Is that the correct translation? If so, it’s pretty obvious who Kishi is shipping here.

    1. let’s use a game term, say madara has 15000 chakra, and he regenerates 15000 chakra per second. however the spell required for Infinite Tsukiyomi needs, let’s say, at least 15001. no matter how much he tried he won’t be able to cast it.


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