「守ってるよ」 (Mamotteru yo)
“I’ll Protect You”

Sometimes, it’s hard to see and appreciate what you already have when your mind is filled with unattainable things. Sometimes, we simply have to rely on others to see things for us. Once again, Sukitte Ii na yo. portrays the importance of friendship in a beautiful and poignant way. Megumi has been compared with a lot of characters, but perhaps she is more similar to Mei than anyone else. She suffered like Mei, she changed like Kai, and she created “fake” relationships like Yamato – she ended up being a mess. Megumi’s story was long, but it was a great one. She had a little bit of everything, but there was just one thing she didn’t have or even knew of – love.

Sukitte Ii na yo. is a love story before anything else, but it also shows us the importance of human bonds. All characters in this series are stereotypical shoujo characters, but what has made this franchise so special is how it has been relying on connections. It’s not just a girl meets boy story; it is also a beautiful series about growth as a person, and overcoming hardships. Megumi’s story was wrapped up nicely in this episode, and to be honest, the episodes involving her were my favourite ones. To me, she was a very realistic girl. Her development was truly interesting, and while she was meant to be the cunning love rival, she ended up being a great catalyst for everyone else to develop. And when her actions somehow made the others open up their eyes, they could in return, help her.

It’s still hard for me to like Megumi. While she has definitely changed for the better, it’s too soon for me to think positively of her. But it makes me happy to see that there was a kind heart hidden beneath the façade she had created. It’s also very nice to see that the other characters didn’t abandon her. Megumi is in good hands and she has some great friends. While she may not be the nicest person, she doesn’t deserve the treatment she is getting from some of her classmates, so it makes me happy to see that despite everything that has happened, there are people who love her.

With the Megumi arc reaching its end, the second half of the episode showed us a lovely festival. Having friendship as the main theme today, the festival was truly fitting. It was nice to see how all these characters, after so much drama, are still sticking together. It amazes me how much everyone has grown and how they complete each other. Most of these characters have had traumatic experiences, yet their faces radiated happiness. It’s amazing how friendship can change a person, and Sukitte Ii na yo. has done really well in portraying that. Words aren’t enough to describe how beautiful this show is. It may not be the strongest shoujo anime, but it sure leaves an impact on me with its poignancy.

While this episode might have felt like an ending, it’s actually not over yet. There was an epilogue and personally, to me this could’ve been the finale, but more Sukitte Ii na yo. can’t be bad, can it? With so many friendship centred episodes, it would be quite nice to have one dedicated to Mei and Yamato’s relationship. The two of them started this story and it would only be proper to have them ending it, so hopefully this love story will end with some romance!

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  1. The relationships and experiences of each character truly shine in different ways with this episode. Some are shown in small yet beautifully brief moments (for example Aiko) and then you have characters like Megumi and Mei especially, who do well to leave a lasting impression as the series nears its end.

    1. I thought Ep.12 was incredibly weak (the weakest of the season so far). The narrative seemed very unimaginative. And unlike previous weeks, I think very little development happened this week. Megu hasn’t grown yet. So she cut her hair and finally realizes the importance of reaching out to her mother?

      To be fair, Stereoman, Megu still probably deserves the maltreatment. Until she actually shows herself a better person, her classmates will remember her as that terribly superficial, shallow model. And rightly so.

      With few exceptions (like the prologue and the scene between Mei and her mother), I think the producers wasted a week. Everything else we had seen before. This episode felt like filling time, which might work for a series that has an exceptionally long run. But not here.

      1. I don’t necessarily disagree with your thoughts but I think in terms of development, the episode accomplished in a short amount of time where it was necessary and yes, that was with Megumi. The episode attempted to enforce what we already knew of Megumi’s past and the bullying she was forced to go through. How that molded her into the individual we’ve known these past episodes who attempts to manipulate people into being her friends through the popularity and acclaim she has received as a model. When that comes crashing down for her though, she’s left believing she has nothing and no one and it’s the fact that in actuality that’s not true that eventually shines through by means of Momoko, Yamato and even Mei.

        There are even notable traces that Kai stands behind her as shown in the previous episode and later on with this one. The realization that her best friend has always stood beside her and encouraged her to realize her beauty is what I think we’re supposed to take away from the first half of the episode as it is what Megumi herself finally acknowledges. She doesn’t need to put on the facade or use such means to acquire the love and friendship of those around her.

        As for the remainder of the episode, I found it quite touching and while it may have come off as a waste of time, it was a nice usage of the remainder of the episode (in my opinion) to show the subtle changes that have come about in each character due to the bonds they’ve forged with one another. The relationships, be they friendship or intimate are one of the focal points to this series and it doesn’t take a great deal to showcase how beautiful the cast has become as they’ve grown closer.

        Just my thoughts. Sorry if this a bit out of hand. ; o;

      2. How much time they spent developing these issues is relative to the time of their closure. The manga drawn out the closures as much as it could, it’s manga – it’s suppose to do that. They could have easily stretched the manga content to 3 episodes if they could but we knew something was up when Nagi stayed with them.

        Instead of filling time, they had way too much to cover & I think they cut most of the unnecessary milk that the manga served in order to achieve that. However, it was still extremely rushed at the end because they only focused on 2 events with the festival event matching the manga scene for scene, except for the ridiculous part about Mei stopping to get her hair done.

        They made the most with what they had. They still covered all the bases & didn’t leave giant plot holes in their wake.

    2. No. You’re reply wasn’t out of hand. I don’t have a problem with the actual sentiment of the series, or what they tried to do in Ep.12 with the festival. Like I said, aside from the prologue and the scene between Mei and her mother, I thought the producers wasted the episode. Do you understand why I point out those two scenes? The rest of the episode did little to develop anyone else. And the prologue didn’t develop Megu as much as resolve what had happened previously.

      My problem isn’t with the direction of the characters. But the narrative, especially through the festival, could have been better. Honestly, the festival might have been better if just between Mei and Yamato. Would have lent gravity to their character growth. And the scene between Megu and the younger model could have been lower key, as oppose to how it played out so angrily.

      I don’t care what happened in the manga. Never read the manga. And apparently there are enough deviations where the producers/writers can take creative license in making the story work as an anime series.

      1. I see where you’re coming from. If I don’t take the manga into account, the whole episode just seemed out the place. The pacing was the same as the rest of the series for the festival & Megu scenes but lightspeed in the other scenes. As for the narrative, the story was there, but it felt a little shallow. While the reason for it is clear to me, if someone was to watch this w/o reading the manga they would almost feel lost.

        The Megu scene felt like she was just waiting for someone to come there & say something profound to snap her out of it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but that means that the scene was over b4 it started. That’s the 1st thing that popped into my mind when it started. If they lowered the intensity of it, the impact might not be there. Not to mention that they set up that scene in the prior episode.

        They jumped right into the festival after the Megu scene, w/o any connection at all. The concept of time flew out the window, when it was completely consistent up to this scene & the prior 11 episodes. It also turned into a slide show. I didn’t have a problem with that but bringing back characters of no apparent reason is just plain wrong. It took away from Mei/Yamato – not to the point where it was annoying. Then there’s the epilogue…

        All-in-all, the second part of this episode just felt like a companion to the manga. Good for those who read it, bad for those who didn’t. I can say that because I read it. It’s nice to hear an opinion from those that didn’t. It can give you a well-rounded impression of the show, something that’s nearly impossible these days with so many shows with source material.

    1. No Show Spoiler ▼

      This epilogue have to do with Yamato being sick, another uber clichéd scenario. Something that never happened in the manga & it probably won’t lead to anything either unless they really feel like giving us an ending *crosses fingers*. It’s the least they can do for blueballing us in the last episode thanks to Nagi & Megu.

  2. What was the point of including Kakeru and Chiharu in this episode if they skipped their entire story? As far as anime viewers know, Kakeru is still a womanizing asshole and Chiharu is just Mei’s co-worker.


  3. as much as I liked the episode, I was sad that Yamato’s big bro’s part was cut 🙁 his involvements were great and I really wish they could include them as well as what EmD said… 🙁

    having said that, the episode was good, Megu finally had some redeeming quality, and for some reason I would love Megu to end up with Kai xD

    thanks for the coverage as always, stereoman! the epilogue tricked me for a sec… but glad there will be more of this show, hopefully after the new year xD

    1. Ah, a nice little end to the Megumi arc of the show. After watching this episode, it’s nice to see her grow and change in her ways and come to the realization of how she had been treating people and how to deal with people treating her. Although I can’t say that I am fond of her character (and cunning love rival she may be), I was a left thinking that perhaps Mei would be the one to talk to her and be the catalyst for her change. But, seeing how her friend Momo had supported her all along was very reassuring and you could almost feel that strong bond of friendship that was there between them.

      (I may be stating the obvious here but my apologies, sometimes I am really oblivious to this kind of stuff or subtle hints, etc.), Megumi and Kai? I can see it as a likely pairing but on the other hand, it seems a little weird to me. lols. I haven’t read any of the manga but I think I will when I can find the time.

      The focus of friendship on the other half of this episode was a really great thing to see because it emphasized bonds as being an important element to this show. It was so cute seeing everyone having fun and hanging out together. And seeing Mei in her yukata was nice too ^^ I give her mom points for having her dress up and encourage her to go out. (To my knowledge) we didn’t really get to learn a lot about Mei’s family (or Yamato’s brother, etc.) but the things we did see were symbolic themselves.

      Overall, one of my favorite shows of the season. Certainly looking forward to next week’s episode! I can only hope that we’ll get a second season XD

  4. yamato tell mei keep on his sister to check on megumi cause she nearing crash & burn meltdown give female checking on megumi & yamato give wake up saying yet megumi there those who don’t care about me.

    but female person does care for megumi since know each from their kids years & after some realize open the door yet megumi seen the light now realize just be yourself & megumi did that while give sorry to asami & get hair makeover.

    with kai see the new pic of megumi all better & now festival time all well give mei went without a yukata but mei’s mom give her yukata with run all back in get yamato & cue the kiss.

    alll better now with with megumi texting to her mom, yamato’s sister going to school, & whole gang all together (only 1ep left).


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