「ミラジェーン vs. ジェニー」 (Mirajeen vs. Jenii)
“Mirajane vs. Jenny”

What is this I don’t even – I’m not really sure what to say about this episode. It was certainly one of the sexier episodes of FAIRY TAIL, but also one of the craziest I’ve come across in a while. The craziness stood out a bit too much for my personal taste because it stole attention from the main battle of today’s episode. Still, I think this episode was fairly entertaining, and it did have many treats for all the fans – quite nice after a break. While some people might find pleasure in seeing their favourite characters in fetish costumes, there are those like me – the shippers, who probably enjoyed the wedding skit more than anything in this episode.

I was slightly worried when I saw Lucy and Loke being paired up, although I know, that is a popular combination, but she did somehow end up the way I wanted her to, so I’m very happy with the scene. And let’s not forget that Levy and Gajeel seem to be set in stone. There were so many couples in this episode, and I know that I will hurt someone if none of these end up together when this series will end (which hopefully isn’t soon). My favourite part from the wedding skit is the one where Gray snatches Juvia away from Lyon. Gray should stop being dense and admit that he is fond of the girl.

Anyway, all these characters butting in during this battle was something unique for this anime. Wow, Mavis sure has some crazy ideas – and where did she get all those swimsuits? The manga focused mainly on Mira and Jenny’s battle. I personally think Jenny was more beautiful than Mira, but I didn’t want her to win because I don’t like her very much. It was definitely an interesting battle, a very different one compared to what we’re used to in this franchise. I thought it was quite refreshing and visually pleasing to see this. I do think the episode could’ve been better. The other characters were distracting and should’ve been seen later or perhaps, in another location. Luckily, they didn’t affect the very impressive conclusion to this battle. Mira may be a beautiful model, but I think she is truly attractive when she fights for her guild. Mira’s strength is really admirable, and I was happy to see that this wasn’t a duel about beauty only.

That being said, it seems like there are many mysterious things occurring in the palace. Arcadios is planning to sacrifice a girl, Lucy in this case, for his Eclipse plan which involves a gate. Things are not looking good for FAIRY TAIL right now. They have the royal forces and Raven Tail against them, so who knows what could happen? I just hope that Charle’s premonition isn’t true. Well, it looks like we won’t find out much more than that about Eclipse for now, because next week, we’re up for another duel between girls, but this time it’s not anyone from FAIRY TAIL! We have Kagura from Mermaid Heel up against Yukino from Sabertooth. Both seem like strong women, so hopefully, next week will bring us an intense fight with less craziness!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. Man, this episode. I didn’t think it was possible to bring more fanservice than the fight originally had in manga, but the anime proved me wrong. Also, wth.. Lily with Asuka? Ooba in swimsuit? Just no..

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming fight. Kagura and Yukino’s introduction was quite good, with an awesome soundtrack playing of course :3

  2. Fairy Tail posts usually harvest around what, 5k views?

    I’ll be damned if this post doesn’t reel in over 10k.

    As a marketeer, I’m extremely interested if sex indeed does sell, might just intergrate it into our next project at work 😉

  3. “there are those like me – the shippers” definitely agree with that, hehe. Still, the episode was enjoyable as a whole as well (the wedding bit was like icing on the cake).
    Don’t even have to say I look forward to next week cause I usually do anyway!

  4. Only Mavis… She’s so awesome.
    Why have only two girls in swimsuits – EVERYBODY GETS SWIMSUITS!!
    She’s nuts but she’s our favorite loli because of it.

    I have to say, MILF Bisca is certainly MILF. Holding it down against the younger crowd and still drop dead gorgeous. Shipping of ElfxEver – check. That scene was flawless in execution. I’m glad they didn’t show Erza in her wedding dress – I’d kill Jellal.

    However, I did notice that you didn’t include anything with the Granny, Stereoman.
    You are a far better man than I… XDD

  5. the wedding dress Mira and master pic is so cute q_q … i dont read the manga so i dunno who’s gonna win next week.. but i sure hope its kagura :(… i tend to like characters with long straight black hime-cut hair. >:D

  6. This Anime scene is much better than the Manga and I hope the Anime gets to remake more of the scenes of the Manga to make it more better in the Anime, specifically Laxus’ and Natsu’s battle scene needs some remaking.

    K C M
  7. I took a week to catch up to the manga and anime for this show. I can’t believe what I was missing! Such a great show. Kinda sucks that they censored the nosebleeding…with snot? Other than that…the sexy level went up a few notches, but I’m suprised Mavis didn’t talk about her lack of size, while carrying all those swimsuits.

  8. Usually I just right-clicked on few of the screenshots here, opening them in new windows and then saved them manually. This is the first time that I just use Down Them All. XD

    Two bits that I find interesting. First, Erza doesn’t get the wedding dress treatment. It’s strange since she is one of the main character; so I think that they do this deliberately. I wonder what could be the reasons ^^

    Second, and this is the lighter one, it looks like Mavis actually got in a swimsuit, but they didn’t show this, only a teaser – the clue is you can see that she’s missing the sleeves when she talked to Cana.

  9. Funny episode especially the wedding dress part. It seems Lyon is serving as a catalyst for Gray to slowly start admiting to his feelings for Juuvia. It seems Lucy intentionally dropped on Natsu when things are getting intimate with Lisanna and Natsu. The one she was looking for to partner up with was Natsu.

    1. don’t you mean HO-SKI on it give fan service at it overkill level.

      & indeed last you expect is mira-lisa “sistery” love give their voice did some “dark fan service”.

    1. Seems like they don’t care about that, as long as they censor all kinds of injuries and blood.. Hell, even the blood coming out of their noses when Jenny proposed the bet… wasn’t blood.

  10. Fan-service went off the charts!!! Wow ladies, just wow…no one is the shy type here. Very moe~
    IMO it’s an episode for everyone; it had everything Fairy Tail offered by far. (The best episode for screenshots on this blog.) The only thing missing for shippers was Erza in her wedding dress with Jellal. Other than that, no complaints from me. Loved the animation quality too.

    random viewer
  11. Actually I was a bit disappointed in their rendition of Sitri. I thought it was really badass in the manga with her flaming feet. Looked way less intimidating in the anime.

    Other than that, awesome ep!!!

      1. Hi. Huge fan.

        Been curious about how you are always able to screencap the ‘whole’ thing.
        I mean I always do screenies with VLC and they’re always cut. It’s like you’ve paste 4 moving frames (from bottom to top) together to make one?

        I’d appreciate any tips. =D

        Uhh Lex
      2. Hi! Thanks for the nice comment! ♥

        For the full-length images, I basically put several caps from a panning shot on top of each other (extending the canvas), in Photoshop. Each cap goes on a separate layer. I tend to use a soft eraser to delete uneven edges.

        You can also try the lazy way which is said to work most of the time but can fail – Photomerge (via Photoshop). Just select all the caps you have from a certain panning scene, go with the reposition option, and let Photoshop do the magic!

        I hope that helps.

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