「何やら企んでいるようであり」 (Naniyara Takurande Iru Youdeari)
“You Seem to Be Plotting Something”

If there’s one thing you need to understand from this episode, it’s that even mages need to collect supplies (gotta buy em flashy underwear)… at bargain prices only New Year’s sales can give. Mahiro finds this out the hard way this week, and it sets up for some nice comedy that only the super strange pair of Mahiro and Samon can give us.

Suffice to say though, this was one of those times where Zetsuen once again demonstrates how it’s anything but another show. Despite the overall seriousness of the story line and the fact we have a world that’s in any shape but normal, it just manages to sneak some pretty darn hilarious moments in—all without making it seem out of place either. I mean, more than half the episode had me laughing at some point in time—especially the moments where Hanemura calls out Mahiro for his “sister complex” (how bout that reaction?), both Hakaze and Mahiro simultaneously realize they’re in love, Evangeline has to make that lightning escape after Hanemura overuses his power, and when Hakaze’s so flustered about realizing she’s in love that she just nonchalantly gives permission for Takumi’s plan. Just some funny stuff.

Notably though, Zetsuen also continues its trend of being anything but predictable (and in a good way), as we constantly shift between moments of seriousness and comedy all throughout this episode. In the end though, nothing trumps that last twist where we’re made to think Evangeline and Takumi’s planning some epic, super serious plan… and it ends up being a public debut of the Mage of Exodus clad in some ridiculous outfit. Granted, the overall intent of the plan is quite serious in that it will help them find out more about both the Tree of Genesis and Tree of Zetsuen, as well as the extent to which they can control the world’s logic, but I couldn’t help but laugh at that last scene regardless.

Moving back up a bit though, I found the whole discussion between Hakaze and Yoshino to be quite interesting. I’ve mentioned this before, but their whole whole dialogue about “how a billion people disappeared, but the people there are just living on with no sense of danger as if nothing happened,” just feels like a powerful commentary on human nature. On one hand, it’s sad that humans are the type of species that will inevitably forget about things, even if like the Zetsuen universe, that event involved a billion people disappearing overnight. On the flip side though, it’s also a testament to human resilience and our ability to cope with adversity. Just another one of the many paradoxes that make up our existence.

Along these lines, another interesting topic of discussion pops up from Samon and Mahiro’s conversation:

“Suppose the world was destroyed and a God appeared before you. Would you prefer that it say you could have done nothing to change the outcome? Or that, had you not given up, you might have affected the result?”

It’s an intriguing question without a doubt, but the big thing here is that Samon and Mahiro—despite the obvious strangeness that comes with them associating with each other and being on “the same team”—are actually quite similar in how they just both don’t know when to give up. It really is true what they say. Sometimes birds of a feather flock together, but other times, it’s exactly because you’re too similar (and/or remind you of/have a trait you hate about yourself) that you just hate someone.

Overall, I gotta say I don’t have a single clue where Zetsuen’s going to lead us at this point. Normally I’d be making a big stink about how this wouldn’t bode too well, but with the skill this series has accomplished its twists and plot development, this is one of those rare scenarios where I’m perfectly fine with not knowing where the series is headed despite it being mid-way through.

Some other random things:

  • I love how Kaji Yuki just constantly ends up playing similar type roles.
  • That whole Yu-chan explanation is quite suspicious… I get the feeling she either doesn’t exist… or is no longer alive.
  • Mahiro suddenly started looking quite fabulous mid-way through the ep. Also, he really could use some work on his interrogation technique.
  • The Evangeline x Natsumura pairing’s really gaining some steam recently. At this rate I’m going to run out of spear jokes! (Shakespeare –> I shake my spear at thee!).
  • Gotta love Sawashiro and her acting with Hakaze.



    1. People might say that they might not like the change in tone of the show, but I do, and in addition, I feel like there’s a lot of tension. As if it’s preparing us for a shitstorm.

    2. “That whole Yu-chan explanation is quite suspicious… I get the feeling she either doesn’t exist… or is no longer alive.”

      Considering this show I’m waiting for the reveal that Aika is somehow also Yu-chan.

        1. Everything about Aika´s murder feels out of place, at first I thought that the involment of the Magician of Zetsuen would shed some light in the events but it´s the opposite. There is an element missing in all this and I think it involves Aika somehow, not as a victim but as something else entirely.

        2. I think the clue is in each of the stories that were used by Shakespeare and Aika saying ” All tragedies come to one ” so maybe a mix of the tragic stories that were used in Zetsuen no Tempest.

      1. Not sure how much I would like the idea of Aika playing around with random guys for no reason. I think its something else.

        I have a feeling Aika is involved in things of her own volition. I am still holding out on the idea that there is something we are missing like how Hakaze was able to escape the time prison. It wouldn’t feel at all odd if she made some kind of grand reappearance.

    3. I loved the comedy in this episode. The show was almost taking the piss out of itself. That line where Mahiro said to the driver not to drive up the wrong way just because he has an arrow drawn on his face was classic … and the siscon comments and the onlookers response .. pure gold!

    4. For better or worse, the tone of the show has certainly changed from the prior halve of the show.I don’t know about you Zephyr, but to me Hakaze seemed pretty out of place, or rather out of character, not that I hate it, but still she’s pretty out of character.On the other hand Hanemura has become one of the most likable characters in this show – like a sheep running with a pack of wolves.Well, to be fair he’s the only guy who had the guts to call out Mahiro on his sister complex, lol.

      1. The tone did change, but at the same time it’s not something particularly out of place in Zetsuen’s context. The show’s shown a propensity to throw surprises at us, and I feel like the tone’s pretty much intentionally there before shit hits the fan again. That and we needed a little break after the events of the end of the first half anyway. It wouldn’t make much sense to suddenly go from that to some other serious event anywho eh.

        And theoretically, the definition of what’s out of place for Hakaze’s personality is pretty vague eh. We never did get much of a glimpse into how she is normally, only how she was when thrown into the situation she was in. And what we did glimpse from some flashbacks do support that she’s some happy-go-lucky gal who would end up falling for Yoshino like she has. Feels odd, but theoretically isn’t.

        Anyway, I’m alright with it as is at the moment. I really doubt the series will just stay like this for the rest of the eps eh.

        1. I too don’t mind the tone change, that much and I agree a little break is nice after the first half, but I was only pointing out Hakaze’s character, specifically, seemed out of place.I know it’s supposed to be because of her falling in love for the first time, but when I considering her nonchalant answer to Samon it feels like too much.Like I mentioned I don’t hate the new changes,but it’s still different.

        2. P.S: I’m sure that middle paragraph on your reply wasn’t there when I replied to it, but yea, you do have a point there – we only saw a side of her in extreme situations rather than normal, like now(well, relatively normal).

    5. Man, never thought this show would bring me an episode full of stuff that would make me laugh my ass off. So many glorious moments, from Hakaze’s behaviour, to Hanemura vs Mahiro, to Samon being reduced to a stammering wreck once again. Yet, the things that do happen are substantial enough that it still furthers the plot, and this really is just the quiet before the storm. And is Yu-chan Aika? Hell, who knows. Aika is a big walking question-mark at this point anyway (though we’ll have more flashbacks next episode, yay).

      Also, I’m glad that silly armor from the OP is just a mage-of-Exodus outfit for Hanemura that Evangeline cooked up. Not, y’know, the final form of the real big bad or something. I was kind of fearing that, heh.

    6. Whoa lol I was thinking only Evangeline would be willing to wear the crazy power ranger suit. Hanemura really is getting stepped on by everyone.

      I like how this series has such a diverse collection of characters and doesn’t take itself that seriously. Feels like a nice break before things heat up again.

      Looking forward to seeing how Hakaze and Yoshino plays out.

      1. I forgot to mention. Jun’s comment that it would be dangerous if Hakaze seriously falls for someone with a girlfriend brings up some interesting questions.

        Like the missile that just conveniently saved Hakaze almost instantaneously; it seems her powers are quite scary in how easily her wishes fall from the sky. What if Hakaze fell in love with Yoshino back when he first saved her from her despair. This was actually two years ago, which means if she really hoped for it, it might be even possible that the Tree took care of Aika for her back then.

        I am not sure I believe that, but it seems to be what is hinted.

        1. I was just wondering about the timing of this & whether that explanation is possible.

          I don’t think so – Aika died a month or two before the series started right? So that would be before Yoshino (or even Mahiro) met Hakaze in the main timeline & way way after they met in Hakaze’s timeline (2 years behind). They are doing their best to give us reason to suspect every person of being responsible for Aika’s death!

          What if she’s not dead? If she used magic to fake her death, wouldn’t it make sense that they can’t find the killer?

    7. Question: In the last episode, Samon said that he thought Yoshino might be the mage of exodus/tempest. Why would Samon want to kill him? Because wouldn’t that mean that since Samon wants to revive the tree of exodus/tempest, he should be supporting Yoshino? Or have Samon’s goals changed since the battle?

      1. I think Samon doesn’t know what he needs to do yet, but he has at least a few strategies in mind. It seems that he is trying to learn enough to decide which of his plans to execute (or whether he needs a completely new plan).

        For example, he’s very concerned that Yoshino is clouding Hakaze’s judgement (and this episode confirmed that rather definitively!). If Yoshino isn’t the mage of Exodus, then I think Samon would like to get him out of the picture to remove his influence on Hakaze. Samon doesn’t dare do this yet and doesn’t seem to have made any move to, because he has to know whether Yoshino is mage of the Exodus or not first!

        If Yoshino is the mage of Exodus, I would assume that Samon would go to a different strategy, but I haven’t any idea of what that would be. He could definitely pit Mahiro against him in this scenario, but I am not sure how that will benefit Samon.

        Samon also seems to be interested in the study of the tree & magic, in the hopes of learning more. He might have something in mind here or he could just be doing everything he possibly can, like he stated to Mahiro. “I’d rather be told there was nothing I can do”

    8. There is nothing flashy about salmon colored briefs. NOTHING!

      …Ok, ok, we will call it magenta… eh, fuchsia?… All right, it’s pink, okay? Still NOT flashy. Anybody can wear anything he/she wants, it’s a free country, gosh darn it; I’d much prefer they wear something rather than nothing and going all commando on me in a real life (I may forgive some women going commendo with short skirts, though, so sue me :P). Sure beats having to bear witness to their coin slots whenever they bend down. Even the flowery patterned underwears. Yes, even they are better than stupid bloody coin slot arses. No men or Women can pull off the coin slot look with their low-rise pants and look good. No one!

      All right then, where was I going with this? Ah yes, I like this show.

      1. Not sure. Live-actions are typically kinda hard to find in order to watch… and I don’t think there are more than one or two writers here that do watch them even if they’re available.

        I guess if it pops up somewhere down the line it’s possible… but I can’t guarantee anything.

    9. This was one of the funniest eoisodes of ZnT, show not exactly branded as comedy. In true Shakespearen tradition though, a dose of comedy in a tragedy helps a lot. For one, Hakaze was golden this time realising her love – first by stating she isn’t in love at all, then proceeding to produce all sort of things only person in love would feel, think or do! Luckily she soon realizes her own dere-ness – and that makes her panic. The whole idea that the tree could have killed Yoshino’s GF looks suspiciously true considering Aika was dead only AFTER Hakaze was dumped on the Island, and the tree perhaps can anticipate the happenings “ten moves ahead”. Anyway, big props to the Miyuki Sawashiro for getting the best of Hakaze’s rollercoaster of emotions, from denial, to dere-ness, to panicked realisation of feelings!
      The other fantastic comedic accent is courtesy of the extemely powerful, yet non-violent Mage of Exodus. He is not only unwittigly destroying a quite large chunk of tree, but his reactions to Evangeline speak , dare I say “Virgin” more loud than any other thing. While his singular inability to purposefully do harm makes for nice interactions with Mahiro, the naiveness makes him blunt enough to call out first bro-con, then actual love. It seems this was enough for even Mahiro to get a pause.
      All the while there is some serious stuff going on, from the ongoing uncertainity about cold-blooded (murderer?) Yoshino, to the mysterious plans of Takumi. The ridiculous masked hero outfit might be just cover for something more important…
      For those familiar with Larry Niven’s Ringworld series, doesn’t Hakaze getting the Tree’s “protection” all too similar to the “luck of Teela Brown?” It can mess with even basic laws of probability!

    10. Sister complex, love confessions. Yay. I was just happy to see Jun appear out of the blue. If I recall correctly, last time I saw Jun he was very determine that Hakaze was dead since he inspected her bones, did we skip all of that?

      Cause I found it out of place to see Jun reappear in front of Hakaze like nothing ever happen. Like did someone filled him in throughtout the week that Hakaze was back? @___@

    11. the moment where … both Hakaze and Mahiro simultaneously realize they’re in love

      Wait, when is Mahiro shown as realizing this? Mahiro’s emotions are almost always obscured. His frown while looking at his telephone is one of the first times I can recall one of his unguarded expressions being shown.


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