「凶瑞」 (Kyouzui)
“Bad Omen”

I thought I would be upset over Jellal’s battle, but I found myself laughing at it instead. This episode was hilarious! While the FAIRY TAIL B vs. Lamia Scale battle was the main one, there were a few shorter ones that took place before it. We had Ren Akatsuki from Blue Pegasus defeating Arania Web from Mermaid Heel – their battle seemed quite one-sided near the beginning, but a certain encouragement from Ren’s girlfriend Sherry, turned the tables. More couples to ship, but unfortunately, a very minor one. Oh, speaking of couples. Natsu wanted to visit Lucy but he didn’t seem so interested in doing so until he heard that she was showering. I’m not sure what that means but I know I’ll hurt someone if these two do not end up together someday.

One quarter through, we had Orga Nanagear from Sabertooth up against War Cry from Quatro Cerberus. The dog guild really has some odd powers; tear magic is interesting but very peculiar. We didn’t really have a chance to see much of War Cry’s magic because Quatro Cerberus is simply the doormat guild in this arc. The attention was all directed towards Orga and his black lightning magic. True to his guild’s current rank, Orga didn’t waste any time – he simply one-hit-KO’d the poor War Cry. He did gain Laxus attention, but I doubt Orga would ever stand a chance against someone as powerful such as Laxus.

Short battles aside, the main event of today’s episode was Jellal’s fight against Jura. When I read about this in the manga, I did find it amusing but it wasn’t funny enough to make me laugh. Seeing this in the anime almost had me in tears. While I do feel sorry for FAIRY TAIL, I thought the loss was worth it just for the amusement of it. It’s a shame though, that Jellal couldn’t use his magic properly. But I guess it would be really bad for FAIRY TAIL if someone from the council would notice that they have a “criminal” participating in one of their teams. I’m surprised that Jellal is still alive. That wasn’t just one chilli pepper. I can’t even handle a half one because my stomach fails me whenever I try spicy food, but that guy had to taste the effect of many of them. And poor Meldy… As if that wasn’t enough – there was a tickle attack on top of that! Can this be considered to be torture? Well even if it is, it certainly was hilarious. And poor Jura, he was up for a good fight. His facial expression when the fight ended was truly funny. Ah, you either have good fights or good comedy in FAIRY TAIL. Today’s episode had both. Oh, let’s not forget that there were several new tracks playing in the background during Jellal’s fight. It’s frustrating to hear all these amazing tracks without knowing when I’ll be able to get my hands on the fourth soundtrack. Oh well, patience is a virtue.

Near the end, the episode made a turn from the merriment to more seriousness. Levy was narrating and it seems like there is a dark future ahead, and apparently Lucy is a key character in this “disaster”. Charle’s premonition does not seem like a good one, and Arcadios’ evil smile is not reassuring. But I guess we’ll have to wait for more information about this because next week, we will continue on the comedy track when there will be an event where three Dragon Slayers will participate!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. Watching this it reminded me why I really love the Fairy Tail anime. It adapts the manga so well and improves on it with the soundtrack. I swear every time I hear a new track I go to google and look for Fairy Tail OST 4 but it never is there. Man the Tenrojima Island Arc had great enough tracks but they’re just adding more on.

    Beyond that the humor in Fairy Tail is really quite good as well. Ultear having a good time messing with Jellal (and Meredy poor Meredy…) was quite funny and Jura’s reaction to Jellal’s loss was priceless.

  2. I do have one issue with this episode though. Orga’s magic to me looked to light in the manga it had a majority black tint (hence his name Orga of the Black Lightning) while in the Anime it had a majority yellow tint. Normally that wouldn’t be a huge issue for me but Black Elements in Fairy Tail tend to mean God Slayers which have a foreshadowing element to it.
    The chapter is 273 paper 12 for reference.

    1. its probably just a visual distinction decision more than anything else.
      its still fairly “black”, you can’t say it isn’t.

      but they wanted to make sure its still clearly visually lightning, plus a big mass of black energy is a little visually…. ink blot-y.
      i mean if you look at the cap RC has, other than those few lightning-esque wisps, it would just be a big blob of black if you didn’t add anything to it.
      so in goes a little extra color highlight.

  3. Sherry…….must have been dumped and now switched to Ren. I hope they would delve further into to that.

    It seems refreshing with how Jellel laughed like that, instead of his once evil laugh.

  4. My god, I remember that part in the manga, but here, I feel Meldy’s pain much more. Shouldn’t you die from eating that many chili peppers? I’ve heard that it’s so spicy that your lungs can collapse and cause suffocation.

    1. To add onto this, what exactly did Ultear do to Meldy after the peppers and tickling? It happened off-screen so I don’t want to imagine…

      In any case, the episode was pretty good. Poor Jellal xD I hope he gets to cast that spell sometime in the future tho, it looks epic.

  5. Funny how anime has a way of making today’s wvil villians into tomorrow’s friends and teammates. FT is the anime that proves that point better then just about any other. Ultear, Jellal, Meldy, Juvia, Evergreen, Gajeel, and Laxus (just to name a few) were all bad guys earlier in the series.

    1. True, but most of the time, the characters were just misunderstood. I’ll just cite a few examples.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Yes you are correct that many enemies of FT turn into “good guys” because they are misunderstood. That same process applies for man anime villian that turns out to be a good person.

        Anime/manga love to introduce a new character and make them appear to be a villian when they are not. From Sekerei, Rosario & Vampire, Shakugan no Shana and many more series some of the best and most loved characters were originally presented as villians. Makes for good storytelling.

  6. 1. Natsu is such a perv in this episode (aside from the OVAs), nothing romantic there for Lucy.
    2. Oh right, I forgot about Ren and Sherry; I knew there was something going on between them, but since 7 years has passed and they’re engaged now…congrats!? I thought Ren had a thing for Lucy from a few episodes ago (nvm).
    3. Tear magic makes him stronger? It made him look super weak from that battle.
    4. Didn’t think Orga would sing…lol. Sabertooth~
    5. It was a great battle with Jellal and Jura, but I felt sorry for Jellal…poor guy had the resolve to win for Fairy Tail, but he was denied. It was funny to watch though.

    random viewer
  7. I laugh a lot in this ep, Lucy fight was a lot more frustrating, i hope that Natsu and Erza have better luck in their participations, but…i wonder if something will go wrong since those two lack some sort of common sense lol


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