At last we return to the main story and to having far more questions than answers. We have confirmation of what was long suspected – the construction on the beach is in fact a fortress to hold back the devils. There’s also a little look into the background behind the whole war with the shard of rock ostensibly being the remains of the spear the goddesses used to strike down the devils. I personally would be interested to know how much truth there is to that story – we know that that rock has a lot of significance to the plot, but was it really a part of this supposed spear or was that something that came about entirely through ever-growing legends and its shape?

The biggest question this chapter raises for me is who Urara’s grandfather feels indebted too – who is he referring to when he says he owes them a debt? It seems to be left somewhat vague. Is he referring to the devils of new hell as seems to come across most strongly? Or could it actually be the devils of old hell? The goddesses? Or maybe just the people of the island to whom he sees himself as a protector. This has been touted as a fortress against the devils, but it’s never been said which devils he’s talking about. It’s probably fairly safe to assume that he won’t be siding with the old devils and the runaway spirits, but that’s not something we can know for certain. It would certainly prove an interesting twist if it turned out he wasn’t actually on Keima’s side.

Another thing I’m wondering is whether Urara will actually appear after this. Many people have expressed a desire to see her grown up back in the present time, but what if that doesn’t happen? Keima has begun to realise the dangers that changing the past could bring about and I’m still not convinced that his job here is to change it. The reason he didn’t seem to remember Urara could easily be because his younger self never actually met her due to being stuck in the future. So if Keima’s purpose here is not actually to change the timeline, that would likely mean that Urara will leave before he switches back. That aside, I’m pretty glad Dokurou will be coming back into play in the next chapter – it’s felt a little odd to have her out of the picture for so long given the importance she supposedly has to this arc.

Final note: hurrah for the announcement of season three of the anime!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – The central plot of this arc returns, bringing with it several new questions! #TWGOK


    1. I doubt it, she is RICH LIKE HELL. For safety measures, I’m sure her grandpa moved her to America where she likely stayed for a majority of her time.

      Well anyway, we got to see cute little Keima again. The only question is how he did not see the “I put you out with some gas” coming. I guess even God as limits.

      Anyway, I guess we may get an explanation to how Urara’s parents died later on.

  1. Pretty surprising that a new season is coming considering how the first ones bombed but I guess they think it’s worth it. (Did it raise manga sales?)

    It’s pretty interesting how Grandpa doesn’t seem to think it’s too strange for a kid to know about demons. Also I guess we never did see anything to give us solid info but I wonder if a fortress being built means that stuff like guns work against demons and will be used or if it means there are supernatural weapons for humans too.

    1. Probably the usual reasons… financial synergy with the manga and Studio Manglobe doesn’t have anything else to animate after Hayate no Gotoku S?. (maybe Deadman Wonderland)

      Chihayafuru got a second season, despite sales, so anything is relatively possible at this point.

  2. Final note: hurrah for the announcement of season three of the anime!

    Long overdue! Although I’ll have to admit that it’s kinda surprising considering poor reviews for the first two…


    Regarding the grampa’s debts. It could be he meant a revenge debt he must payback the devils for killing Urara’s parents.
    And speaking of Urara, it seems Yanagi’s hinting about her knowledge of the importance of Urara to defeat the devils (her comment on Urara being the most important treasure of the Shiratori household).


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