「公園におっさん2人」 (Kouen ni Ossan Futari)
“Two Men in the Park”

We’ve been building towards this moment for a very long time now. I don’t think there was ever truly any doubt that Mutta would pass, yet it was handled in such a way that the moment, when it finally arrived, had impact. The final delivery of the news in a personal manner rather than the more impersonal phone calls the other candidates received, combined with Mutta’s long-awaited realisation as to Hoshika’s identity, really built something fantastic. I hadn’t been entirely happy with the way the previous two episodes had been drawn out, but I feel as though this moment more or less redeemed that. Mutta’s genuine surprise, his inability to properly react to being told his dream was actually coming true… these things made it a splendid moment.

It’s funny how Uchuu Kyoudai handles itself at times. The whole band-aid on the forehead theme was brilliant, especially when Hibito began joking about it being a requirement for astronauts. While a completely unrelated coincidence, it identifies Mutta as being someone who should be with them, perhaps even going back as far as when he was a kid and injured his forehead then. Oddly enough, the forehead thing has always been a running theme in the series, starting from way back when Zidane’s legendary head-butt showed up in the first few moments of episode one. It lost Mutta his job, leading towards his participation in the astronaut selection exam, and here again it led to the realisation of who Hoshika was and the parallels between Mutta and the astronauts on the moon.

I really hated Mizoguchi back when he was in the sealed environment with Kenji and the rest of their team. He always thought too much of himself – always had delusions of grandeur. It’s interesting to learn that he was always used to being at the top of the food chain, always the best of the best. He even had wine set aside ready to celebrate passing the test (though it ended up serving a rather different purpose). But in the end, I find I actually like him more than I once did. He needed to fail here in order to be able to grow as a person and already we begin to see signs of this growth. By asking what he did wrong, he expresses a desire to learn from his mistakes and improve himself. There’s something kind of touching about the whole thing. I’d like to imagine that he becomes a better person and comes back to try again in a future exam, but I guess that’s something we’ll never know for certain.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – After an excruciatingly long wait, the moment finally arrives. #SpaceBros

Random thoughts:

  • I actually wonder if hitting your head on the ceiling will be a real concern in future bases on the moon.
  • Nice timing with that film there Mutta! Watching someone else have much good luck and then suddenly be unlucky where it counted was certainly not something you wanted to see at this point!
  • Not really surprising that everyone seems to think Mutta has snapped here!
  • Are these the final astronaut candidates? The five who we’ll be following from now on? I guess we’ll find out for sure next week!

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  1. Turned out to be an excellent episode. We all knew that Afro boy had to pass or else the series was over, but it was still exciting to see if finally happen. It was interesting that the future astronaught has the same bandage on his head as the ones on the moon. I had been half afraid that most of the episode would, for the 3rd time in a row, focus mostly on the other candidates. I’m glad to see that I was wrong.

  2. That was funny, with the “low” Top 🙂

    What we need is “artificial Gravity” for Future Moon Base 🙂 You cannot spin a Base like a “Ferris Wheel” on Ground of Planets 🙂

    Alone the “Energy” to keep the Spin “alive” is a “Critical” matter. or they really should make the “Tops” of Planet Bases softer. i must admit, this idea dont came into my Mind…

    And about the “moon Dust”. While not some kind of Wash Tunnel. The Suits should endure this or not? Perhaps some kind of ultrasonic shower, to wash of the Dust… I am no expert here

    1. or some kind of Giants Soap Bubbles. many Layers they must go trough. I dunno how these Bubbles react on “low Gravity” like the Moon

      You know this Sci-fi Laser Scanning? Just exchange the “Laser” with “Soap bubble” and you get my Gist. This is an important “research” to keep the Air inside the Base “clean”, with the “lowest” Energy usage (Refilling or batteries power)

      1. Well, if you take this Step more Ahead. You need some “better” resolution for the “Air Docks” as we know today. What happen with the “Air” when you go Inside? You really trust your “Air Filters” to handle this Dust? How to Maintain them? Do you just “Purge” this Vacum with Air, but then some Dust should merge with the “Fresh Air” and get Inside… So, i think we should think of a better “economize” way. Right now, we cannot “maintain” a Resource line for “Air” and such for Moon Base (as example)

      2. so, we need some “Suits” just for the Moon. That can withstand this “Moon Dust” and a method of “Wash it off” without Penetrating or so the Suit.

        Sending “new Suits” from Earth to Moon, will be still expensive in the Future, dont you think?

  3. Wow – that moment when Mutta finds out… rarely do I see an anime gamble on such a long moment on just a reaction but it was really well handled. I definitely got teary eyed alongside Mutta.

    And the ending shot… guess a few more people are revealed as the new astronauts by the preview?

  4. It was a too long really, but the build-up did allow the writers to tie an awful lot together (Mutta recognising Hoshida, the omens that were actually good luck, foreshadowing with foreheads) in one great episode.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

    J Jay
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