「終天の契約(エターナル・エンゲージ)」 (Owari Ten no Keiyaku ( Eta^naru . Enge^ji ))
“Eternal Engage”

What a sweet ending. While I know that some people were getting ready for this to be a bittersweet gut-punch, this was really the only way it could go, and absolutely the right one as well. KyoAni built up the drama slowly and carefully, and only brought it roaring to the fore here at the end to tie the whole series together with its central message and a few truly sweet moments. There’s a lot to unpack and some final impressions to boot, so let’s get started.

Special mention needs to be made of riajuu Dekomori. I’ll admit – normal, sempai-saying, “ara ara desuyo” Dekomori was mega-cute, and quite funny as well! But it just felt wrong. That Dekomori was only good as a joke, a one-time gag made funny by the striking contrast with how she usually acts. Longer than that and she would have ceased being anything near as memorable as the normal (for her!) chu2 Deko-chan is. Funny, but was glad to see her go.

Likewise, there was chuunibyou Kumin. Once again, hilarious! I especially enjoyed Isshiki’s reaction (watch out, your love is turning into Yuuta’s (crazier) love!), though Deko-chan losing her “normal” mask was pretty funny too. But best of all was the fact that Kumin finally began to deserve the sempai role that Shinka has been stealing from her all season. Yuuta needed a push, and she helped give it to him.

But while Dekomori shocked him, Kumin-sempai pushed him, and Shinka planted some deep thoughts in his thick head, it was none other than the Dark Flame Master – Yuuta himself! – who snapped Yuuta into action. There aren’t words enough for how impressed I am with this little stunt, but I’m going to try. Some anime are best watched in a moment in time, and this is one of them – next week this wouldn’t have been as good, and next year it might not even make sense, but today it was great. It would have been ridiculously convenient if Yuuta’s letter had showed up then for almost any other reason, but they used a topical event that would be like crack to a chuunibyou kid and used it as justification. They could have gotten the point across some other way, but they did it in a harder way and pulled it off.

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Not surprisingly, the scene where Yuuta and Rikka met again was a sweet one. I smiled at how Yuuta was too out of breath to speak once he got there – how typical for the prince to ride hard to reach the princess, and delightfully atypical for him to be a wheezing mess once there. Loved it! That jump, that hug, and that sweet music as they embraced all combined to bring a wistful smile to my face, made all the better by their friends coming to help them. Special points go to Isshiki, who chanced getting thrown into jail as a molester to help out his friend. What a bro, that guy. What great friends, all of them.

Weeks ago I said that Touka’s (and their mother’s, and their grandparent’s, and society’s) way of helping (forcing) Rikka to get over her grief wasn’t working, so it was time to try Yuuta’s. Finally they did, and it indeed worked like a charm. This, my friends, is why people turn to spirit mediums and fortune-telling and yes, sometimes even religion – because it gives them the chance to say what they never got a chance to say when all involved were still alive. Yuuta showing Rikka the Unseen Horizon may be a dream, it may be a lie, but finally, she got to say those words that she never got to say before her father died, and move on with her life. Finally.

I have more to say, but I’ll save it for final impressions below. For now, just one more thing – awwww! Say what you will about anything else, but those two are one cute couple.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Yuuta gives chase, Rikka gets closure, & everyone starts being true to themselves. A sweet ending for a funny series. Bravo #chu2koi

Random thoughts:

  • I wouldn’t mind her calling me sempai. Just sayin’.
  • I do enjoy how they tied in one of the scenes from the 3rd lite episode into this one. Who knew that any of those would actually be important? …but I like it better that way.
  • Uh, guys? Grandpa is getting a gun. Time to get moving. Like, now!
  • He looked like a good father. The world could use more of those.

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End Card

Final Impressions

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai was not a series I was thinking about blogging initially. As I’ve noted before, I’m a bit of a KyoAni skeptic, so I was looking towards meatier affairs…until I watched one of the promos. It just looked so fun, so full of that delightful mix of silly and cute and ridiculous that gets my blood going every time. I entered the writer knife-fights intending to take this home as my prize, and came away with it with only minimal bloodshed–what can I say, I’m getting good! So, how does it stack up to expectations?

Admirably well. Though based on a pair of light novels, the overwhelming majority of this series was anime original, and it shows in the best of ways – the pacing, characters, plot, and everything else were designed specifically for the screen, and performed well because of it. Humour was the show’s major calling card, and it used it well – many early and middle episode had me cracking up constantly, and I still remember some of those gags fondly. A few of them might even endure, which can be hard for a mere gag to pull off. Cerberus, I’m looking at you! (What? I’m a dog person. Shut up.)

Character-wise was a hit as well. Special props need to go to the secondary characters, both anime original and not. Shinka might be the one that started out the lowest and rose the highest in most people’s esteem, going from bitchy, two-faced, and violent to playing cupid, comforting Dekomori, and generally dispensing advice like a sage…and all without it seeming unnatural or forced. Yet the others aren’t to be beaten – Dekomori’s unrepentant chu2 antics were great, especially compared to how smart she apparently was (related: this is my favorite shot of the season. Dat evil laugh!) Same with Kumin – she’s anime original, but her easy-going and hard-napping personality made for constant cute-humour. And need I go into characters like Touka (super cool, epic waifu), Isshiki (super manly, Sunohara redux), and the others? (Yumeha HNNNNNG!!) If a story is built upon the backs of its characters, this one had a strong foundation.

Show ▼

All in all, this was a good show, and one I enjoyed blogging. Thank you all for reading my characteristically long posts; I hope you enjoyed them. With that said, I want to leave you with a thought. I think we can all agree that chuunibyou is pretty embarrassing, but that those characters who embraced that part of themselves ended up a lot happier than they were when they were bottling up their imaginations and denying themselves. How, then, is this different from we who watch anime? Rikka and Dekomori became chuunibyou because they were too boxed in by their real lives, and they wanted to break out and be themselves, to be free, and let their imagination go wild. How is this different from watching anime? To most people, chuunibyou is ridiculous, silly, and even weird, but it’s damn fun for those who are into it. How again, is this different from being an anime fan?

To most people, we who watch anime are weird, goofy, and a little bit strange. It just goes with the territory, of watching these odd Japanese cartoons. Which is fine – I’ve just always thought it a shame to see anime fans who are “in the closet.” Let me tell you this–not only do my friends and family know that I watch a ton of anime, so do a number of my coworkers, and most of all of the above know that I write here. And you wunna know why I told them? Because it’s better to be true to yourself than to keep things bottled up inside. It might be embarrassing, and you might get some funny looks – I certainly have – but if it’s something you truly enjoy then you shouldn’t be ashamed. After all, that’s part of what makes you, you; that chuunibyou, this anime thing. And what’s so wrong with that?


  1. This sounds really good; thanks for the post and comments. I probably won’t get to watch this until tomorrow; I’ve been somewhat nervous as to how this would end, especially given some early reviews, but I really think this will make me happy.

    1. You know, this anime in general seems to be violating some sacred law by not having a harem when he’s surrounded by a bunch of girls. It defied any expectation I had that that it will be a regular harem anime with quirky moe characters. It’s a feel-good, honest, and funny show and manages to tell a love/life story without awkward love triangles and lovey -dovey kiss scenes and cliches. I had fun with it.

      There also seems to be more material from the LN there that hasn’t been touched so…

      Second season plz.

      1. Just read the part where most of the material here is anime-only and wonder if there’s anyway for other parts of the LN to be adapted to fit without ruining the satisfying conclusion this series gave out (anybody read the LN?).

        Outside of talking about the final episode, I enjoy reading the blog posts. I think you did a great job covering this series Stilts. The long and punctual posts definitely shows how much you enjoy blogging and anime in general. You covered each episode extensively and always have a lot of things to say about each one.

        I look forward to the next series you blog. Happy Holidays! 🙂

      2. As far as the LN goes, it was most an intro to what chuu2 was along with some weird situations that didn’t mush well. The LN wasn’t even enough for a full cour since it really wasn’t a full story. The only episodes with core LN material 1-5 & I’m being VERY generous. They could dish out some more stuff from the LN, like throwing in a certain love rival.

      3. Yeah, a love rival in this show wouldn’t make any sense, a moot point. They’re also several anime-original character: Deko, Kumin, Touka, Kuzuha, Yuuta’s mom, (Isshiki & Shinka are also completely different). The anime also jells much better than the LN since the LN had too many drawn out situations.

      4. What they said. If they were to use more material from the LNs (there are two), it’d need to be a reboot. Not really worth it, especially since there’s not enough material for another full season.

        This one is put to bed. Leave it be, says I.

  2. That “letter to self” tactic was something I did NOT see coming, and very nicely done! I really enjoyed the comparison Shinka drew between eight-grade-syndrome and the people in the Drama Club. We all act and play a part in our own way because of what we want. Playing the part is part of life, and sometimes self-consciousness just gets in the way. If you can do it without hurting anyone, why not shake up your own personal reality a bit? 😛

    Now that Rikka has been allowed to say good-bye to her father on her own terms, she can build a stronger bond with the rest of her family, while having fun in her way of life. Would’ve really liked more of an epilogue instead of a voice-over and ED, but I’m not going to complain about this great ending! XD Really sorry to see this show end!

  3. I’m ashamed to admit I was a closet anime fan up until college. I felt kind of embarrassed to admit I was an otaku, but then I realized I didn’t really care; now I display my Eureka Seven fanart on my walls and have Japanese music and games lying all over my dorm, and screw what my roommates think. Chuunibyou of a kind it may be, but I’m having fun, and that’s the point. I really enjoyed this series for that reason, it wasn’t perfect but it achieved what it set out to do and did it well.

    1. Good ma’am and/or sir! I will say that I don’t go as far as having posters on my wall…though it has nothing to do with being embarrassed. I just like rather simple decor, and couldn’t possibly pick one or two shows to display if I wanted to. After how much I’ve watched…*boggle* Don’t even want to think about it!

      1. Ma’am, I suppose, haha. Normally I could never pick but E7 is a special one for me, so Eureka needed to be on my wall (she’s kind of my favorite character ever), then seeing Astral Ocean meant poor little Ao needed a place, and now it’s just covered in stuff because I have no self restraint. My roommates make snide comments, but I could care less since I’m happy about it.

        I’m a little loose with the word otaku, I don’t really consider it an insult or anything, just people who really really love their anime in one form or another; whether you’re at the extremes or not. But that’s just my take. Seeing as I have like six series I rewatch religiously, with E7 at my 34th viewing, and that I can speedrun a fifty episode series in about 24 hours and a 24 episode one in 12, I consider myself one of those people who really really love their anime, just maybe not to someone else’s extent.

      1. Only 7TB huh? OK, I joke. I have around 500 Blu-rays worth, since I moved my collection over from DVDs. But I do know true otaku who have thousands of burned BDs, most of which are in Japan. The otaku circles on share & PD even put those guys to shame.

    2. I kept my interest in anime to myself for a long time. I got back into it starting in 2002 and now it is about the only thing i watch. My wife does not care for it at all, but at the same time she is happy that I enjoy it and that I don’t apologize for it – one of the reasons i married her. I listen to j-pop and i let my kids watch appropriate shows.

      Being true to yourself is one of the keys to happiness and your friends, if they are truly your friends, will accept it. One of my best friends is a die hard baseball fan, so much that he writes articles about it (and gets paid, he even wrote about baseball for a japanese newspaper at one point) his interest in baseball is no different than my interest in anime (except that I don’t write articles about it for pay).

      It took me a long time to realize that if you are not able to accept what you like and shrug off what others think about it, you are not really going to be happy with yourself. So congrats on figuring this out while you are young.

  4. I find it interesting that you brought up Stephen Colbert; he’s expressed on many accounts that his avid interest in fantasy and games (Tolkien and D&D in particular) helped him develop a strong sense of self that helped his acting skills later in his career. Not only did his own version of chuunibyou help him interpret and cope with reality in his own way, but it also helped him find his true interests and goals in life. Very congruent with the message the show communicated, which is that chuunibyou is an integral part in the development of one’s self.

  5. Great ending, FINALLY!! I fell like its been ages since I was last satisfied by a anime’s ending!!

    I really enjoyed Chuunibyou and I hope KyoAni’s next project, Tamako Market, doesn’t disappoint. 🙂

  6. This episode went completely verbatim to how I thought it would go, except for the bloody useless cops. They really are that useless, but I’ll leave my story about them for a later date. I found myself lol’in at just how predictable it was right down to Deko trying to be ‘normal’ & Yuuta’s letter to himself. I usually don’t try to predict details like that for an ending, but I couldn’t help myself with this one.

  7. I like how this show can be referenced to us viewers…maybe it was an intentional message? In any case, tears in my eyes…though I would have like the narrator to have been Yuuta instead of some random voice that came almost from nowhere.

  8. I entered the writer knife-fights intending to take this home as my prize

    Now, this sounds really interesting. Maybe you should write a post about it. I bet it would be funny as hell.

    1. In a nutshell, Divine flies us all over to Rome, where we battle it out in the Colosseum for each of our shows. The tickets that Divine charges for spectator admission pays for the server upkeep each season. This season’s theme was “the deadliest butter knife you can find in a kitchen.”

      I’ll keep you guys posted on this winter’s theme. 🙂

    2. It’s really not fair, to be honest. I have a wicked long reach and am way meaner than the rest of them. Only Enzo, verdant, and Stereo are a real problem. Seriously, you don’t want to mess with Stereo–she’s wily.

  9. It was a decent end. I’m glad that they resorted to more subdued character develpopment and sentimentality that I liked instead of smashing me with screams and tears. I like the little things that added to the characters, like Kumin awesome chuuni act but Normal Sanae really stole the episode. As usual, the scenes between Yuuta and Rikka are all about the cute and diabetic because there really isn’t anything else I can say other than they look god together.

    Its sad that it makes the previous more episode even more ridiculous. Even Sanae is quite well adjusted to being normal. All those pointless tears and screaming just to find out a simple message that being chuuni is fun to do. That’s what I consider a tonal dissonance.

    My issue wasn’t the show’s slide to dramatic, it was that the drama itself was awful. Episode 7 and 8 felt pointless and contrived but episode 11 was devoid of any subtlety and just tried to force tears from the audience. Its slide to bad drama aside,I still enjoyed the show overall and don’t regret watching it. Its just did’t present me with anything too memorable like Hyouka did. Other than the GIFS, Chuu2 had plenty of that.

  10. Whew! Okay, I got a LOT of questions about this episode! I suppose it was a fitting way to end it, but….. I didn’t exactly enjoy it. I DID well up at the flashbacks which reminded me of that infamous CLANNAD moment, but there were a lot of loose ends. What happens to Rikka’s living situation now? Why did Dekomori cry and cry her eyes out…….. and become normal and satisfied the next time we see her!? Will Kumin ever go back to being sleepy!Kumin? How the heck did she retrieve her costume in the epilogue when she gave it all up an episode earlier? If they loved each other so much, why couldn’t Rikka tell Yuuta that she would be moving permanently AND that he was her inspiration for creating her eight-grade syndrome persona before all this drama happened?!?

    Oh, and also, I find it amusing that KyoAni released this episode 2 days before the date the Mayans predicted the world would end! 😀

    1. Rikka’s situation isn’t really given the detail it deserves, but the last scene seems to show that she’s living above Yuuta again. With who is anyone’s guess. She never got rid of her stuff, it was just stored somewhere.

      Dekomori “became normal” so she could stay connected with Rikka(and probably everyone else), but it was a pretty shallow act. Good comedy material in the beginning and when she cracked though.

      Kumin is already back to sleepy-Kumin, she just went Chuuni as a kinda-sorta final favor to Rikka.

      Rikka moving while lying to Yuuta was pretty sketchy, but it helped to show just how disconnected she/they had become, and served to toss Yuuta over the edge. Yuuta hasn’t been very receptive to his Chuuni past either, so it probably wasn’t easy for Rikka to find a time to tell him that he was the reason she’s all wacky, even if it is adorable.

    2. Those are some really great questions. The ending did cause more questions with the way they did it but they had to squeeze a ton of crap in one episode. The mack truck of drama in the previous 4 episodes didn’t help either. They spent too much time with the useless cops – maybe the director had something to get out of his system.

      I personally enjoyed it, since it was 1 of the 3 series this season I found myself re-watching episodes of when I bored. But I can see why some would not. It literately felt like a nascar race at the end, circling around the same topic at ridiculous speeds just for it all to end in a second, except half the cars (questions) didn’t finish.

      Maybe they’ll give us a nice OVA to normalize things. Honestly speaking, it always gives me a headache when anti-character vices have to be used to conclude the main plot, but I didn’t mind it this time since I already had one b4 I watched this episode, hehe.

  11. Nibutani once again showing why she was the best girl in this series…

    Series was great, wish it was more than 12 episodes so that the romance and character development wouldn’t feel so rushed… but any doujinshi with Nibutani as the MC will be something I empty my wallet for

      1. I had Kumin-senpai firmly entrenched as favorite character #2, but straight-hair Dekomori catapulted herself into a tie for second…

        I think they should have a fight to the DEATH for that number two spot.

  12. Watched it finally. Riajuu Dekomori is really cute~! And true, Nibutani ‘Ship’-ka is the ‘bro’ of the season!

    People may hate me for this but I found the final episode to be weaker than the rest. They got me until Yuuta broke reality but after that scene it just felt off for some reason. I dunno if it was supposed to be funny or whatnot the police chase, etc.

    But combining everything together, I will give it an 8/10. Definitely would welcome a second season because I’m left here asking for more.

  13. Poor Isshiki – forever alone…even to the point of running away into the night after being “painted as a molester”, lol.

    And such a sweet end – Yuuta and Rikka riding a bike into the beautiful sunrise…while being chased by a cop, lol. XD

  14. I loved this anime. The funny thing is even though I generally like KyoAni, from the PVs I didn’t think I was going to like it much. However seems like this season ended up consisting of me loving shows I didn’t think I would like as not only did I love this show but also Sakurasou and Girls und Panzer, two shows that I wasn’t even going to watch.

    Any way I loved this show. I loved the all of the characters, which is really rare for me, especially Rikka and Kumin, even Nibutani managed to win me over before the end. I loved the romance, the humor, I even liked the fist insert song(though not as mush as the confession one). Well this was one of my favorite shows of the year, and I hope KyoAni manages to keep it going and Tomako Market ends up being as good as this and Hyouka.

  15. forget little busters… chuu2 has delivered the emotions (light, medium, heavy you name it) that i have been wanting to see in this past 11 episodes of little busters which is so far, doesnt even surpass the emotional intensity of kanon ’06.

    sadly, everything has come to an end, and my weekly schedule of anime watch list has now been reduced to 3 (K, robotics;notes and sakurasou). i honestly want to see this anime get a season 2 as they are still 1st years (based on their ribbon) so writers can fit more content as they have a huge “sotry timeline” to fill in. but well, the episode 12 is pretty much a wrap up of everything.

    cant wait to see the episode 13 DVD only special episode.

  16. “We all have a case of something at some point in our lives.”

    It’s an interesting proposition, that having chuunibyou is well and good until you become self-conscious of it. That is, chuunibyou is our natural state, before we start suppressing it out of embarrassment. It really is exactly like the Drama Club; actors can do all sorts of outrageous things on stage because it’s not really them up there. It’s there character. Nothing makes you stumble on your lines and feeling the stage fright like breaking character. And you never allow the audience backstage. Even as adults we take all sorts of parts, but the Dark Flame Master is a role we’ve put to rest for good.

    Still, I must say that even after watching Chuunibyou I’m fine with letting my inner Tyrant’s Eye of Truth rest. Superpowers and unique destinies are still cool; I watch anime, after all. But at the same time I feel like everybody must, at some point, come to terms with the fact that their own specialness only exists within themselves, and fair poorly with externalisation. I still wish I could fly, but I respect gravity. Is this the sign of a crushed soul, of a face which has been stamped on by the boot, forever? Perhaps. Or perhaps Kyon is right, and my ability to hold convictions while accepting reality is a sign I’m mature. Maybe.

    In any case I think Chuunibyou has a rather more serious subtext that even the show kind of ignores; the state of mental health in society (specifically Japanese society). Rikka’s chuunibyou wasn’t just a phase. It was a coping mechanism. While her family thought she was having trouble dealing with reality, it turned out that her father’s death was just too sudden. All she really wanted to do was say goodbye on her own terms–get some sense of closure–but this was denied to her. The way she was treated (not cruelly, just uncompromisingly) was awfully disempowering. Still, it was clear that Rikka had unsolved issues. Yet at no point did her family help her seek professional counselling or anything of the sort. Bottling things up and “dealing with it” are the only acceptable recourses.

    I don’t know if there is even higher stigma attached with psychologists in Japan that there is here in the West, and perhaps someone could enlighten me. But it is easy to imagine the story of Chuunibyou playing out very differently. I do not think Rikka’s troubles are at all unique. How many of those scenarios would have lacked supportive friends and cathartic moment and instead ended in tragedy? I shudder to think.

    1. Ah yes, a cornerstone of fiction – There Are No Therapists (trope!). Let’s just say that A) the story wouldn’t have worked without that one thing, and B) you’re right – this is likely a pervasive problem in Japan…and elsewhere in the world as well, I assure you.

    2. That was one thing I have to say was against Rikka’s father, he was selfish. Tooka said they didn’t tell Rikka because the father didn’t want to see her sad before she died. I guess none of them thought that having someone you are close to and love die suddenly is much more painful than knowing they are dying and coming to terms with it while they are still there. And on top of that, once he dies she learns that everyone else knew about it but her. She probably felt betrayed by those she had loved the most. It isn’t surprising that Tooka would become one of the villains in her fantasies as a result.

  17. I didn’t have any hopes when I first picked this up. I just thought KyoAni did a great job with Hyouka, so might as well try this one out. This series exceeded my expectation. They actually had a legit lesson out of Chuunibyou, and had many character developments with substance. Though the ending did feel sort of rush and had some weird police-chasing, I am pretty satisfied overall. I have to admit I teared up when Rikka said goodbye to her father, such an emotional scene (like Clannad.) One last thing, Rikka and Yuuta are very cute together!!! And the normal Dekomori is very pretty <3

  18. Mmhh. A good ending overall, but I felt the first half overdid it a bit with the melodrama. I liked Shinka’s talk with Yuuta for the effective way to getting both characterization and the central message of the narrative across, but I could have done without some other elements. The message from Rikka right after the run to the train station was really pushing it.

    The second half mostly made up for it, although I wasn’t really a fan of the whole ‘everyone shows up somehow to help out’ trope.

    Overall, this show was a decently crafted narrative, with a good general grasp of what to tell and what to show. Characters were also mostly well-written – this last episode especially implies heavily that Kumin is rather more aware of things going on around her than she might seem. The one slight exception is Dekomori Sanae – her character seems to run all over the place, especially in the last two episodes. As a result, she comes across as a less well-developed character – or at least less consistent character – than even Isshiki.

  19. Next on season 2 of Chuuni:
    Dark Flame Master and the Wicked Eye form a secret army to fight the Overseer’s and prepare for the prophesied end-of-days battle when the Priestess returns. Dekomori joins their ranks as master-of-arms.
    Isshiki is convicted of attempted molestation and sentenced to hard time with a cell-mate named “Butch”. Hilarity ensues.
    Kumin goes to a certain university and joins the Light Music Club converting it into Afternoon Tea and Naptime.
    Yumeha enters politics at a young age and after she appeals to the UN security council world peace breaks out. The world bows to its new cute overlord.
    Shinka uses her auguring powers to strike it rich in the lottery and forms a new movement based on the teachings of the Mabinogion. I become her first convert and chief toady.


  20. NUUUUU why are you finished? My laughs…my romance…my d’awwwww moments… Rikka, Yuuta, Shinka, Kumin, Deko you’ll be missed…! The successor series to Chu2 doesn’t look inviting at all… Admittedly though I wanted a weee just a weeee bit more meat for the finale, maybe some scenes during the credits showing Yuuta and Rikka going Chu2 crazy or something again.

  21. Thank you for covering this excellent Kyo-Ani series, now can RC PLEASE finish off the remaining coverage for that other Kyo-Ani series of the year Hyouka before the year is up? Especially now when series are ending or are going into hiatus due to the New Year.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. To the guy that downvoted me, seriously WTF? I was just making a status update on the progress of the translation of a light novel, what is there to downvote on? Sometimes I do suspect that I get inane downvotes for stating simple facts like the Sun rising from the East and such.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. Don’t bother with them, really. They are the same people who downvote videos on Youtube without even watching them, just cause they don’t like the uploader.

        I just saw your update on volume 3, thank you so much!

      3. Yeah, you’re right, seeing how I’m getting the same two downvotes for both of my posts above, indicating its probably the same two idiots who dislike me for some unknown reason. Maybe they dislike Hyouka? Or Madoka Magica and thus me using their avatar by default?

        Kinny Riddle
    1. That’s in the works. Hopefully. It’s a bit complicated. I’m not the best person to ask about that…Hyouka had some good character development and whatnot, but it didn’t really entertain me :X Sorry!

  22. The ending may have been quite predictable, but it was good, and there could be no other way it could have ended without the audience feeling pleased.

    Ironic that Kumin-sempai needs to adopt some of Rikka’s chuunibyou in order to act like a sempai at last, but it ended up good.

    Long hair ojou-sama Dekomori is cute, but this would make her too much like Mugi or Chitanda, she’s better off as her chuunibyou self, which keeps her character distinct.

    If Kyo-Ani is planning on doing a sequel, please let Mori Summer and Dekomori be the main characters, they’re a blast to watch. Particularly Nibutani, as her character just showed so much potential.

    Yuuta and Rikka’s story is as complete as it is, and should only appear as side-characters next time, cameoing as the Dark Flame Master and Tyrant Eye respectively.

    Kinny Riddle
  23. You know what I was thinking “Yeah it’s a feel-good show but…Damnit Kyoto and your stupid difficulty ending with kisses!! I mean yeah there was Haruhi but come the freaking on! THE SETTING WAS TOO PERFECT FOR IT!!!!”

    Jason Isenberg
  24. This ending had it’s moments but didn’t quite deliver on what I(or maybe some of us) wanted to see which was
    Show Spoiler ▼

    then again they maybe not quite there yet. IT KINDA MAKES ME SCREAM S2! But then again they still have lots of other things to be done. If there is a glimmer of hope for such things to take place, we may now pray hard that Animation Do expands and finally has the power to produce a show independently.

    Other things in hand regarding the story, it was quite amusing to see the letter Yuuta wrote to himself. I mean seriously!? Planning to send that damn letter at such a time!? I know it’s conveniently placed but I gotta admit that timing was awesome. Other than that, the lite episodes got tied in here as well! It was amusing to see 2 of which pop out in this episode.

    I also liked the fact that her father wasn’t the only real reason behind her Chuunibyou. I’m glad it was because of Yuuta’s role on Rikka’s life. The he was her genuine source of inspiration.

    Overall this episode still had one of the most awesome surprises I could hope for in this show. Kumin in her chuu2 mode was awesome. Her VA’s voice work was superb. And last but not the least, Dekomori with her well delivered payload of cardiac arrest. I mean just look at that perfection!!!

    If there would be an S2, things I’d hope for are

    1. You know damn well what’s on the top of this list.
    2. More normal Dekomori or at least chuunibyou mode with her hair down. Then again.. The hammer. (Sorry Stilts. I know Dekomori being normal was a gag but this is just too good to let go.)
    3. Mori Summer’s true form
    4. More development for side characters
    5. Give Ishiki the damn cookie already

    1. I’m not too bothered about your principle complaint, to be honest. It woulda been too abrupt, too soon.

      Now, were there to be a few months of a time-skip before the Ep 13 OVA, that’s another story… 😀

  25. Ohhh this episode had me going HNGGGGGG and EEEEK more then average so far with this show or hell more then allot of recent shows of this genre. IT WAS JUST SO KAWAAIIII. Isshiki man… run on Isshiki, run on! Truly, some great friends that Rikka and Yuuta have. Definitely satisfied with how this ended! Kind of sad as well *sob*.
    Great read Stilts! Great final thoughts as well. I think I sit a bit more in the middle I tell people but only when asked about it or something. So fortunately I keep half a skeleton in my closet, yaaaay. But really, nice little insipring final thoughts.
    Korekaramo ganbatte kudasai!

  26. It made me teared a bit. Guess that’s suffice to sum up the rntire series and romance between Dark Flam Master and Wielder of the Wicked Eye.

    On a side note… Kumin sempai’s cute as ever and Shinka’s just great in her role

  27. Yo Stilts, thanks for another great blog of another great series! What a cute and wonderful ride it has been. It wasn’t without it’s own flaws, but like any real diamond, it’s flaws are what validate its individual identity and value! I’ve watched my fair share of anime and I really enjoyed this one, even as a member of the 3rd check box [18-25][26-35][36-45] weeps uncontrollably!), I found myself thinking about and laugh at my own antics that made me the person I am today. I hope when I get to the 5th check box and beyond that I’ll be able to look back on what I’m doing now and say the same. Perhaps I’m thinking too deeply about the meaning of all this, but that is just how much I enjoyed the ride. ……. DEATH!…. ahem…


    Dekomori was just too fun!

  28. When I saw dekomori: Who the fuck is that? They introducing a new character?

    This is what Asian, I am an Asian, are always so wrong about. The correct choice is not always the best choice. In the end, all that matters is not how other feels, of course it is important to care about others, but what matters most to you. This show totally embrace this idea. Do what you want. Cartoons( Anime is recognise as Japanese cartoon) are educational, who say cartoons are bad?
    Normal is too mainstream, let us be special. What everyone in the world should be, Special.

  29. Best ending that you could ever wanted from the show. Rikka did the only one thing she have always wanted to do, and she’s back to her usual self again. Honestly KyoAni, you guys did a good job.

  30. so rikka visit her father grave while yuuta still wonder cause of what he did to for making rikka normal yet also see dekomori being normal til see kumin being wicked eye?

    give after talk with nibutani & more wonder til letter from his dark flame side to remind him & some i got it yuuta go bike ride to see rikka then quick meet kumin reveal wicked eye of rikka all cause it was yuuta that inspire rikka.

    so after long bike yuuta all dark flame mode call for rikka she leap then ride together with everyone helping so yuuta full dark flame mode so give rikka one last goodbye to her dad.

    after all everything back to chuuibyou-normal with rikka all better The End.

    (overall series worth the watch from slice of life, fun, drama, emotion, & etc all truly a wonderful series to watch look forward if ever dub come out).

  31. First of all, let me thank you Stilts for your reviews, they were very much appreciated and a great catalyst to our (everyone here) discussions.

    As for the finale, it was good. Certain parts of it moved me and it made me feel good that the two main characters got some peace and kept their love in the end.

    But, sadly that was achieved via a sequence of asspulls.

    Yuuta’s letter to himself that, somehow, arrived (or was found) just at the right time, Rikka’s message through Kumin (given that she was not anywhere near Rikka when she left), everyone arriving just at the right moment (why didn’t they gave Yuuta a ride?) to save Yuuta from certain arrest and so on…

    I found Kumin’s ‘chuunibyozation’ especially lame (very cute, though), since it was so sudden (I know she mentioned she found how Rikka acted cute, but still…). I took it as somewhat of a ploy to get Yuuta to go see Rikka, but, even so, there was no visible development that led to this (concerning her). It could be a result from her ‘talk’ to Rikka, but when did that happen, was it a cellphone call? It had that great of an effect on her? Really?

    It got to a point where I was almost (but not quite 🙂 ) wanting Rikka to not go out the window and thus, to put some semblance of (internal) logic back into the story.

    Anyways, I have more complaints but I really don’t want to poison my memories of this otherwise great show.

    As a matter of fact, I’m just starting to read the light novel and, hopefully, it’ll rise above these flaws 🙂

    This is it for me,

    Thanks guys for all the great debates,

    And here I go down the downvote well again 🙂

  32. These two latest Kyo-ani show, Hyouka and Chu2koi. Even I’m in a shitty mood or just dead tired, just one episode of these shows makes me feel good and smiley again. And I don’t even know why I really like this show. Especially Chu2koi, the so cheesy romance, over the top drama, stupid jokes, some embarrassing moments… it’s crazy.

  33. Well, it finally ended, All in all it was an enjoyable ride…fraught with multifarious emotions spread evenly throughout its run…but still, the tonal transition starting from episode 7 was too jarring for its own good…i know everything came in full circle in the end but even the twist to levy it was too forced…i mean, really? Rikka earned her chuunibyou from yuuta? the whole thing was so fairy-tale-like it kinda felt like the series was betraying itself…

    At one point i actually gave it a 10..the weak finish which was caused by its poor script which didn’t manage to bridge the transition of tones in the middle of the series seamlessly (which as i said before, became its biggest shortcoming) has dropped its score to only eight….still, a worthwhile journey, but not one i’ll revisit anytime soon….


  34. I don’t really know what went on here. It tied up the loose ends nicely, we had the Yuuta-Rikka ending that most people wanted, and some beautiful animation too (I’ll even forgive them the anime physics – there’s no way Yuuta could have caught Rikka and not fallen off the roof when she leapt from her window, conservation of momentum and all that). But for whatever reason it still felt very flat. I suppose that’s the risk you take though when you make something about people changing, because by the end they are no longer the characters you have grown to love over the past many weeks. Let’s hope the OVA episode rounds things off better.

    Oh, and “Angelus”? No, no, that’s not a “chuun-id”. Nothing to do with vampires at all. Definitely.

      1. I’m sorry Stilts, but LGrey is completely right. Touka x Yumeha > Deko-chan x Moi~Summer.

        I want to see a reunion of Touka and a chuuni Yumeha, and their children, that is a must see as well.

    1. Nope Croos. You’re not gonna cheat me again this time. You’ve broken all of my hopes and dreams since 2011 and I’ve grown wiser.

      Nibutani only belongs to one person. Do not taint the purest love of them all.

      Ok that’s quite about enough. I’m being such a yurifag right now. I can’t help it. They’re made for each other.

  35. Stilts, that final paragraph in your post just made u become my personal hero….i mean my family and friends know i’ve been addicted to anime in this recent year, and while they certainly didn’t express any opinions on this matter (at least explicitly), i know they kinda felt weirded out about this recent change of my character…yet your post along with the narration at the end of the series kinda elevated my confidence about loving anime somehow….

    1. Glad to have helped. Trust me – even if they never really “get” it (probably they won’t), as long as you embrace it and take care of your responsibilities and have a good time, no one worth their salt will do more than shrug and keep on going. We’re all weird in our own ways–and that’s what makes life fun!

      1. My father died 2 years ago, and I’ve always been an anime fan unlike my family, and my older sibling gets weirded out while my mum decided to leave after my dad died because she couldn’t understand me. Reality is stranger than fiction at times.

        Random Hobo
  36. The letter was pretty unique way of self-motivation. Also, I like how the end feels like Yuuta and Rikka sort of “eloped” away. Notice Yuuta wearing black and Rikka in a white one piece. Great ending.

  37. I think the main lesson Yuuta and the viewer can take from this is that to grow up isn’t to hide the embarrassing and shameful parts of our past. To grow up, to truly grow up, is to embrace it. Regardless of how shameful or embarrassing moments were, and everyone has them, they shaped us into who we are today. To deny that is to deny yourself.

    I also think of Gaiman’s The Sandman and the idea that everyone is special because everyone has these great worlds of imagination inside themselves, whether they show it or not. I really enjoyed this show, without a doubt the best of the season and one of the best of the year.

    I hope we see more of this particular franchise and the characters again whether that be an OVA or a second season. I would absolutely watch it.

  38. Well, with the exception of having to wait (arrrgghh!) til June for the OVA, I think things turned out pretty well. I’m guessing that adding the police was a ‘balance’ for everyone going Chuu again. As to material for an S2, it’s no big deal that there isn’t much material available, since most characters and situations were anime-unique, so there’s nothing but open road ahead if they want to continue. It would be interesting to see what happens on the ‘other side’ of Rikka’s return, now that Chuu still exists, but not as a defense mechanism, plus more on Nibutani and Deko of course! With Rikka’s anchor removed, the dynamics of that group are wide open for new things to happen. Maybe the OVA will give us an idea of future events. People may say ‘It’s fine, leave it’, but I say (say it with me…) BLAST REALITY! Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg

    1. True, but the story has been told. They could go on, but unplanned sequels are usually mediocre, and threaten to poison the worth of the original. I’d rather them just keep this as it is and go make something new myself.

  39. LOL, I don’t even watch this show, but seeing the description given in the Home page, without even looking at the author, my first thought was, ‘let me guess, Stilts wrote this’. 😀

  40. This has to be the best romcom anime I’ve seen in a long time.It was overtly cute, hilarious, and sweet.

    Also, that ending has to be the best so far out of this season of anime.Eureka Ao’s ending was just ok.Psycho Pass and Shin Sekai Yori are left for me.Along with some pure comedy stuff like Ixion Saga DT.SAO is just meh, I’m watching it for the reaction vids.

    I haven’t watched Jormungand’s second season at all unfortunately so I better hop to it.It’s just that I get lazy watching anime where I’ve already read everything in the manga before.Zetsuen no Tempest and Btoooom! falls under the same boat.

    Chu2 is an anime that I’m going to remember forever.I don’t want it to end, but all good things do T-T

    At least I have the Lite episodes left to watch, I never looked at them before, but I fear it will only make me feel even sadder now that the show is over.

    1. I forgot to add Robotics;Notes to the contenders for best ending and Magi to the same boat as Jormungand where I’ve gotten lazy and stopped watching it because I’ve read it already.

  41. im not sure about that part where they show her dangling down the rope isnt that just a flashback? how can you tell shes back? isnt possible he just wanted closure and they broke up and went their separate ways for the anime story at least so her mom grandma grandpa are happpy! HE really ends up with mori summer who is still in teh same schoool same class! gg! loool!?

    1. I never even considered that. Feel the storytelling, young padawan – you know the happy ending is true. I mean, what self-respecting storyteller would produce such a scene and mean anything else?

  42. I was very skeptical about this show at first; I’ve never liked normal school romances. However, it really blew me away with its combination of humor, characters, overarching theme, and FREAKING ADORABLENESS! It did a lot of things right in my books; relatable characters and issues, decent buildup and plot progression (yes ep. 8 to the end could have been better but they’re still good), and sidestepping common annoying tropes in these anime (harems and gratuitous fanservice). All in all I found it immensely enjoyable and will definitely re-watch once ep13 comes out! On another note, I actually hope they don’t make a sequel. I think the ending tied up the story well enough and that any second season would fall far short of the first.

    Thanks for reviewing this series Stilts; your posts were very enjoyable to read!

  43. I personally don’t have any problem whatsoever with being true to myself — just about everyone who knows me knows that I watch anime and go to anime conventions. But that didn’t hurt my understanding of the characters’ problems.

    Probably my anime of the year. Loved how it ended, though a kiss would have been sweet.

  44. This series is definitely up there on my top favorite Animes list. Sure, Chu2Koi wasn’t perfect, but man was it a fun and entertaining ride. I felt the last two episodes were a bit rushed compared to the excellent pacing the series had, but you can only squeeze in so much with 12 episodes. I was sad the moment I saw “Last Episode,” but the sweet ending and semi-closure made up for it.

    I for one am hoping for more.

  45. Nice writing, Stilts!

    I really loved this anime, and it was great that they managed to wrap it up so well. This show provided a great touch on adolescence (and first loves) and managed to differentiate its characters, both in design and in personality. I felt that the voice-acting was superb (they managed to act delusional and cute) and the development of the story was great.

    As per the ending, the ‘syndrome’ of being delusional does occur in everyone, and everyone wants something that they don’t have currently, and so they do it in their heads. Rikka did so to escape reality, Dekomori probably cos of stress, and even Yuuta does it because he wants to be different. It’s just the way to cope with problems in life. So yeah, i agree with the ending, that everyone ‘suffers’ from chuunibyou, because we will think about what we want. It is, to quote, ‘self-consciousness’.

    I agree with Stilts, that the side characters are easily the best part of the show. They all have a distinct personality, and all of them are immensely helpful to Yuuta (except Dekomori, probably very helpful for the show) and it is very difficult to pick the fav character, but i go with the darkhorse, Shinka. She has a great personality, and has changed a lot, from two-faced in the first few episodes to a friend that helps them a lot. Not to mention she is so pretty!

    KyoAni had a great year of 2012, making another great show alongside Hyouka. Its difficult to rank these two, as both are equally brilliant. Hope they make more great shows in the future!

  46. That was an awesome series. It’s refreshing to see a series with such a unique charm like Chuunibyou after so seeing many boring generic series lately. My faith in KyoAni has been fully reaffirmed.

  47. Pretty great run for being mostly anime-original. I loved almost all the characters but my favorite would have to be Touka. Then Dekomori, then tied with Kumin / Mori Summer. Lol at Touka’s chef boss trying. Hope the OVA has some Touka in it. XD Great writing as usual, Stilts-oniisan

  48. Well said Stilts, the funny, light-hearted series that turns out to have more dramatic, deeper elements *always* hits deeper than anything else, and those are the shows that stay with you in the long run. And that central theme – of being yourself no matter how embarrassing you fear it may be – KyoAni really know how to pick a winner for their viewers don’t they? ^^ I LOVED this show. So much more than I expected.

  49. Finally got to follow a long with your posts Stilts! Although, I just started watching Chuunibyou earlier this week after dropping it earlier in the season just due to lightening the load. I never really go the chance to read many of your anime impressions since you just weren’t blogging the same series as I watched over the last couple seasons. So this was finally my chance!! After watch episode i went back and read your old posts, up until this one.

    I think you really the nail with this show’s market, being someone that HAS actually had chuunibyou syndrome the plot was definitely right up my alley and everything from secondhand embarrassment, comedy and romance were just too resonant with everything!

    I also think that this show did everything right in terms of pacing and how it used it’s overall idea of chuunibyou syndrome, got the comedy out of it, and has some sort of subliminal message out of it. I see a trend in KyoAni where, however simple or silly the plot, they always get something out of it. Even with Nichijou! If this series didn’t go into it’s more drama esque parts i think there would be way more criticism over the potential that the plot could have brought. But alas, it didn’t really go down that route and that’s what i like about it! This series is definitely going into my Top Anime of 2012 list. Again thanks for the awesome posts Stilts. 🙂

    1. Glad to hear that you finally got to read my notoriously long scribbles : ) And also that it really resonates for ex-chu2s! Though as I say that, that probably just means I still have chunibyou and haven’t figured it out yet. Hmmm… 😀

  50. Very enjoyable series indeed, i have to say i was really sad to see it end, KyoAni really improved a lot since they started, it really showed in Hyouka and now in Chuunibyou, both series are unique in their own way and manage to mix humor, lite romance and drama so well (with impressive visuals and animation), i’m might have had it with cheap high-school romance anime and moe/fanservice fests that plague every anime season (no offense for those who like these types of shows) to the point were i was going to completely avoid any show that even have hints of high-school romance or moe, but KyoAni managed to subvert that with amazing shows like Hyouka and Chuunibyou, the way they handle the drama, the romance, the comedy and even the moe moments is just so refined and sincere you can’t help but fall in love with their work (not to mention how they avoid gratuitous fanservice and ecchi stuff found in other shows).

    Chuunibyou specifically resonated with me a lot since i .. ahm .. well .. had a strong case of Chuunibyou when i was in school, like imagining talking to objects of all sorts (cars, kitchenware, .. etc) or having fights with imaginary enemies while wielding and imaginary ten feet long sword and magic spells… or building a castle/stronghold out of furniture and barricading myself inside .. etc etc, my friends where playing along in the earlier years, but as we grow older they started “dropping the act” and stopped playing along .. i kinda felt like i was being left behind, so eventually it became a solitary activity .. and eventually i knew it had to stop (as it was no longer fun to live your Chuunibyou fantasies alone), now that i think of it i’m kinda glad i did .. the narration at the end of the episode couldn’t have been more right about it .. Chuunibyou syndrome stays with us till the day we die, IMO it takes all sorts of different forms as we grow up .. some grown ups express their Chuunibyou through acting on theater or in cinema, some as cosplayers, some as story/manga writers or artists/painters, some sedate their Chuunibyou just by watching anime or playing video games … all these are different form of the Chuunibyou syndrome as it matures along with us .. and i’m thankful for its existence.

  51. Great episode and a great series.

    Many kudos on the post too. Especially the end with comparing this to being an anime fan. You can apply it to anything that society doesn’t quite accept as normal.

  52. Hello RandomC! I like you.. lets be friends!

    Anyways I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts on Chuunibyou, Stilts. I can totally relate on the point you make about you like a mix of everything in a show that tells you a story , I personal love a good romantic comedy, and when I seen the first preview of Chuuibyou.. I just had to watch this.. and somehow ended up blogging it.

    I’ve like how you post and sorta break things down..so..Thanks for blogging and hope I can learn a few things from ya Good luck to you in the blogging world and RL..

    *achivments unlocked….”becomes a fan of Stilts”
    Good luck RandomC and have a good new years!

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