Dat cliffhanger!


The Crime Sorcière are discussing the future of the country based on the facts they’ve heard from future Lucy. Jellal thinks there is something wrong.

Back at the arena, Erza and Kagura are in a duel. Kagura seems to be the stronger one in this fight because she is constantly landing hits on Erza who is only seen changing armours to protect herself in the first few pages. After a while, Erza is seen wearing her Flight Armour and it looks like she lands a hit on Kagura, but it turns out, she only managed to tear off some parts of her opponent’s clothes.

People are surprised to see Erza at a disadvantage during a battle. Erza questions Kagura’s about her strength – asks if her power is fueled by her hatred for Jellal. Erza warns Kagura not to drag Millianna into this. She wants her friend to have a good future, but Kagura says that Millianna’s will reflects hers. Erza wonders what happened between Kagura and Jellal. Kagura reveals that she is Simon’s sister.

Kagura tells Erza about her past. She had a good childhood together with her brother until the child hunt, 15 years ago. Kagura managed to escape but her brother couldn’t (we all know what happened to him). She met Millianna later on and found out about his fate from her.

Erza tells Kagura about that day. Millianna wasn’t present during that battle so she didn’t know. Jellal wasn’t the reason why Simon died. It was Erza. It was her weakness that killed Simon. Kagura who had kept her blade sheathed is angered at this revelation and finally draws her sword out. As Erza apologises to her opponent, the blade slashes someone, and the audience is shocked.

Wow, when was the last time we saw someone attacking Erza likes this? It sure was refreshing to see her at a disadvantage, especially after her triumphant victory during the Pandemonium event. But at the same time, I felt a bit sad because I want her to win. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with Erza winning too much. I like FAIRY TAIL, and seeing that guild win makes me happy. What really bothers me is that there are some guild members who always seem to be weak even though they aren’t. Anyway, this could be FAIRY TAIL’s first loss in this round, but for some reason, I find it hard to believe that Erza would lose despite being tossed around through the entire chapter.

Much like the Dragon Slayer battle, I assume Erza will rise again, stronger than ever. Whenever Erza is at a disadvantage, it’s usually related to something emotional within her. I know she is capable of taking down her current opponent. Perhaps the two of them will talk this through, and by doing that, Kagura might be discouraged and caught off guard? Anything goes really. But right now, it’s probably hard to calm down the anger in Kagura’s heart. Who would’ve thought that she’d be Simon’s sister? That sure surprised me in a good way. While it isn’t the most impressive and shocking revelation, it sure was a good plot twist.

Aside from that revelation, we also know that there is something suspicious about the things future Lucy has said. It’s quite annoying that we can’t know anything yet, but I’m a patient person so I will wait. But I do wonder if Jellal thinks there is something wrong because of Zeref… He did feel Zeref’s presence around future Lucy, something I forgot to mention last week, so perhaps that’s what’s bothering him? Anyway, this chapter sure was intense and filled with action, but because of that, there isn’t too much to write about it. I just hope that Erza is safe and sound. That cliffhanger near the end was truly nerve-racking. Any guesses on what unfortunate person that was? While it’s easy to think that it was Erza, a part of me believes that it could be Millianna. I know she is trapped but Minerva is an evil person; she might’ve released the girl to spice things up. I guess we’ll find out next week!

Moete kitazou!


      1. I doubt that. That would be outside interference in the tournament and would have to result in Erza forfeiting the match anyway. More like either Erza DID get slashed or Minerva took advantage of the situation to attack Kagura.

        I really don’t want Erza to win now though, it would be totally ridiculous if she makes a comeback from this; just like her ridiculous comeback against Azuma. I like Fairy Tail, but I have to admit that some of the writing is just plain horrible and there are some plot holes and plot devices that just detract from the whole story.

        Mashima needs to get more creative with how the main characters win instead of giving them random power boosts in the middle of a fight to win a hopeless battle.

  1. The power of vengeful imoutos is not to be underestimated!

    While I did want Jellal to face consequences for Simon’s death eventually, I should have known that Erza would be the one to take the heat for it. It was my biggest gripe in seeing Jellal and Erza together – it was at Simon’s expense and Simon was a good man.

    1. Yeah, I agree with what you’re saying and I’m sure Jellal will eventually get his cumupence for what happened. I’m not sure Erza should be the one to pay for it though. Also, I think she could have phrased the revelation about Simon’s death better. She says she killed him, which probably pissed Kagura off beyond belief, when she probably should have said that he sacrificed himself to save her.

    2. Yes. One of the things that had been bugging me about Fairy Tail was poor Simon rolling in his rocky grave as Ezra romances Jellal and guides him to an unsavory redemption. Erza needed to be knocked down a few pegs for this indiscretion.

      Erza has lost her will to fight, and Kagura should have knocked her out when she had the chance.

    3. if Jelall die I guess this will suck forever , in rave Show Spoiler ▼

      , fairytail have a good base already so want it to be like onepiece not many dead but still emotional powerful

  2. Wow, it’s always an interesting match when you see Erza on the losing side, I tend to forget that she isn’t unstoppable. At this rate, I can’t say that she’d be fit to fight against Minerva once this battle is done. I reckon Kagura’s sword is a double edged one, it probably has a dark power that hurts her when used. Still, Erza won’t go down without a fight, keen to see how this plays out, because I’m not sure who will win this fight.

  3. And yet,
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Great chapter, but God, I really hate when characters don’t listen to reason or take charge for actions they haven’t done directly instead of simply telling what really happened.

      1. Revenge lead to no good Kagura is obsess with revenge and Erza want to die for Jalall wtf well It can all blade to Zeref after all since if they are realyy friend they would notice that jelall isn’t accually jelall they knew but different persons

      1. She’s taking out her anger on the wrong person. Both Jellal and Erza are completely innocent for what happened to Simon, yet they still take the blame. IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT! One was mind-controlled and the other got restrained from saving Simon because of the one that was mind-controlled by someone else.

        Revenge might usually be irrational, but it’s even more irrational to seek revenge on victims than on the actual culprit. If your life gets ruined by puppets, kill the puppetmaster first and foremost; don’t take it out on the puppets themselves which got their strings pulled.

  4. I love Fairy Tail but when you mention weak overrated characters Lucy goes right to the top of the list. I love the girl dearly but she gets her ass kicked or is pretty useless most of the time (considering she is a member of FT’s most powerful team with Natsu, Gray, and Erza).

    1. I agree, Lucy needs a massive power boost, somehow:
      I see this happening by the end of this arc:
      Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I’m not gonna lie, I theorized Kagura being Simon’s sister as one of the more likely reasons behind her desire for revenge against Jellal.

    Relatively moderate resemblance between Kagura and pre-metal jaw Simon’s hairstyles (in the manga at least)? Check.

    Millianna’s specific desire to join Mermaid Heel with Kagura to see Jellal dead for killing Simon? Check.

    Erza and Jellal’s now unambiguous discussion of Simon’s death prior to the start of the tournament, continuing Hiro’s tendency to make old plot points relevant again by bringing them up at the start of seemingly unrelated story arcs? Check.

  6. Ugh, now I’m wondering if, evil Minerva being evil, didn’t drop Milliana between Kagura and Erza, just as the Kagura’s blade swept down >.<

    Hmm, I wonder if Kagura's sword is the "Muramasa"-type, in other words that it can't be sheathed until it has tasted blood to the point of forcing its wielder to wound himself

  7. Erza’s fight will be more difficult now that Kagura has drawn her sword, She( Erza ) will have to fight 100% if not 150% to defeat Kagura to face that witch Minerva. All of these are playing into Minerva’s strategy as she has realised that both Kagura and Erza are strong enough to take her on. Being the serpent that she is, she’s trying to take advantage of Erza’s and Kagura’s fight to weaken either one of them so that she could strike at the last moment as soon as there is a victor between them( Erza and Kagura ). As soon as Erza or Kagura comes out as the victor she would reappear to strike the already wearied victor, that’s her game.

    K C M
  8. Blood on last page

    most likely belonging to:
    2)Kagura’s magic
    3)Millianna who somehow got free and does the same thing as Kagura’s brother before
    4)some other random bloke

    definitely not belonging to:

    My work here is done!

    1. 5)Millianna who didn’t actually free herself, but got switched with Erza by Minerva’s magic and got slashed, leading to a massive guilt trip on Erza’s side for “provoking” Kagura, leading her into despair. Oh, and yes, Millianna should die as a consequence, let’s crank up the drama Fairy Tail, we had enough laughs with and giigles with the Pinup showdown in the arena and the indoor pool chapter.

      1. Like wait! After having given it some more thought, Kagura would have a massive guilt trip as well, rendering both her and Erza pretty much combat-paralyzed.

        And Minerva comes in for the fatality on both! Jesus I’m a better strategist then I thought, that’s how I would have handled it if I were evil (and Minerva sure did prove that she is by not giving a damn when her father got one-shot).

  9. Wow… I have no words… about Future Lucy, something bother me, like Jellal said, but i have no idea about what!!! Kagura overpower? Revenge is a strong motivation, but i cannot recognize that Erza… weaker… its not my TITANIA!!

  10. ok I’m gonna go with my first assumption then; She just cut Erza, Erza is wounded but manages to dodge most of the damage, resolves to fighting, defeats Kagura but ends up emotionally and physically exhausted thus allowing Minerva to backstab her…it would be nice is moments before being backstabbed Erza would be saved by none other than Jura himself who is really disliking Minerva and then proceeds to put that woman in her place before Erza accepting that she is no condition to fight Jura and surrender to him on a good note.

  11. Ok so here is what I think and ill try to back it up with as much fact as I can. First I think that Erza died in the future world and that is the big upset that no one predicted. If you remember Future Lucy was crying during Erza’s battle against the monsters. I think this is because she was very happy to see her friend alive and doing well. Another fact that I think supports this is the letter future Levy writes to Lucy stating that people died. I think Erza was one of these people. My theory is that lucy wanted to change the fact that people in her guild died so she went back in time to fix it.

  12. Wow, that was an intense chapter. I had considered the possibility that Kagura might have been Simon’s sister ever since her hatred of Jellal was revealed, but I thought they would come up with something more creative. Nevertheless, it is a very solid reason for Kagura to be angry. I’ve been wondering for some time when Jellal would finally have to own up for his murder of Simon. I had actually forgotten though, that even though Jellal’s magic killed him, he was shielding Erza at the time, which is why she blames herself for his death. It’s really heartbreaking to see Erza and Kagura trying to kill each other while Jellal just stays on the sidelines nonchalantly. Nevertheless, I believe that he will earn his redemption eventually by heroic sacrifice which will be his way of “payment” for Simon’s death.

  13. we can’t seem to enjoy watching any of her bulky armors at work in main battles. they always get broken easily by strong opponents like azuma.

    most of Erza’s big battles have her getting stripped down to her most basic clothing- her sarashi, which is the real source of her strength.

  14. Wow, people are still mad at Jellal for doing nothing? The man was mind-controlled. That’s why Erza doesn’t want to kill him and protect him, apart from wanting to do the deed with the guy.
    So what if Simon loved Erza? Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they have to love you back.
    So what if Jellal killed Simon? Even that was accidental.
    Comeuppance for Jellal? The man has had to suffer years of penance, after losing his memory, gaining back his memory while having a conscience due to not being controlled by an external entity, still fighting evil as a man trying to atone.
    Is everyone still mad that Erza picked Jellal instead of their MC insert?
    That’s the only reason I can see people hate on a man who was in a state of temporary insanity.

    1. As much as you’re saying that some of us are butt-hurt over it, you’re brushing everything under the rug of ‘temporary insanity’ that just happened to last over 8 years. He was delusional, I’ll give that to him because all Ultear really did was cause him to see an illusion of Zeref that he took as real, when he was weakened both physically and mentally.
      You can only forgive someone for that much pain and suffering if you love them in some shape or form. Erza has that but the rest of the world doesn’t.

      ‘Seven years of suffering’ my ass. He regained his memory while in prison and even then, Ultear broke him out. He wasn’t in prison for that long. And what do you mean, ‘So what if Simon loved Erza,’ and ‘So what if Jellal killed Simon’? Jellal laughed about it then, going so far as to say that Simon died for nothing to Erza’s and Natsu’s face. Ultear wasn’t controlling what he said or how he fought then. Another reason being painfully clear in this chapter that Erza still feels responsible for Simon’s death so much as to let his little sister axe her in Jellal’s place.

      Yes, I’d much rather Erza be with Simon rather than Jellal. Morally, Simon outdoes Jellal by far. Do I know if Simon killed anyone? I dunno, but from what Juvia said of him allowing her to protect Gray and not do anything else to them, he got the job done but never did anything more than necassary. If it was Jellal fighting against Kagura and by some miracle he survived, then I’d wipe my hands and say “all accounts are settled” and go on my way. Simon is one of the biggest ‘debts’ that he owes to the readers that don’t like him (including me) and even now, it’s Erza taking the bullet instead of him.

  15. Still don’t think I’ve entirely processed this chapter! So good and unexpected.

    Kagura being Simon’s sister was a good reveal but I can’t help but think a lot of this drama could have been avoided if Erza chose her words more carefully and/or explained that Jellal was being manipulated.

    On that note, maybe it is the lawyer in me but I really do think that Jellal’s state of mind makes a difference – he got tortured until his mind broke, brainwashed and has to deal with hurting the woman he loves, indirectly killing a friend and god knows what else. Plus even now he is a fugitive. I’m glad he at least can get a little Erza time by pretending to be Mystogun.

    As for the cliffhanger – I think someone other than Erza took the hit. My initial thought was Gray because he already beat Rufus and I can’t see him getting another fight in this round. That would also activate Erza’s nakama power and she’d start fighting back against Kagura.

  16. Honestly, I expect Kagura being the one who is spurting out blood at the end of the chapter. I expect Minvera saw this as the perfect chance to strike,as she is likely watching this fight very closely, and struck Kagura from behind while she was focused on Erza.

  17. Maybe Kagura’s power lies in the sword like someone mentioned. When she unsheathes the sword, she loses a lot of power since to me she doesn’t use a lot of “magic” based moves. Seems a lot of swordsmanship – or is that considered “magic” in fairy tail? Maybe she stores her magic in the sheath/sword, and when shes unleashes it, she loses a lot of physical abilities. I highly doubt Erza dies, although I don’t mind the extra drama 😛 Save Erza Grey.. you’re the only one in Fairy tail who’s free right now.

  18. I have a feeling that Erza is going to go down and then with Eclipse happening in the future, it would annul the events when people go back in time or at least allow Erza a second chance to beat Kagura after she finishes wallowing in guild

  19. I really hope it wasn’t Erza but Milliana that got hit because that’ll provoke to Erza Kagura team up but on the other hand killing Erza = P.Oed Fairy Tail that will counter Jura’s reputation, Kagura’s sword, Minerva’s bitchiness, and Sting’s rehabilitation

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  20. The first pages with Jellal was a surprise really: for a very long time everyone has been theorizing about the identity of the cloaked character and then wondering what she had to say, but at no point did anyone (me included) actually doubt her words (it’s Lucy after all! she came from the Future to save everyone!). But now that he put the doubt in my mind I’m not sure of anything anymore @_@

    The fight with Kagura…*sigh* I don’t think what I’ll say now will be really liked but, at this point, it feels like Simon is only being used as an excuse to make Jellal a *bad guy* and *unforgivable* in spite of everything (him being controlled by Zeref); I’m not saying Jellal is innocent of everything either, but it’s like Simon’s ghost is standing there, haunting them, and stopping everyone from advancing forward and letting go of the Past, whether it is his sister Kagura, Milliana, Jellal himself or even Erza. His death was EXTREMELY unfortunate, but for it to drag so many people to hell and make them either regret, feel guilty, act against their true feelings, or devoured by hate, feels wrong in spite of everything.
    I hope the author is aware of this too and that this fight is actually the final conclusion/resolution of Simon’s death for every character involved.

  21. i got a feeling the person that got slash is Millianna. There are a few possibilities

    1. Minerva put Millianna infront of Erza to anger Kagura.
    2. The blood was coming out from Kagura herself, maybe because of the sword’s effect or something.
    3. Kagura’s guild members came in to stop Kagura, maybe its because they know something bad would happen to her if she takes out her sword.
    4. Small possibility Jura step in the fight.
    5. Millianna somehow broke free from Minerva to protect Erza.

  22. i think Milliana is the person in front and guarding erza. because it will trigger an emotional power boost for erza and i think kagura only values milliana less than erza does because all kagura thinks is her revenge for his brother. 😀

    1. It does not show anyone in front of Erza after the blood spill… in fact, it did not show Erza at all.

      Both Erza and Kagura is pretty damn strong physically, so it is very strategic for Minerva to attack them psychologically… thus greatly supporting the theory to swap in Millianna.

      Besides, having a Millianna tragedy as a plot device to move Erza x Jellal forward make for great story telling.


    Erza will not lose or die because she is to important of a character to just die and she is ERZA ( one of fairytails strongest wizards). you guys remember what happened in tenrou island when she was fighting azuma! well she won in the end. ANYWAYS, the blood that was splashed in the last chapter is most likely JELLAL!!!! he most likely interrupted the fight! BUT in previous pages he was still with ultear.. uhmm so is it really erzas blood? or did someone take the hit for her? OR its probly erzas, but erza rises again and defeats her because she needs to do it for fairytail!

  24. I love fairy tail but the problem is that erza is forget about the poor man simon he ricked hes life to save her. so she have to do something to Kagura. then comes lucy she need to be more stornger and be more stong like erza and i thing it was erza blood or jellal.I hate jellal fuck you jellal.

  25. Erza won in this battle i red the next chapter, erza blocked kagura’s unsheated blade i dont know where the blood came from but erza blocked it she requiped and stating that her life was entrusted by simon and uncle rob if she dies it would be a slap in their faces.. anyway erza blocked it,she requiped and kagura raged stating she will kill both erza and jellal and erza manage to slash her knocking kagura out but seconds after kagura was able to stand but is terribly injured and a pillar above kagura was about 2 fall and erza manages to push her out of the way but instead the rubble fell unto her foot kagura and erza discussing bout their past remembering erza saved her life wen she was a chil bla3x and as kagura about to admit her defeat minerva stabbed kagura.. and erza glares furiously at minerva .. minerva was able to grab erza injured foot with her magic throw her around and created an explosion but in thin air erza was able to slash minerva with her swords minerva raged casts one of her powerful spells but erza activated her second origin and minerva casts again a very powerful spell that can able to vanish erza but erza cut through the magic and rushed 2 minerva casting her armor’s spell and defeated minerva 🙂

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